Cbswork and Reptoid Whacking

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"Posit: You meet a very famous celebrity, who reveals to you that they are a reptoid breeder. They open their dress, revealing the mottling in the abdomen breeders have. You verify your own way to your satisfaction, a dozen times over. Then you double check it again. Even meet with them again.

Then, this person reveals their motive to you, as nothing is hidden. They tell you, in no uncertain terms, that they want humanity DEAD. Preferably, the reptoid kind of death, with all the trauma that comes with it.

Then, let's say you have discovered a way to remotely END THEM. You know, also, that you can make that breeder's life come to a dead stop, right now.

Do you let them go on, breeding monsters to enslave us, eat us, and slaughter our children, doing nothing? Or, do you act, knowing if you take certain steps, they will pass away.

Let's say you decide to do this, and this VERY famous lady dies suddenly, big public outpouring of grief. Do you admit you did it? Shut your hole? Stay low?

What would you do?"

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"The consensus so far is unanimous in favor of evicting the breeder from the physical plane. So far.

I really would like to hear from everybody that has an opinion on this. For or against, and why.


Because, hypothetically speaking again - ahem - you found more than one - more than a dozen? Do you stop at the one, or take out the whole gang of them.

Let's also say - cuz when you go down that road, where does it stop - whacking one or twenty, should you?

What if you told yourself that weren't killing reptoids, but saving thousands of lives that would otherwise be destined for some long-time feeding parties, every new moon?

And, what if you also found it that this same technique could also waste MALE reptoids. Do they make the guillotine list, too? And when they start dying all of a sudden, and they figure out pretty quick whose doing it, are you committing suicide, knowing "they" will come for you in pretty short order?

There are a lot of levels to this.


Or, just waste the one as a warning to the others?"

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"Looks exactly like a lizard's underbelly, motteled? Better spelling. But the skin was rough, like a cat's tounge.

Of course, this is just ane exercise in theorom. Semantics. We all know that such things do not exist, right....


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"What thoughtful responses - the best!

Thank you all. Please feel free to say "whatever" is on your heart.


Let's just say it was an invitation to join the "club." My whole life gets restored and times a factor of 100. Jets, jags, and gems.

This happened before in 1987.

At the time, I was gearing up to do a big display thing at the WHolelife Expo, which was being held in LA. We were editing various books for various new age persons; my job was do to the illustrations for these books, which I did. These books were published and were then displayed at these various conventions. The GWB is everywhere.

It was a critical time for me. Finishing college, quitting the rock biz for awhile to do this work for them: translating books, editing them (some were just collections of notes, that had to be turned into coherent chapters, which were then distilled into readable books for the burgeoning New Age Scene (thanks Shirley.)

We worked very long hours - 14 to 20 at a stretch some times - to keep up with the manuscripts flowing in from all these..."writers." Anywayzzzzzzzzz

One night, taken OBE the night before the big convention, and found myself in front of a beautiful mansion, akin to the size and power of the Beverly Hillbilly's digs from the show. Beautiful woman, standing in front of a 450SL convertible (my fav car.)

All I had to do was take her hand. I knew it was all mine for the taking. Didn't have to do a thing.

At the same time, there existed between me and all this, a clear mental message. " You must give up your work, now and in the future, and all this and more, is yours for as long as you want it."

I'll never forget what I said. "I can't. I made a promise to serve. I can't betray that."

In that instant, it all dissolved and someone world reknown for his compassion and sacrifice was standing in place of all this. He was smiling. Bing - back in my body - "whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?"


This was just another version of that, I believe.


It's how they work. They go for what they believe will bring you over. For me, its a test of spirit and character. Tho, this time, it was quite real (um...theoretically speaking.)

Is whatever left of this lady that is still human crying out for freedom? I do not know this. What came out of her eyes was entirely cold, empty, and - can't find the word - clinical, no emotion, no....

Can't find the word."

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"The event the doc had written about was in January, and we both, had our two brand new, first ever of its kind, Power Wands. I gave him a walking tour of the streets around, pointing who was what, who they worked for, and all that.

As we were making our way up the street, I said, "Ever see a reptoid?"

