Some Blasting and Psychic Considerations

June 28, 2004

By Don Croft <>

There are six people who could really use your energy blasts right now to get them past some particular difficulties and please give them equal attention, okay? The first one, actually, isn’t a blast request, per se, though some energy thrown his way will absolutely help his situation and he’s lined up to do some particularly effective damage against this disgusting and vulnerable world regime:

Igor Cinti has been gifting in Rome. He started out by disabling that big HAARP array at the Vatican ;-) last year and immediately found himself beset with some overwhelming ET interference, mainly Draconian. Carol and I helped him reclaim a level of balance after that but ever since, whenever he pulls together enough money up to build up a supply of orgonite devices, one minor calamity or another has stopped him from getting the basic ingredients together, including a lot of anomalous car trouble and overt interference with his mail. He handles the energy attacks pretty well on his own, now, but when I asked him how I could help with his gifting effort, he asked that people just send him material for making orgonite—mainly resin, though he’s had some extraordinary difficulty getting metal, too, apparently. He got some TB and HHg crystals from Gladys Bridges at but the sewer rats withheld the package from being delivered for several weeks until we blasted the rats and they turned it loose. It’s ALL been uphill for Igor and if you consider where he is that should come as no surprise at all.

If you’re a lone gifter in an entire large metropolitan area can certainly relate to Igor’s challenge. I wish I could adequately describe how daunting this seems to the lone gifter but if this tugs your heart strings, especially if you’re living in Europe, you can mail or ship stuff to him at

Via Rodolfo Benini 10/1
00191 Rome

Patrick Swinney is under the gun, again, in that Alabama prison, as he was a year ago when he nearly died from a ‘heart attack,’ which is the CIA’s favorite murder weapon for people who are political threats. Patrick’s a threat, of course, because when he was a Sherriff Deputy he (perhaps unwittingly) exposed the dope cartel within the US Federal Government when he arrested and brought to trial some local government bureaucrats who were helping the CIA import cocaine into the US through his coastal Alabama town.

On the up side, his wife, Sherry, who is an engineer, had been kept away from Alabama by her corporate employer but has recently been moved to a building project in Alabama, which we consider a gift to her by The Operators. Sherry is working hard at putting pressure on the Governor to pardon Patrick, who was framed for murder. The evidence that would have fully exhonerated Patrick wasn’t allowed in court during the railroaded sham trial but it’s still available. There’s a chance that Patrick’s case will be featured on a network TV program, so please blast for that, too. When we started helping him a year ago he was at death’s door with the dirty warden standing over him in triumph but a lot has changed since then, thanks largely to us. I’ve set this challenge up as a sort of test case for remote work, though Louis Onder has thoroughly gifted the vicinity of Patrick’s prison.

Right now, all we need to do is boost his vital energy, as the CIA is finding it harder and harder to get to him. Those who are inclined are certainly welcome to climb right up the, er, CIA ‘chain of command,’ with us and get some relief for Patrick that way ;-)

John Ryans, in Ireland, is getting hit very hard by British MI5 psychic and electronic attacks and they’re apparently using a ‘mobile mast’ very near his house for part of this. Somebody may have busted that tower by now but the good news is that John’s case has reached the newspapers in that country and it’s a case against the towers, which John says are making him sick.

John’s a pioneer agricultural scientist and quite reputable there and in England. Christy Murphy and Michael Leonard, Ireland’s premier Orgonite Gifters, are following this case and Michael knows John Ryan and has been reporting this on EFF. Christy, who makes terrific nylon coil winding forms that are already making life easier for several orgonite vendors (and me), told me that recently some ‘spray’ planes have been spreading marigold seeds onto Irish farmers’ crops, which is also, apparently, a British MI5 operation.

