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Contributing Editors: Walter Bowart
                      Alex Constantine

Assistant Editor: Rick Lawler

Research: Darrell Bross

Editor's Note:

The following letter appeared in the December, 1994 issue of
Mondo 2000 magazine.


Electromagnetic Torture: EM Weapons

By Alex Constantine


December, 1994

Mondo 2000
San Francisco, CA


        For five years I have been the victim of a formal torture
program at the hands of the CIA. The torture is electromagnetic
and difficult to trace, retaliation for my political research
linking certain cliques in the military and federal government to
cult formation (the firm has, since the early 60s, used cults to
cover for mind control experimentation, including People's
Temple, the SLA and the Finders), drug distribution and the like.
        All of this is to say that your article on the Pentagon's
electronic weapons arsenal (Mondo #12) was appreciated by someone
who knows first-hand their insidious potential. I hope the effect
of the article is not merely titillation of violence-porn
addicts, but alerts your readers to the awesome threat that EM
weapons pose to human rights and political opposition to CIA-DoD
chaos and disinformation.
        I have been subjected to a gruelling daily regimen of
torture rendered from a remote source. I have been burned by
microwaves, kept awake for days at a stretch by shrieking noises
in my ears, the effect of pulsed audiograms. One evening I was
hit by an infra-sound attack (the diagnosis comes from the
Association of National Security Alumni's Electronic Surveillance
Project) on my spine, the most painful experience of my life. I
was left crawling and screaming across the floor. I could go on
cataloging the tortures I've endured. My example should serve to
demonstrate that fascists do not need concentration camps to
silence political dissent. One's own home can be transformed into
a torture chamber.
        For die-hard skeptics, I can offer this proof: Two of the
leading child psychologists in the country once witnessed magnets
repelled from my cranium. When I wrote a letter to Amnesty
International about my plight (it was ignored), friends of mind
were subjected to microwave attack.
        Public interest groups monitoring federal abuses of mind
control technology tell me that there are scores of others under
assault. "Alien" abductions have long served as a cover for the
development of electronic weaponry. Addressing the reality of the
government's mind control experimentation may lead to public
outcry against this carefully concealed attack on human rights.
        So far the disinformationists (proponents of false
memory) have had a field day selling the rest of us out. Please
continue to expose the national disgrace of EM weapons and their
sadistic use on unwitting human targets.

                                       Alex Constantine

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