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PostPosted: Thu Nov 11, 2004 5:46 pm    Post subject: Wanna know what we do in those group blasting sessions?
How do you write a tutorial about something that borders on chaos? Where do you make a distinction between inspiration and derangement? I’m going to give my best try to address these questions in the following pages.

What I’m aiming for is that other little informal groups who use the internet will follow our lead and perhaps provide some healthy competition. There’s always room for more folks who will do what we do, or something in this vein.

When someone sends me some target request that looks like we might get a lot of bang for our buck by addressing (determined by how wide-ranging the potential victory may be) I send out a ‘round letter’ to ew.com participants to schedule the blast session, which we use the chat function for. The ones who are most inclined to etheric combat show up. It’s not an obligation, of course. Usually, there are six to ten, out of forty registered site participants.

These folks are developing into a fine fighting unit and 2/3 of them are psychic or learning to develop their psychic gift and the rest of us just send energy and make comments when we feel it’s appropriate and helpful. Some of us use etheric weapons and some don’t. I generally don’t, though I have some on hand in case I feel like using them. Sensei Dennis developed some Etheric Power Swords to use in his out-of-body excercises. For now, he’s a special case but he may soon be offering some tutorials on his new site, knivesandcrystals.com. He and Lilly Ochescu, another psychic/blaster in our little cabal, are martial arts blackbelts, by the way, and Dennie has been a master for a couple of decades.

Ew.com was only a few days old when Constantin Ochescu was kidnapped by Las Vegas cops at the end of August (I was with him and was also molested by these thugs) and that situation was our first scheduled group blasting project. We actually spent quite a lot of time on this one because we were getting acquainted with each other and because there was a risk that he’d just be disappeared into the Gulag Archipelago without ever having been charged with a crime.

My stranger hope was that since this was happening to a white person we might inspire some widespread outrage toward the Federal Reserve Corporation’s tyrannical ‘justice’ system on the internet. North Americans will only get incensed, generally, when injustice, rapine and plunder happens to white people, of course. I can’t stop Americans from being bigots, so why not etherically capitalize on it, after all? PJ folks have to get mad before they’ll start to awaken. It’s a function of the resurrection of the heart. We figure that since Constantin had literally escaped Communist Romania under a hail of bullets in order to exercise his freedom in America he’s sort of like a war hero and is a bona fide freedom activist, too.

I’m happy to say that Constantin’s now ‘getting some justice’ having spent a month in the slammer and then getting expelled by a filthy judge without ever having been charged or tried. While he was in there, we hit the entire parasitic government and quasi-government foodchain that was instrumental in this travesty, including the arresting cop who was the ‘point man’ for the CIA, the two CIA schmucks in Las Vegas who ordered the cop to snag Constantin, the CIA-owned and operated local mafia judge who apparently wanted to disappear Constantin, the filthy judge who tried and tried and TRIED to get him to sign any document at all so that she could keep him in jail forever, an abusive jailer who literally dragged Constantin to court one time, and the CIA schmucks in that rathole at Langley, Virginia, who originated the plan.

Another, related project was Roger Elvick’s similar incarceration and in this case the feds were having him vegetized with electroshock (illegal in America for a couple of generations) and massive brain drugs. Constantin had corresponded with Roger quite a bit over the past five years, so this was sort of serendipitous. The feds were apparently miffed at Roger because after they had him arrested without charging him, he had counseled several fellow inmates to beat the system. For instance, a couple of Roger’s conseled fellow inmates, who were in there because they ‘owed the state’ money for child support, were summarily released from captivity after a filthy judge stamped their ‘debts’ ‘Paid in Full.’ I guess that’s why they then threw this sweet-natured 74-year-old man in the looney bin and went to work on ruining his brain. I was notified by a friend of Roger’s after that, who sent me a list of names of the judges, prosecutors and psychiatrists who officiated at Roger’s ‘hearing.’ Kangaroo courts like this one are the rule in America, folks, not the exception..