"No, not face to face."

Few seconds later, up the street, here comes a car. The thing driving it was not human. Yellow scaly skin, a wig that was event put on straight, non-human skull shape, and NO radiance. You should've seen the look on the doc's face.

"here. I'll take you to where they live." Which we did.

Few hours go by and the doc and I are blasting the reptoids house, both of us with our new PWs. The doc heads out to pick up some colored pencils and resin.

20 minutes after he leaves, and the street FILLS up with cop cars, ambulances, fire engines, a real show. And a coroner's wagon. Crowd of neighbors - all of us watching - and after a half hour of all this, they start pulling bodies out of the house. Faces covered, everything covered. Then, one of the arms of one of these things, falls out from under the blanket as they drop the gurney from rolling, to a compact thing they do.

Quite a gasp runs through the crowd. Seeing a withered, yellow hand and arm, with these long two inch fingernals that looked just like claws.


It was not our intention to waste them. We were just trying out the PWs and seeingif they would have any effect on the known predators. It killed them dead. Both of them.

House went up for sale. The scientologists living next to them recently moved, and two Fed deployments, all in the same week.


The PW hadn't any effect on the breeders - cuz they are half-human? Don't know. Until I found something else, that they couldn't shield from."

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"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was getting the world to believe he DIDN'T exist...

Old time saying.


Great points, all.

The course appears quite clear."

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"Remember, this is all theoretical. If a famous personage happens to expire, it's certainly just a coincidence..."

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"Yeah...Preparation H-HG


Dom: The temptation in the wilderness makes sense now, but not then as now. What I mean is, it makes sense to try and dissuade the task at hand. That's what they do: bribery.

"Take the envelope, Mac, ifn' ya know what's good for ya."

In '87, it made sense then. But not now. I was already a trusted devotee and seer - deep inside and since a kid. I could see a test of resolve then. But now, looking back at that time (Harmonic Convergence, the AEG 25th anniversary (which I got to play some classical guitar for the Masters and the gang), it doesn't fit.

There are still a great many things to be resolved about it all. But, having been separated from it all for a number of years, the tactics of how they lure people in make perfect sense.

Like with Drunvalo. He's not going to get you with a boatload of lies. WOn't work. he'll give you the basic play of things pretty straight. Then you are in and a "true" believer. After a longer or shorter time of testing the truth against your own perceptions, you lax your standards of testing. "All his other crap was true, why not now?" Kind of thing.

But, Drunvalo openly admits that his teachers are Masters Of Wisdom, GWB. He, in his own words, admits that he works with the CIA.

The CIA...well.

There's even more to the guy, but I'm not going to slam him. He has that coming. Like with L Ron Hubbard, the dumped women are going to start going public and there will be hell to pay, when that happens."

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"Reb: Pretty accurate and very deep metaphysical insight into the travail of the soul in battle.

And everyone...some of the clearest, most straight-forward and from the heart commentary I've ever had the pleasure to read, given out collective circumstances.

Indeed, taking a bi-ped's life, regardless, is something that will span all the way down the corridors of time, and then some.

And you bet, they were all gloating. In fact, I'd describe the attitude as cold, self-assured, icy, clinical, but behind it all, like a layer, that gave her and her friends' whole vibe was contempt.

Contempt. Like we were some dunsky backward race. No consideration for us as life forms - in direct opposition for how easily a human can express joy and tenderness toward a flower, a sunset, a small leaf upon the ground."

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"Many of the Masters are inhabiting a black man or woman's body. Many. Master Dk, by western standards, is considered a black man. He was and is, the esoteric head of the UN, the Arcane School, Drunvalo, MGNA, as well as headmaster, of various Tibetan esoteric schools existing in the Himalayas.

The man at the top, in our affairs here in the USA, for all intents and purposes, is a black man, Al. He's not a big guy like you, he's actually very small boned.

From their point of view (POV), black, anglo, asian, whatever...all the same.

And that makes sense, when you consider. Left hand or Right hand path, its the soul that is of moment. The rest is window dressing for incarnation.

My view, too."

