Planned Russian Coastal Invasion of the US? 

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Posted: Mon Oct 04, 2004 10:13 am    Post subject: Planned Russian Coastal Invasion of the US?
The RVers came up with the following scenario, including timeline and possible location (s).

I'm copying Fred Gunn's summary below but I'm asking the rest to not comment on it in the thread because I'm hoping that the women will hash this out in the chat on Thursday. Any men who want to get in on that need to contact Carol at but hopefully anyone who has a desire to check this out and/or do something about it in the meantime is certainly encouraged to do so.

The reason I don't favor exposing our psychic intel sessions to public view is that it's kind of like Bismarck's simile: Two things should not be watched being made--laws and sausages. I know that's a little over the top and we're not making either but the subjective nature of the process we're developing can be a little hard to witness

At this point, we haven't a clue whether this is valid or not, please understand. Carol notes that since the feds are pretty much convinced by now, apparently, that they're not going to get their mass murder wishes granted as a bona fide US Gov't Sponsored Terrorist Event and since the 'alien invasion' thing has been so thoroughly discussed on the net as one of their possible ploys they may opt for a phony invasion, 'defeated' by the Homeland Security Abominations in order to win our undying gratitude and admiration Wink they may dress up as Russians and pretent to invade some isolated spot: perhaps a coastal military base where nobody will actually witness it except CNN or some other CIA asset.

The CIA has US soldiers dress as 'the enemy' a lot and commit mass murder in order to move one nation or another into civil war or martial law on behalf of the occult/corporate world order, of course. When are these American soldiers going to wake up and stop supporting tyranny, by the way?

After all, most folks, perhaps including you, apparently don't believe that there are already many millions of Russian and Chinese troops here, waiting to support UN (City of London) sanctions. If that's so, they certainly wouldn't need a coastal invasion to 'safeguard the peace on behalf of the UN' in this land of a few patriots, religous people, personal sovereignty advocates, and other 'terrorist groups.'

I guarantee that if you get copies of 9/11 THE ROAD TO TYRANNY and 9/11 IN PLANE SIGHT you're going to stop being complacent rather abruptly.

I personally believe that the data Fred presents is good and I'd like for the psychics and OBEers here to follow the threads of that enquiry ASAP if they also feel it's warranted. I think we may have broken through that months-old psychic barrier with last Sunday's group blast effort.

The confirmation for us is that we've been under extraordinary attack since then. The worst of that was two evenings ago, when Carol was walking in the cemetery. It was just after sunset and there was a bright flash all around her. As she looked to her left she saw a patch of green grass immediately turn yellow (I saw the spot yesterday--pretty bizarre and obvious) and in that instant there was an auto accident on the highway right beside the cemetery, apparently caused when a driver got blinded or distracted by the soundless flash. Carol was pretty stunned but credits the HP with deflecting most the blast, which apparently came from an antigrav craft that was out of sight to the south. Five cop cars had quickly assembled near the minor accident by the time she was finished with her walk and one of them (the feds' buttboy among them?) gave her the stinkeye Wink so now I'm wondering if she's vying for the FBI's 'Idaho's Number One Terrorist' honorary title with me by now. A CIA spotter showed up right before the blast--a middle aged man on a bicycle. She figures that he was sent to make sure they were going to shoot at the right woman. In spite of all the HSA horse $#!+ we're hearing, the FBI and CIA still want to wipe each other out, by the way Wink

The successful 'chatblast' activity a week ago that some of the women carried into the wee hours, long after Carol and I signed off, has given me a lot of hope and confidence in some of the psychics' competence, so I'm betting that this exercise will bear some interesting fruit.

Here it is:

“In a coastal area there are ships with boats headed toward the bay. Inland from the coast in a woody arbor there are soldiers involved in a firefight off a curved road. There is heavy equipment advancing towards two buildings. There are red stars on these vehicles. Off in the distance there are two mountains behind a blimp. There is death here. The soldiers have green uniforms that look the same.

“We were only able to get a general timeline as not one viewer was able to corroborate another's date so the earliest was Sunday, October 3, 2004 and the latest was Thursday, November 11, 2004. Everyone got "Near Future" on the Timeline protocol.

“Everyone also got a coastal area, however the areas were spread out all over the United States. Either this means we were being blocked or interfered with somehow, or there are multiple points of attack. Either way, we need to get everyone to concentrate on all three areas: Mobile, Alabama; Catalina Island, Los Angeles, California; and Maine.”


One of the reasons I'm posting this, also sending it to Ken Adachi, is that simply talking about the occult/corporate world order's planned mayhem agenda on the internet stops them from using the specific plans in most cases.

I think that only a tiny number of people realize how powerful this medium is but the number's growing. Bad news and fake news travels at the speed of light, of course, and the really good news spreads much slower but maybe we're experiencing a reversal in that process. I sure hope so!

"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich