Cbswork's Observation of a Working ChemBuster

Post# 14264 12/31/02 Cbswork

"Been thinking, observing, and going up the top of hills to watch cbs do what they do and here's what I far. This is a bit of everything, but mainly OBSERVATIONS OF A WORKING CB.

First, there is more to the cb as we KNOW it, then is let on. It was obvious to me by the constant scent of freesias and roses when I was around Don and Don only, that all of this had Higher Backing of the good kind. The energy waveform of orgone resembles a constant moving figure 8 at the core. Depending upon how the crystals are laid up, this changes to a fountain type energy form, to beam forms, to trapezoidal forms, and so on.

What I mean is, at the core - xtal in orgone material - there is this constant, parallel to the xtal and surrounding it, this figure 8 energy core. Then it changes by degrees outward as the "shape" of the orgone creation imposes itself upon the main energy form. In a cone form hhg, it then blends out to become this very nice fountain of straight line energy. Sounds like a contradiction, but its one of those things that explanations can never do justice to. In a pyramid, it becomes straightline energy forms, with no softness and a semi brittle energy that to some, is abrasive. Very masculine.

Starting at about 30 feet above the cb is an inverted cone of energy, darkest of blues. This goes straight up into the sky for miles. MILES. We found, actually, that there were six or more of these cones, all blending together, but the energy form strengthened as they became more blended. We don't know how this works like this or what causes this. We can only observe and report.

The cb creates a clockwise, spinning vortex in the air in and around the energy form. This, we have noted, creates a vacuum in the atmosphere above the cb up to a height of about 24 to 28 thousand feet, and then it stops. We have seen oceans of chemsoup float right over this cb cap, time and again. Hundreds of times. Any chemsoup laid in under this alttitude, gets sucked into this vortex.

THese are just quick *** summaries for the morning over my coffee.

The spinning tornado of filth, spinning clocwise, moves in and around the energy form, which never moves. Think of a light perpetually turned on. The tornado constantly spins not at the base, like a real tornado does, but the top or largest part of the funnel moves. The tip locks over the apex of the original cb energy form. But the large spinning funnel moves around the sky, about a maximum of 20 degrees dislocated in relation to the main form.
Following and surrounding this energy form, is a tornado of filth, going in the opposite direction of the energy cone. This is the crap being sucked in by the cb.

In other words, the funnel creeps around the sky, grabbing yet more crap to bring to you. It's really true. With a cb, all the **** comes to you. You are the area's vacumm cleaner. You can see the brown nasty yuck funnelling right over the zone. You'd think, that as the yuck collects towards a compressing smaller area of the cone - the point - the area inside the funnel as this crap coallesces, would darken with matter. It doesn't. It gets clearer at the point, as more yuk collects. I have no idea what the hell is going on. Nor does anyone else i've consulted.


Spent alot of time on this one. Trying to solve it. Just staring at the sky for hours on end. Asking. Looking. All that.

It's a resonance chamber - in part, at least. The very binding strata of our cb is polymer based resins - synth organic material. The basis of chemtrails is polymer fibers. Both are created under magical conditions. One cancels out the other, reducing the other to inert material.

I believe it was no accident that things worked out this way - an easy way out of madness. The dark forces are using polymers to kill and enslave us, the balancing act of the universe made the solution easily available that would end that.

I also think that is only 1/20th of how it does this.

The first few months, the cbs would clear out the chemsoup, leaving the smog in place - the bron haze. As our chambers got dirtier and dirtier from all the smog, the smog in our area started to also clear out. I've seen this same effect now 9 times, in 9 different places."

Post# 14267 12/31/02 Cbswork

"Something else us earthstar grid gifters should be thinking about - each CB creates and maintains a brand new vortex locale, tho positive. The best of both would be a cb in a vortex locale to begin with."