The psychics in our blasting group said that Roger, who has an active interest in and gift for metaphysics, was right with us, astrally, and was cheering us on as we moved through that list and blasted each named thug as thoroughly as possible. Carol, who wasn’t able to be there that night (the night before Halloween) later told me that Roger is recovering his health and awareness now. We’ll do some follow up blasting for him and see whether we can get him released.

Roger’s very well known and quite reputable among the personal sovereignty activists, as is Constantin, so one reason we decided to put a lot of energy and time into this was to help move this active and very committed, but kind of secretive until now, bunch up to a higher public profile on the internet. Exemplars like these can be more effective teachers if there are a lot more students, after all, and it’s rising public awareness that will ultimately be the undoing of this ancient, parasitic occult/corporate world order, not just a few opportunistic etheric blasters. It’s now time for all of you socio-political sleepyheads to Wake Up!

Todd in Cleveland graciously went to the North Coast Mental Health (sic) facility and gifted it a few days later.

We usually go after bigger targets, though, and our hunting parties follow the etheric threads of current massacre plots and generally end up finding the same core group of ritual Satanists, most notably Rumsfeld, Putin, Hillary, George Bush, Sr., and various others, such as Ashcroft, Powell, Ollie North and Bill Clinton, who are usually more peripheral.

Satanic rituals, such as Scottish Rite’s 33d degree conclaves in sealed temples, always need a female present at the highest (sic) rituals. I think Pamela Harriman used to fill that spot before she finally croaked. The sexual ladder she climbed to get there included Winston Churchill and Averill Harriman. We usually find this core group behind the planned CIA and military massacres throughout the world. The City of London, who direct this group, are never present and the old Babylonian family scions who run the City of London are soft and kind of expendable. We haven’t figured this out yet but this core Satanist group in America seem to be the lynch pin. The way they took out Princess Diana shows that they’re mainly concerned with issues like bloodlines and other reptilian issues. The meat and potatoes of mayhem is left to their agents in America, apparently. It just seems appropriate for us, at least for now, to concentrate on stopping the little bunch in America from getting their massacre wishes. Maybe we’ll get to the trolls under Queen Elizabeth’s bustle later on—who knows? We still don’t have a clue what’s happening with China. I suspect The Operators don’t consider that important for us at the moment. I’ll keep sending out enauiries about China to the psychics, though.

Some of us had been getting together for this, intermittently, since April until ew.com was set up in August. We went through a spate of psychics, before last spring, who work for the other side and were trying to gather real-time intel about how we operate and apparently provide an avenue for etheric sabotage into the assembly on behalf of the CIA and British MI6.. The women, almost inadvertently, discovered and exposed them all, by the way. Carol caught on when the first dirty psychic bolted the instant before the group’s attention was turned on her and she initiated each group session with a round of healings, so found the rest of them in short order. That group focus can’t help but uncover the black heart of a ringer. There were no recriminations, of course, because whenever an agent is ‘made,’ then he/she is required by protocol to simply leave the field and not return. Unwitting agents are another matter, of course. If one is willing to confront the connection, which is usually from a CIA-regulated newage affiliation, one may extricate one’s etheric field from that entanglement but it’s a long, traumatic process for the aspirants and they usually don’t stick with it.

What induced us, by last spring, to be more attentive, again, about blasting the regime’s minions after a hiatus of a couple of months was the CIA’s slaughter of all those innocent Spanish people on a train in March. I think we could easily have prevented that, as we apparently prevented a whole lot of similar US Government terroristic massacres since July 3, 2002. We were successfully distracted from getting together by the troubles we were all experiencing in those days.

The winter period was when all of us were under the most severe psi assault to date, by the way, and were literally unable to get it together to attend to the ongoing massacre plots designed to usher us into martial law, then genocide. This was also when the dirty psychics had infiltrated our group efforts, in spite of the most rigorous etheric screening we could muster.

We look for ‘clean’ targets that can appeal to a wide audience in cases where we help right individual wrongs. There are literally millions of political prisoners in the vast American Gulag Archipelago right now and of course we can’t help each one individually so we like to make our ammo count. Only the ones that are entirely innocent, by the way, can apparently be fully helped.

