Cbswork and Cybershaman

Post# 765 07/23/03 (Orgonite Forum) Cbswork

"Gotta step in here...

DK: Known as the Tibetan Master. Mongolian man, very small, a few hundred years old.


Now, see, if I had said CYBERSHAMAN is a GWB tool, linked with the CIA - I'd a been dead before I hit the floor by the gang. Same with Drunvalo. GWB.

We were ALL GWB.

And they get their instructions from a certain planet in the Sirius system.


Cybershaman - like agharthi technology is actually going to do something other than re-thread, to the wrong petals, certain minor centers in the head, by-passing the heart center.

I have to run now, cuz the gang are about to pull out their shotguns and make short work of me. LAter."

Post# 46347 10/13/03 (Cloud-buster forum) Cbswork

"Ernie is playing ALL of you. Most of you caught it. Don't let him go for your self-esteem triggers, the agency's main weapon.


Cyber-Shaman is E V I L. It's ahrimic technology with imbeds and subliminal technology. The only thing he is the father of, is the Father of All Lies."