CIA Use of Nazi Research

The following are not all Nazi war criminals hired to work
for the U.S. though several are. All of them worked with
such, and/or worked at similar unethical experiments.

Dr. Sidney Gottlieb.  Ex head CIA Chemical Biological Warfare
     program. Testified in congressional hearings about
     developing a system of running a pipe under a target's
     door to deliver incapacitating, poisonous or suggestibility
     increasing gas.

Dr. Ray Teichler.   Gottlieb's assistant, and CIA liason aty
     Edgewood Arsenal. Assistant to Edgewood Medical Laboratories
     division of human experimentation director.

Karl Tauboeck.   Nazi scientist consulting for the CIA.

Friedrich Hoffman.   Nazi scientist consulting for the CIA.

Otto Ambrose.   Worked for J. Peter Grace.

Dr. Albert Klingman.   Participated in joint CIA/Army program
     at Edgewood, got prison inmates for these experiments;
     also had a climatic control chamber.

Edgewood Arsenal.   Run by U.S. Army Chemical Corps, which
     had acquired 8 Nazi scientists.

Dr. Robley Evans.   Radiation in WW II, using some data from
     ongoing Nazi radiation experiments on humans, mostly by
     Dr. Boris Rajewski.  Asked for conscientious objectors
     to be sent to him for this.

Dr. Boris Rajewski.   Nazi radiation experimentor.

Gerhard Schubert.   Nazi radiation experimentor, brought to
     the U.S.

Hermann Daenzer.   Nazi radiation experimentor, brought to
     the U.S. 

Wolfgang Luther.   Nazi radiation experimentor, brought to
     the U.S.

Dieter Strang.   Nazi radiation experimentor, brought to
     the U.S.

Arthur Demnitz.  Nazi radiation experimentor, brought to
     the U.S. 

Dr. Robert Stone.   Also requested and used Nazi data incl.
     Rajewski's report, later with Dr. Evans on the Nuclear
     Energy Propulsion for Airplanes Advisory Committee which
     tried to bring Rajewski to the U.S.

     Evans and Stone did classified radiation weapon development
     research for the AEC and military. Evans secretly a CIA
     consultant for their project to use radiation as a means
     of killing just one person.

Col. Boris Pash.   Started CIA radiation warfare research,
     had made CIA assassination teams from Nazi recruits,
     directed the Alsos Mission to locate and whitewash useful
     Nazi war criminals, and siezed 70,000 tons of uranium ore
     and radium.

Dr. Webb Haymaker.   Co-authored a book with Nazi scientist
     Hubertus Strughold. Co-developed Boron Neutron Capture
     Therapy (BNCT) from CIA ideas to use radiation to affect
     brain centers. They consulted with him on this.

     Boron is injected, and a neutron beam aimed at it in the
     brain, causing a "tiny nucear explosion." NO CURES,
     most patients died.

Dr. William Swee.   Co-developed BNCT. Worked in 1933 and 1934
     in Nazi Germany, observed sterilization of unwitting
     epileptics by aiming radiation at their genitals from under
     a desk they were told to sit at, yet though he called
     this "outrageous behavior," he never revealed this to
     war crimes investigators.

And if you think that the all-wise CIA must be excuseable
as being privy to knowledge or having special competence we
do not, consider this:

     "Think of it: thirty billion dollars a year goes to an
     intelligence establishment that cannot hire one spy in
     the south end of Mogadishu to pinpoint the location of
     a famous warlord who gives press interviews and
     broadcasts radio statements of defiance. Somalia has
     exposed the weakness of U.S. defense intelligence."
          - William Safire, N.Y. TIMES, Oct. 7, 1993 p. A29.