Constantin and Roger are clean in that they’ve broken absolutely no laws, for instance. There have been others who are slightly culpable and these have been our ‘on the job training’ exercises, but I mentioned these two as examples of how best to get the most for our efforts.

Lately, some of the blasters have been getting together informally to work in smaller groups and the Women Warriors meet for work every Thursday. Most of the psychics in the bunch are females. My hope is that others will be inspired by our example and set up their own informal public etheric warfare efforts. I say, ‘public,’ but of course this is a private board, only open to public scrutiny, not participation. That makes it public enough under the circumstances, I think.

To have a fully open board these days, at least in the English language, is to literally invite an invasion force of scammers, moles, and programmed sociopaths to do their level best to undermine, derail and/or overwhelm the effort ASAP. Haven’t you noticed that all of these guys and gals somehow find the time to read every single post of whatever board they’ve glommed on to and will relentlessly and concertedly harp on anything that can be used to discredit the few genuine people who are the ones who actually give credence to the effort in the first place? This pretty quickly wears out even the highest minded moderator. It’s a typically parasitic process.

Any reasonable person would conclude, based on observing this endlessly repeated process, either that humanity is entirely incapable of intelligent consultation or that this is all done by design.

I got bone tired of dealing with this sleepless and relentless ‘force’ for the previous three years, which is why I opted for a more private effort, conducted among ordinary folks who ARE capable of getting along, in spite of obvious differences in temperament, ideology and nationality, and whose main desire is raising humanity’s awareness and healing the physical and etheric environment of the planet.

After this parasitic world regime has fallen, any public internet forum effort will be viable again because, after all, that lockstep army of sociopaths won’t have logistical support or cohesion any more and humanity will have gathered the chutzpah to stop allowing occasional, unbalanced interlopers to ruin perfectly good consultation and debate. The battalions of enervating but unwitting newage Nazis in that army, by the way, will no longer be supported by the enormous infrastructure of Theosophical and electronic mind control tech and personnel behind the scenes, either. I think that will be the long-awaited demise of ‘channeling’ for instance. By the way, I gather that ‘The Indigo Children’ are now hinting that I’m a monster.

This out-of-control, treasonous government in Washington, DC, whose unlawful, parasitic influence had spread like a cancer throughout the country’s Europoid population during Roosevelt’s National Socialist dictatorship, does NOT represent the American people and many Americans are just as incensed about these heinous mercenary incursions against foreign people of color as anyone else is.

On Monday, after I learned that stupid American boys have started bombing and otherwise massacring women and children in Eastern Iraq, I wondered if it’s possible to stop injustice on this scale. It was Wednesday before I decided to ask the group to get together and try to intervene and when I dowsed for the proper time I got ‘tonight,’ so last night, we tried to stop the war on Iraq and here’s an outline of what we did. I’m not going to claim that any of this is real; just that it’s a typical intel/blast session. We spent four hours on this, so the report is kind of condensed.

By the way, some of the satanic individuals whom we’d been hitting frequently for the past year are now resigning from their cabinet posts or are getting fired.

In the beginning of last night’s session, Sensei Dennis was the only psychic in the bunch (this is pretty casual, so people usually wander in over the first half hour or so; also it was very short notice and we’re spread across four time zones) and he went out of his body, target-hunting in Iraq, found the mindless chump American general who was overseeing the massacre and sort of got booted up the food chain to the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon. He saw ‘behind’ them a group of ritual Satanists (we later figured out that they were performing a ritual in the UN headquarters in New York but that their focus was on controlling the fully-compliant three, four and five-star Pentagon traitors).

We started blasting Hillary, who’s always prominent or in the periphery of these massacre rituals. She was hiding behind Bill Clinton (always reluctant because, though he wants to run with the satanic/political big dogs he’s got no grit at all, perhaps because he’s more human than the rest) and Rumsfeld. We went to work on Bill first. We found out that when we go after ritual Satanists it’s more economical to deal with the weakest link in the chain.