I hope the Irish would get plenty angry that the alleged British Government considers ‘the problem of Ireland’ a domestic one, still. I’m mad about that and I’m not even Irish. Carol took a hard look at John Ryan’s situation last night and told me that it’s not MI6 (Britain’s ‘foreign’ sewer rat agency) but MI5 (Britain’s ‘domestic’ sewer rat agency) who are bothering John and that the request for ‘help’ against this ‘dangerous Irishman’ was made by the British Agricultural Ministry. When a fellow who teaches people how to grow better crops, naturally, is considered dangerous by a government it’s probably time to think about replacing that government with a rational one. Dumping the Whore of Babylon by referendum would do that in a day ;-) and nobody would have to be shot in the process.

I hope the main focus of your blasting will be to generate a nice etheric buffer around John Ryans. We’ll see about getting him a Harmonic Protector and a Succor Punch in the meantime. If you’re inclined to teach the wayward Brits who are attacking him some valuable life lessons, please have at it. I am.

Every time Steeve Richard significantly enhances the awareness of orgonite in Quebec someone in the CIA and/or MI6 (CSIS is their indiscriminate bu++boy) take a swipe at him and Celine. I consider him a partner on account of the risks he takes and his French language website and forum on have been instrumental in spreading this awareness in French-speaking countries. He’s mentioned that the subterfuge in that network is nowhere near as widespread or intense as it is on the English language internet boards. I get that the same is true in the German-speaking orgonite network, which is facilitated by Markus Emmanuel and Georg Ritschl. I’m mentioning this in case the English speakers have the impression that humanity itself is as plagued by plotters and saboteurs as our boards are (present company excluded). The happy fact is that just because MI6 and the CIA have thrown a respectable horde of paid saboteurs and programmed sociopaths at every single internet board that has any ‘controversial’ content and is conducted in the English language, this does NOT represent the demographics of humanity in general, I’m very happy to report.

Steeve further stuck his neck out by initiating a farm project that features orgonite and related tech, for the sake of research. He’s landed in a spot very near Dr Reich’s own laboratory in Northern Maine, and this has got to be one of The Operators’ best potential jokes on the bad guys, yet. They’re pretty young, but very committed and determined, so it will be fun and informative to witness their progress over the coming decades.

He and Celine get attacked by psychic predators a lot these days and I hope you’ll send them your best blasts whenever his name comes up and whenever you think of him because they’re representing all of us as true pioneers. As is the case with Carol and I, we may never have met Steeve if it weren’t for Celine’s primary role in this effort.

DB is constantly under the gun, in fact more than anyone else is, including Carol and I. There are people, literally above man’s law, who genuinely wish to draw and quarter him and we all know about the radioactive water meter they stuck in his front yard last month to harm or kill the whole family. By the way, that thing exploded last week and a new, clean one was immediately installed, so DB and family have running water again, thanks to EFF’s blasting considerations. That’s right, your blasting has physical effects, and thanks for helping out my good friend and partner, again!

He’s in the clear for a bit but I want us to build up so much good juju around him that when some CIA, Illuminati, Vril or NSA 3-piece-suited schmuck even gets an inkling of murdering him or harming his family that rat b@$+ard will get smacked so hard by The Real Law that he’ll be terrified of even entertaining the thought of ‘Cbswork’s’ name after that, let alone looking for new ways to erase him. I want this to be a long term project for EFF. Carol says that, right now, they’re looking for a way to frame him for a felony so that they can get him into a jail, just like what happened to Wilhelm Reich, Patrick Swinney and countless other political prisoners in ‘the Land of the Free.’ Let’s prevent this, okay? Just keep in mind that DB is always in serious trouble as long as this sewer rat federal government is still operating in the US and whenever you even think of him, which is probably pretty often, send him a blast! As I said, your blasts are helping and they’re doing physical work.

I forgot to include Mark Davey in this list of six but, of course, he’s also constantly under a potent threat and I want everyone to be in the habit of sending him a jolt whenever his name pops into our heads. What’s he’s doing is crucial to the growth of this network and if it weren’t for him, you and I would not likely be having this conversation.

