Christina Aguilera (born December 18, 1980)
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Sexualising children
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Cat/Kitten alter  Multiple personalities - Not Myself Tonight

You know, tonight Im feeling a little out of control.
Is this me? You want to get crazy?
Cos I dont give a — (Owww!)

Im out of character; Im in rare form
And if you really knew me, youd know its not the norm

Cos Im doing things that I normally won't do
The old me is�gone, I feel brand new
And if you dont like it, fuck you
The musics on and Im dancing
Im normally in the corner just standing
Im feeling unusual. I dont care cos this is my night

Im not myself tonight
Tonight Im not the same girl, same girl
Im not myself tonight
Tonight Im not the same girl, same girl

Im dancing a lot and Im taking shots and Im feeling fine
Im kissing all the boys and the girls

Someone call the doctor cos I lost my mind
Cos Im doing things that I normally wont do
The old me's gone, I feel brand new
And if you dont like it, fuck you
The musics on and Im dancing
Im normally in the corner just standing
Im feeling unusual. I dont care cos this is my night

Im not myself tonight
Tonight Im not the same girl, same girl
Im not myself tonight
Tonight Im not the same girl, same girl

In the morning, when I wake up
I go back to the girl I used to be

But baby, not tonight

Im not myself tonight
Tonight Im not the same girl, same girl
Im not myself tonight
Tonight Im not the same girl, same girl


Christ mocking

Christina Aguilera caused a stir during her visit to the UK for the Michael Jackson tribute concert in Cardiff on Saturday (8th October 2011). Debuting a fuller figure that took some fans by surprise, the singer performed in front of 40,000 concertgoers before racking up a huge bill at her luxury city hotel.
According to the Sun newspaper, Aguilera's bodyguards demanded a room at the St David's Hotel in Cardiff be cleared for her and her entourage. After several tables had been moved to accommodate the singer, the gang ran up a $10,000 bill for alcohol. Earlier in the day, the 30-year-old has spent around $12,000 to reserve half a first class train carriage from London's Paddington Station to Cardiff Central. A rider provided on the journey included vodka and 'cloned apples'.

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Sexualising children  [Sexualizing children]

Disney  Christina Aguilera poses with Donald Duck during Disney's 50th Anniversary Global Celebration Event.

Madonna "passing the torch" VMA ceremony to two Disney-hatched teen music-porn stars

Before and after  [Before and after (visual)]  I think her first replacement came around 2000-2001 because she starts to look more plastic around then.

Before and after (visual)


Reptoids  Reptile eyes (slits)

Seems like Christina Aguilera got killed and replaced by a lizard hybrid being which also could be still synthetical. David Lynch said one time this industry is dangerous, because all famous people will get killed and replaced by reptilians if they have to do with music or movies. But still it could be that the industry has many different cloned versions of the real human which doesn´t exist anymore.




Christina Aguilera

Marilyn-look + wearing a red dress and leopard belt / black and white clothing (duality/different alters) and a pink big cat/panther

here's the Burlesque review, a classic:

"The choreography looks like a Las Vegas hooker’s attempt to plagiarise Bob Fosse, and is so atrociously edited that you can’t tell if anyone can dance or not.

But anyone who witnessed her ­startlingly crude, pre-watershed ­performance in The X Factor final will know her approach to dance is to wave herself at the camera in as ­sexually provocative a manner as ­possible, and her idea of a duet is to shout in a rival’s face.

Super-strident and transparently self-obsessed, she has all the fresh-faced, country girl ­innocence of Shane Warne.

The story tells how the world’s least likely ingenue turns around the ­fortunes of a destitute club in Los Angeles, run by a woman who appears to have siphoned off all the profits into tacky costumes, Botox and ­cosmetic surgery — that’s Cher, looking like a man in drag and sounding like one.

The scene where Cher becomes a caring, surrogate mother to Aguilera is a camp collector’s item; it’s clear neither woman can stand the other."