This is an aside, but in late September we went hunting and found Bush, Sr, Putin, Rumsfeld, Hillary and one other fellow (I forget these things after awhile) scheming to blow up a line of nukes off of the Southeastern US coast to cause a tidal wave that would have wiped out several cities and got martial law for the region. A few weeks ago we uncovered a plot to blow up part of Houston by igniting a section of a big natural gas pipeline which had air mixed in with the gas, as was done in Mexico City years ago. The same Satanists were at the top of that foodchain.

A few days later, we learned that an army of people in radiation suits had started combing the South Georgia shore, looking for radioactive material Wink

Blasting the object of Monica Lewinsky’s affection exposed Hillary enough and by then Carol was in the game and clearly identified an Arab with a goatee and the Real Saddam, also Russia’s Putin. Carol said, ‘What are those two Arabs doing in here?’ and I said, ‘We started out in Iraq and Dennie was directed to the Pentagon, then to this group of Satanists performing a ritual to power up the massacring army.’

She then said, ‘There’s a guy who looks Mongolian whom the others in the ritual are trying to protect—that one’s in charge. He’s ancient but he can sometimes appear to be young, too.’ I asked her if this was one of the dark masters who oversee the Great White Brotherhood from a big, filthy, hyperdimensional portal in the Gobi and she said it was.

These old masters are quite vulnerable whenever one can get past the brutes who surround them. They don’t have any strength of their own, maybe because they’re offworlders.

We started picking these old guys off almost two years ago, right after six of us were nearly killed with poison and, in response, developed the Powerwand and other ‘next level’ etheric weaponry, all inspired, apparently, by The Operators in their timely way.

We went at this group from every imaginable direction for about an hour but the ties were just getting stronger among them and what we did earlier didn’t hold. By the way, I think most of the psychic etheric warriors who go after these rats don’t realize that ‘killing them’ isn’t final. It’s likely that they each either have a closetful of clones or they’re simply regenerated. This is something else we encountered a couple of years ago when we were going after the reptilians who were directly threatening Cbswork’s family. It does wear them down, though, because it’s been less and less difficult to ‘undo’ them. The dark masters stay dead, thankfully. One factor for our apparently progress against these macroparasites and predators is that we’re just getting more efficient. Undoing their rituals does seem to prevent them from initiating their genocide plan, though.

I don’t remember who suggested sending a double helix-patterned blast around them all but one of the psychics had identified the protection that was suddenly being generated for the plotters as a sort of tornado. Dennis and I, backed up by the rest, moved the energy in both spiraling direction and their tornado began to degrade, then the psychics treated us all to a graphic description of dynamically-disintegrated ritual Satanists.

One of my most adamant and persistent critics on the net gave our a dire warning that the first time one of these targets ends up dead we’re all going to be in Big Trouble. The first time came and went several months ago when Cbswork apparently took out Lawrence Rockefeller at the Devil’s Punchbowl, right after Lawrence gutted a nine-year-old girl, though, and that was never mentioned in the press Wink

According to LaRouches’ intel network, by the way, Lawrence’s brother, Nelson, had a heart attack in his penthouse while having sex with a goat. I presume it was a female goat. The workers in that building who fed direct intel to LaR in those days mentioned that the freight elevator goes all the way to the penthouse and they’d seen a variety of farm animals traveling in that lift, including a cow. They also reported that a delegation from the Soviet consulate in New York visited Nelson daily, apparently to get their marching orders. I don’t know if they used the freight elevator.

Whenever you see a blog’s notice to ‘Watch the Obituaries!’ on ethericfire.com, consider whether the prostituted media or ‘criminal’ justice system is likely to honor us by giving us credit for any mercy killings of world-class serial killers Wink

One of the psychics mentioned, last night, that another reason these Satanists didn’t take more protective or evasive precautions was that our earlier announced intention to try to stop the war in Iraq was not likely to lead us to finding the ‘celebrants’ in New York. All of the psychics saw the traitorous Joint Chiefs of Staff as mere political chumps in this case, though. I don’t know if you remember, but during the early part of Clinton’s dictatorship all of the genuinely patriotic generals and admirals were either shot in the head or forced to resign. This, along with giving Long Beach and the Panama Canal to the Chinese Army and handing over the US Patent Office to Beijing, was just more of the stuff you maybe forgot to look at when the entire cadre of $2 media whores, even the ‘intelligentsia’ of NPR, were complaining about the cigar Monica was holding in her mouth.

By the way, if you’re ever in Kampala, Uganda, go dine at ‘Monica Lewinsky’s Joint’ and let me know what’s on the menu, okay? No kidding—I saw that place every day when Doc Kayiwa and I took the bus to town from Namugongo..

Have you noticed how all of the benighted ‘liberal’ ire against this terrorist regime is directed at George W Bush? Have you wondered why otherwise intelligent people can be so easily fooled into holding this cretin accountable for all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes? I mean, I seriously doubt this guy can even tie his own shoes so how could anyone seriously think he could mastermind the destruction of the WTC and its inhabitants, originate a boatload of treasonous, tyrannical Presidential Decrees and conduct a large scale foreign massacre as Commander in Chief?

One of Carol’s elderly psychic friends, who deplores conspiracy information, told her yesterday, ‘I don’t know why, but I have the impression that the president’s about to be assassinated!’ so I think it’s getting pretty obvious that this guy’s just a patsy, no more or less significant in the grand scheme than Lee Harvey Oswald was. I can tell you that I’ll continue to do my best to preserve this space-waster’s life because every day he’s breathing is another chop at the root of this infernal tree I call the Occult/Corporate World Order. He can embarrass them into full exposure if we can just keep his dad’s CIA minions from slaughtering him in order to initiate martial law, then genocide, in North America and beyond. By the way, I think it’s kind of cute that some Canadians consider their country exempt from this horror.

The real jawdropper for me, though, is that some of these pathologically benighted liberals actually thought that the warmongering traitor, Kerry, was a viable alternative Wink. If liberals are really the intelligentsia of America, go ahead and put the zipcuffs on me because then I WANT to be decapitated in the nearest concentration camp ASAP.

Carol Two Eagle tallied the reported votes, by the way, and discovered that there were twice as many votes cast as there are eligible voters in the US. We know that this regime is good at combining electronics with metaphysics, so maybe some voting hardware was developed, perhaps in Florida, for getting votes from the citizenry of cemeteries. Apparently, the majority of us will become Republicans after we die.

Forgive me for not keeping this all in a timeline, but we’re in the habit of boosting whomever among the hitters isn’t feeling tiptop at the beginning of the session and a couple of our fellow blitzers weren’t feeling at the top of their game last night. A few learned the hard way that getting into this work without full etheric integrity is hazardous to one’s health. Here’s what we did for one of them:

Dooney, one of the psychics in the bunch, works in these sessions with her husband, Steve, who’s also psychic. Steve was already under severe attack before the session started, so the whole band of peekers who were present looked and saw a certain GWB guru on Steve’s back, identified by a distinctive pony tail of graying hair. I’m not going to mention the guy’s name because he’s never overtly gone after us; he had a vestigal connection to Steve, that’s all. The psychics saw this happening before most of them knew that Steve had been ‘courted’ by this guru for years and had taught him a specific meditation technique that’s engineered to enslave the more talented adepts under his tutelage.

We all started blasting that guru, then an aircraft immediately passed over Dooney and Steve’s house and a shadowy figure appeared on their deck outside. Dooney tasted metal in her mouth, an indication that the aircraft was carrying a beam weapon and they’d been shot with it. Fortunately, they were wearing Harmonic Protectors, so they didn’t miss a beat. Not wearing one of these, or something equivalent, near the heart center can be quite risky for etheric warriors.

This guru just wouldn’t leave Steve alone, so we all sent our energy through Steve at the guy, who then he ran astrally away, bewildered that Steve suddenly had the power to repel him. He came back shortly after that as a multiple presence so that he could scramble around, then identify whether the energy ‘from Steve’ was coming from somewhere else. In fact filthy metaphysical adepts, even gifted, brilliant ones like this one, can’t comprehend the dynamics of the heart and we only send energy from our hearts when we go against these miscreants. Essentially, all of this was coming through Steve’s heart. This shared process is a function of dynamic unity, which is just one of the things we’ve been exploring in our ‘curative’ etheric sessions. This is the real meaning, of ‘We’re all one,’ not the abominable, insistent and heartless conformity and hive-mind manifestations of the newage evangelists like the fellow who had been hammering Steve.

After a short recuperative nap, Steve came into the game full bore, free of encumbrance. I noted that the rest of us probably never had a chance to work on a chiropractor’s back before. Dr Steve and Dooney operate a healing clinic out of their home in Western Montana.

I really wish it was appropriate for me to name the guru. Suffice to say that he promotes a very popular and effective meditation technique ‘for protection,’ but that it didn’t protect him from us Wink last night. None of us would ever go after this guy, of course, if he hadn’t attacked one of us. We’re not going to go after him any more unless he tries this again. I say, ‘Caveat emptor,’ to anyone who would plunge into his recommended meditation protocols without exercising some discernment. I don’t feel sorry for folks like that.

If he were a murderer I doubt he’d still be breathing now. He’s human, very smart and charismatic, and was directed by the GWB to publish a Whole Lot of previously hidden but useful metaphysical information, otherwise who could be conned into following his compromising meditation techniques? He’s a recruiter, in other words. Steve just never felt entirely confident in the guy because Steve is a genuine healer who operates from his heart more than from his mind.

By the way, I’m not the only orgonite forum owner who can’t stand newage Nazis. Mr. Debellefuille, who operates the French board, just told me that some ‘love and light’proselytes came to his latest orgonite workshop and tried to take it over by loudly spewing a bunch of mind control triggers ad nauseum. Are you personally aware of how debilitating and disruptive this tactic is? If they ever pulled that stunt in any meeting I hosted, I’d ask them to leave. I nip that stuff in the bud. In fact, in my own lectures I’ve leaned pretty hard on folks like that when they stand up in the audience and start spewing ‘love and light.’ It’s a courtesy to the rest to stop that and it doesn’t do any harm to the saboteur. Sometimes, when I do that, these proselyte’s even lose their smirks and start listening for real. Shock therapy? ‘The doctor is IN.’ Wink

Brent in Alberta got hit pretty hard last night, too, so we did some ‘battlefield ministrations’ for him and he bounced back. Brent’s one of those frontline fellows who can stand up under a Whole Lot of etheric harassment. More on him in a bit…..

This whole process is pretty freewheeling. When we first started working as a cogent group this was a personal challenge for me. I was used to working with just Carol and one or two familiar others, before that, and it’s easier for two or three people to stay on track than for nine to do so. Also, most of the psychics, except for Carol, Darlene and Sensei, are re-awakening their long-latent gifts now, also developing the etheric self discipline needed to get real work done in that realm. They’re reputable, self-disciplined folks, of course, but the etheric realm is fraught with some challenges we don’t encounter in 3D life and it takes some effort to develop consistency and competence without being distracted there.

The first time we got together in September as a larger group I was nearly tearing my hair out. It reminded me, at the time, of a bumper sticker that said, ‘There they all go, and I must hurry after….because I Am Their Leader!’ We all persevered, though, and now we’re comfortable with any of us taking the lead during these exercises. I think that’s another function and hopeful sign of dynamic unity and ‘consultative will.’ That was when we were just starting to break through that newly-erected “Chinese Wall” of psychic misdirects, psi terror and etheric sniping that was erected after our victories at the Wesak rituals last spring and early summer.

We joke a lot. Some of us, especially Carol and I, get pretty ribald, in fact. Hillary usually inspires a spate of that, for instance. I’m not going to repeat any of that here Wink but the more refined in the group deserve a lot of praise for putting up with it so well. I got successfully booted off the chat last night by some NSA hackers, apparently to prevent me from asking, ‘Dooney—did you smack that aircraft and the shadow intruder on your deck?’ and after some blasting help from the others I finally got back on. I didn’t know, yet, that the intruder was a Great White Brotherhood’s Golden Boy. I had to change my log-in name before I could get back in, so I typed it backward: Nod Tforc. I got that idea from something Genghis Kilroy had written. When that showed up it might have spooked some folks but Anne in Toronto, who is a psychic, very refined lady, said, “I knew it was you, Don! By the way, to me that reads, ‘Naughty Force.’” I told her, ‘Anne, I’m going to give you more credit for that statement than you desire!’