Stacie Almquist has come under assault by the CIA. I was sort of hoping it was the FBI who sent those threatening emails to her hubby to get him to ‘make her stop gifting,’ because then she might be considered ‘North Carolina’s Number One Terrorist,’ but of coruse the CIA isn’t chartered for domestic work, so those nasty emails didn’t carry even the color of authority. The FBI tells people here that I’m ‘Idaho’s Number One Terrorist,’ and I guess it’s nice to have this distinction (not as good, I guess, as ‘America’s Number One Terrorist’ but better than nothing), so it would be fun to spread the honor around among our associates.

Nobody’s doing as much gifting in NC as Stacie is and no doubt she’s earning some special attention by concentrating some of her efforts on gifting the Illuminati mansions in her area. By the way, she was named after Princess Anastasia of Russia, whom her family knew when she was growing up. Stacie’s also the one who discovered that orgonite was being made during Wilhelm Reich’s lifetime. Too bad the internet wasn’t around in those days, eh? ;-)

Another of her distinctions is that she was one of the half dozen or so people who were shot with poison darts early this year. I think that our discussing this new tactic on EFF and on has stopped them from using it, pretty much. Palma in Los Angeles, one of the few who have remained active and loyal since the beginning of this network, three years ago, was apparently the last one of us to get poison-darted by a CIA sewer rat.

While you’re at it, send Palma some boosts, okay? She’s recovering nicely, with the able help of Argentina Zapeda.

Laurel sent me a sort of cryptic blast request on behalf of her friends, Steve and Peter, in Ontario, Canada. She didn’t give me enough info to get a clear picture of the situation but apparently one of the fellows is a successful radionics practitioner who just marketed a bottled remedy, which Carol says the CIA has poisoned. Now, apparently from that poison, the other fellow is in a coma and a whole lot of trouble is lined up for the still- conscious one when the remedy reaches the open market. Carol says this is legitimate, but, since I don’t have any other info, all I can do is ask you to send these guy some energy. We’ve done so and will again. The War on Healers is still going on and we can interfere with the assaults.

Okay, there are nine blasting reqeusts ;-) but in fact it’s a good idea to get in the habit of boosting each other gratuitously, anytime a name pops into our heads.

And that brings up the question of high psychism!

I wish I could be in England now to offer Mark Davey some solace, personally, because my Ace of Spades shenanigans are giving him fits these days. Some months ago I put out a call for psychics to offer their services in hope of forming a good, diversified intel network to counter what the other side have. Here’s a case where a thought, inadequately expressed, can get one into a little trouble. We clearly need our psychics and would be dead in the water without their timely intel but the other side of that coin is that when we give anyone some arbitrary authority it puts unfair pressure on that person and also ends up reducing the spontaneity and empowerment of everyone else.

Dr Reich deplored organization and we’re the lucky ones who are discovering why that was. He never spent much time explaining his feeling about this and I don’t presume to speak for him but this whole psychic recruitment effort of mine has taught me some things which I’ll share here, in light of the nature of organization and individual empowerment.

One thing we discovered pretty fast was that psychics are all now subject to getting fake data through subtly implanted visions, dreams and telepathy and when the sewer rats realized that we were relying on psychic intel they threw everything they had at our psychics. Most of them got rattled so hard by this that they excused themselves temporarily. We did discover, though, that one of them was working for British MI6 and she pulled up her stakes so fast that it made Mark’s head spin when Carol put her in the spotlight on the Women Warriors chat one day in April ;-) My wife is awfully cagey.

Like artists or intellectuals, most gifted psychics consider themselves inherently superior and even ‘above the law,’ which is why most of them work, consciously or unconsciously, for the other side now, just like most successful artists and
intellectuals do. This belief is only possible when the ego is out of balance. When the ego is out of line, one is easily subject to subterfuge. The false visions (usually doom and gloom BS but often ‘contact with benevolent ETs’) aren’t
seen as compromised etheric integrity and the flattering nature of them causes most psychics to ‘own’ them and then broadcast them. You might have noticed that this is a primary method, now, for sending out disinformation over the internet. I consider talk radio pretty much defunct in real terms and the interactive nature of the internet allows far fewer participants, in this medium, to get much bigger results. This tactic works for both sides in this war, of course.

At the same time, we discovered that most of the dramatic, essential psychic intel was coming from people who are not ‘full time’ psychics but felt a genuine, strong urge to share their impressions. By the way, several psychics who want to come over to our side have been in contact with Carol and I and I can tell you that they’ve got so much etheric baggage from having committed to working for the CIA that they won’t be of any use to us for a long time. A foot soldier may switch sides at the drop of a hat but in fact it’s a different matter with psychics and professional agents. With the latter, it’s more like helping extricate them from a kinky love relationship. Yuk! Life can be kind of strange.

One of my reasons for wishing to draft more balanced psychics like Carol and DB was that crying need to continue to decentralize this effort. I would take a bullet for any of you guys as an associate, but not as a damn cult leader. Already, agents and sociopaths on internet boards are trying hard to paint EFF as a personality cult but it’s been hard for them to get this to stick. I’m well suited for facilitating this fledgling effort because I’m a loner, and so is Carol; our main motivation isn’t healing and flattery doesn’t make us feel good. I’m mainly motivated by a desire to end tyrants and this effort has been awfully effective for me, at least. DB has flatly refused to allow anyone to maneuver him into a guru position (which is why we get along so well) and Mark Davey has come through the fire of the sewer rats’ ‘leadership’ carrot-on-a-stick test exceptionally well.

Our wake is littered with egoists and wannabees who had tried to subvert this network in their favor and these are a few of the ones who now are accusing EFF of being a personality cult.

The folks we most want to associate with are the ones who have sacrificed something essential in order to do this work and I’ve got enough fingers and toes to count them at this point. That sacrifice is the bond of genuine warriors and it’s what grows this network.

We’re all getting more psychic but it’s happening gradually and organically. It’s very, very useful to report your personal growth experiences on EFF, by the way, and not to just Carol, myself, DB and a few others, privately. Your personal epiphany is part of the blueprint of this emerging new awareness. Humanity needs to have it on record and other folks who are getting freaked out by their own heightened awarenesses need to see that it’s a natural, essentially friendly process and entirely in order and with purpose.

What reminded me to bring this subject up, again, is that Luis, Alicia and Argentina have been developing some incredibly useful, next-level awarenesses and techniques, partly through the use of obsidian, and Central Americans are traditionally kind of shy, as you may be, too. Alpha personalities used to run the show but now that the meek have inherited the earth it’s up to the meek to speak up ;-)

While you’re at it, please keep Zeke Heng on your constant blasting list, okay? He’s been awfully busy gifting Singapore, which is why he hasn’t posted as much, lately, but the fact that he’s busy means that he needs our protection. He’s the first Asian in Asia to stand up with us. The next Asian gifter in Asia won’t have to contend with what is facing him now. There are folks in Korea, Japan and the Phillipines who have CBs and are quietly busting towers and I doubt that they have to contend with much interference but Zeke’s made a public stand against tyranny. ‘Nuff said? He needs and fully deserves our support, now and always.

I’ve asked Carol to outline some of the signs and features of etheric awakening so Mark can feature that on EFF in a place where newbies will see it. Let’s stop worshipping high psychism and rather keep using it in an ever more balanced and constructive way, okay?

Meanwhile, please note that anyone who gets ‘news’ of impending plots by the sewer rats to commit mayhem in OUR world, just be sure it gets posted on EFF and we can stop the jerks from carrying it out, okay? Pretty soon, maybe we can just have them all arrested.

It should be first hand reporting, though. Feel free to offer the caveat that this is your subjective impression. We’re adult enough, by now, to appreciate that, while still paying attention to the possibility that your impression is genuine but consider it a courtesy to mention the subjective nature of your offering, please. Can you appreciate the humor in the fact that the main value of high psychism on our board is not to ‘reach higher consciousness,’ be more ‘powerful,’ or pick winning lottery numbers but to simply stop predators and undermine their alleged world order?

It’s worth noting that there’s a line between reporting one’s impressions and second hand subterfuge, though. For instance, if you have a strong urge, based on a telepathic experience to say, ‘Don Croft told me, telepathically, that he’s actually a Reptilian and orgonite is actually going to change into DOR-producing material and when this happens, you’ll know that a Draconian invasion is imminent!’ then you’re going to just make an ass of yourself by showing how easily some paid sociopath in a sewer rat agency can manipulate you, psychically. I notice that nobody’s posting irresponsible stuff like that on this board but I wanted to show an example of what’s been pretty rampant on some other boards.

Another good reason to network in 3D is to strengthen personal ties and to dispel some of the myths that invariably grow up around efforts like this. Today, I’m getting a bus ticket to travel to Toronto because the folks there are about to disable all of the DOR infrastructure in the metro area and I want to participate in that and also to support Steeve and Celine, who are relatively near there. Steve Baron is cooking up some special surprises for Toronto and beyond, by the way. I was going to hithchike but there’s no time for that. Maybe on the way back. When I was little, I wanted to be a hobo or Johnny Appleseed when I grew up. I once rode a freight train across Western Canada (1968) and my towerbusters are kind of like appleseeds ;-)

By the way, after tomorrow I won’t be answering personal email. I’ve asked Carol, who will be swamped for a few weeks (her turn for a break is coming in a month or so) to refer the non-business email to EFF members who obviously know what they’re talking about and can answer questions well. I’ve asked Mark whether that’s okay and he agrees. She’ll simple press ‘reply’ and paste in an explanatory blurb directing the enquirer to pick someone on EFF, instead. After awhile, I’ll contact the few others who share Damocles’ sword with us and give them a way to have contact with Carol and I. If you ever experience a CIA, MI6, NSA, Vril and/or voodoo direct death threat, too, we’ll get in touch with you if you want ;-) The bad guys are far too weakened, now, to kill any of us, but the threats are real enough and it’s one hell of an awakening to experience your first murder attempt. I don’t wish that experience on anyone!

The vast majority of gifters won’t ever have to contend with this threat, of course, mainly because there are too many of us now and the number grows every day. That kind of attention is reserved for the small number of folks who stand up and say, publicly, that we intend to end global tyranny (and tyrants ;-) right now. Gifting is the most important work, of course, and it’s what backs up our claim and makes us a viable threat to this fake world order. We few just feel compelled to call out, sort of like those feisty little redwinged blackbirds whose song is raucous but somehow envigorating ;-) If it weren’t for the bulk of gifting that’s been done, so far, our calls to end tyranny would be impotent, at best.

The following is another decentralization experiment (I can hear someone saying, ‘Please, God! Not another one!’ ;-). My email load has gotten beyond my ability to handle it while still making a livelihood and having a life, so I’m cutting it down now that there are plenty of substantive, reputable people on EFF whom I can share this with.

Whoever on EFF has caught the spirit of service from Mark, DB, Carol, and I will now put their email addy and perhaps location in their personal stuff on EFF so that when an enquirer clicks on their IDs beside their posts, they’ll get to help newbies, as we’ve been doing exclusively. My hope is that the more substantive posters will draw the most enquirers, rather than the tiny number of militant pacifist, PC hangers-on who post self-seeking dribble but somehow manage to get in under our radar. If the latter get much attention from newbies, at least Mark will have an easier time spotting the fakes and inviting them out ;-)

I expect that there will be a period of adjustment but I feel sure that this is an organic, viable step forward for everyone, so please excuse the inconvenience, and if I’m wrong, I’ll certainly own up to it later. If this isn’t working within a few weeks, I’ll get back in the saddle, so to speak, but I have a sense that this is going to work well and that it’s the next logical, little step in the development of this grassroots, global effort.



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