Salva Kirr's Village Gifting Report--Southern Sudan
Don Croft
Salva Kirr's Village Gifting Report--Southern Sudan - May 27, 2006 09:39

Dear Don

It been a long time since i email you and that's becouse i wanted to
finish with the building i started.then i can concetrate on this gifting

I have even relocated my entire family to Yei.
Here is my report Don.

The villagers say that they now see many changes i,e.There is no more
sickness,Some say they now had beutifull dreams full of hope,They are now
experiencing rainfall and also they belive that the Orgonite keep away the
bad people.

Dear Don please send me more gifts so that i can distribute in Yei too.
I got Davids email too he is planing to visit me,that will be wonderfull

your Salva




Salva's Sudan village is hundreds of kilometers east of the area in Southern Sudan that Dr Kayiwa gifted. That villlage was nearly destroyed by CIA-sponsored terrorists in recent years and Salva's own father and brother were brutally murdered there, in front of everyone. The surviving villagers fled to Kenya, then returned when the hostilities ended.  A severe drought was in progress throughout the region.

Notice how the results are similar to the results that Dr Kayiwa achieved, farther west. Salva and Dr K are not in touch with each other and neither of them read EW posts much, as far as I know.  Most Africans pay vendors in order to access the web, so there's no time for browsing. Young Abdu'l Jim in Kasese, Uganda, has been saving his money for a couple of weeks to afford to get online to write and post his first gifting report on EW, for instance. Abdu'l aspires to be a writer and I think you'll enjoy his reports.

David Ochieng is the intrepid young Kenyan who facilitated the gifting trip to Mombasa where the meeting with dolphins took place. Judy in Nairobi will probably meet DAvid pretty soon and perhaps teach him to make orgonite. I'm hoping that when he travels to Yei, Sudan, to meet Salva he'll be able to take a lot of orgonite with him. Yei is close to the Southern Sudan capital, Juba.

CArol feels that one reason orgonite gets such phenomenal results in Africa, relative to America or Europe, is that the Africans reached the depth of misery and hopelessness, so are eager to grab and deploy anything that might help them have a better life now. We in the West haven't reached the bottom, yet, so it's hard for us to find people who are interested in our work; so we hide the stuff in the environment. I hope we won't reach the bottom, actually ;-)

Networking can produce a lot of momentum. If you want to support DAvid's inspired efforts you can contact him directly at and he'll let you know what he needs. He's a frugal fellow and can squeeze a nickel so hard that the Indian rides the buffalo, so we get a lot of bang for our buck there.  It's finally possible to send items to our Kenyan friends but we're testing the waters in Sudan now, in terms of whether the new postal system is working. I sent Salva a small package a few weeks ago. It might be necessary for him to provide a gratuity to a postal official in Juba but we'll sort that out in a timely way.

A hard target is Kisumu, Kenya, where Mrs Odondi has been gifting. For her trouble she's been shot by police and her nearby village was destroyed by a flood. David went to visit her (a couple hours by bus) when we hadn't heard from her in a few weeks and it turned out that the entire city's internet access was shut down during that period. Some of us have been helping Mrs O (a widow) get back on her feet and to keep her teenage son, Billy, in school. If you, too, want to help this brave, resilient pioneer you can contact her at Enough orgonite will turn that unhappy Lake Victoria port city into a showplace for orgonite's power and she can also reverse the sagging fortunes of the fishermen on that part of Lake Victoria.