Two Warrior Exemplars, and Cliff Notes (long article)

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Posted: Tue Nov 09, 2004 6:51 pm    Post subject: Two Warrior Exemplars, and Cliff Notes (long article)
Two Warrior Exemplars, and Cliff Notes for the Grassroots Orgonite Effort

The following pages mainly concern Cesco Soggiu and Dennis Griffin but a short review in trends seems to be in order to create a context for the discussion:

In our continuing effort to decentralize this fledgling grassroots movement we lately invited a few of the more prodigious gifters to post on so that anyone can witness the diversity and effectiveness that characterizes this now-global un-organized effort without having to plow through a lot of inane posted fluff. This sampling isn’t exclusive, please understand. They’re only the prodigious gifters whom we personally have worked with in 3D and/or we know well enough to at least feel confident that they won’t undermine the collective effort by giving free rein to their egos and I think it’s paying off handsomely now in terms of relevance and servicability.

Ken Adachi graciously consented to post my first journal reports in May, 2001, when I told him that Carol and I needed a little higher profile for our own physical safety on account of our successful orgonite cloudbuster research and within a few months a loose, informal network of fellow orgonite cloudbuster experimentors sprang up in the US and Canada from the correspondence that the reports’ exposure generated from Ken’s internationally popular .

Within a year, there were a couple thousand or so cloudbusters in North America, Europe, Africa and elsewhere and the chemtrails, just about everywhere, either were seen to disappear or failed to spread out to obliterate the sky from horizon to horizon as had been the case, daily, since early 1999 and intermittently for a decade before that. I was first sickened by chemtrails in November, 95, right after I watched an old military transport plane lay the thick stuff in big lazy circles at a low altitude above me in San Bernardino, California and I stayed sick with those respiratory and ‘tiredness’ symptoms until the day after I tried my first zapper, five months later. After I made that connection I immediately understood why literally everyone in that city was sick all the time.

We feel sure that the first grassroot wave of cloudbusters successfully prevented Phase Two of the chemtrail program from being implemented, which we believe was to have been anthrax, smallpox, plague, etc., after enough of the populace had been sufficiently weakened by mycoplasma and other immune response suppressants during Phase One.

Since the defeat of the chemtrail program the new forest of death towers, which were apparently erected very fast so that the time between their appearance and genocide wouldn’t be embarrassingly long, remain as stark reminders of the obvious intention of the hidden masters to control the survivors electromagnetically so that only a few soldiers would have been needed to maintain martial law and enslavement throughout the planet.

The stated goal of the Illuminati was to have a global population reduced to half a billion by the year 2000. See how far behind their carefully planned agenda is? Aren’t you encouraged by that, especially if you bought into the scam that these macroparasites are actually powerful and unstoppable?

HAARP is worth a mention, of course. When we started out with the cloudbusters there had been long-term, HAARP-induced droughts throughout the world which institutionalized academics were required to blame on ‘global warming.’ With the defeat of the chemtrail program also came the end of most of the droughts in North America and as more and more gifters pay attention and take out the HAARP arrays along with the more obvious death towers, we’re seeing more and more normal rainfall throughout the continent now. I can tell you that our drive across the Desert Southwest in June, 2001 was heartbreaking; entire desert regions were literally dead from lack of rain. Now, they’ve all come back at least to normal desert life conditions and, as Galaero is reporting, it’s been raining a LOT in the Southern Arizona region, finally, largely through his own persistent and intelligent efforts but also in conjunction with a lot of cloudbusters and a lot of other gifting in Arizona, California’s desert region and Western Mexico.

In January, Georg and Trevor prevented a predicted famine in Southern Africa by busting the Indian Ocean coastal HAARP arrays along South Africa’s East Coast and into Mozambique and thus generating rainfall, with the help of scores of desert cloudbusters, throughout the Kalahari and Namib Deserts and also throughout the less arid agricultural areas of that part of the continent. Georg has and just returned from a coordinated gifting effort in Namibia with some of the orgonauts in that country and a fellow warrior from Australia.

This all has shown a lot of promise for orgonite’s potential to reverse deserts. I assume that no rational person is still parroting the British East India Company’s tired old Malthusian mind control protocols about ‘overpopulation’ by now. As LaRouche has reasonably pointed out, this planet can comfortably hold and feed many times more people than we presently have and if it ever gets genuinely crowded here we’ll easily be able to colonize uninhabited planets after terraforming them. He also coined the phrase, ‘growth is negentropic,’ which is right in line with Dr Reich’s laboratory findings, and I don’t think LaR even knows about orgonite’s easy ability to transmute inhospitable climates

By the spring of 2002, when ‘Phase One’ of the chemtrail program was essentially neutralized, the new death tower network was nearly complete throughout the world and we felt the need to shift our focus over to disabling those death towers and the newly expanded HAARP network, instead of just promoting cloudbusters, because many of us already felt confirmed that the purpose of this new global forest of fortified towers was to enable enslavement and suppress awareness, even though the genocide agenda had apparently been derailed.

The occult/corporate order never gives up territory or control, of course, because they’ve been waging war on humanity and on the environment and they have to be defeated to stop this process. We simply have to take power from them now—there are no shortcuts and nobody’s going to do our fighting for us or rescue us. The Patriot Act makes it clear that the government fully intends to imprison all Americans ASAP. The entire country, thus the planet, would be a prison in that case and as America goes, so will go your country, too.

Of course, they’re no longer capable of succeeding with this or any other big plan but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to stop trying. Remember: parasites are not rational or balanced; neither are macroparasites. The Patriot Act was a wakeup call for many people of conscience and President Cujo’s obvious re-appointment last week was a more strident wakeup call for the slightly less conscious.

Parasites are irrational, as I mentioned. In the body, they’ll simply keep taking and taking until the host has been killed. The occult/corporate world order are exactly the same as a deadly virus or heartworms this way, please understand. Hugging them and telling them you love them won’t stop them but fighting them (efficiently) and taking the world back from them by intelligent gifting will continue to weaken them to the point where they can be properly exposed and arrested and I’m happy to declare, based on my own experience and careful observations, that we can probably do all of this without shooting them. How can it get any better than this?

If you feel inclined to ‘understand’ why macroparasites are so obsessed with rapine and plunder, please consider that you’re as likely to understand Jeffrey Dahmer’s culinary inclinations. To properly understand them, you have to Be Like Them. I’ve been content to just do what I can to stop them, instead.