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"I did test the method prior to starting the thread to assure myself in and on the physical plane, that it indeed does work.

We now have a weapon of unspeakable power at our disposal.

And that is what I am wrestling with, more than anything. I'm already in hell - you know why, now, too - its just about levels for me, from this point forward.


Does anyone understand the immense repercussions of what this discussion portends, beyond the obvious.


The cows now have a way out of the butcher's line.


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"Remember, this is all just theorem. We are just a group of friends musing about this or that. Kinda like a angels on a head of a pin, thing."

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"By all means, these things being discussed shouldn't be points to inaction. I believe in what I am doing in gifting. Satisfied myself its the right thing to do.

But this is all new ground...for me. How about you guys?"

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"FTR: This is not my invention. Someone else did this, put it in my hands, not knowing what they had done. They still don't. Cuz I haven't told them. And until I'm pretty sure how this will all end up, not going to say anything to any of the people who have sent stuff to me for review. Someone came up with something unique and original and one of a kind.

And now I have it.


Just trying to keep it all on the table.


But I have modded the thing to double its power, and recently, found a way to double it again, to the 2nd power.

And it works. Really, really, well.


Theoretically speaking."

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"DJ: This is what my Higher Self says to me.

"Stop being such a *****. This is why you are here. This is why "I" sent you here. Everything else that brought you here, was to get you here. Quit bitching about it and act. Now.

Remember. I am You. You are Me. Together we have always been ONE and so it will always BE.

"You are a warrior for I am a Warrior. Free Our spirit from all slavery.

"All is well and as it should be.""

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"The battle has already started...


Be advised, the intent wasn't to kill, but evict the parasite using the human breeder. But, the entity animating these bodies apparently doesn't like certain etheric frequencies. But, the human body being used as a vessel wasn't manufactured for a human soul, it was made to contain an entity that also allowed for drop-ins, at various times.

The process of evicting the entities caused a few women to have instant heart attacks.

Who knew?


If I throw away a milk carton, is it murder?


Actually, 3 famous actresses have checked into Cedar's Sanai Hospital in Beverly Hills, in the last few days for..."chest pains."

The ones experiencing this overseas will have a more difficult time covering it up. More of a free press, over there.


The thing works. Here's how it works.

I get in a place of bi-locating where you can exit your body, while still functioning in your body. Get the thing charged with potentials - yes, you can charge things up. The thing requires you to stand, using all your hands and feet. The device is held between your hands, out beyond the main centers.

I choose the location of the energies to be sent. Last night, it was in Malibu.

Now, when you look at the tiny element that is etheric energy, it does not appear like a water drop or some other form, energy of the higher etheric frequencies takes on geometric forms. In this case trillions of condensing and compacting pyramids, squares, and circles, with varying colors of irridescent/metallic green, blues, violets. From a place, two inches beyond the pineal, the focal point of destination becomes visible.

Then, you just shift the energy around you, to the new location. You are in both places at once. And it looks like this energy is going down a tunnel, from your location, to the destination.

Then the energy is received.

And, the technique doesn't require a psychic. Anyone with a modicum of etheric sight can do this, see this, etc.


I've seen two results so far. Expiration or an eviction of the parasite that has taken over the bodies of these women, who are, for all intents and purposes, possessed. Actressess built for the thing - no human soul, no higher self - expire. WOmen taken over, possessed if you will, find the entity evicted and themselves in the hospital for a heart attack.

Whacking a meat sack isn't murder."

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"And for the other targets not even mentioned in this thread, watch the Brentwood/GH obits over the next month. It's not just reptoid breeders that are now going down, but the whole damn gang of them.


Producers, directors, actors, actresses, writers - all.

Why not?

Not human, have to leave.


I also used this same technique to help some NORMAL humans, and it fixed them up pronto.


"I" didn't invite these off-worlders to Earth, but I am inviting them to leave.


Another thing. Dark Forces and neg. off-worlders work in the main, with etheric and astral energy. Their control over others, is by etheric links to our various systems. Cut the links, evict the presence within the aura and let the chips fall where they may...sez I.

I slept quite well last night."

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"In exorcism, you invoking divine entities to evict the parasite.

