China's Ownership of the US

Another Evidence of China's Ownership of the US

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New post Another Evidence of China's Ownership of the US 
  Jan 2010
You probably know that the Chinese army owns a huge container port in Los Angeles. I hope you know because this is significant.  The feds even built a new railhead for that port and US Customs ignores it.  When the CIA was caught distributing weapons to streetgangs in Los Angeles even teh news whores mentioned that the guns came through that port.

The port was established quietly during the time Monica Lewinsky held all the media whores' attention.  Clinton also gave away the US Patent Office to China, then.

The Chinese army now has another  un-monitored container port in Boston.  That's the new evidence I mentioned.

When Carol and I gifted the container port in Savannah, Georgia, in February, 2001, the DOR was so severe that she was unable to drive the car and the center of all that was the port facility.  As we were driving away from there she got a distinct impression that the DOR was emitting from chemtrail components in the containers, destined for US skies.  That was a month before we made our first orgonite cloudbuster and about a year and a half before thousands of orgonite cloudbusters essentially disabled the chemtrail program, here and abroad.

When we were in S Florida, busting the world order's HAARPicane capabilities there, I read a newspaper editorial complaining that the feds were not checking any of the containers that came into the Palm Beach port facility.  The goods were offloaded and sent to market without any customs officials standing in the way.  That media whore was whining for more feds Cool but his wishes probably weren't granted, thankfully

You might have pieced together on your own that a hallmark of any disinformant is that they ignore the evidently dominant position of China in Amerian business and politics, now.  They still want you to believe that the old European predatory families are still getting their wishes granted but if this was the case Nathan Rotschild would not have gone begging to the Chinese for money to buy a trashed bank last year Wink