You might wonder why we’re so casual about documentation and empirical evidence in presenting this report and all I can tell you is that we just don’t have time for that. Our main concern is to get the work done in a timely way. Later on, if it’s appropriate, somebody else can do the bona fide research journalism and empirical testing. I’m addressing a tiny little demographic with this report: the few people who are looking for effective ways to end tyranny without shooting the tyrants’ minions in a long, drawn-out and devastating guerrilla war.

I’m only giving you my subjective observations now. A pretty impressive and rapidly-expanding grassroots network has grown up around the Gifting effort here and abroad and I’m trying to stimulate the generation of another grassroots but more etheric effort now. The psychics out there who would like to use their gifts to stop tyranny are certainly taking me seriously because I’ve been corresponding with quite a few of them. The more intimate details of our exploits weren’t being reported until now, though Dooney’s done a good job, now and then, of reporting at least the outline of some of our chatblast sessions on ethericwarriors.com. Maybe it’s up to me to get right to the heart of more publicly expressing what we’ve been doing.

I’m toying with the idea of calling these, ‘Chattelblasts,’ though, at Dennis’ suggestion. I’d made a comment about how I’m the board’s chattel and some of us realized that we’re all sort of like that, since we’re not getting paid for any of this public service work and it’s not raising our status Wink Yes, I do consider erasing known tyrants and serial killers to be a public service, just as viable and essential as fixing potholes in the streets and collecting the trash every Thursday. If you feel that opposing tyranny is a viable pursuit but that we don’t have the right to do something overt about it, why don’t you do something ‘legal,’ like call a cop or sign a petition to Congress and see how effective that effort is these days? If you’re a newager, just mumble your mantra a few thousand more times, have a group hug and see whether that’s changing the hearts of these predators and macroparasites. You’ve done a bang up job with all your mumbo-jumbo and ‘cosmic debris’ so far! Wink Hey—did you miss that big space ship when it came to pick up all the ‘good people?’ How come they left you behind? Is the Niburuan Council going to put it all right for you and let you rule the rest of us, after all?

A couple of years ago, when our idiotic military got scammed into invading Iraq, many were claiming that the real reason they were there was to provide a smokescreen and a sort of corridor for removing some ancient hyperdimensional tech or even weaponry from a site in or near Babylon which Saddam’s archaeologists had recently uncovered.

Last night, after we did our chore at the UN HQ (one of the psychics asked, ‘What’s that building in NYC with all the flags around it?) the psychics followed that thread and discovered that this had all been moved to Saudi Arabia. Then we got an even fuller appreciation of why The Real Saddam and that Saudi royal were present in the ritual at the UN building. None of the psychics had seen any Arabs in the high rituals before that, in fact, though in one hunting excursion they uncovered a plot to assassinate the Saudi Oil Minister last month. Nobody’s looking at Saudi Arabia these days—have you noticed? Hajji Eddie Ortiz is poised to gift the new forest of death towers in and around Mecca, by the way. If you don’t have his mailing address in nearby Jeddah, please contact me at terminator3@turbonet.com and I’ll give it to you. He can’t get the materials to make orgonite, even if he could afford it, but he’s willing to do the gifting work and this is a key area for gifting right now, as you can imagine.

We tried our our new helix-energy technique to generate a massive sandstorm to mess up the assembly of that huge STargate or whatever it is. Maybe they’re trying yet another attempt to facilitate an alien hyperdimensional invasion. We’ve uncovered and apparently prevented several of those in the past 3 ½ years. The Operators seem to direct us to these things every time. I know that none of us have the intelligence or perspicacity to be that adept at synchronicity.

