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Post# 4955 04/07/04 Pip [Orgonite Forum]

"hi folks. i was slip, but i forgot my password. now i'm pip. i wrote awhile that my cb seemed not to be working. i received many good and helpful suggestions. since that time, i have created and gifted 6 hhgs, 24 tbs and have just finished 6 trinity wands. of all this i love the trinity wands best. this is not because they have done miracles(yet). it has to do with the making of them; how much attention it takes, the challenge, and their beauty. also i found myself singing a little tune while i made them. i always pay attention if i find myself singing something over and over. it was a little song we used to sing in girl scouts when i was a little girl in the 1950's. i haven't even thought of it for perhaps 50 years. we were at a summer camp, which was located in the santa cruz mountains. the words of the song..

peace i ask of thee oh river
peace, peace, peace.
when i learn to live serenely
cares will cease.
from the hills i gather courage
vision of the day to be,
strength to lead and faith to follow,
all are given unto me.
peace i ask of thee oh river,
peace, peace,peace.

i gifted the first tw in a little freshet high in the mountains. i felt like i was that little innocent girl again with the faith to move mountains and restore the fresh liveness of nature. i felt high all day. later i put another one in a messy harbor near a power plant with two towers next to it. i slept that night and had a vivid dream.
in the dream i was at a gathering of people who were connected with orgonite devices. the party was held in an old white victorian building in a city. about 95% of the people in attendance were naked, with just a few clothed people. no one seemed to notice this, but the feeling there was lovely and free. there were no drugs or alcohol, or food, but everyone was happy and chatting. there were many races present, and many types of people. all were in a wonderful mood. a piece of blues music was playing, with the unlikely words,"your eye popped out just like i told you it would."

i woke up laughing at this. this is only the second time in my life(i am 60) that i have awoken was still dark. i kept laughing for many minutes as i recalled the delightfull dream.

i still have four trinity wands left. they are spraying hugely everyday. i do not have a sense yet of the results of these seems that the trails stick more if there is more moisture or high clouds in the sky. it looks right now as though the trails come, then go. i look at the sky all day. i read that there was another gifter in the monterey bay area. i will be making another cb this weekend.

it seems to me that in areas of massive spraying that one cb will not bring "goodbye chemtrails, hello blue skies" and that a concerted effort and continued gifting is required to even slow down the effects. i would like to hear others' experiences on this topic.

the greatest thing for me so far is the feelings that making trinity wands has created inside myself. i would reccommend making trinity wands to anyone for this inward journey alone. i used jon's trinity wand receipe, but reinforced the outside of them by putting a copper "stocking" or sleeve over the outside and wiring it into placce with copperr wire. the sleeve is a knitted tube available in the local lumber co. it looks like a stocking and is cut to length. it is beautiful. it makes the aluminum foil skin of the tws glow pink. i put it on to protect the skin from the elements. better than tape which is only as long lasting as the adhesive.

yours, pip"

Post# 4956 04/08/04 Dor2Or (Jon) [Orgonite Forum]

"Hello, Pip, formerly Slip! You are really jumping into the action with your creations. I love your dream account. Would you be able to photograph one of your TWs? They sound very nice. I know what you mean about the joy of building these little wonders. And, you're right, the gifting is never really done. Maybe its because people themselves have become the DOR generators. I usually get a few really clear days after a good gifting run, then its back to chemskies until the next run. It warms my heart to know you are restoring the environment to the north of me. Thanks for posting about your experiences."