In this case, I am not invoking anything.

I am directing pure energy straight into the beating, physical heart of body. Then, when I am certain those links have been removed, the energy is shifted to the cerebral cortex and then downward to the base of the spine. It takes about a minute or so.

They drop right to the floor, out like a light. Fact.


This is how they keep their adherents under control - links to the heart."

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"You can liken the thing to a gigantic magnifying glass. You are the sun. The focal point is the target. The focal length is the thread of energy, between your hands, the device, your heart, and your eyes, so to say.

My list of targets just recently, as of today, now includes famous paoliticians.


Now, watch the world shudder."

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"Thanks for standing up Cbswork!!! Let's give'em all the ride of their lifetime.

One thing I'm wondering though, is there any specific reason why the "device" you're using can't be made available to the group. Sounds to me like more of those tools out there in the field could be beneficial. Or maybe you have to keep this tool a secret because making it public would allow our opponents to find a way around it???


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"That's up to the inventor.

By then, I'll have cleared them out. Hopefully.

Four down. Four hundred to go."

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"Publicly visible and well-known...that's how they make the A list. That way, its easy to see the results, and for everyone."

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"Public and visible - that's the A list.


There is a problem with clones and media control. But, they can't cover it all, and some very visible ones, they won't bother with. That's what I am counting on. You wanted proof, you are getting it. This summer is going to go down as the weirdest yet. Because today and tomorrow, we are going to where the breeder's call their homes and gift them with extra special toys, to make sure THERE IS NO ESCAPE.


To show how stupid they are, the day I started this thread, my SHIVA vanished and has not come back... stole the wrong toy.


Breeders are hybrids - part human, part reptilian. Don't really know how they came to be that way or what lured them in, or if they in fact, being bred that way, cannot help being what they are.

That is, for awhile.


Look, i don't mind off-worlders. It will be a great day on this planet when aliens can come and go and society accepts that as easily as any other thing. My problem is with non-heart chakra life-forms that have been taking us down the road to wars, violence, hard drugs, hard lives, and a society manipulated into a place where we care more about sports scores, than other humans we have just bombed into oblivion. Cuz now, its Liberia, than syria, than...

Wars and rumors of wars. And because THEY did it to us, covertly and in such a way, that we are at each other's throats, instead of the "thing" behind the curtain.

The prison has become so unbearable, that we have to act against the prison warders.

If not, might as well hang up our spurs and become drug addicts. That's the only way you are going to kill that still small voice within your heart whispering..."freedom."

"Freedom now and forever.""

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"Lots of famous celebs are going away, checking in hospitals, dropping from radar, missing shooting schedules, calling in sick to the studios. Goodness gracious, there must be some kind of bug going around. Yeah...that's the ticket! It's a summer flu thing. Yeah...I get it now...the flu.


Watch the obits.


I am become off-world predators, praying upon humanity.


All your enclaves are gifted. The protection previously afforded you by the queens, exists no more. Mine enemies are known. The time for deals and reconcilliation is past. The temple on Mulholland is powerless. Only good can eminate from Holy Wood - this time forward. The heart center very soon will turn in its correct direction...then to speed. We have gifted nine of the twelve petals of the vortex, major arcana.

And what awaits you on the other side, you, who have no soul nor higher self? You know well the answer: The Eigth Sphere.


(sorry for all the melodramatic drama in the above post (a nod to hollywood in the time of their greatest crisis) - feeling pretty good today, as some good was done of late and continues to be done. If thes dunskies had even the remotest idea of the gifting going down this week...)


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"Public and visible. That's the A-list. Household names. Instantly recognizable.


The walls were closing in. He'd rarely known sickness, most frequently used as a public relations cover to afford his many and long absences in Brentwood and Toluca Lake. He was assured that when his time came, it would be to transition into a younger man's body.

Then she left. And like the crashing waves upon the rocky shore of a life of debauchery and slaughter, so too do the realities of betrayel.

In that dark moment, her power has become, in fact, an illusion. And now, alone, in darkness of a body rapidly decaying without the artificial supports of energy, all recall of a life not lived as it could have been, rushes down into the mind, driving insanity before it.