Fortunately, enough people took the new death tower threat seriously enough, 2 ½ years ago, to get busy with ‘gifting,’ which is the term Cbswork of popularized then for distributing orgonite in the environment. He and a few others have disabled most of the 10,000 or so new death towers in and around LA this way and he’s mostly responsible for the smog-free atmosphere there, pleasant ambience and gorgeous skies, along with abundant rainfall. More often than not, thanks to those efforts, one can see Santa Catalina Island from Pasadena, 80 miles away, across the middle of LA. Old folks in Pasadena had told Cbswork that they’d never seen that before.

By the way, he told me today that whenever he gets attacked, he just picks another California city to gift and hits the road with a bucket of orgonite devices. Nobody’s come close to his prodigious gifting example. He also comes under the most severe assaults on account of where he is and the threat he personally represents to the occult regime but that’s for him to tell more about, of course. I’m not even allowed to tell his name in my public documents but he’s telling a lot these days in his daily blogs on I can assure you that anything he makes is top notch and will do as advertised. I urge everyone who has the courage to do so to get a Reptoid Repellent from him and get busy finding out about the reality of the reptilian presence where you live. Learn it now and avoid the rush  but please be assured that even the most bloodthirsty reptiles are still only macroparasites. The worst they can do is turn your town into a penny arcade if/when they’re no longer to maintain their human form, unless you live in a country, unlike Switzerland, the US and Brazil, has made private ownership of firearms unlawful. In that case, get a club or axe

The CIA surreptitiously replaced the serviceable water meter in Cbsworks’ front yard in May of this year (that will be seen as a seminal month when we feel it’s appropriate to publish the full account of the concerted effort, on and off the internet, to disable this grassroot effort by discrediting and disabling, if not murdering, Cbswork, Carol and I) with a new meter that had a uranium plug welded into the pipe. When he immediately ‘saw’ the radiation coming off that new meter he had the presence of mind to turn off the house’s water supply. We blasters apparently disabled that water meter because a couple of weeks later that one blew up and got replaced by genuine utility workers with a real water meter. His household had running water again after that.

Another time he was hit with a microwave blast from an airborne transmitter when he was standing in his backyard. That probably would have killed an ordinary person and it did severely sicken him but he was recovering by the time Carol and I got there in August. We saw that the grass around where he’d been standing was still dead and yellow, in contrast to the lush green around that big circular patch. He told us that he gave much worse back to his attackers then, which stopped the attack and probably stopped him from getting fried .

Carol got hit with a similar blast recently and it also immediately killed the grass in that spot around where she was standing but she feels that her Harmonic Protector deflected that blast around her own etheric field, so all she felt was a little disoriented for awhile.

If you’ve had a similar experience, please contact me. I’m not in a position to tell you categorically that whatever appears on represents reality, any more than I can claim that my own observations and opinions are 100% reliable but I do guarantee that if you decide to visit that site with your discernment you’re going to get an initiation by etheric fire, if you will, but only if you’ll follow his recommendations and get your own confirmations.

In the summer of 2002 some of us initiated informal ‘search and destroy’ etheric missions to prevent the US Government’s domestic and foreign thuggery/murder agencies from repeating the 9/11 scenarios in various ways. At first only Cbswork, Carol and I and an intermittent few others participated in these efforts and we simply kept in touch by email during the exercises. We developed some rudimentary confirmation protocols early on, of course, to be sure we weren’t just micturating into the wind. On July 2 that summer, for instance, I got a note from Richard, near Chicago, that during a meditation, boosted with his Succor Punch, he clearly saw some men setting up a small nuclear device to explode at the Chicago waterfront during a fireworks display, attended by many thousand spectators the next night. Cbswork and Carol confirmed it by going there astrally and we all blasted the snot out of those guys and that bomb’s trigger mechanism.

We did it periodically after that whenever anyone emailed me with viable psychic intel and that’s perhaps one reason that no mass murder has been committed, domestically, by this treasonous government in over three years. We found out that other groups and individual psychics are also working effectively to prevent martial law because sometimes, like when the US and British Navies were all set up, in close association with HAARP, perhaps, to initiate a fake meteor strike and ‘endless night’ scenario by blowing up a chunk of Australia with nukes in August, somebody else beat us to the scene and stopped the mayhem . I guess we’re the only group who does it in a more public format, though.

Two years ago Cbswork alerted us that the CIA, under George Bush, Sr.’s direct supervision, were planning to assassinate President Cujo with the same team of wetworkers that had just been slaughtering people in Baltimore and Washington, DC. We apparently prevented that event and, lately, we’ve interfered with a current assassination plot, also overseen by Cujo’s satanic reptilian dad. The psychics are seeing Cujo as completely bewildered and resigned to being slaughtered, soon, but we feel we can easily prevent this if the Law allows us to. Most of us feel that keeping this putz in the White House does more to wake up the sleepyheads in America than just about anything else right now, otherwise it seems to always pay off to stop the Illuminati’s genocide fun. We must do whatever we reasonably can to prevent martial law from being declared and I hope you share our passion. We each can play a unique part in this honorable and essential effort, by the way, even you and I who aren’t psychic

We’ve set up the chat function on to do this on a weekly basis and most of the women who post on the board are doing the larger share of this work now. Some of them are previously-suppressed psychics whose gifts are re-emerging as a side-benefit of their gifting efforts. Sensei Dennie’s usually invited by the gals to participate and bring his Power Sword because he’s respectful and won’t interfere with the women’s consultation process.

By the way, friends send me snippets of the new psychological warfare tactics and strategies against Cbswork, Carol and myself when they appear on the internet. The people who design these attacks don’t seem to sleep and they read every single word we publish on the net and even some of our private email, apparently. I like to keep track of this stuff, though I’m not inclined to read diatribes because they’re enervating to anyone who will lift the lid to examine them. The latest assaults claim that I’m a cult leader and the authors warn people specifically not to read my material. Of course this just makes people want to read it who otherwise might not have been interested, so we make a lot of new friends this way.

Also, since we all stress the importance of doing the work rather than just believing us we’re in the clear in terms of those accusations. Nobody’s selling the basic gifting recommendations, which are still the heart of this grassroot, global effort, and nearly everyone who gifts makes their own orgonite devices. I won’t even mention our business website in my published material, so nobody’s calling me a mercenary any more

The Theosophy-based etheric nazis on the net are calling me a ‘dark entity’ and other unpleasant things because I never let them vamp our accomplishments with their parroted, heart-numbing, saccharine recitations. Have you noticed that they all talk the same way but that each one seems to believe that he/she is spontaneously making it up? How pitiful is that?

