Letter From Israel
A Call to Gifting & A Historical Review

[Editor's Note: Don Croft received the following e-mail from a person living in Israel whom we shall call Naomi. Don Croft's enormously interesting response follows Naomi's note..Ken]

By Don Croft <terminator3@turbonet.com >
October 6, 2004

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From: Naomi
Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2004 9:28 AM

Hi Don;

I just reead one of your daily reports [educate-yourself.org] and found a quote that spoke straight to my core!

"Are you as bone-tired of this bloody Zionist charade as I am? I know the Palestinians are. If there were some magical way to induce a few thousand Arab and Jewish youngsters to fall passionately in love with each other across these accidental boundaries of birth this would all end in the short term, of course."

Let me tell you, one of my BIGGEST pet-peeves is our criminal unconditional support of Israel, a country of rampant
racism, jingoism and total insanity! And I strongly believe that the Israeli lobby controls our Congress and our govenment! Hell, it is even influencing our churches through the sneaky 'Christian Zionism' rooted in the Scoffield Bible!

I have been trying to write countless letters to newspapers to expose this madness of no avail and I would just LOVE to figure out what to do about it!

(By the way, how does Israel fit into the 'New World Order" scheme? I could never figure it out because I understand that the bloodlines behind it are mostly British and German)

I HAVE LIVED IN ISRAEL FOR 10 MISERABLE YEARS so I know what the hell is going on there from inside out. And, believe me, the Arab and Jewish youngsters falling in love wouldn't solve the problem because the problem is rooted in Zionist psychosis, which would override the youngsters' love affairs. Furthermore, the hatred on both sides is so deep, the sides are so separated that love between youngsters would not be possible. I was personally called a 'whore' for participating in a demonstration which defended the rights of Arab-Israeli citizens, and a woman who would marry an Arab would be stoned by Israeli fanatics. (By the way, I am of Polish-Jewish ancestry, but I do not identify with racial crap. I believe that CONSCIOUSNESS is the only thing which matters.)

Well, I hope you don't mind my rant, I see red when the Zionist/Jewish Mafia is mentioned. Would Terminator II action zap these parasites? I just ordered one and I am eager to do some zapping.



From: Don Croft
To: Naomi

I can't tell you how many wet fuses I've tried to light in Israel in the past three years and I was getting pretty discouraged til you showed up. THANK YOU, Naomi! I've sold a lot of zappers to Israelis but I get the sense that they have a hard time speaking about their healing successes with them to their countrymen. Are the global medical gulag's brainwash protocols as severe and oppressive there, as they are here?

Consciousness absolutely is the only true measure of one's worth, my friend. The paranoia that many Jews in Israel live with is a lot more crippling, in terms of awareness, than is the external oppression the Arabs have to live with there.

Muslims, Christians and Jews got along fine in Palestine before Great Britain turned that place into a warzone after they took control in 1918, of course. I had a close friend who lived and worked there from the 1930s to the 1960s and she clued me into how the Brit-sponsored terror campaign gradually increased the misery until 'independence' was declared from Britain. What a sham!

Americans are, in fact, waking up to tyranny at home, at least, at an accelerating rate, which is probably why martial law hasn't been declared here. In my country's case, martial law would mean immediate attempted genocide. Congress is owned by the British/Mossad lobbyists, but these cynical politicians' outright treason during the past ten years has earned them ALL a noose according to the only law there is and I think that's about to be implemented, which will be a distinct service to all of humanity.

Credo Mettwa predicted the beginning of a melding of Jewish/Arab culture this year. I know that gifting will facilitate this better than just about anything, Naomi. If you're going to gift, though, you may benefit from a little extra protection from this bunch (ew.com), in addition to whatever The Operators will furnish. I think this is part of the design; something that induces cooperation.

We can run some interference for you from www.ethericwarriors.com and pick up some intel to share with you if you're willing to do this. Just start slow. Start at home and work outward and at some point you can gift political offices, schools, satanic ritual sites, etc., when you've built up more and more chutzpah. Confidence is the key to success and orgonite dissolves fear. Whatever lessens fear increases courage. I think you'd be starting out with plenty enough courage becuase it takes a lot of that to participate in any human rights demonstration in Israel.

One of our associates in Japan, Ed Schindler, was accosted by a Mossad agent (an obvious reptilian with all-black eyes, no whites) a few days ago, but he was wise to the guy ;-) so he wasn't harmed apparently.