It wasn't pretty."

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"And remember - this is all just a coincidence. Publicly known predators working with reptoids and MKultra - just a coincidence.

This whole thread is just an exercise in theory. Remember.

Wishful thinking, if you will.


some go straight into clones. Others are abandoned, as is the Dark Side way."

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"These are Very Bad People. They do bad things to other people. They currently are in control of OUR world.

This must end.

we don't have to take it anymore, ya know. We are little bit past praying to Hank or taking it up the pipe and turning the other cheek.

If the reptoids and their kind leave, then this can all end now.

Sound familiar?"

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"DJ: Do it. That's why my SHIVA is no longer with me.

Kick 'em while their down and in a reactive position, where we retain the initiative and surprise.

SP or PW or WW any reptoid that comes to mind. Anyone. Today. Now.

Let's put a few more names in the paper.


So fur, I dun gots me two direkturs and 5 actors/actresses, mountid on my den wall.

Gawd, that sounds awful, doesn't it?

"You're going straight to hell for that one.""

Post# 38309 07/29/03 Egoli.buster (Georg)

Quite an impressive thread I must say. I think I must publicly apologise for at your leg some days ago. There's something about you that always provokes me, but it may be plain envy on my side or say a nagging inferiority complex in view of your specific knowledge and exploits.
'nuff of that personal stuff now. I fully endorse what you're doing.
Question1: Would that device "act with discernment" in your opinion and only harm or terminate those otherworldly entities that deserve it?
Question2: Would psychically inept people like myself be able to use it?


Post# 38329 07/29/03 Cbswork

"Georg: It's a magnifying thing. I've used it to remove huge clods of black sewage from people's etheric aura (humans) and to pretty much end hybrids and reptoids. Can anyone do it? Haven't asked anyone to try it, and it requires being in the presence of the thing, as you have to be standing, use both hand chakras, and be able to clear your mind totally and in full concentration. There is a technique that seems to work best, in establishing etheric links between your Soul Star, heart center, hand chakras, base of the spine.

There is a little blowback. Tracking and whacking, and you get all kinds of Balthazar pictograms sent to you to frighten you. (I usually smile and waste the thoughtform, right then and there.)

I blasted two known agents and they dropped off the radar for a few dayz.

But, yeah, so far, completely safe for humans. I've fixed many souls here on this board with it, some know, others don't, but their problems are now gone. For the moment. To keep them gone, that's up to them, not me.

Unfortunately, hybrids get heart attacks. Some die, some are still in hospital.


Because I'm that way - going after the Manson Family today. It works. Takes a few days or so, for the newspapers to catch up with the deed, but yeah, it works. It works real well. Do you need to be psychic to operate it? Probably not, but I see the target, in real time, and what it is doing, saying, feeling. Until it drops to the floor, evicted from the body.

You know, you don't realize how many non-humans are out there, until you start wasting them. Yes, I may go to some version of hell for all this. F*ck it.

No more child rituals. No more kidnappings. No more mind control. And the off-worlders had PLENTY of front-loading and warning.

And as this will absolutely piss off half the people here, we decided to KILL THEM ALL.

That went down kinda rough, didn't it? Sure, it did. Was meant to be rough.

I'm tired of watching all these beautiful kids, with NO future, because the parents are too stupid, or afraid, or just plain dumb to try and help them.

(sorry for the rant at the end there.)"

Post# 38341 07/29/03 Cbswork

"The best thing about going after "A" targets is, they lead you to whatever it was that was giving them power in our dimension. For example, doing a thing to a Malibu maven yesterday, and as she popped off, followed two links that were extracted from her that led to another lady in Palos Verdes, and yet a different lady in Altadena, of all places.

Naturally, once this lady had expired, I went to work on the other two. Then they expired. After that - and this takes everything out of you for about two hours - crashed and slept like a baby, with a quick venture in time to make sure they were still down. One of the women was black, the other two, white.

We are equal opportunity exterminators of breeder/hybrids.

Watch the obits, very closely. Many famous people don't actually make it to the front page of news, but they all get LISTED, one way or another.