I categorically admit that I’m spiritually lame, by the way; one of the walking wounded. So why do you suppose so many people are following our recommendations? It’s not because they think I’m a holy man. That’s clear enough to even a casual reader of my reports and observations and lots of people gift who actually don’t like me, personally. They follow these simple gifting and predator-blasting recommendations (all of which are acts of healing, by the way) simply because they know that these things work. Whenever someone writes to me and says, ‘I gift because your writings have convinced me that it’s a viable effort,’ I actually feel some angst and tell the writer to start paying more attention and gather his/her own confirmations. I don’t want anyone to do this anything just because I say it’s worth the effort.

The other current strategy of our enemies is to promote the notion that all gifters and cloudbuster aficionados are a ‘community’ and that we bicker and have personality battles, calling each other agents and broadcasting that accusation, otherwise, to anyone and practically everyone. In fact, I rarely use the term, ‘agent,’ because the issue isn’t the agencies which program all the loose-cannon extroverted sociopaths (a contradiction in terms; only programmed sociopaths go after strangers in public forums) and pay the disinformation agents; the issue is that most readers of internet sites are so damned stubborn about exercising discernment.

This is NOT a community, any more than ‘toothbrush users of the world’ are and I’m not affiliated or even seriously concerned about what happens on the boards that I was previously involved in, other than to keep informed of at least the outline of any new tactics or strategies that may be promoted there to discredit us. I don’t discourage anyone from participating on those boards, either.

The most aggressive attacks, right now, are coming from other forums and websites. I don’t even try to keep track of who’s doing that any more and it’s all free advertising as long as I keep my own slate relatively clean. Rense doubled our numbers a couple of years ago by attacking us on his syndicated radio program but he stopped abruptly after that, so we’re not even mentioned any more in the prostituted media. All of the efforts to divide, corrupt and halt this grassroot effort are confined to calumny on websites and fora and to personal email campaigns.

Backbiting is always destructive but apparently it hasn’t been effective in this case because this movement just keeps expanding and consolidating in a steady, organic way. Also, we’re seeing that more and more mature, sober people are taking us seriously and getting busy with gifting. I can at least confidently claim that our effort is safely outside the purview of Theosophy-fueled, grinning, braindead, pot/endorphin-inebriated loose cannons and psychological vampires at long last!

This article, though, is mainly about our two warrior friends and associates, Sensei and Cesco, who exemplify for me the two complementary aspects of spiritual warfare, respectively, that might be called ‘curing and healing,’ or ‘fighting and loving.’ A warrior’s not just a fighter, after all—he/she is also a healer and genuine lover of humanity..

Both of these men are also bona fide inventors and artists, as are many of the people who post on In this emerging paradigm, invention and art are inseparable, I believe, just as spirituality and science are inseparable.

Cesco Soggiu, who lives in Norway and has, has, for many years, exhibited his sculptures in galleries in Europe and his basic coil creation is proving to be a ‘next level’ effort in terms of using simple technology to raise consciousness and transmute discordant energy. I hope you’ll get one of his Little Secret coil/orgonite devices to experiment with. Something as profound as this needs a lot of time and experimentation to even begin to understand but the fact that the experiments themselves unlock our own potential makes the goal slightly less significant than the journey in this case, I believe. When one embarks along the gifting path one develops an appreciation of the fact that there are many things, even simple truths, which just won’t be understood until we’ve grown into them, so this effort fosters the fine attributes of detachment and patience.

Cesco’s approach is certainly in line with the trend that Carol and I have favored, which indicates to us that the synergy of simplicity and potency may be the path to the technology that The Operators, themselves, exemplify for us. Maybe our ultimate goal is to be like the Sylphs—etheric beings who make cloudsculptures for our edification and encouragement. Have you seen the Sylph clouds gobbling chemtrails yet? Many have, lately, so keep looking up and if you want to invite them into your part of the sky, go bust those death towers around you and I know they’ll come! 

A bigger treat is when the Sylphs themselves come to ground and envelope us. It’s unspeakably blissful when it happens but two of the signs are that everyone around you is also blessed out and the light is curiously brighter. If you assume that someone needs to tell you about the Sylphs, please consider that the Sylphs never needed a mouthpiece or spokesman; they connect with us directly through our hearts, like the cetaceans do. If you’re feeling a boost from my comments instead of confusion, it’s likely that they’re connecting with your heart right now. Get out there and gift if you’re just feeling confused by my Sylph comments! Get experience with things like this and you’ll stop worrying about and wasting precious times discussing all those silly doom predictions on the CIA disinfo sites

Cesco told me he felt guided to make the basic coil form, which requires considerable skill, by the way.

Our introduction to Cesco came through our friend, ‘Laozu’ Kelly, who lives in the next town and had been corresponding with him. He later visited with Cesco in June of ‘04. In that case Cesco took a train from Oslo, where he lives, to see Kelly, who was visiting relatives in Sweden and Mr Soggiu slept in the woods then. I personally admire frugal travelers and Kelly’s comment about the woods made me feel good about Cesco in a curious way, perhaps because I’ve spent so much time in voluntary vagabondage

When we first met Kelly, a year or so earlier, he handed us a curious, small sculpture of a petaled lotus, made of one continuous bare copper wire and said, ‘Cesco made this.’ At that time, Cesco had a sculpture exhibit in Reykjavik, Iceland. When I asked lately (this is an aside, but appropriate, I think) about the popularity in Reykjavik of the female singer, Bjork, who is from Iceland, he told me that Bjork’s mother regularly donated her home-made pastries to the gallery’s visitors during his exhibit and is a very sweet person. I hope he’s going to post pictures of his ‘other’ art on .

Cesco is wrapping up a year of vowed silence which he started at the New Year. He carries around a board which he writes his comments on when he talks to people and tells me that the blind and small children sort of miss out, though kids have other, cooler ways to communicate besides just talking. His writing is quite calligraphic, so I think it would be nice to have a conversation with him in 3D before Jan 1.

During this year, by the way, he’s disabled the death towers and otherwise gifted extensively with orgonite in and around Oslo, Norway, and also gifted the five points of a massive pentagram that covers much of that country. I confess that part of my desire to promote his inventions is not unselfish; he’s going to pay his way to the US, through his web sales, for a visit.

