Connor O'Ryan

The Connor O'Ryan Story by Elaine Douglass

"UFO Hypotheses "S4 Informers" featuring Wendelle Stevens  Volume One"  (released August 4, 2009)

      In the first volume, both Lt. Col Wendelle C. Stevens, USAF (ret.) and Sgt. Maj. Robert O. Dean, Army (ret.) are introduced. In October 1991, Stevens is contacted by a NAVY Seal/CIA assassin claiming to have photos of S-4, a top secret lab complex within Area 51. Volume One explores "Connor O'Ryan," his claims, Stevens, investigation, and this volume also includes testimony by Phil Schneider, a detailed synopsis of Area 51, discussion of Bob Lazar at S-4 by John Lear, and much more.

"UFO Hypotheses "S4 Informers" featuring Wendelle Stevens  Volume Two"  (released September 4, 2009)

      In the second volume, large segments of  the "Connor O'Ryan" testimony are presented and examined, focusing on the specific area of Level Two where the S-4 sentry claimed that he spent most of his duty time. Stevens clarifies his hypotheses regarding a U.S. fleet of flying disc spacecraft, supported by an analysis of the STS-48 space shuttle footage by astrophysicist Richard Hoagland, with additional support from cyber-hacker Gary McKinnon's testimony. Then, Stevens shares his insight into S-4 engineer Bill Uhouse, and the ET being who Uhouse claimed he worked with on numerous occasions known as Jarod. This volume concludes with "Connor O'Ryan" testifying on camera that former Vice President Dick Cheney spent time inspecting S-4's Level Two in 1991.

"UFO Hypotheses "S4 Informers" featuring Wendelle Stevens  Volume Three"  (released September 30, 2009)

      In the third volume, Stevens presents Colonel Steve Wilson's evidence and testimony, which confirms key elements of the "Connor O'Ryan" testimony, and also includes evidence gathered about Wilson by Richard Boylan, among others. Following this eye-opening section is a day-by-day breakdown of the time "Connor O'Ryan" spent with Wendelle Stevens, as we follow Stevens through the tense, nervebending days of investigation while the S-4 sentry stayed at Stevens' home, sharing with Stevens all he knew of the S-4 facility. Further into the volume, computer guru Jim Dilettoso, a friend of Stevens, recalls at length how "O'Ryan" came to stay at his ranch in Paradise Valley outside of Phoenix, Arizona for one month, and describes the photos that "O'Ryan" show him during that time. Volume Three wraps up with Stevens, Dean and Dilettoso sharing their current conclusions on these events, followed by an editorial cartoon section by Keefe, and concluding with Schneider's shocking testimony as credits roll.

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