Shift observations by cbswork Oct 2004

Been watching the enemy, as best as one can under these circumstances.

Noticed four dinstinct phases to the reptilian shift. There are probably many different other elements that occur, that we are simply not, as yet, aware of.

1. Their pupils dilate to the extreme. When a reptoid starts to shift, its eyes dilate. Blue, brown, black, or green, same thing. It can be a day at the beach...regardless, their eyes dilate. They seem to let this happen more than usual, because most people simply don't look others in the eye very much anyway, especially in the big cities. Found also, that they at least have to shift this far into their limbic/hive mind/body to work any kind of solar plexus or sacral center mojo. So, if someone in a store line dilates their eyes in front of you, they are about to vampire your etheric body and stick nasty engrams and links into any tears or holes in the web. Blast them at once. It causes them to shift further. They'll either scoot away from you or get some sunglasses on, pretty quick.

2. Then, they turn into these star pattens, like a square box up-ended on its axis. Also notice new bulges around the scalp, tail lengthening, and ribbons around the jawbone. The skin may even start to turn slightly yellow or blue, depending.

3. Then the ellipsoid pattens start. Oblong pupils - the thing is a heartbeat away from showing scales.

4. their eye color then finally turns Honey Brown. Every time.



These beings are here, are running the show, and hate humanity with an intensity that is, quite frankly, alarming. But then, you realize how to deal with that, and no worries. There is simply no way to understate reality on this thing - Reptilian beings, from here and various other star systems, are running the planet. Right into the grave.

They've been doing it for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. Not a few centuries or whatever - THE WHOLE TIME.

We better win this thing. I can't imagine another thousand years under their idea of life: death, carnage, fear, control, hate.


It takes a bit to get adjusted to the reality of reptoids - human/reptilian offspring - human female, reptilian male as parents. Same with greys and others - its the male of THEIR species mating with the FEMALES of our species. Understand? They are varying grades of Fallen Angels. They are Annunaki. They are Pleaidian. They are Lyrans. They are Vegans. Theya re Orions. And on and on it goes. All working with the hierarchy of Dark Forces on this planet.


But, if you've been following orgone for at least a year or more, than you know things others cannot appreciate as yet. You are changed. We are not only NOT ALONE, but Luciferic, evil beings are the dang-nabbit aliens in our midst. We couldn't get the nice ones from the other side of the galaxy. Oh no. No. You just knew we'd get the joker card in the deck and guess who the jokers are? That sucks, too.

These creatures are killers. Make no mistake. And they have only one impulse. Turn you into one of them, or kill you if they can't. No other options or middle ground. As you'll all see. One way or the other.


BTW, the esoteric record does have evil being defeated, temporarily for about a thousand years, then... The wild-card here is, does it go easy and nice, or rode hard and put up wet?

That's where we come in. We are, in fact, the real dragon slayers.

Imagine that...



10/14/2004 07:10:25 pm by cbswork