It's easy to find and disable implants, by the way, and in spite of all disinfo to the contrary, the implants are never more than minor irritations as long as one wears some orgonite and uses a zapper judiciously. We'll be glad to help you through that. Everyone on the planet who stands against the occult/corporate world order is implanted, usually several times.

One thing some folks know, but not many people are yet willing to understand, is that Israel was created by the City of London as a control/consolidation base in the MidEast, after they toppled the Sultan of Turkey in 1908 and carried out the controlled conflict known as the Great War [World War I]. They began sending in 'colonists' in 1844 (their Zionist, neo-Jewish political base in Palestine--mostly well-meaning but unwitting folks, like the American pioneers were in the 1800s) with the Balfour Declaration.

B'nai Brith was Scottish Rite Freemasonry's espionage/sabotage/assassination arm in those days before British MI6 existed. B'nai Brith fomented the rebellion in the US on behalf of London in 1860, for instance, and assassinated Lincoln five years later, of course, to help move America back under The City's direct political/economic control. Noam Chaitkin, Margery White, Eustace Mullins, and a lot of other good authors fully document these events and organizations and much more in their writing. Many of the best conspiracy journalists are Jews and Germans, in my opinion. It's good to have an axe to grind sometimes.

London is clever with their constant misdirects. They use Israel to do their espionage/sabotage/assassination and drug trade in the Mideast, Africa and beyond (Mossad closely cooperates with the CIA in the South American dope trade); they use the US military to enforce their economic protocols throughout the world; they created all of the governments in the mideast (the German SS created the 'security forces' in those governments after WWII and took on Arab names); they created and support the international aspects of Islamic fundamentalism, beginning with Jalal'ud-din Afghani's Pan Islamic Movement in the late 1800's; they created and managed the French Revolution & the Bolshevik Revolution; They own the natural resources of Russia to the present day; they sponsor genocide throughout the world; they own the UN and all of it's parasitic/predatory subgroups; They created and run the Red Cross, etc.

That's to say: the nearly-secret ruling families who are now based in London are not English; they more likely originated in Babylon and moved through Phoenicia, Rome, Constantinople, Venice, and Amsterdam to get to London in the late 1600s, after which they gradually subverted the royal families of Europe to consolidate their position as the world's chief colonists/empire-builders. There's very little genuine national sovereignty left in the world now.

By the way, I heard Eustace Mullins give a talk in 1984 after I read his WORLD ORDER; THE HEGEMONY OF PARASITISM and when someone in the audience asked if Jews run the world order he said that most of the secret families are either Episcopalians or Unitarians ;-) and that the one in Bavaria, Thurm-und-Taxis, is Roman Catholic. I didn't know about the ancient Vril Society in those days. They're the interface with London for the takeover of Russia in 1918, for instance, and they sure aren't Catholics ;-)

Blaming Jews is another of London's successful misdirects, of course. The Ashkenazi who run Israel may or may not be Jewish, technically, but they sure do exhibit all of the political and terror strategies of Hitler's order. Pointing that out to a more paranoid Israeli Jew might get you shot or bludgeoned ;-)

I was priveleged to spend a month in Uganda last year, which may be the only country which has succeeded in getting and staying out from under the City of London. It's also the poorest country I've ever visited but the most hopeful and industrious. When the current regime took power there after a long struggle in 1986, London immediately made their currency essentially worthless and it's not worth a whole lot more now than it was then. We gifted most of the death towers and many of the polluted major vortices in that entire small nation and a couple of our savvy Ugandan associates, Dr Paul Batiibwe and Suleiman Kizira, are still doing that work.

So, to get unwitting, pseudo-awake 'masses' to direct their contempt at your or my country is a coup by London; the successful result of their disinformation campaigns. All Christian televangelists here are cynical assets of the CIA, by the way, and I'm clearly seeing the dissolution of fanaticism in America as more and more cities, towns and regions are being gifted with orgonite. Gifting is accentuating the present historic trend toward individual accountability.

