Mark Hooten and Tourmaline

Post# 43476 09/09/03 MarknSuze

"I've pretty much gotta agree w/ all the folks who state that it's not really very likely that dark entities steal our good OR for their purposes. If anything, it'll help turn them around to the light, which they are capable of doing w/ the proper influences. That is one of the big functions of a few of my allow for a portal of loving energy that can assist in transforming the coarser, malevolent entities into beings of light. Many have a strong desire to do so, or are afraid w/o the proper heart-chakra stimulation, which is why green stones are so important for the functioning of the mini-me's, esp. the tourmaline which purifies and filters negativity in a unique and efficient way. It has many uses for our devices in general. I've found that in our general OR generating doohickeys, from hhg's to TB's and many others, tourmaline, esp. the common green actually provides for greater output and effectiveness than quartz, tho i'm certainly not saying that quartz isn't PERFECTLY WONDERFUL, as it fact, i love it dearly, and have collected virtually every unique form it comes in. I'm never w/o one or two in my pockets, esp this one particular DT suffused w/ Lithium ions (if your not familiar w/ Lithium quartz, it's definitely worth locating and getting to know..... i have a special larger one that is wrapped w/ a mobius which i use for remote healing, and it's abilities are profound indeed), and a special Dow point mined many years ago by Gladys' husband Charlie, which is my favorite crystal of all-time, and my personal power object.............I KNOW i ramble...........please bear with.........

Anyway, i don't think a lot of store oughtta be placed in what the sensitive folks said about OR being used negatively. sounds like something coming oughtta their own psyche/subjectiveness and not necessarily from geniune reality. screening out individual subjectivity is something most psychic/sensitives have to deal with, esp. when it's something new. I say OR get's my vote. Plus, lots of good programming/intent goes a LONG way, esp. if you attempt to work harmoniously w/ the universal Life element(als) present in the stones you are working with..

W/ resonance