Cbswork Returns and Declares War on the Dark Forces (Jan 2003)

Post# 17610 01/26/03 Cbswork

"Hello all,

I had thought that, were I to shut off - given the overt and covert threats to my existence a few weeks ago, would buy me and mine a safety net. That did not turn out to be true. After two attempts on my life recently, it occurred to me that silence is not safety. A few years ago, going underground kept my family alive. That no longer seems to be the case. So...

Here I am.

I'm certainly not going to spend anytime explaining who I am to anyone or why things fell out the way they did. That would be a distraction. If you ask, privately or openly, I will openly consider you my enemy and treat you as such. If you mess with me on this board, you will vanish from here, I promise you.

I'm no king who makes dictates here. But many of us realize that the time is far too short to hold anyone's hand or be bullshitted by anyone with an agenda. You folks have to know we have a core group of highly skilled and VERY WELL trained psychics who have already sniffed out each and every one of you. Some of you we leave alone, others....

That too tough for you to hear? Go. Go now. Leave this place of labor and service, so that we can do the work we came to do. You don't like this or feel you need to hurt people who have gone straight into the heart of darkness to do battle? Fine. You won't get any sympathy or consolation. You'll be pushed out to make room for people who know what needs to be done and have the guts to do it.

You want to mess with my friend Don Croft? Really? Want to run a game on the major's here and spin them around with your nonsense? You'll be closed out. The opporunity afforded you at this time will pass you by and you'll be very much alone.

Alone. No one looking after you. No one protecting you. No one SP'ing their love and energy to you and no gifted boy who can leave his body at will to find your enemies and remove them. You'll discover how very alone you can be. I promise you, if you even try to bring pain to what is happening here, that you'll discover what real nightmares are all about. That shield of protection will vanish.

And then, the wolves that were held at bay, will tear you apart. And they are legion.

So, attack if you must, but understand that this is war.

Let's do that again. This is war.

It is an old, very old, battle and we are in the final moments of the last round, right before the bell rings. The ancient Sirius/Drac confluence of Dark Forces on this planet working through their minions in the so called human hierarchy, are showing themselves openly now, and so are we.

They've done a pretty good job of erasing me from the world's history books. I really don't mind that, looking back on it all. Relieved they were stupid enough to do it, actually. I've written, cowritten, produced more books, movies, paintings on the occult than most of you have ever read. That's a bold statement. And a true one. Before I was twenty one, I had met with 3 presidents, two Masters of Wisdom (Morya and Khuthumi) and freely moved in the highest - the very highest circles, mind you - of the Thesophical Society, CoMasonry, the UN, the Aquarian Educational Group, MGNA, the Arcane School, the ES, and personally knew Krishnamurti before he died in 1982 in Ojai.

I've travelled all over. Everywhere. I was born into it, many generations.

Our group, became the leading lights of our time, from the guitar player for Ozzy (Randy Rhoads - they buried him on an earthstar node) to being the man Shirley Maclaine talked about in her books.

Our group were not satanists - they kept that whole side away from us. We were used because they sought out the bright lights who were coming into incarnation and we all had the same gifts: incredible musical talents - I mean INCREDIBLE musical talents, total clairvoyance, ability from birth, to leave our bodies at will, and the ability to go anywhwere and see anything we wanted to see. We could write like Hemingway, we could paint like Van Gogh. We could sing like birds and we all could see for miles. We didn't age like everyon elese. I'm approaching fifty, but don't look much over my twenties.

Some of us were saved. I was. We were given sugar pills of love and light, and used as oracles for the system. I can't tell you how many meetings in Sedona, with one of my former Teachers, where I sat in on meeting after meeting with UN delegates, Army Generals, and the like and this was every day and for years.

I was studying in the Arcane school and learning the vedas before I was sixteen years old. I knew more about the Bhagavad Gita, then most Hindu scholars, and before my seventeenth birthday. We were trained in bible lore, hinduism, taoism, the Iching, and every means of ascertaining reality. We were trained by them to be the very best in astrology and in clairvoyance.

And here's why.

The Machine knew we were coming. They knew the hour of our birth, to which parents, and the day and place. My mother was bought by my fauther from jesuit preists for a few thousand dollars, just so I could be born at Bethesda Naval Hospital and into you know what. Not to be destroyed, but to use my gifts. As it happens, her french lineage in the ancient city of St. Martin was really millenia of generational seers used since Athens was the power center of the world. I can trace my family line back into Christ's times. My Great great grandfather was Lew Wallace, of Ben Hur fame. The Martins are all but extinct now, I am the last one. My great great great uncle, served with Andy Jackson on his staff and hung out with George Washington, who was also used and MURDERED, by the way, for trying to expose the madness taking over government at that time.

I could drop family names all the live long day, but you get the point.

That has to be enuff. Really. Ask, and I'll consider you my enemy. I know it sounds bad, but I've no time.

I've hung out with the major spiritual movers of our time. I was being groomed to be a prophet and right hand man of Matreiya. I was to be, a voice in the wilderness, leading everyone to him. I quit that job, when my girl showed me and loved me through the fires of hell and saved my soul.

I can, to this day, pick up the phone and get an instant audience in many of the highest and most powerful circles in the New Age movement. Thats' a fact.

Here's why.

They knew that if we were motivated from the same area the machine was - solar plexus or lower - by greed, avarice, lust for power, and all that, that we would not be able to see or function higher than the lower astral plane, which is the one limitation of darkness. Elements of the Dark Forces have no heart center. As such, they can never rise beyond the sewage of the astral. To circumvent that problem, they grabbed the very brightest lights and kept them in a goody goody world of love and light, keeping our heart centers wide open. We could travel to the akashic, so to say, read the warp and woof of history at will. We could telepathically communicate with anyone we wanted to. Walk through walls. the whole smash.

Our group could do this, because we were raised pure. We were kept focused on the very highest and noblest, the very things they could not stand to be in the presence of. And through the use of intermediarys, learn what they needed from us.

Many of us, Kurt, Randy, myself, and a few others, learned what was happening and quit. Most of my friends are dead now, made even more famous by their deaths, than when they were alive. They were all murdered. I will be murdered.

Its okay.

But I'm taking them down with me, something my friends couldnt' do.

I hope you all enjoyed the video - I produced it."