We gift the more heinous fundamentalist churches where we live, by the way. The masons in America in the mid 1800s based their mind control agenda on the schizoid behavior they found among the Christian fundamentalists, who routinely massacred Indians then went to church to thank God for all their new land and for the African (Muslims believe in submission to God's will and the mostly-Muslim slaves from West Africa had been conned into believing that their predicament was God's will) slaves to work it for them. One simply can't get more schizophrenic than that, after all. That's what the Zionists are doing in Israel, of course. I think they're now using genuine Black Jews from Ethiopia as essential slaves, so the analogy is pretty compact ;-)

The masons set up several fake, pseudo-Christian religions here in the mid to late 1800s, based on those protocols, in order to take control of the trend and that effort gradually melded with the pseudo-Hindu and pseudo-Buddhist mind control protocols developed by London to subvert India. These protocols were later economically congealed into Theosophy and used as a socio-political wrecking ball on each succeeding generation in the West 8). These were developed by the British in the 1700s, though of course all of this stuff was more or less developed thousands of years ago and conveniently packaged under a lot of different 'brands,' since then--a common marketing ploy.

This is how Rome founded its empire, for instance--a whole lot of subterfuge and a little bit of force will topple any corrupt, ineffectual regime.

Nero burned Rome and blamed the Christians the same way that President Cujo's regime blew up the WTC and Pentagon and blamed the Muslims and Hitler burned the Reichstag and blamed the commies. See the pattern? Mossad routinely blows up Jewish schoolbuses and blames Arabs whenever they want to consolidate fascism and paranoia a bit more where you live.

By the way, there was a time, not long ago (before the internet) when I would have been punished for making public comments like this about the Nazis in Israel.

I want you to experience how empowering this gifting work is but you're going to have to be more careful than even we are in nazified America or England. Let me know what we can do to help, please. Orgonite disables humanity's enemy, the occult/corporate world order, in ways that have to be witnessed to be believed, which is why we stress doing the work rather than relying on argument or persuasion to get people's support.

Of course, since this is a grassroots effort, not an organization, 'support' is a moot consideration. I personally don't want 'the masses' to know what we're doing at this point because they'd probably just get in the way. I sure as hell don't want to have a profile in the prostituted media because that's the kiss of death. I want to continue to choose my battles and I agree with Sun Tzu that one mustn't engage in a battle one has no chance of winning. The internet favors our side now and it's essentially much more powerful than TV, radio, books, magazines. movies and newspapers because it's entirely interactive.

Psychological warfare is the foundation of tyranny in the world--mostly psychological with just a hint of physical violence by the American military, which is now kind of small and not well supplied or even supported. Nor do the Mossad have limitless resources. Carol and I have never encountered any of them, for instance, as far as I know.

My favorite metaphor for the way the world order operates is the schoolyard bully who rules through intimidation. At any moment the littler children can reverse the scenario and terrify the bully, instead, if they simply stand together, which mankind is now starting to do against this obsolete, effete, over-centralized hierarchy. This little group (ew.com) is only one of the signs of that trend and we don't lose many battles these days.

If Iraqis decides at some point that they're simply tired of the destructive American presence they'll wage a guerrilla war that will do to our boys, but much quicker, what the Vietnamese did thirty years ago when the American military was ten times larger and you can bet every Arab nation and even Persia will jump into the breech to help Iraq in that case. Why not? Nor would this young American generation take the bait and get drafted the way my more stupid generation did, to be cannon fodder for the Vietnam debacle. I think this failing federal gov't already knows that. I believe the mothers of the would-be cannon fodder will stand in the way this time, as they could easily have done to stop any of the other managed conflicts since 1865.

Big War is obsolete and humanity won't support it any more.

At any rate, I want you to experience the liberating and healing effects of gifting where you live, Naomi.. This is how we gain confidence and personal equanimity. I'm looking forward to your reports!

In every country where a lot of successful gifting is being done, one brave person like you usually started it. The first one usually encounters the most opposition in the beginning, so I don't want to give you the impression that you're not in for some challenges. In our experience, though, the challenges, when met head on, are a means of rapid expansion of awareness and they even help us be more tolerant of and even compassionate for our enemies and our benighted neighbors. It's a strange phenomenon--another one that has to be experienced to be appreciated.

Nobody who's been reasonably prudent has been harmed for doing this work. I think Georg Ritschl and I were in the most danger at one point in Africa, but we breezed through that and all either of us got was some road rash, which healed without a scar (Georg fell off a rented motorbike after gifting the main tower array in beautiful, mountainous Kabale while I relaxed with a book in the hotel, I tell you sheepishly).



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