It’s his passion for healing and courage in the face of threats that makes him a de facto warrior, I think. He’s a very kindly man whom I can’t imagine throwing an etheric punch in anger. His inventions are mainly healing devices. Healing is an act of aggression, too, though. I bet you have a hard time wrapping your brain around that notion. Dr Rudi Verspoor is the one who woke me up to that fact (I guess I was finally ready to grasp that simple truth by last July) and I’d been in the healing trade for over eight years when he made a few simple, true remarks about this to me during my visit to his school in Ottawa. He’s a pre-eminent teacher of Homeopathy who calls his approach ‘Heilkunst,’ which means, ‘Heal-art’ in German, I think. Dr Rudi’s site is and he’s the first, as far as I know, to incorporate the teachings of Reich and Steiner to Hahnemann’s eighteenth century findings.

Curing a disease means destroying the pathogens, simply stated. It’s a fight. Healing is a rebuilding, nurturing process and is entirely separate from curing but is in synergy with it but it’s still a conscious, aggressive approach because a sick body resists healing and has to be overcome. Since the chemtrail endemics are characterized by biologically engineered pathogens which destroy living tissue, mainly in the vital organs, it had been problematic for us to witness the same easy healing results with zappers that we witnessed prior to the full-time onset of the chemtrails in early 99. This is obviously because the body’s own healing response had sort of been reprogrammed and the body in that case needs to be re-educated with the use of specific, life-enhanced medicines.

Not long before I met Dr Rudi, another reputable homeopath, Dr Wm von Peters, who has , had developed a specific energy remedy to overcome that bad programming and help the body heal the effects of chemtrails. ‘ChemBuster,’ which combines herbal tinctures and homeopathic elements in a proprietary blend. Is what he calls it. A new twist is that this remedy is apparently further potentized by placing it next to orgonite for a few minutes.

I haven’t heard from any of my customers who’ve been suffering from these new chronic illnesses who didn’t entirely heal from using a combination of zappers and ChemBusters and I’ve sent out hundreds of bottles of the remedy since we finished our field tests in June. I gather that Dr von P is even more astonished than we are, perhaps because, as an old-school natural physician he dislikes the notion of ‘magic bullets,’ for healing. To me, though, this success simply points up the widespread destructive influence of the bioweaponry in the chemtrails, even years after they’ve ceased to be a health threat.

I advise potential customers that I believe any zapper on the market will get those results as long as ChemBuster is taken at the same time. We developed the subtle energy components in our zapper to boost the body’s healing process and that’s panned out well but still didn’t completely answer the more extreme tissue damage problem, so I asked Doc von P to develop a more comprehensive remedy and he did the research on the known pathogens in chemtrails, then designed the remedy for some field tests last spring.

By the way, we’re experimenting with adding Cesco’s coils to our Terminator zapper in a couple of configurations in case we see the viability of offering a ‘deluxe’ model for the harder cases. If you’re a hard chronic case who hasn’t healed from zapping and ChemBuster, please get in touch with me at if you want to participate in this new field study. Don’t try to fake it, though, because my wife’s going to check you out ; -)

We’ve all been compromised by the chemtrails, by the way. Dr Steve Smith, whom we’ve worked with a couple of times in connection with the gifting project, told me that after taking the remedy for a week his liver and gall bladder reflex points were no longer sore to touch and he wasn’t even particularly sick at the time. His wife, Dooney, by the way, is one of the premier psychics/blasters in the Women Warriors chat sessions. Her site is and they live in Western Montana, not very far from us. Look for Dooney’s posts on because they’ve recently overcome an interesting but very persistent problem with reptiles there lately and you might find it particularly informative if you live in a reptile-dominated area like theirs was.

I draw a clear distinction between ‘field devices’ and ‘personal devices.’ It’s a fact that absolutely anyone can make a tray of 3-ounce towerbusters, then go out and disable a dozen death towers successfully. It doesn’t matter if the maker is a ritual satanic murderer, politician or pedophile; the busted towers will all be turned into life force generators and everyone in the area will then be free of their constant etheric assault. The personal devices are another matter. The one who makes them infuses his/her energy signature into the handiwork and orgonite enhances the finer aspects of human energy, making these devices even more personal and potent. Cesco calls this ‘the etheric thumbprint,’ and he feels that this is a very big part of the effectiveness of his coils. A healer has a more refined energy signature, for instance, than a bureaucrat or dirty cop does. The etheric thumbprint is a function of integrity, in other words, in conjunction with personal capacity. Carol and I won’t ever turn our commercial inventions over to a factory for this reason. We’re not doing this work mainly for money, after all, no matter how much she wants a purple, 1990 BMW coupe convertible sportscar and I want a suitable ocean boat for hurricane busting. A flying motor home (a B-26 with 8 cloudbusters in the machine gun turrets would be nice, God, thanks) would be nice to have and who doesn’t deserve at least that much?

As humanity continues to move along the path of collective accountability, the human gems of integrity, such as Cesco and Sensei, will come into sharper focus. The days when social conscience and a kind, courteous nature were seen as signs of weakness by ‘the masses’ are apparently gone at last. Knowing that makes me feel a pang of empathy for Dr Reich, who exemplified these qualities in a time when America was in the throes of materialistic, antisocial etheric dictatorship. I shudder to think what it would be like for us to be transported back to time of Roosevelt’s Raw Deal, National Socialism. What a bunch of benighted, racist and xenophobic thugs most white people in Amerika were then! By the way, if you want to get a genuine glimpse of that, check out the movie, FOCUS, which is about the rampant racism that existed in America during WWII. Schizoid traditions like institutional racism need to be exposed and uprooted if we’re to survive as a specie, much less as a nation.

The proper combination of gemstones and minerals, if one is inclined to do that, is an artform that’s based on one’s talent, sensitivity, rational intelligence and close attention to higher instinct. Field pieces work just fine without fine crystals or gemstones but you can get a LOT of etheric mileage by including these in the orgonite mix when you’re making personal orgonite devices because orgonite greatly enhances the interaction of gemstones with our personal etheric fields and with each other. Improper combinations can generate discordant energy.

There are a few personal orgonite devices on the market which can actually do harm to one’s etheric field, strange to tell. Thankfully, there are very few of those and I’m not going to mention the names because those vengeful and persistent individuals and agencies would have my head on a platter if I did but it’s worth noting that these sites promote the use of orgonite-based devices to get personal power, not to help us be better servants (‘the meek’). None of the vendors we promote make and sell questionable products like that, please note, and there are many sites which we don’t specifically promote which have very fine orgonite devices, too, so this isn’t a warning to only do business with our personal associates.

