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"The thing with evil - a dissonance of the esstential sine wave of all existence, hi or lo - is that it has to be in your face. Beatles, Floyd, et al - are examples of this. Beatles, floyd and many others - tool, ozzy, etc - are in your face about the real play. The law of unintended consequnces allows for the awakening of people, who can see the evil and awaken, instead of enslaving. For the many, its the enslaving. For the few, its the awakening.

Lennon was murdered because in a Playboy interview, he clearly states the Beatles were a Tavistock creation to control the emerging and "freeing" energies into a direction sought after by the Illuminati.

When I was interning at Palomar studios - where 85% of all the world's rock videos are produced in Hollywod, CA - Execs would routinely come into the editing bay with orders to implant codes (11:11 was the most frequent one plugged in) for the bands. You'd be surprised which bands they put these into - and the bands NEVER knew what was happening, mostly.

All these digital remasters? The system putting in stuff, when they couldn't back in the day, so that new generations of listeners being tuned into the stuff, would get the hoped for freq controls.

Sucks, doesn't it?"

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"Anything is possible.


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"60IF, the guy doing the narrative and who still holds artistic control over Beatle material (witness the inclusion of the only known picture of the Real Dead Paul as he was found at the foot of the hill, his face half eaten away by varmints), is George Martin.

You can see how nothing, not even murder, was going to interfere with the Beatles Project."

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"The biggest confirmation in the whole piece is, the pic of the crime scene body shot included in the Free as a Bird video, which came out in 95/96, which itself has tons of clues about Paul being dead, which no one has bothered to look at. Whoever had access to the crime scene photos has the same Artistic Power of Control where that quick frame of dead Paul could be put in the video fours years after the deposition of Martin/Starkey, which took place in 1992.

And if you think about it, the best stuff from white album on, is really from george and john, not paul.

The only Beatle left of the original four is Ringo.

From the White Album onward, the first true LP without Paul's presence in the studio, but Actor Shears, John, in his music, goes decidedly anti-establishment against the very intelligence machine that had been controlling them from day one. Even with the death of Paul and Brian, the machine wasn't about to let a few stiffs in the ground, stop their total takeover of the sixties vibe and energy."

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"I sat through 8 volumes of the Beatles Anthology last night/yesterday, which was produced and released in late 1996.

First, Paul McCartney died in 1966.

2nd, there are two pauls. Actually, three. The actor Shears and two vocalists.

Psychism aside, you can clearly see how prior to Sept '66, they were really a group of four very close friends. The body language, eye contact, spirit of joy, its all there. Fun, refreshing, easy to connect with on any level.

Paul and Brian die. The Beatles stop touring for all time.

From this point on in the anthology, no one looks at paul. No one, for the rest of the vid series in all that old footage, is smiling anymore. Everyone is wearing a grimmace. No eye contact with Paul, who is trying so hard to be liked by the others and trying to be "over-paul" to make up for the loss.

I video number 8, some editor put in a narrative over an old shot in twickenham studios, late 67/68 and you can see and hear George, giving a guitar/bass lesson to "Faul." And Faul can't do the basic riff and they get into an argument. You can see, three times, george showing paul the basic, easy riff, and paul is just not getting it, and both are frustrated. The original Paul was an inspired bass player.

The harder Faul tries to fit in, the more the others resent him.

These are just the broad strokes, but you can see it all so clearly, once you understand the Beatles were ended in late 66. It's a downhill slide from there. Its all on the video. Pretty sad thing, too. It puts the whole breakup into context."

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"Best analysis I've read on the subject, so far.


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"Feeling like waxing philosophical right now, as my sons are having breakfast and the Beatles (pre-66, before the drugs and controls, before Faul) are playing throughout the house...

"Run Ringo! Its a feindish thingy!" "