18 (1998)







My last dream was very strange.

I´m not at all into pop music or celebritys and I´m absolutly not interested in Christina Aguilera at all.

So I got no idea why this dream could happen the way it happened.

What happened in my last dream?

I felt alone in my dream and I wanted to lean on a shoulder but nobody was there for me.

I wanted to be loved and I was alone so I felt a bit isolated and also sad.

Suddenly Christina Aguilera came into this huge house.

This house was aa house of rich people.

It had even its own cinema.

Christina Aguilera had somebody with her, a female and the other young woman went away.

So I was alone with Christina Aguilera and she asked me if I have any desire to lean on her shoulder.

This situation and dream felt so realistic like it was happening in reality.

I was a bit shy so I said nothing and felt again sad and alone.

Than she went chilling on the one seat next to me and said her shoulder will be there for me if I need someone to lean on her for a while.

She smiled suddenly a bit so I started smiling also and than I did it and it felt so good.

I had for many years nobody to lean on his shoulder.

She than put her legs smiling on my stomach and her high heels had a long sharp end so my stomach started hurting a bit.

She laughted after she saw my soft pain, like its not worth any definition of pain, if you ask Christina Aguilera in my case.

After the soft pain she made me feel she pulled me softly to her shoulder and I had her long beautiful hair in my face.

Her hair smelled like a very good parfume.

She started pushing me away softly after this and looked suddenly highly serious into my eyes.

I wanted to thank her, but she started talking.

She told me that she´s aware of the way I think about her and other celebritys.

I didn´t knew what to answer, because it was so realistic that I thought Christina Aguilera will get angry or start trouble, but she started again smiling and said now I know through this experience that she is not what people on internet say about her and I also think wrong about her.

In this moment I felt highly transparent because Christina Aguilera knew my soul and everything how I think and feel about her and celebritys.

She said she´s not a bad person and I should stop reading bad philosophical things about her on David Ickes forum. She told me about the Stepford topic and that people say she is a evil reptilian while others say she is a android organic robotoid.

Christina Aguilera looked into my eyes while she said this so I asked if all this is not true.

She answered my question in a very special way and transformed slowly into something you all here would consider something similar to a reptilian monster with red skin and a body with heavy, very strong muscles.

Christina Aguilera as this reptilian was standing after all transformation next to me, but she was different in her mind somehow after the transformation.

I went a few steps away from her as this reptilian monster.

Her voice spoke suddenly in my mind via telepathy:

"Just don´t be afraid, just don´t be afraid, just don´t be afraid"

I asked her what is going on and the voice said that I should go to the David Icke forum und release this dream here with the explaination of her so I do it now. She said also that she can´t say it to the public the regular way so I shoiuld do it via this way and here is what Christina Aguilera said:

"Many so called celebritys are victims of mindcontrol and terrible incest and of course victims of other events. Many other so called celebritys are non human lifeforms, but able to clone the genetic makeup of humans in biological realtime processing on molecular and atomic level and I´m one of these. Our familys are not full reptilians, but we are connected on genetic level to the ones you consider reptilians.

We can´t hold our appearance so it is changing without the possibility to control it if you don´t control something that you would call the chakric metabolism. Some of us are different than others and we are not all evil killing machines. Some belong to the old ones and these reptilians are the most dangerous ones while the younger ones of the new generation of the reptilians contain not anymore the full genetic reptilian library in their body and the young new generation of reptilians is under control of the old generation of reptilians.

Not all reptilians are bad people. To be a reptilian means not to be evil. Its like if you say all germans are evil, just because all germans gave Adolf Hitler in the past all their votes and power. The new generations change every race. The transformations are coming sometimes without that you want it to come so we can´t run around like you do because people would see us on the streets so we got a lot agencys around us and they can put us fast into big cars with black windows so nobody can see our transformated body. Most storys about the childhood and familys are a made up story so nobody can get aware of who we really are."