There are scores of sites, here and abroad, which sell orgonite devices now and I’m not even able to keep track of who’s doing what, nor should I. It’s up to the visitor to any of the orgonite sites and forums to discern the scent of harmony from the stench of inistent self, arcanery and excess propriary interests and that discernment will be achieved in spite of the ever-present smokescreen of All the Right Words as long as one is in touch with one’s own heart. Be like a little kid or a dog or cat: even the best con artists have a hard time concealing their true natures from the genuinely innocent. Trust your heart’s olfactory skill: if something smells bad, it is bad.

Get direct experience with this new technology. If you don’t, you might be swayed by the increasing volume of disinformation, misdirection and slander that is the inevitable entourage of any successful, progressive movement. I’ll keep doing my part, by decentralizing and expanding the front line of this grassroots effort, to keep the few noisome and insistent jackals pre-occupied and out of the limelight but your part, discernment, is far more essential than mine is at this crucial stage of humanity’s maturation process.

I’m more of a fighter than a lover and that’s appropriate for me at the moment. I’m featuring Cesco now because I believe he represents what this movement will look like after we no longer need to fend off so many relentless assailants. There will still be a need for all-around warriors, of course, but just not as many as now. Not many are needed now, actually. After all, we don’t need a big force or the support or awareness of ‘the masses,’ because we’re only going against macroparasites who aren’t genuinely powerful—their primary weapon is deception and distraction; how pitiful is that? This is why I feel so optimistic. If you’re a sparkle-box addict I doubt that it’s possible for you to share my optimism and confidence because you’re still basing your worldview on the regurgitations of lying, expensive media whores. I think TV addiction is more serious and harder to overcome than crank, smack, pot, cocaine, or alcohol addiction is. I’ll stick my neck out a little to let you know that when Cbswork was a frequent guest on a well known daytime national TV talkshow in the early nineties he was shocked to witness the hostess going into a catatonic trance during commercial breaks and being induced by her CIA handler, who came and stood behind her during the breaks, to sort of re-animate on cue and do her act on camera otherwise. His initial response was disappointment because he wanted to chat with her during the breaks.

I didn’t mention the hostess’ name because Eric Carlson, who posts on as ‘ultimatevision,’ just missed being imprisoned, twice lately, on the basis of some long-deleted, mildly provocative personal posts about a named, CIA ‘pediatrician,’ on Eric deleted those posts over a year ago but Stuart Jackson, the owner of, who lives in San Francisco (apparently in close cooperation with the CIA’s two reptilian prosecutors in Eric’s case in Boston), re-instated all of those provocative posts the day Eric was framed by the CIA in September. Those two aggressive prosecutors used the newly resurrected posts as ‘evidence,’ before the judge and Stuart feigned ignorance even after Eric persuaded him to delete those posts again. Eric’s lawyer said those lawyers were trying very hard to get him locked up then for this non-crime.

Some of us saw this CIA trap being laid the year before, which is why Eric deleted his posts from then. Thankfully, the judge considered this ‘evidence’ laughable at any rate and Eric’s out among the free now, gifting more than ever in New England. The CIA’s prosecutors tried, yet again, to present this non-evidence of Eric’s non-crime last week and the judge, again, told them to take a hike. It’s no accident that this is called, the ‘criminal,’ justice system, after all.

It used to be so easy for these federal criminals to disappear their political non-criminal threats and potential threats into the American gulag on the basis of ‘crimes against the state,’ (read: political crimes) but now things are no longer going their way. Have you noticed? For example, take a look at Constantin Ochescu’s victory over the uniformed thugs in Las Vegas. More happy news shortly to come about that situation, by the way!

A few days before that trial, of course, we scheduled a chatblast to help Eric stay out of prison and we put a whole lot of etheric fire on these CIA reptiles then. So far, we’re batting 1000 with getting 3D confirmation for our ‘courtroom victories’ when we’ve gone to bat for victims of this unlawful justice system. We’re considering a way to set up a service for people in that predicament. The problem is that there are millions of political prisoners in the American Gulag and there are only a handful of us, but I trust that this will resolve itself in a timely way and, after all, all people with social consciences can act in concert to just cut the putrid etheric head from the Federal Reserve Corporation behemoth, then all of those political prisoners will just go free because the federal government would then be fully exposed to public scrutiny instead of hiding beneath the Whore of Babylon’s (The City of London—controlling interest of the Federal Reserve Corporation) ample bodice. Under the circumstances, where would you put your first effort?

How many more of the mind control protocols, made up of looped irrational mantras (eight tracks LIVE!) in ‘the masses’ heads, and perhaps yours, will need to be discarded before we can just stop policing ourselves on behalf of the macroparasites, put this dead-paradigm, rotting mess behind us and explore the infinite possibilities for peace, dynamic unity and prosperity in our lovely world?

I like that Cesco’s as passionate about not promoting dogmae and doctrines as I am. I think that freedom from inorganic ideologies is another feature of the emerging global paradigm we’re all facilitating. Of course, genuine passion is an even more fundamental feature. The Era of the Lukewarm is dead, at long last, and the regenerative Age of the Meek is unfolding now 

Cesco sometimes signs his emails, ‘Be true.’ I’m confident that he’ll continue to prevail simply through the force of his love for humanity and for each individual in the specie. It’s a dynamic, selfless love, not the superficial, self serving ‘love’ of the braindead, grinning newage Nazis who wear ‘agape’ (I mean, the Greek word for ‘selfless love,’ not the English word for ‘mouth open’) on their sleeves but are terrified of genuine passion because they’re just not going to climb down out of their heads and encounter their own hearts. I guess the endorphins triggered by all their mind control phraseology and ‘meditations’ is just too addictive for any real integration to happen in their etheric fields, poor chumps. ‘OOOmmmmmmmm’

Really, anyone who has a passion for healing the earth, which the occult/corporate order has made simpler for us by marking all of the ley lines and earthgrid vortices with their new death towers and arrays, is a genuine lover of humanity and of our living planet. That love is demonstrated by the act of gifting so it’s not really necessary for us to talk about it much but the great thing about having folks like Cesco around who focus more on the loving aspect of this effort is that the movement itself won’t as likely be characterized as a bunch litterers and etheric busters of Homeland Security Abomination space-wasting skulls.