Post# 4957 04/08/04 Pip [Orgonite Forum]

"and thank you jon! it was your tutorial that spured me into action. i will get a picture up as soon as i can get my son to help. he knows all about that stuff.

about the ongoing action; i have noticed that the trails have not successfully covered the sky in a consistant haze since i started gifting. however they can and do stick at varying amounts each day. i think it has to do with atmosphere conditions, especially high clouds.

we also had a wonderful experience with a slough near here. we wanted to gift this slough, which has a triple radio tower in it, hundreds of feet high. the slough was murky and filled with garbage. ducks and coots and geese live in it and i pittied them too. the water is part salt, being subject to tidal flow, so i made a hhg especially for it to withstand the salt corrosion factor. i used a glass kitchen storage jar, the kind that has a clamp-on glass lid. i made the hhg in the jar, then glued on the glass lid without the rubber seal. i used gorrilla glue, which claims to be 100% waterproof. when it dried, i caulked the edge with a hefty bead of welder glue, which also claims water tightness. that dried for several weeks before my ninja minions placed it in the slough right at the middle tower.

when i went by the place, i suddenly knew that the deed had been done. it felt different, even from a distance. later i went closer and discovered to my delight that the water was CLEAR. that is a never before. we can feel the sparkly goodness of it. i want to gift three more sloughs we have in town. where does the garbage go????? i actually don't care about the explanation. it is a mystery. that hhg should last a few years. i'm making more!

love to all, pip"

Post# 4986 04/19/04 Pip [Orgonite Forum]

"i've posted a picture in my files of the trinity wands i made and put in copper stockings to protect the fragile aluminum wraps. these are meant to last for a long time under water. i have gifted three so far. i will check in on the locations soon and report.

yours, pip"

Post# 4987 04/19/04 Pip [Orgonite Forum]

"i have posted a pic of some chemtrails as they spraay them over my house. on an otherwise clear day, as in this picture, my cb and other devices in this town will busst the trails in a half hour or so. these trails are busted!"

Post# 4988 04/19/04 Dor2Or (Jon) [Orgonite Forum]

"Pip, your Trinity Wands are simply beautiful! I love seeing these devices, knowing of the positive changes in the environment that will occur upon gifting. You are an inspiration."

Post# 4989 04/20/04 Pip [Orgonite Forum]

"thanks again, jon,
as you know, you have been my inspiration too. i was really stoked when my glass hhgs cleared the murky slough where three huge radio towers sit. i went to the goodwill today and got two more glass containers to make more. i'll report back soon.

also our town river seems better(is it my imagination? i'm never sure) after gifting one of the trinity wands at the source lake/resevoir. the lake is several miles upstream. i can't wait to go back up there and row around in a little boat again.

best wishes, pip"

Post# 5093 05/21/04 Pip [Orgonite Forum]

"hi folks,
i have been gifting a lot . i decided to gift every tower i could spot in this town. every time i go out, it seems i spot yet another configuration, many on top of buildings instead of a tower. when it's on a building, it gift both sides on the ground. i also gifted the courthouse and the county jail, and several small sloughs with hhgs. i put three trinity wands in the area. i have a 45er cb at home too. things were getting better here, a place of constant massive cheming; but not every day was good.

i wondered if i had missed something important. my son advised me to bust the university of california, a sprawling, ever growing blight on our community (my opinion). i went up there and drove around, but saw no towers. my sensitivity has been growing a lot since i have been creating orgonite devices, and the short drive thru the campus made me physically ill. i called my son and asked him to accompany me . we went together the next day and lavishly busted the "science" buildings there(these buildings dedicated to "teaching" genetic engineering, experimenting on animals, doing"defense"research,etc). we gave each of two buildings about 18 tbs in rings around them. i felt a real sense of relief as we left. we then went downtown and gave several homeless people packages of money, tobacco with papers, and new socks. we made new friends and felt pretty high after this.i bagan making these packages a few years ago to find out who the homeless people were, and to eliminate my fear of them. i have found out that by far the most of them are just like you and me. hard luck has put them where they are. giving them a small gift of most practical items makes one day better. you never know how this could affect a person's life. they always say,"god bless you!" and their true and heartfelt blessings have made my life better in ways too lengthy to menntion here. combining this simple human kindness with the orgonite busting is a feeling you cannot get any other way.

since then, about three weeks ago, the sky has cleared each day, even after massive spraying, and even after days of high clouds, which usually make the chem stick. the air smells good and there are more birds and butterflies and bees visiting my garden than i have seen in years. i am grateful, humbled and happy. horray!

from your invisible compatriot, pip"