Medical Mind Control

[The truth is simple.  A common (propaganda) fallacy is that only someone with a medical education can understand medicine or vaccination.  Bullshit likes to use complexity, just as Charm likes to hide lack of Substance. Medicine should be judged on its results.  Never mind how clever an engine designer is, if the car wont move it is useless.]

"The weapons of the Mafia are always the same: 1.  Divide to conquer. The end justifies the means. 2.  Enact laws. They can always be amended, changed, or modified, according to its needs. 3.  Complicate the system and its vocabulary (technocratic jargon) so that the public cannot understand anything. Complicate the means of access to the therapy so as to discourage those who wish to benefit from it. 4.  Crush the rebels by all methods possible. First, declare them illegal and eliminate then. Then later, legalize them, integrate them, and control them." Lanctot, M.D, Guylain .(Medical Mafia p106)

"Nearly 2500 years ago the Greeks had already realized that one of the most important of empirical facts is that correct explanations are nearly always simple explanations. There is a fragment (176) in Aeschylus, from the last play, that says so  ('for the words of truth are simple').....This is also in line with the expressed belief of one of the great architects of modern nuclear physics the late Lord Rutherford, that if a theory is any good, it should be under­standable by an ordinary barmaid."---- T.L. Cleave  (The Saccarine Disease 1974 p.iv)