From a Gifting Buddhist Monk...
Don Croft
From a Gifting Buddhist Monk... - May 15, 2006 08:08
Bhante, a Buddhist monk who is travelling (and gifting) extensively in the US right now, sent me an email about a site that's offering shares to investors in the alleged development of a magnet motor/generator.  I sent him the following response, then he responded to that.  I'm sharing the latter two here so you can look at the sites he's referencing and, also, to see this wonderful signal that we're not the only ones out there healing the world.  I watch for evidence like this so I can share it: 



I knew the inventor of the magnet motor/generator, Wilhelm Muller.

I visited him several times in Canada over a five year period before hewas murdered a couple of years go. He spent a lot of time explaining and demonstrating his inventions to me, even though it was obvious that I couldn't afford to buy one at the time.

I could do so, now, but his daughter has taken the invention to ground, unfortunately--perhaps extorted by the CIA, who attempted to extort her dad. His motor had been ripped off several times by CIA-sponsored poseurs who take people's money and run, discrediting the idea of free energy. Each time that happened it looked like the website you shared with me.
The latest person to buy into this cynical scam in a big, public way was Dr Stephen Greer.  Bill's daughter told me, shortly after he was murdered, that a CIA operative, Dennis Lee, got hold of one of her dad's devices and used that to give himself enough credibility to steal millions of dollars from investors, through Greer's unwitting sponsorship.
Bill told me that he knew five inventors in British Columbia, alone, who have viable and marketable free energy devices--all different. In the entire world there are likely scores of free-energy inventions ready to market but everyone is frightened away from the market place by an occasional murder of an inventor. When one inventor succeeds in marketting his invention the market will be flooded by the rest and the oil/nuke cartel will be destroyed through lack of support soon afterward.
Most of these devices, including the magnet motor/generator, can be built in a home workshop, so high-end industrial production isn't absolutely essential, though it will surely follow as soon as market demands and the loss of political power of the oil/nuke cartel warrants it.
I mention the low-tech nature of the new inventions in order to indicate that anyone claiming that big capital is needed to 'develop' the tech is probably lying.



> Greetings Don,
>   Thanks for your reply! I was thinking that it was too good to be true
> and it is nice to get your confirmation. I also, truly and sincerely
> appreciate all of the work that you and your lovely wife have done and
> are doing. I will be putting a bubble of universal Love around you
> daily. Please continue to be a thorn in the side of nasties, so we can
> take our own world back and live peacefully.
>   I just ran across a website that explains why the BIG SECRET works! It
> is at 6  . The whole book is
> worth a read, I think but that chapter describes the working of orgon in
> a way that I have never seen before.
> Also, someone just sent me a website that is amazing and I thought you
> might be able to help with sprending the word about on  your website. The
> website is  It seems to me that there are lots
> of grassroots movements to help in saving this beautiful planet. And
> here is another one. It will take just one hour of time on July 17th,
> 2007. If you would please take the time to take a look at this, I would
> appreciate it.
>   I am a Buddhist monk in the USA and whenever I travel (about 8,000
> miles) since last November, I throw out tb's along all of the roads.
> Another thing is, I have used a method of containing people who want to do
> me harm and thought you might find it interesting, seems to work for me
> very well. I visualize an impenetratable bubble of love around the person
> who is nasty and trying to harm me. No matter what they do they can't seem
> to break that bubble surrounding them. They get madder than wet hornets,
> but that energy just bounces back to them. Because I am a Buddhist monk, I
> also do one other thing that does work, too. In Buddhism there are these
> five precepts that everyone is encouraged to keep in their daily lives
> they are not to kill or harm another being on purpose, not to steal, not
> to have wrong sexual activity, not to tell lies, and not to take drugs or
> alcohol. Anyway, in my mind I set it up that anytime the troublesome
> person intends to break any of these precepts the bubble of Love surrounds
> them again and they can't cause harm to
>  others. I have seen this work!
> Anyway, I sent this to Georg and Cesco but I haven't heard any word back
> from
> them yet. I do understand that they have to be careful with all of
> their internet things. But it would be nice to hear if they got what I
> sent
> to them.
>   Here is another website from Japan, about a newly discovered type of
> energy
> called gravitonics. It might be an additional type of energy to go along
> with the orgonite. Maybe it would be worth it to have Carol check it out.
> Anyway the website is at
> Just thought you would be interested.
>   I sincerely wish you success and happiness in all of your travels.
>   Metta (This means universal loving-kindness to you)
>   Bhante Vimalaramsi
> P.S. I truly enjoy your style of writing and have read all of your
> adventures. My only complaint is I would like to see more! Hahaha