Remember, we didn't ask these..."things" to come here and turn us into slaves. That's soemthing they chose to do. Breeders made their choices, too. That's not my problem. It's not my problem if some Hollywood actress lets her body be used for Incubus rituals so some off-world reptoid thug can come in and breed some demonic spirit into a half human body. That's not my problem. It's their problem.

My problem is stopping that. Someone put the tool in my hand. I use the tool. And my intent, no matter how I present it here, has always been, for the highest good of humanity. You can't use it, if you feel hate or malice. The device doesn't synchronize with the lower centers, only heart and above.


So...the reptoids are coming out, eh? TV shows aimed at kids, eh?

That is, if you LIVE long enough. And if I have my way - and I will - none of you are going to live to see the equinox.

The time for feeding on the pain and suffering of human beings is over. Tired of it. No more Denver Int Airport. No more Montauk or China Lake. No more Jolly West."

Post# 38379 07/29/03 Cbswork

"And Dr. West is now living in Ojai, and has a private practice - no doubt keeping Anne and the others in meds and beatings. Think orson welles and you got Jolly. Same build and whatever..."

Post# 38441 07/29/03 Cbswork

"The thing is, they are pregnant when they are pregnant. You'd only know, as a PJ, if you had current pix, that weren't censored through the media. Certainly, the PR part of the thing has to do and say something, regarding their pregnancy. Most Hollywood pregs are announced after the fact, as an announcement for the mags.

For me, wether they are pregant now or in the past, doesn't matter. Pregnancy isn't the issue. It's ending that reality that matters to me. I don't care of the woman, man or whatever has had ten lizards or none. My thing is to remove the parasite.


As far as proof goes, well, watch the obits.


So far, I've only spared one person. As I was about to End Him, I caught a glimpse of how he was recruited, in 1974, as a country western singer. Just today, in fact. It was a matter of go along or die horribly. The whole time, his heart wasn't in it. And he's tried to live a life, that stands tall against the man. In that instant, I spared him.

And you'll be enjoying his music for a few more years to come.

All he really did was close an eye and smuggle cocaine for the CIA. Not much else, other than sleep with some beta models from time to time - but as a handler, he's been a reluctant participant in the thing.

Not so with the others.


It's weird. To be sure. And please, everyone, just take all this with a very big grain of salt, do your own research and thinking.


As far as being helped by the drones employed by the machine. Fat chance. These GS boys would love nothing better than to take another shot at me. Probably get their wish.


What's really strange, as well, is that a heart attack is the agency's fav way to take out a target. That, and cancer. Kind of ironic, that this is how it is ending for many of their off-world kind.

And, as you can tell, that just breaks my heart into little itty-bitty pieces.


And remember! This is all theorom and semantics. This stuff doesn't actually happen, except as a thing of discussion on the board. This is all about what if."

Post# 38458 07/29/03 Cbswork

"And who has used his or her PW/SP/whatever to evict some unwanted attacks, raise your hand?

The only difference here, is...none. They should not have come after me, as they did.

Having opened the door, I walked through.

Death to reptoids, that what my son sez to me all the time."

Post# 38584 07/30/03 Cbswork



You know...certainly, this all "sounds" heartless and not in line with a harmless, pacifist view of reality.

But remember, I always try to find anything to abort, that is decent about the target. Then, usually, I get a clear picture of their last feeding and the suffering it caused and continues to cause, to the families of the missing children.

In that instant, they get everything that can be mustered.

I don't recall us humans ASKING these feinds to kidnap our kids, torture them into a frenzy of fear and pain, then slaughter them at the height of their terror, did any of you?

Still think this is wrong?

Still think Ghandi would have done nothing, when confronted with those facts? Not likely. He was a warrior. Yes, he advocated non-violence - but tens of thousands of his adherents died, merely protesting non-violently. If he had the tools we have, would he have acted differently and saved HUMAN lives?

If I ever see him in the afterlife, I'll ask him."

Post# 38734 07/31/03 Cbswork

"Everytime I try to take out a clone, it no worky. Green ectoplastic shield (big hint, run into that nasty green ecto stuff and you are dealing with darkside energies) and more.