When we were doing that, Anne had gotten the scent of a big underground base connected to the mining facility where Brent lives and works in Northern Alberta. Brent had gotten hit pretty hard and was temporarily out of condition. We’d sent him plenty of juice and while he was recovering most of us went galloping off to the sands of Arabia while Anne astrally hung around Brent and started to see what was under that enormous salt mine in Canada. They’re going to collaborate to finish off that alien underground base with earthpipes after she pinpoints the location. Brent favors putting the orgonite-filled toilet paper roll Earthpipe plugs in fence posts, by the way. Another Canadian, Steve, in Vancouver, BC, pioneered that method. Fortunately, there are LOTS of high chainlink fences in the area.

Yet another enormous, newly opened hyperdimensional portal was closed on November 1 when Steve Baron and crew dropped a gargantuan cloudbuster into the midst of Lake Ontario. That CB is over 500 pounds. I have complete faith that as long as we are reasonably prudent and pay attention to our higher instincts we’ll be guided to stop any more attempts by the aggregate of macroparasites to enslave and destroy humanity.

Thinking about who and what are behind the current effort to destroy us all is sort of like plunging into the rabbit hole in ALICE IN WONDERLAND. I doubt that any of us even have the capacity to fathom the complexity and interconnectedness of all of the parasitic and predatory agencies on our world and beyond and the less intellectually honest extrapolate this to claim that The Devil’s in charge. I see no evidence of the existence of absolute evil, an expressed opinion which genuinely angers some folks, and the best evidence I can offer is that none of us who have been healing the earth’s physical and etheric atmosphere, rudely and publicly gesturing at tyrants, and even gifting the sleepy inhabitants of our towns and cities into higher awareness have ever been seriously harmed in the past four years. How would this be possible if there really were a devil?

Of course, I, for one, openly acknowledge that we’re all being guided and protected by The Operators, who seem to be able to also constrain and dilute the most strenuous efforts of the macroparasites to obliterate our world and even discredit us personally through their sociopathic saboteurs.

The hyperdimensional tech project in Saudi Arabia is apparently a UN-sponsored effort. I think ‘UN’ actually stands for ‘United Nazis,’ because all of these chumps are appointed, never elected, and none of them are particularly reputable as far as I can tell.. Communism and National Socialism are the same thing, after all, and an overt communist, Alger Hiss, drew up the UN Charter at Roosevelt’s behest.

Alice Bailey supplied the ideological basis for the UN and also set up and managed their publishing house, Lucifer Trust, during WWII.

Alice Bailey Theosophy was supposed to have been adopted as ‘the world’s religion’
long before now--I bet you weren’t aware of that. I suppose another proof that there’s no devil is that this luciferic doctrine is more often laughed at than supported and it only really appeals to a few white, middle class people who are intellectually lazy and addicted to metaphysical over-stimulation. I don’t think it could even have gotten that toe-hold if it weren’t for the massive promotion of hallucinogens in the sixties and the vigorous promotion of irrationalism in the public schools and colleges of western nations for a generation before that.

Kurt Waldheim, an SS officer (all SicherheitdienstSchuetz members were absolutely required to murder innocents—usually Jews—in cold blood as part of their initiation during the time Kurt ‘joined up’—SS members were never drafted), was one of the more controversial UN Secretary Generals.

This was written in the late 1800s, ‘Soon will the present day order be rolled up and a new one spread out in its stead,’ also, ‘Soon will all satanic works and deeds done in the dark of night be laid bare and manifest before the world,’ and 2,000 years ago, Jesus said, ‘The meek shall inherit the earth.’ I think we’re living in the time of the fulfillment of these predictions and that the decay and demise of this ancient, murderous and exploitive occult/corporate order is speeding up daily. Let’s hang in there for the duration-- I honestly believe that their end, which is probably going to be the mainstream debut of humanity’s coming of age, is imminent. Right now, you might think I’m delusional or a Pollyanna but if have that impression you probably can’t get your brain around the fact that there are many of us who share this commitment and we’re a solid but diverse front of very reputable people.

I feel like the guy on the ridgetop who sees the dawn before the PJ folks, who are deep in the valley, do and has gotten pretty excited about it. I’m jumping around and yelling at them, ‘Check it out! A new day has just started!’ and they’re yelling back, ‘SSShhhaaaaddddaaap, you idiot! Can’t you see it’s NIGHT TIME?!’

~Carol Croft’s husband
"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich