Nailing the Prosecutor to the Wall.... 

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2004 4:43 pm    Post subject: Nailing the Prosecutor to the Wall....
Nailing the Prosecutor to the Wall….

My daughter Jenny was arrested on Friday the 24th. The boy she had with her in her car had a warrant out on him. She has this thing for the under dog. Anyway they pulled her over and arrested the boy and then arrested her for Harboring a Felon, which is automatically a felony on her record. I found out about it that day about noon. Don and I drove up to Plummer Idaho and got her car out of impound and then found out that they weren’t going to release her on bail….The next day, Saturday, was visiting day at the jail. My daughter has never had any scraps with the law and was completely terrified. Don had made me a bunch of tbs and a couple of hhgs. So I showed up to see her and try to find out what the story was. They told me at the jail that no matter what she was going down for a felony

This boy that was with her is from a reptilian hive up near Emida Idaho. Don and I have gifted and gifted it again, this whole area with HHGs, TBs, and EPs. Trying to get some sort of resolution to this problem. Just this last week we were up there with the crossbow Sensei had sent Don and shot a bunch of orgonite arrows up behind their house. These people have been trying to get to me through my daughter. They have been literally sucking the life force right out of her for the past year. Brain washing her into thinking that they are the only ones who care about her, that without them she is nothing. And that her family is trying to ruin her. This has been going on since right before her 18th birthday. It has really been a horrible ordeal. We have even had a few chat blasts on this topic. Don told me to call him at noon if I needed help and he would set another one up to help me out. But I knew I had them, just where I wanted them….

So any way when I showed up on Saturday and found out that they were going to try to railroad my daughter, I was livid, as you can imagine. I have had some run ins with this prosecutor before with my son. He is a horrible person. Very heartless and vengeful. He goes after people like a bulldog, mercilessly. As an example of how ruthless this guy is, Don and I have a friend, Hari, who refused to be in the system. He didn’t have a drivers license or any other tie to the system. They stopped him over and over for not having a drivers license. Hari would go to court and represent himself, he would come out on top everytime. So the prosecutor finally got the feds involved and they followed Hari everywhere, just waiting for him to slip up so they could get rid of him. They finally got him for skinny dipping on federal land, of all things. They haven’t caught him yet. He has had to go out on the lam from the authorities now. He can’t even go see his wife and 2 kids. And then after he got the feds involved the prosecutor showed up to a Halloween party dressed as a Scottsman in kilts, making fun of Hari just to prove a point. He is a horrible, evil man…This is just a little back ground on this guy.

Anyway, when I was done visiting my daughter and trying to console her I marched down to my jeep and got in the back and grabbed a bunch of tbs. I marched right over to the door leading up to the jail. There was a really deep hole right beside the door. I pitched one in there. And then I started around the building. I put down only a couple and noticed that there were 3 cops trying to watch me from just out side the door. So I decided to head up to the prosecutor,s home. I use to live in this hick town so I knew right where to go. At his house I put down an HHG and about 4 or 5 TBs….Then I went back down to the courthouse. There was no one outside then so I put down the other 8 TBs and another HHG. That ought to make a difference I thought.

They had her scheduled to go in front of the Judge on Monday. She had to spend the whole weekend in jail. I arrived at the courthouse early on Monday. My daughter’s dad and his wife were already there when I got there. They were waiting to talk to the prosecutor. I told her dad make sure you tell him that I have hired Siebe (this is the one lawyer that can really make this prosecutor look like a fool, and he knows it.) for Jenny’s case. And that there is no way I’m going to let him ruin her life by putting a felony on her record. Jenny’s dad told him this and he automatically started stuttering and stammering over his words. This is a guy who prides himself about always being in control and in charge. He told them that there is a misdemeanor charge that he can switch it to, and that he would think about it….

I just went and sat in the waiting room outside the courtroom. I had brought my computer so I could finish up my Costa Rica story. So I’m sitting there typing away and up walks an agent, all dressed in black and plunks himself down directly across from me in the waiting room. He just stared at me and then he tried to engage me in conversation a couple of times. I could read his mind, he was thinking, “this must be her but it doesn’t make sense”….I just continued to ignore him and kept on typing. It was so funny, he looked at me so strangely. After about an hour of this one of the ladies from the office at the top of the stairs came over to him and said, “It’s O.K. you can leave now. We don’t need you any longer.” He stood up and looked at me with a very confused look on his face…..OH!!! I forgot to tell you I had brought one of my special pyramid orgonite devices with me. It was setting down at my feet this whole time…TeeeeHeeee…

There was this really strange girl inside the courtroom all day. She was acting so strange, kinda like a junky/Mkid. She kept looking out the little window on the door at me. There was one time when I got up to go ask a question at the desk around the corner. I was standing there when all of the sudden I noticed she was standing beside me, really nervous like. She couldn’t stand still….She finally looked up at me and asked me if it was O.K. if she walked behind me. A very strange question, as the hallway is very wide right there. She was wearing dark blue sunglasses in the building. I knew she was a reptilian right off the bat.

Then they finally brought some of the people from the jail down to be arraigned. 4 guys and a woman. One of the guys was the guy/reptilian that Jenny was arrested with. So I immediately started blasting him. As I was blasting the reptilian girl was back in the courtroom standing right behind me. She was making all kinds of weird noises. Growling and clicking noises. I kept thinking to myself, how are they letting her stay in the courtroom with all the noise she was making, not to mention all the pacing she was doing.
She just kept coming back over to stand right over my back. I know she probably implanted me like crazy and I have been sick ever since that day. It’s all in my sinus’s. They will do that to blind a psychics vision….Don used the zap checker on me last night and sure enough there were about 5 implants. We have been working on them all morning.

After these guys were done they finally brought Jenny down with another guy to be arraigned. I had the pyramid setting right on the bench beside me. This whole time the prosecutor was acting so weird. He wasn’t sitting at his usual desk in the front of the courtroom. He was sitting in the back along the wall in a chair. He told the Judge he would need 5 minutes before he could resume with Jenny’s case. He left and went up to the jail and got one of the deputy’s to come down to the courtroom with a ticket for Jenny.
It was a ticket for obstructing an officer….The deputy who handed her the ticket told her in front of everyone in the courtroom that, he knew he wasn’t the arresting officer but he had to issue her the ticket none the less. The prosecutor had him give Jenny the ticket so he could lessen her charges down to a misdemeanor, obstructing an officer. He made the other charge just disappear. It was so weird, I have never seen a court run this way….After all of this he shook my hand. When he took my hand I could hear him thinking,“What the hell is happening here” Then it was over….I just needed to wait for Jenny’s release. Her dad put up her bail and she was released about an hour later. When she came out she told me when she looked down and saw my pyramid sitting on the bench beside me in the courtroom, she knew everything was going to be alright…

Score another one for the Etheric Warrior/Warrioress!!!!!!

P.S. I will be posting my Costa Rica account on New Years Day…