Typical report from somoene trying to get out of a newage cult...

Don Croft
Typical report from somoene trying to get out of a newage cult... - May 19, 2006 11:14

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Croft, My name is R**** ******, I residue in ******, ****** on the 
South Central area.  My home is about five miles or less from the **** center, *******.   
I have been encountering Non-Human entities living around me, and they have done a 
great job of keeping me from being able to express anything about them.  I need help 
In 1989 my dad sent me some books on Sant Maat literature.  I was having a hard time 
so I read the books and began to follow the group.  They contacted me and introduced 
me to members of a group here in *****.  
January 1990, I was initated into Sant Maat, and began meditating on the Mantras they 
gave me.  The more I meditated the higher knowledge began flowing to me.  I was not 
eating meat as this is part of the requirements.  After about 13 years I became frustrated 
with the head Guru.
I saw him in Chicago, Austin, and Houston.  In Chicago he was a very tall Indian, in Austin 
he appeared normal height, and in Houston, he was shorter than me and I am 5'4.  The 
way he spoke in Houston made me realize that something was wrong with this person.  
The teaching stated that a true Guru never used the word I or took gifts yet this man did 
both.  Anyway, I stopped going to the meeting Satsang, as I felt something was not right. 
Since learning to meditate I began to see strange  people, people who could be tall, then 
short, light brown, then dark.  I have seen many people who faces have changed in front 
of me.
Then I began to notice that the sky at night was full of lights that were not stars.  My son, 
and grandmother have watched these lights just take off and shoot across the sky and 
disappear.  Then I noticed last year that what looked like a cluster of stars coming down 
to the ground were lit up everynight for about six months.  It was if something was being 
delivered or taken up.  I think they were some type of ships delivering clones.  We had 
electrical storms at night that had pink lightning, and no thunder when these star lights 
were happening.
I know that this sounds funny but I have been trying to tell people I think are human, 
about the Non-humans and no one believes me.  I turned 52 years old last Saturday, 
and I have been bombarded with trouble from these creatures. 
Today I tried to copy to a 
program (works) pages of how to build a Mobius coil.  After getting most of the 
information my program locked up.  I had to disconnect and shut down the computer.  
I tried again and they stopped me.  
I have made some orgone with the muffin pan and I want to make something that I can 
shoot them with.  I made a mix of two with earth magnetics and set them on my front 
porch.  About a month ago a neighbor down the street who works with the Civic club came
 to home to ask me to help pass out flyers.  I could see while talking with him that his 
real form was showing through.  I continued to talk with him and everytime I encounter 
one of them I can't seem to say hey what happened to your face.  Its like they can shut 
down the senses.
If I am trying to tell someone outside my home in the front yard, about these creatures, 
gun shots ring out like a warning to be quite.  My phone is tapped, my computer is 
tapped, my car is tapped.  Sirens go off alot too.My mail is tampered with and I want 
to know how to  stop these creatures.  If you can help me please let me know how.  
I tried to sign up with your Etheric Warriors today and a box came up and said that 
the administration was not accepting registration.  I have been blocked every way I turn. 
If you could please help me to understand what is going on I would appreciate it.  I want to 
stop them. 
Thank you 
R**** ******

Don Croft
No Subject - May 19, 2006 11:22
[the sewer rats at the NSA must really, REALLY want you not to read this guy's account, because I just experienced the most intense half hour of hacking in my entire career while attempting to get the preceding report and the following response on EW ;-)   

'Love and light,' 



******, I've asked Jacques, our administator, to put a disclaimer on the opening page of EW, stating clearly that this is a private-membership board.  Public boards are simply not feasible in this network, unfortunately, so I opted for this a few years ago as a source of information and as a formal record of a sampling of the network's achievements. 

 You can contact anyone on EW by simply clicking on his/her username.  Dooney gives good, professional coaching to people who want to even the playing field by taking down the predators who harrass us and I hope you'll contact her at dooney@bluemarbleimages.com.  Only a few people seem to be able to just take the information about going after our assailants and put it to work.  No weapons or tools are needed but sometimes it's helpful to use 'training wheels' in the form of Powerwands or Succor Punches in the beginning.

Anyone who's been in a cult such as Sant Maat needs to first cut the connection to the Theosophical hierarchy before he can have personal autonomy. Those initiations you agreed to are pretty invasive and heinous, as you know, and the cults force the development of psychic ability in very inappropriate ways in order to keep their slaves in line.

Many folks have gotten their freedom from these nasty cults and you can, too. You're on the right track. Just distribute as much orgonite around you as possible and get some lessons from Dooney so you can start going after your former masters, okay?

We don't consider the non-human predators who run these Theosophy-derived, newage cults to be essentially different from schoolyard bullies or other criminals and our advantage over all of them is that they're constrained by their own choices to only operate within extremely narrow parameters as predators. We have a lot more latitude and we have The Operators to guide us and back us up, too.  To connect with the Good Guys, just follow through on your higher instincts and intuitive promptings.  One doesn't need to be psychic to get plenty of this help.

I think more people are finally figuring out that psychism isn't the same thing as discernment or spirituality.  The newage movement is founded on the infantile assumption that if you want to be 'spiritual' you have to also be psychic.  We're all world class psychcs as soon as we're dead, so what's the rush? Only a few among us have the talent and capacity to do the psychic work and psychics are the most easily corrupted, so the very small handful who have remained faithful to the network are especially precious to us.

Most folks probably can't see the spaceships or even the lightning you've apparently been seeing. I say that because my wife sees them a lot, but I don't. Most psychics who see this stuff stop commenting on it when they realize that non-psyhchics, especially Pajama People, arent' sharing the experience.  PJ folks can be quite vindictive if you talk to them about non-humans, as you probably know by now.

I wonder if many others in Rangeley, Maine, were able to see the spaceships that Dr Reigh blew out of the sky with his first cloudbuster.  It may be that more folks could see them, back then, because no brainwash protocols had been set up about this stuff, quite yet, and the What To Think Network was constrained to only use newspapers, cheesey films and radio in those days. 

Orson Welles' WAR OF THE WORLDS broadcast, eight years earlier, had a lot of folks in New Jersey  convinced that an alien invasion was actually taking place. I think that was what the CIA calls a 'lightning rod;' a social experiment based on a manufactured scenario.  A contemporary lightning rod--a failure, in this case, thank God--was the fake anthrax assault on the National Enquirer HQ in Miami, right after the feds blew up the WTC.  That newspaper is a CIA asset.