Whats Up With the Occult Ucielli di Merdas New Poison Darts? ~20 Feb, 04

A few days ago Carol was walking out of a store and got shot in the face with a tiny poison dart.  It stung, so she looked around for an assailant and couldn't see one. When she got into the car she pulled the little dart out with difficulty and it left a little, visible hole in her skin.  The area around the hole was reddened and painful.

Last week, Stacie in North Carolina, who has been doing a stand-up job busting the new HAARP and Entropy tower networks in her area and also doing some creative gifting of Illuminati properties and other acts of creative genius, told me that she'd been standing on her back deck in the evening, looking at the sky, when she got a similar dart in her abdomen.  This one went all the way in and since it was very uncomfortable she cut it out the next day.

Jesse Z apparently found a couple of these sticking out of his skin and has them in a jar, waiting for a chance to get a microscope to examine them since he found them in January.  I had assumed that Jesse's items are just disabled implants that migrated out through his skin but in light of these later incidents I'm wondering if he isn't one of the first recipients of a new kind of poison dart, shot from a short distance.  Nobody else has ever reported dead implants surfacing.   The pajaros de merde are obviously still angry at Jesse for disabling all of their major HAARP and Entropy arrays in the San Francisco Bay Area and up along the Peninsula, including a massive coastal HAARP array.  We'd just disabled all of his implants during our visit and I got that report from him about a week later.

The poison is a blatant one, though obviously not life-threatening.   I haven't heard from Stacie or Jesse about related symptoms right after the attacks but I've watched Carol develop slight sinus congestion and the hole remains visible and she tells me that the area around it is still sore.   It could be that the stupid Iluminati believe that messing up Carol's sinuses will compromise her psychic skills, because any of their trained psychics are disabled this way, but Carol's 'stuff' is heart-centered instead of brain centered.   The psychics who have 'brain training' need their sinuses clear in order to see stuff.   The dark masters won't let them develop heart vision because the trainees would be aware of their masters predatory natures before they even graduated. 

Really, the best synergy between psychics that we've seen is when the heart and brain psychics team up. There's no cause to let any of that terrific Great White Brotherhood technical training go to waste, though it's a shame that it takes many years to overcome the mind control programming that goes long with it.

It has the look and feel of a bacterial infection but anyone who uses any zapper on the market is guaranteed to be able to stop any bacterial infection in a few minutes because bacteria live outside living cells in the body's fluids, where they're vulnerable to microcurrent.  That's why black widow and recluse spider bites,  even in the festering, flesh eating stage, are easily cured with zappers.   Those spiders secrete the most virulent natural bacteria known to science, I've been told.

Please excuse my use of the made-up Italian phrase.   'Ucielli' means 'birds' and I bet you know what the rest of it means.   They're only 'occult' because nobody's discussing them much, yet.  'Occult' means 'hidden,' and in the case of this occult world order the nature of their hiding is similar to that of any parasite, such as the ones which live in the lower intestine.  We all know what those like to wallow in, don't we?  Contrary to Dr. Hulda Clark's claims, any zapper on the market will kill even those parasites if one is persistent.   The same is true of these macro parasites:  we've been given the ability to not only hurt them, but to expose them to the fatal light of day, so all we need is persistence. 

The reason I like that  analogy so much is that the unlawful world order remind me of birds that wallow in sticky, disgusting stuff.  By doing that, they've lost their ability to fly.  This is exactly why the Great White Brotherhood has to recruit, train and then con countless thousands of young, innocent psychics/mystics into ascending to higher spiritual realms on their leashes and repor back to their masters so that the order can fashion ever-evolving mind control protocols that give them the image of spirituality.  It's true, these dark masters and even their predatory ET cohorts are spiritually stupid but until lately they've been able to fake 'ownership' higher realities and thereby keep most truth seekers in thrall and incredulous.  They use pseudo-Hindu and pseudo-Buddhist
Theosophical  words, like 'Shambala,' 'reincarnation,' 'Akashic Records,' and even 'karma' to mesmerize their psychic thralls and turn them into powerless proselytes.