It looks like a contradiction to some inquisitive people that we can casually mention ‘love’ in the context of destroying the occult/corporate hierarchy but I invite these folks to more closely consider the harmonious processes of curing disease and healing the physical body and just extrapolate that into the body politic: the willful minions of this ancient occult/corporate order are pathogens and we’re fixing what they’ve been trying for thousands of years to exploit and ultimately destroy: our world and ourselves. Of course, the less mind control loops that are playing on one’s head, the less likely one will see our approach as hypocritical or schizoid and there’s no better way to understand our approach than to just try it. Stand up to tyranny, for instance, and you’re going to be assaulted, at least etherically and electronically, so there’s your golden opportunity to try our successful etheric warfare suggestions--learn it on the job instead of trying to sort it all out in your head! Any of us can tell you that life is best when it’s been put on the line for a noble cause.

The passion of fighting is best exemplified for me by Dennis Griffin, who has created and is a bona fide martial arts instructor in Charleston, South Carolina. He’s a genuine lover of humanity, too, of course, so is a refined, courteous and kind man. As you get to know him better this will be obvious. Anyone who runs with this pack has to be a lover just to keep up.

He’s offering a full line of gemstones and minerals at reasonable prices so, if you’ve got a notion to boost your personal orgonite devices with these enhancements, he’ll also be offering a gemstone/mineral/orgonite tutorial on that site, authored by Carol Croft. Stay tuned for that, though—Carol’s wrapping up the fall production of her own orgonite products now (we don’t have an indoor shop this year ) and will be writing that soon.

Can you see how we warriors support each other, even in business? Some of us compete in a healthy way but mostly we just tacitly agree to divide up the existing market according to our personal interests and locations in the world. It’s kind of interesting how it works out and is yet another evidence of the dynamic unity within the leading edge of this grassroot movement. The edge is expanding, by the way; this isn’t at all about exclusivity. It’s rather about demonstrated commitment and integrity. There will always be room for more people who can demonstrate that. This is the more visible part of a genuine community, by the way. Anyone’s welcome to move into this community as long as he/she will abide by the ‘laws’ of courtesy and mutual assistance.

Otherwise, what we celebrated for the first three years in our public forum affiliations was sort of like a betrothal party, where everyone came from out of town as guests and the drunks, party animals and loudmouths were temporarily tolerated. Now, though, the party’s over and we few in the ‘cutting edge community’ are cleaning up the mess left by the guests and are otherwise resuming our individual and collective pioneering work. The ingrates screaming from afar about our ‘selfishness, arrogance, cultish aspirations, dangerous exploits, etc.,’ have reverted to a hungover Greek chorus of malcontents.

I don’t care whether or not any of them are agents. Each of us are now accountable for our actions and ‘following orders,’ or psi-terror victimhood is no longer a valid excuse for p!$$!ng in the punchbowl. Humanity’s growing up now, which means we ALL have to behave in a courteous way, at least.

The fact that some of them are still gifting is just icing on the cake as far as I’m concerned. Gifting the environment with orgonite is always worthwhile and a positive contribution to the world and to posterity, no matter who does it, as I’ve mentioned more times than you might be comfortable hearing. I only know of a couple of vendors who are selling ‘dirty orgonite’ and you’d have to hold a gun to my head to even get me to tell you their names . Let’s say, for now, that their names are ‘Caveat,’ and ‘Emptor,’ okay? Any site that is overly proprietarial and promotes the notion of personal power over the principle of self-sacrifice and service to humanity should make your BS meter sound off, no matter how sweet the prose or slick the graphics.

I’ve ordered the crossbow and a couple dozen orgonite TowerBuster bolts from Dennis told me yesterday that he’s gifted all of the harder targets around Charleston this way. It’s a city that’s pretty much owned and run by the military so there were plenty of hard targets. Really, I still love my TB-delivering spudgun but it’s a little more conspicuous than I’m comfortable using in populated areas for hard targets.

Sensei had spent ten years as the martial arts instructor at The Citadel in Charleston, then  he became a corporate executive. The Citadel is the premier private military academy in the US. After becoming disenchanted with corporate slavery he traveled around the country as a pipe welder and occasional martial arts instructor for several years and lately he’s been making a good living repairing leather and fabric upholstery.

He’s studying oriental swordsmanship from one of Japan’s foremost swordfighting instructors, who by a happy coincidence lives and works in Charleston and has taken Dennis under his wing (the master regularly ‘blesses him severely’ in their bouts). He says it’s better if I don’t mention his teacher’s name because it’s pretty well known. It was after a month of intense personal instruction with this sword master, last December, that Dennis came up with the design for his Power Sword, which is an etheric weapon combining specific gems, coils and orgonite in a 3 foot long pipe. When he made this in January he asked for a test target and Carol felt that the headwaters of the Nile River still concealed a threat which we’d been unable to neutralize with just gifting a couple of months earlier, so I asked him to just go there and do his best.

Carol followed him there astrally and told me that what he reported actually happened: he took the Powersword with him, astrally, and slaughtered a horde of reptoid and reptile defenders, culminating in his destruction of a huge, mummified reptile on an altar deep underground, then flooding that chamber by breaking through the side walls and letting the Nile’s water flood through there. He may be telling us more about ‘psychic teleportation’ in coming days. As I mentioned, is the visible profile of a ‘cutting edge’ community. He thought he’d invented ‘psytel’ and was going to invent his own term for this until he recently found a report of a USAF-sponsored ‘study’ about it under that name. Whenever you hear about ‘studies’ of blackops agendae like this, they’re really, usually, superficial ‘reports,’ about what’s already been accomplished, of course. This is just one of the clever ways that the criminal class leaves their dirty, documented footprints across the pages of history.

Not long after that etheric African excursion, by the way, I heard from Dr Batiibwe, who had been gifting the same area around the Nile’s exit from Lake Victoria with our mutual witch-doctor friend, Kizira Ibrahim, that Kizira had finally decided to start fighting and killing the reptilians. I hadn’t discussed Sensei’s exploits with Dr B yet, so this was kind of poignant for me. Good psychics like Kizira keep in touch in other interesting ways, of course.

By the way, Doc B, please send me an email! All of my email to you has been intercepted by that stinking, rotten British MI6 lately (sour grapes for losing Uganda in 86?) but they don’t stop anything from you to me. I know you read my journal reports on because you told me that your lovely wife gets impatient sometimes when you get up in the middle of the night to do that. I’m sure she knows as well as I do that you’re way too busy during the day to read stuff on the net, what with running a hospital and your own pioneering research pursuits. What a guy! I want to know how Kizira’s doing, by the way. I’m gathering a boxful of Frisbees for his kids.

It’s interesting to me that Kizira and Dennis have somewhat similar backgrounds. Kizira was a guerrilla fighter against the murderous London-sponsored proxy government’s forces in Uganda before the present, genuine government was set up there in 1986, then he became a craftsman for awhile, then returned to his inherited magical traditions and gift and became a professional healer and psychic.

Dennis discovered while still a military cadet that he had a talent for leaving his body at will. He worked pretty hard at this for many years and, after a hiatus from astral stuff for several years, now it’s as easy for him to do that as it is for you to get in your car and go buy a loaf of bread. Carol and Cbswork have this gift, too, and lots of people who have latent psi abilities are finding that their gifting work is re-awakening these inherent but previoiusly suppressed gifts. After the grave that’s our main mode of transport, of course, and I don’t advise anyone who isn’t gifted this way to worry about learning it. It’s not essential for everyone to do this, any more than it’s essential for everyone to play the tuba or engrave the Lord’s Prayer on a grain of rice. I’ve opted to learn Remote Viewing from Fred Gunn in San Diego as my own psi contribution to the intel gathering effort. I believe any of us can do that much.

Sensei told me that his reflexive reaction time during martial arts exercises shortened significantly in the presence of orgonite and that he’s now able to see his opponents’ moves up to a couple of seconds before the event instead of the half second or so he had developed until recently.

By the way, I’ve noticed in my correspondence that the genuinely gifted folks who are re-awakening their talents from working with orgonite never say, ‘I want to learn to be a psychic!’ They just naturally start doing it again, after a long hiatus, by following their intuitive promptings and they occasionally ask me, of all people, for confirmations. I ask my wife, of course, and then answer them but this is a good way for them to develop and refine their talent.

The folks like me who lack this capacity but who ‘want to learn to be psychic’ are generally the folks who will end up working unwittingly for the dark masters by striving to do something which they’re not particularly suited for, I think. These are the self-proclaimed ‘lightworkers’ who flock to those incessant newage-sewage seminars and workshops and glom onto arcane mass meditation techniques and/or other compromising, directed exercises in group efforts that just feed the parasitic occult/corporate world order in exchange for a little bit of endorphins and some group hugs. These fake gurus are ordered to aim for bigger and bigger crowds for this reason, I believe.

By the way, one of the Great White Brotherhood’s most ardent promoters, James Twyman, is telling people that ‘The Indigo Children want everyone to send love to George W Bush now!’ I don’t think he’s referring to the special kind of love we generate and sent to the geopolitical parasites. By the way, have you met my two friends, Caveat and Emptor?

I beg your indulgence for bringing this faux-spiritual stuff up so often but I want to stress that the magic realm now needs to be redefined in light (not necessarily ‘white light’) of the inclusive, empowering, uplifting aspects of these new discoveries we’ve all been stumbling onto, and all that pseudoreligious terminology that makes up the present pedantic currency of metaphysics is just no longer adequate. What might have sustained your spiritual aspirations in the past probably won’t support you any more now that we’ve entered a genuine ‘new age.’ It’s not up to me to come up with the new terminology and I don’t have the capacity to spearhead that effort but it is apparently up to me to generate some discussion about it, perhaps. I got this job by default, I think, so don’t blame me!

I think we’re already using a lot of viable terms, such as ‘earthgrid,’ ‘etheric,’ ‘orgone,’ etc., and maybe some of the old words, like ‘chakra,’will be found to be adequate. I’m going to keep waging a personal, prosaic war on the not-so-old Theosophical terms that I feel are overloaded with ideological, limiting baggage, though, like ‘karma,’ ‘Akashic record,’ and ‘reincarnation.’ Okay, I don’t deny that everything we do, say and think gets recorded somehow in the matrix of the universe but can’t we just move past these tired old ‘God’s bellybutton’ concepts and contemplate the overview a little more patiently
and stop just parroting terms just because they’re convenient? Even the heart-dead etheric Nazis understand that every word carries an energy signature. Let’s review what are really just economical terms of convenience, like ‘chakra,’ and cast off the more ponderous, loaded terminology.

You know, it’s possible that if I were to tell you these things in casual conversation it would set those 8-track tape loops going and you wouldn’t hear a word I was saying. Reading this is probably a more user friendly way for you to consider these touchy subjects without feeling defensive. I don’t enjoy confrontation any more than you do, believe me, but I honestly feel that these issues are worth considering right now.

If some of these terms turn out to be inadequate they’re going to die a very hard death, I think, and maybe I’m just a Pollyanna for assuming that more than a handful of people on this planet share my passion for intellectual honesty. The market will decide. This internet effort has taught me, though, that a timely utterance carries a lot of genuine power.

According to one tradition, though, ‘Not everything a man says is true; not everything that is true can be considered timely, and not every timely utterance can be considered suitable to capacity of the hearer,’ so I’m just tossing this issue of metaphysical terminology out for you to mull over.

I’m always on the lookout for talented folks like Cesco and Sensei who were never compromised by irrationalism and have genuine etheric gift, combined with personal and intellectual integrity. There just aren’t many people like them right now but there will be more and more in succeeding generations, I’m sure. If the Great White Brotherhood had gotten it’s way, we wouldn’t know of anyone who has these gifts who wasn’t either murdered or vacuumed into the braindead lockstep of sponsored, directed, and heavily marketed irrationalist organizations, mind control tape-loops and arbitrary hierarchies.

The astonishing thing, to me, about Dennis’ pioneering effort is that he’s apparently able to take at least an etheric version of his Power Sword with him into battle. I’m looking forward to a time when we’ll see some physical evidence of his ministrations but for now I’m content to just have the consistent corroborations of other reputable psychics and, of course, the continued absence of contemporary US Government-sponsored domestic mass murder events that would immediately forshadow martial law and attempted genocide. I know that others are interested in learning his approach and that’s certainly encouraging. Helpful hint: if you want to get personal instruction from him you’re going to need to get rid of your pot stash, your booze, and your cable TV prescription and antennae. He, like yours truly, just won’t countenance the presence of the lukewarm in his purview.

I mentioned our routine psychic chatblasts which we had instigated for the purpose of further disabling the current Homeland Security Abomination’s mass murder agendae but it’s worth telling you that we stepped up our intel and blasting activity last spring because the occult/corporate world order, most notably the overweaning Vril and Illuminati organizations, congregated then for a desparate attempt to resurrect the momentum for their annual mayhem and exploitation aspirations.

Those schmucks had all been getting hit, hard from many quarters etherically, including our quarter  because the meek are inheriting the earth now and macroparasites are powerless to stop this wonderful and very timely process.

