More Than Sex

TV Interview of Clinton bodyguard Larry Patterson by George Putnam

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GP: On the Web, is becoming the first source to turn to for reliable news. Recently viewers rated the 2nd most qualitative site for news - just behind the BBC. A Prudential Securities newsletter called one of the world's truly great news Web sites. Why is emerging so quickly? Well, the answer is simple: is breaking the stories that the establishment media just won't touch.

A case in point:'s hard-hitting series with Arkansas State Trooper, my buddy, Larry Patterson. has just released "More Than Sex: Worse Than Lies" - Trooper Patterson's life story - on a 2-hour audio tape set.

You know, for 32 years, Trooper Patterson served with the Arkansas State Police. A highly commended officer, Patterson was assigned to the elite Governor's Security Detail and for 6 years - day in day out - Patterson guarded Governor Bill Clinton. For 6 years Trooper Patterson lived intimately with Bill and Hillary Clinton. For 6 years, he became knowledgeable of their intimate secrets.

The establishment media has been telling you it's just about sex and censoring and smearing this trooper. Well, today Larry Patterson is right here with us to tell us the Clintons' story as his audio tape set says is "More Than Sex." I want to welcome one of our true patriots in America, a dear friend of mine, Mr. Larry Patterson. Welcome Larry.

LP: Thank you, George. It's a pleasure.

GP: You know, Larry, the question on everybody's mind is: Is Hillary Clinton running for the Senate back there in New York?

LP: George, I can't believe that this lady is going to make a run for the Senate. I can't believe that she can stand the intense scrutiny that the media is going to give her.

GP: You knew this lady. Will you tell us what you can about her?

LP: George, I've never been around anyone as possessed and as driven as Hillary Clinton was. In 6 years, you rarely saw this lady ever let her hair down, ever enjoy herself. She wanted the presidency as much or more than Bill Clinton wanted it.

GP: Obviously you know; you know well about Clinton's womanizing and you saw it firsthand. You know all the sordid details. Without being too graphic, Larry, would you explain some of the things you witnessed?

LP: Well, from blocking streets, George, late at night; sitting in ladies' driveways till 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning... arranging these liaisons for the Governor...

GP: You know, Bill Clinton told the American people point blank on "60 Minutes" that he didn't have an affair with Gennifer Flowers.

LP: I spent many hours in front of Gennifer Flowers' apartment complex. I took literally 100 calls from Gennifer Flowers; she would call the mansion and said, "Let me talk to Bill." It wasn't "the Governor" or "Governor Clinton." It was "Let me talk to Bill."

GP: But you allege that he engaged in a massive abuse of power. It was, as you say, "More Than Sex."

LP: George, the State Police Detail assigned to Bill Clinton was used to pimp. He would send us out in the crowd to get women's names and telephone numbers and then in a week or two weeks or a month, they would end up in a state job or they would end up working in one of his campaigns. We blocked streets at night, we set in front of residences till the wee hours in the morning waiting on this man to come out...

GP: You tell of an incident outside Chelsea's school - it was on parent/teacher's night - when Bill Clinton went to meet her teachers.

LP: He had me block the street in front of Chelsea's elementary school while he met a lady there, George, and had a liaison with this lady late at night.

GP: Right there?

LP: Blocked the street - the driveway going into the school, George.

GP: "More Than Sex" paints an intimate portrait of the Clintons at home. Now you say, Larry, that there were a lot of verbal arguments between Hillary and Bill and you claim that they would often make slurs against each other - anti-Semitic slurs, right?

LP: George, if these people were together for more than 3 or 4 hours, they were at each other, they were fighting; and many many times the anti-Semitic slurs were used. The "N" word was often used.

GP: And at one point, Bill Clinton made some shocking comments about a fellow state trooper - one who had died in the line of duty.

LP: George, he was in Southwest Arkansas at this trooper's funeral and he made the statement in front of two other state policemen, "Well, I don't know what the big deal is - he was just a 'G-D-' pig..."

GP: Gasped- What!

GP: Larry, I want to stop you for a moment. We haven't heard any of this in the press. Is this new? Is this all new material? Why haven't we heard about it before?

LP: George, in 1993 there was a total of 4 Arkansas State policemen who worked on the Governor's Security Detail who came forward to tell their stories about what they had seen, what they had experienced in Arkansas working for Bill Clinton. And the major news media, they gave it a day, 2 days, play and then that was it, George. Then the Clinton spin doctors got a hold of it and it was to discredit the State Police - to destroy us.

GP: You know, I'm amazed by your information, Larry. But there's something more serious than anything else that we've talked about. It's about Vincent Foster, the Former Deputy White House Counsel. In 1993 he died very suspiciously of a gunshot wound to the head. The government said he committed suicide; but two national ...polls show that more than two-thirds of Americans don't believe that and many believe he was in fact murdered. Now, you knew Vince Foster, didn't you?

LP: Yes.

GP: Tell us about him.

LP: He was a partner in the Rose Law Firm and was a frequent visitor at the mansion. He was around many public events that the Governor and Hillary attended and was always very friendly and asked if he could be of any help if we ever needed anything. He was a very personable man, a good-looking guy, George.

GP: Now, let me ask you right now, point blank. You're a cop - a damn good cop. You're a sworn police officer. You've seen homicides. Do you believe Vince Foster actually killed himself?

LP: No I don't and I don't believe that he'd kill himself - if he did kill himself - in Fort Marcy Park.

GP: One of the reasons you say that Foster didn't kill himself - you claim that you knew about Foster's death before the park police had even found his body - at least 2 hours before the government said that they knew that Vince Foster was the dead man lying out there in the park.

LP: George, the shift I was working was 7:30 to 4:30. I had just left my employment at the State Police, had driven to my apartment, walked in the door, the phone was ringing, it was Roger Perry - another other trooper working at the Governor's mansion. Roger had received a telephone call from Helen Dickey calling the Arkansas Governor's mansion. Roger said Helen Dickey's words were these verbatim: "Roger, Vince Foster has been found in the parking lot of the White House, dead in his car, of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound."

GP: The time situation...

LP: George, it was around 5:00 Central Standard Time.

GP: What you're saying, Larry, is that people knew of Foster's death before the officials claim that they found the body. What you're saying, Larry, one need not be a Columbo, some kind of a detective, (to see) that there was a cover-up of this man's death and that this cover-up is really bigger than the third-rate burglary at the Watergate. Larry, there have been several investigations into the Foster death but all have concluded suicide. Did special counsel Robert Fiske who first claimed to have a look into this - did he speak to you?

LP: No he did not.

GP: What? Never?

LP: Never.

GP: Did Ken Starr ever bring you before the Grand Jury on this overall matter?

LP: Never, George.

GP: What?

LP: Never.

GP: As you know, Larry, in 1996 the Senate Whitewater Committee was so concerned about your allegations that they actually had hearings. They brought Helen Dickey before the Committee. Let's take a look at a video clip of that hearing:

Senate Whitewater Investigation - Feb. 15, 1996

Richard Ben-Veniste, Democratic Counsel: Do you recall, Miss Dickey, submitting an affidavit in September of '95 to us?

Helen Dickey, Clinton Babysitter: Yes I do.

Richard Ben-Veniste, Democratic Counsel: And that affidavit was consistent with your testimony here today...

Helen Dickey, Clinton Babysitter: Yes.

Richard Ben-Veniste, Democratic Counsel: terms of the time that you made this call. The whole thing arose because a couple of former Arkansas State Troopers submitted affidavits that suggested that the call was much earlier - at 6:30 - and that was the purported basis upon which we have this headline story: "Foster Shot in White House Parking Lot" and so forth... or "Foster Committed Suicide in White House Parking Lot." And as a result of those affidavits we then asked for the time records or the work records of the troopers in question and then the attorney for the troopers said, well, maybe the troopers didn't want to testify after all.

GP: Helen Dickey says, "No, you're wrong." She made the call late that night. And the Senate Counsel - you heard him - he says that they checked your work records and that you and Trooper Perry refused to testify before the Committee. What's this?

LP: I was never asked to testify. If I had been asked to testify, George, I would have been there.

GP: Never called to testify...

LP: That is true.

GP: Well, let's make this crystal clear. The Senate held hearings about your allegations but they didn't even bother to call you - the Senate Committee bold-faced lied about it. They lied to us - the American people.

LP: That is true.

GP: You're an American hero. I know that you have been offered jobs and promotions to obtain your silence. You were threatened; you still are. But you spoke out and you've made some shocking disclosures and I've listened to your story on "More Than Sex" - on that taped set. You know, Larry, this proves to me that the American people are not being told the full story, the whole truth. You make many more new and shocking revelations on your audio set - "More Than Sex" - some of the things that, well, we can't talk about on national television. Let me encourage people to get your taped set.

It's called "More Than Sex" and for 2 hours, you'll be absolutely riveted by the story that Larry Patterson has to tell you and me. This is a collectors' item. This reveals the inside story about an American president. You can order "More Than Sex," Larry Patterson's story by going to the online store$24.95 - With a Money Back Guarantee.

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