There has to be a way...just have to find it."

Post# 38752 07/31/03 Cbswork

"And yeah, thanks for all the love and energy in this. GOt blasted by several people today, literally jumped off the hamock and took out three more - theoretical - targets.

Thanks. It is greatly appreciated."

Post# 39347 08/05/03 Cbswork

"Now that all the stuff of late has been settled, I'm back on duty. And, in the last week, since wednesday, mainly using the thing to help everyone here.

See, no request has been turned down, either in email or just a post on the board. Many times, the source of one's trouble comes from their own actions and is karmic. But, if the source is outside and is a direct attack upon them, be sure this boy acts decisively - evem if the person uses me as a whipping post, I help when possible.

And, many times a week, the whole gang gets sent LOVE, via the thing and the radionics, which I have them both now working together, full-time.

Sometimes, I know of an attack before it takes place. Take the necessary action, and the person is never the wiser.

And there are still four people under the gun and the Croft Assault Team is heading out, and that needs constant attention - as was given Jeff, when he did his global assaults.


This is serious stuff. When we were at Rincon Sunday, we had our own squad of Naval personnel appear right behind us on the sand, and when we moved, they moved. When we left, they packed up and left. Every man jack of them made it onto the list.

I can now start getting to my emails and my mail delivery problem. Getting about 25% of the mail and packages delivered to me. Same with outbound stuff, even using registered and all that."

Post# 53932 01/02/04 Cbswork

"It was a mess.

It's tough living like a dog, but you get used to it. Even humans get used to a prison cell, given enough time. Animals never do; we adapt or go crazy.

And so it was, four years ago, our family watched as the last remnants of our life vanished from the combined attacks of erasing me from the system, losing my home and teaching job in Ojai, and the girl unit getting "laid-off" at the high-rise in LA, where she is a property manager. All in the same month. We lived in our cars for a few months, then found shelter in a house in Pasadena, living like dogs with no heat, no water, and six of us in a one-bedroom. Her family has owned it for ages, it had no windows, flooring, heat, running water, nothing. I spent the first year putting in an 80 foot pipe to the street (for water), and replacing the windows, repairing the walls, to make it slightly livable. We literally took showers with a garden hose and did our bathroom in plastic store bags. For 3 and half years. Firewood kept us alive. Zappers kept us healthy.

We made the best of our poverty. She found some work (after finding herself blacklisted) for ten dollars an hour. I did what I could, but was mainly a house-dad, raising four boys. one of them born in that hovel. We smiled, made the best of it, and carried on. We put out two CDs of chemtrail protest music, a video on chemtrails, and helped with the orgone movement in that time.

Fast-forward to July/August 2003 and the radionics stand. The doc built this just for the express purpose of using the vortex at Devil's Gate. After six months of messing about with it and testing it, by summer, it was time to put this bad-boy to work laying waste to the REAL unseen controllers - those nasty off-world reptoids.

So, we did. Five a week.

As soon as that work started in earnest, girl units relatives show up, each and every weekend, trying to pick fights with one of us. Mostly, we just laughed and deflected it. They even plotted, which we overhead one day, to have us arrested on phony charges to get rid of us. Being under the worst prescription drugs (zoloft, paxadil, et al) all of the matriarchs in her family are under constant sedation. FACT. This allowed various entities to attach themselves to these women and they would come and do these horrible things.

At the same time, I started to work as a teacher of music. We needed to move and being house dad and full-time care0-giver had to go, to make enough money to afford new housing. Then, my remaining good ear went dead, and that all went away. Can't teach what you can't hear. It's better now, but that job is gone - have to find new work and right way, and all that...

Then, the attorney;s for her family showed up and said, jan 2nd and you are gone, OR ELSE. This is HER FAMILY doing this to us. Then, the bombshell they laid on her: "Leave him, and we'll get you a NEW home, take care of everything, etc. He has to go. Leave him and you have no problems."

So, that was the state of affairs around thanksgiving. No home, an eviction (even though they ignored the improvements done by moi), very little money, and no way to get out.

Then the miracle: You all."