During the more secret Wesak conclaves they apparently perform human sacrifices to seal their deals. We had gotten wind of a big, secret Vril meeting in Austria in the spring Wesak ‘festival’ period, earlier this year, and Dennis apparently went in there via psychic telemetry with his Powersword and cut most of them to ribbons. A secret Illuminati satanic Wesak festival/ritual apparently took place in Nevada not long after that in which a whole crowd of innocent families were to have been butchered during a midnight ritual in order to get back some of the power the Illuminati had been losing to people like us and also to get some of the victims’ blood on the hands of the more faint hearted Illuminists who had been more easily able to content themselves with less overt blood rituals at Bohemian Grove before that. The Illuminati are not just happy pedophile campers any more, apparently.

Anne gifted an unobtrusive Masonic cemetery in a Toronto suburb a couple of weeks ago and it curiously cleared a big hole in the HAARP whiteout that day. A few days ago the Girl Guides (Commonwealth countries’ equivalent of the American Girl Scouts) held a parade that ended up in that obscure cemetery, where they held a well-attended ceremony (ritual?). That sort of Illuminati desperation reminds me of how Ronald Reagan, in his only public presentation in support of George Bush, Sr’s unsuccessful Presidential campaign in 1992, gave a speech in front of a huge hangar at the defunct Roswell (New Mexico) Air Force Base. Another example: the day after I finished thoroughly gifting the satanic pentagram grid in Washington, DC, a couple of years ago there was a widespread radio appeal for people to dump all of their unuseable computers at the base of the Washington Monument, which is the focal point of that huge outlined pentagram. I was told, at the time, that nobody bothered to comply.

She attended the ceremony with the intention of Reptile Baiting. While she was blasting, 20 or 30 people stared balefully at her and she felt that her efforts weren’t having much effect until a friend said to her as they were leaving, ‘What do you make of all those people who fainted during the ceremony?’ 

Dennis went into the secret Nevada conclave, after a couple of other psychics located it on the map, and apparently prevented most of those innocent people from getting murdered as he took a toll on the corporate, clergy, military and government celebrants. I think the Women Warriors like to enlist Dennis because then they don’t need to directly experience the mayhem but I can tell you that any woman who is sufficiently riled up is far more terrifying than any man in that situation  That event was done on very short notice, by the way, and the occult/corporate hierarchy had gone to great pains to conceal it, as you can imagine.

Years ago I met a martial arts instructor (he was teaching karate to the local cops then) who told me an interesting story, which rang true to me: he said that he worked for Interpol with the assignment to retrieve kidnapped American children in Russia and that he and his crew routinely busted into enclaves and killed the Satanists who were keeping those kids hostage in preparation for ritually killing them. I met this guy during the time that all the kidnapping and white slavery activities of the various state ‘Child Protective Agencies,’ in cahoots with the various local, county and state courts, was coming to light.

I mentioned that just to indicate that what Sensei’s doing might not the as unique as you imagine. I later became acquainted with a reputable old dowser in New Hampshire who told me that the reason missing children’s pictures suddently disappeard from milk cartons is that too many professional dowsers and psychics were finding those children and collecting a fair reward for their efforts. He reluctantly explained to me how he did this work, perhaps after he decided that I wasn’t competent to do it. Typical Yankee trader.

By the way, one of the more recent psychological warfare assaults against us on the internet claims that the first time a death in the hierarchy is blamed on us we’re all going to be in ‘deep trouble.’ Think about it: what could induce the hierarchy to give us this much credit? They won’t even arrest me for sedition and I’m openly telling anyone who will listen that it’s long past time to scrap this federal government and just start fresh  and a LOT of people read what I’m writing these days; the FBI tells locals that I’m ‘Idaho’s Number One Terrorist,’ so they, at least, apparently take my writing seriously and would like to disappear me. The pedantic assailants usually say that they feel concerned that I’ll attack them this way. Why would I attack these promoters? To the discerning, which is the tiny little demographic I’m directly appealing to now, all of the diatribes are simply open invitations to visit and, though our attackers Never Mention the latter.

One of our most vehement and prolific current assailants sells a device for $8,500 to victims of CIA psychological torture and the thing apparently doesn’t work as advertised. No refunds. I only learned about this inventor and promoter from a victim of mind torture who was enraged because he bought one of these things, got no results from it or help from the seller, then got a Succor Punch from Andy at and got Loads of Happy Results with that. He emailed me to tell me about it and I said, ‘I don’t know about the invention. Would you please give me a website so I can check it out? There’s lots of good stuff out there and I like to keep track of it!’ That’s when the fellow sent me copies of this promoter’s lengthy internet diatribes against Cbswork and I. Did my karma accidentally run over the guy’s dogma or something? I’d heard his name but didn’t know a thing about him, nor had I ever gotten a note from him, as far as I know.

After the corporate Wesak conclaves this year our routine predator-blasting successes had apparently alarmed the occult order to the point where they initiated a concerted effort, mostly by the CIA’s army of psi predators, boosted by a considerable array of new, perhaps reptilian, psionic tech, to misdirect our psychics by feeding them false imagery, some of which was pretty creepy and personal. Some folks were frightened away, in fact. It took us a couple of months to bust through that new barrier, during which time the only mass murder plot we apparently managed to subvert was the chemical weapons attack on Athens during the Olympics. That plot came to light when we were busting up those secret meetings in the spring, so we specifically knew what to hunt for in that case. By September our sessions were running smoothly again, with psychic ‘reinforcements’ who are demonstrating more commitment and courage than before, bolstered in no small way by ‘the thrill of victory’ during the sessions. The relentless Women Warriors on get most of the credit for this happy development in my opinion.

The CIA’s psychic hordes are no longer as effective as they were before their last human (sic) wave offensive. Some of our own psychics say that this is because of attrition and because the only psychics the CIA can manage to put in the field now are youths to whom they have to administer hallucinogens in order to induce them to effectively do anything predatory. It reminds me of the way Hitler armed boys and threw them into the front lines toward the end of the war to slow the allied advance toward Berlin. As confident as this development makes me feel, I’m still aware that this occult/corporate order will remain dangerous as long as they’re not locked up. Now that they know for sure that they’re not going to win, maybe they’re even more dangerous in some ways, at least in the short term—who knows? As long as we’re doing our jobs we’ll be happy, I think.. I was taught to ‘Be generous in prosperity and thankful in adversity.’

The upside of the CIA surveillors/predators’ attrition for you, the new gifter, though, is that you’re not going to be plagued with seasoned, incessant psi assailants or surveill
"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich