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'Get stoned and worship Satan'. - Kurt Cobain

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Curt Cobain of the musical group "Nirvana" was another victim of NSA brainwashing and was terminated by NSA. Cobain had started writing clues to the NSA activities into his music to communicate it to his music followers. He referred in music to the NSA as the "Friends inside his head". Once the NSA puts on the highest level of brainwashing pain, the subject expires quickly. Cobain used heroin to numb and otherwise slow the effect of the brainwashing. NSA Mind Control and Psyops by Will Filer

I believe that Brittany Spears, Eminem, and others are being used by them to sing lyrics they like (ever notice that he wears a Neo-Nazi look and sings hate lyrics? This is NOT by chance).   In fact, many of the top pop singers come from an internship with the "Mickey Mouse club" (yep, good old Walt the Illuminist's Empire) and I believe they are offered stardom in exchange for allegiance or mind control. How many lyrics advocate suicide, violence, despair, or New Age spirituality in pop/rock today? Or just get a copy of the words and read (but be aware that many are possibly triggering to survivors of mind control). -----~Svali~former member of the Illuminati

[2015 May Book] Drugs as Weapons Against Us: The CIA's Murderous Targeting of SDS, Panthers, Hendrix, Lennon, Cobain, Tupac, and Other Leftists by John L. Potash

Nirvana - Baby Feeders---CBSWORK

Justice For Kurt Cobain - Was Kurt Cobain Murdered?

CobainCase.Com - The Kurt Cobain Murder Investigation by Tom Grant

Richard Lee's April 2003 press release

A unformmated copy of the posts made by courtney love in 2001 where she discusses the funeral home mutilation incident, including the settlement made out of court. she recounts a story that can only be considered too detailed to be false, though she is notorious for stretching and distorting the truth.

the following is richard lee's informative website which deals with the information he discovered in the years following kurts death, including the oddity that kurts head had no exit wound from the supposed shotgun blast which the media SUCCESSFULLY portrayed as having "blown his head off"

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