Cbswork and Don Croft

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Don Croft is my friend.

IMO, Don is also a primary. This is a person (John Lennon was a primary) who has chosen to be in a certain place, at a certain time in history, to do certain things. The create doorways out of madness, when madness has taken over the kingdom, on whatever level this disease eventually appears in the world.

I know something about primaries and the tremendous levels of stress they are under. I also know something about working with pyschic energies. And when you expose any bio-organisms to accellerated frequencies that affect the total person, esp as regards the centers and linkage in the brain, these entities have to absorb this energy and translate back into its world, through and colored by, the various ray aspects. This coloring is also known as the personality. Primaries carry weights unimaginable.

On the spine of certain books of mine, I put the symbol of Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders - the classic symbol of a primary in action. I've met many primaries and they all that tremendous energy flowing through them, that branches outward into the world. It also flows in and through, their mental and emotional bodies. I am not talking about orgone or etheric energies, but the very obvious differences visible in the aura that primaries have.

I've never spoken of this to anyone in this group, even the doc, until now. I felt always, and rightly so, that it would be detrimental, as his 4th ray lower-mind is still adapting to this new incoming energy that started down in his aura around late Oct of last year.

Primaries go through many issues in a very accellerated way, esp as it concerns their internal emotional affairs and affairs of the family, all waiting to be resolved so their can be a congruent and relational expansion of the causal self in toto. This means that all parts of the personal self ARE DIRECTLY RELATED to the outward expression of the Human Soul in development.

Not trying to lay some bs psychoanylising nonsense to explain away anything. Just saying that these things exist, whether you believe in that kind of thing or not, IMO, and because of this, I tend to forgive things easier with primaries that wouldn't even rate honorable mention with anyone else.

Translating outward and into the group, these energies are linked between various members here and the primary, as well as higher links to the true inner, Human Self. These links are energy conduits to the human personality during incarnation, and while carrying out our roles in this process of expanding the work of the primary in the world at large.

IOW, we too, are under tremendous stresses and a hundred times under hundreds of different kinds of attacks, that the average person never even has to deal with.

THe opposition knows that to kill a thing, you have to cut off the head. They KNOW that. They work it 24/7 to do anything, in anyway, to destabalize any energies within the primary. They send their best (read worst) people to deal with these things.

I know this, too.

And, knowing this, I cut the doc slack. Sure, he's many a time printed something in a post when I definately didn't want it made public. Many emails to him, gently reminding my friend, not to do that. Also, he has to process ten times the informataion on a daily basis, than I have to anymore and I dont' expect him, in his rush of enthusiasm, to always remember everything.

No friendship is perfect.

Every friend I've ever made, I[ve kept, unless they became physically or verbally abusive or slanderous. Naturally.

The doc has to remember the stresses we all are under, too.

Regards his board presence and style. Yeah, he can be rough and direct. Fine, but the sword has to cut both ways. You can't attack without expecting it back. That goes for us all. Draw first blood you are deleted. Do it too much, and you get a suspension. It's a sound rule. If I were a moderator, I would have had to played sherriff and pulled him over - based strictly upon the posted and accepted rules.

That's the thing. It's about the rules. We've deleted stuff that attacked the doc - those rules apply to everyone. And when you know the board owner is already stressed by the pitched battles already in play on the board, then certain parties have to not try and push those rules to the breaking limits. That's called circumspection and maturity - and its tough, when you are juggling a million different lines of force going through you and around you in the world as everytime someone thinks or considers Croft Cloudbusters, their thoughts end up in HIS aura. You can't imagine how weird it is to have thousands of people thinking about you all over the globe and you feel it or hear it all. You can quite literally GO INSANE. It nearly happened to me a few times, when it was my turn.

But, you still have to be noble with your friends, esp those that love and trust you. The fidelity Bank and Trust is a very watchful institution. Rob it, and its tough to get your account reactivated. We all have our problems - the key is not to bring your problems on your friends, when you are up to *** in alligators, in a confrontational way. Tossing out verbal or written punches to your family of loved ones is no way to encourage cooperation and understanding.

Don Croft is my friend.

And because he is my friend, there is no way in hell I am ever going to slander him in a public forum. Leave the door open, look for avenues of healing, should they come this way. Put him in your good wishes and prayers, as we do.

It's wonderful to see so many brilliant doers and iventors on the board - miracle.

Not my place to presume to know the doc's mind on this. I consider that he is a private person and again, no way in hell I would even intrude astrally in his world, unless specifically asked by him too. Even so, whatever was gleaned, would never be given to anyone for any reason, except the doc.

There has to be a way to heal this and move forward. It must be found. Schisms serve no purpose toward inner unity. Let's take lemons and make lemonade and use this as a learning thing within each of ourselves and as we relate to others. Without anger. Without accusations. Without name calling or finger pointing. If someone has something to say, in whatever they want to say it, let them - as long as it doesn't attack another directly. That has happened. And when that happens, you'll have a moderator in your face telling the time of day. Direct attacks upon board personalities can never be justified in a public forum. IT's against everything noble within our hearts.


Regards the other thing. This is Stuart's board. We are here by his graces. The rules are fair, agreed upon by the majority, and that's that. I've read them. They're fair.

Have you ever been on a board with NO RULES, esp if the board relates to fighting the Dark Brotherhood? Nightmare...

And think about it...the rules are really about relating to others, your viewpoints, without any personality slandering or attacking. How hard can that be?

Stop it. Whomever may be doing it.


Many people have offered very kind thoughts. Thanky.


I think, given the importance of this effort, that if behaviors just mellowed out and returned to normal, all would be put in the past, where it belongs. As long as it stops for good. Friends don't chastise friends, esp when the chastiser is assuming things that are mistaken perceptions.


All roads to freedom are rocky as hell. It's a narrow, rocky mountain pass, with an abyss on one side. You can't do a person's learning for them, nor their thinking. They have to do and learn for themselves. As we all are.

(if any of this drivel sounds new agey, very sorry. It's not meant to be.)"