See how making up terminology gives the Illuminati a sort of fake authority?   I'm not saying that any of these concepts aren't valid, only that the other side has succeeded in institutionalizing the concepts.  I realize that if you're attached to this terminology you'll smile benignly for the sake of onlookers while desparately wanting to cut my tongue out for blashphemy but I hope I'm making you think, at least.    If more psychics could move away from their programming, we could get these world order criminals into chains even sooner.

Psychics are mostly people who are dis-satisfied with organized religion because they can easily see dogma.  The Illuminati over the millennia originated all of that non-spiritual religious dogma and overlaid it on the pristine teachings of the religions' Founders, then provided an 'alternative' whose dogma is only slightly less constricting.   That only happened in the last century or so and Theosophy was used as their vehicle.

I've been married three times.  My marriages are a sort of example of the process I'm describing.  As I've said, if you know a truth you're able to easily explain it in many ways.  My first marriage of 22 years was to a control freak who constantly humiliated me into distrusting my instincts. She used spiritual terminology because I'm a basically spiritual person.  When I stood up to her for the first time she divorced me out of hand.   My second one was to a person who was far less controlling but had a whole lot of programming based on fear.  When I calmly told her that I intend to oppose tyranny, she bolted.  That only took a year.  My current wife is the one who appreciates personal freedom and responsibility and when we got together four years ago this fine project we're all involved with sort of initiated itself spontaneously.  I recommend marriage.

Can you see why Reich hated the process of organization?  Did you know that he not only had to contend with this kind of duplicitous,  nazi spirituality but knew by 1940 that it would probably kill him?

It's not going to kill us, that's for damn sure.  8-)

For as long as I've been self-employed I've never met many independent businessmen who pay unlawful taxes, except through extortion, and millions of folks like Carol and I don't even file any more but people are now, for the first time, openly discussing tossing the Federal Reserve Corporation into the furnace so that it will produce something useful, at long last (heat) and because of that Alan Greenspan is now squirming before the criminal US Congress, trying to salvage a bit of safety for his worthless hide in days to come.  Now, all that  we (Americans) need to do is make Congress squirm in their Armani suits and their manacles on the way to their past-due treason and other criminal trials ;-)   Greenspan blames them for his criminal activity.  I wonder whom they're going to  blame when they're exposed to scrutiny.  This should be fun to watch.  Stock up on microwave popcorn, folks-you won't want to miss any of this show! 

Let's see if we can make it happen before the next fake US national election rolls around in November!

Did you realize that dissolving the Federal Reserve Corporation will automatically dissolve all gov't, business and private debt?  One of the reasons the Illuminati hate religion so much is that the Founders all forbade usury.  For instance, under Mosaic law, all debts were forgiven every seven years, Jesus beat up the loan sharks in the Temple and Muhammad simply forbade lending money at interest.  It seems apparent to me that Muslim scholars, scientists, poets, mystics and businessmen eventually dragged Europe up out of the dark ages and look at how viciously the usurious lluminati are trying, to this day, to eviscerate and discredit Muhammad.   I can say this with integrity, since I'm not a Muslim, but I get bone tired of hearing brainwashed people trash religion on behalf of their Illuminati programmers.

I've always thought that a fitting punishment for Greenspan would be to put him to work emptying bedpans in a newly-well-funded charity hospital in the Central African Republic, Mexico,  Cambodia or any other nation whose currency he and his dried-up London cronies ruined with a penstroke.  I think our alleged Congressmen, Senators and Supreme Court Judges (they appointed this President, after all) are too untrustworthy to empty bedpans by now so maybe they can just make big rocks into little rocks along the road in Mississippi, at least. Everybody needs to do something useful in order to progress spiritually, I think, and you'd be hard pressed to find anything these walking parasites have done that benefited anyone.

Oops-I got sidetracked. Sorry about that.

If anyone has similar experiences with these new little Illuminati poison darts, please drop me a line at terminator3@turbonet.com so I can compile enough data to get a clearer picture to report.  This is apparently a brand new tactic, perhaps only for intimidation.  If so, you're welcome to brag on EFF that you've been thus tagged.   I'd like to have one of their nifty dart shooters to shoot the first CIA or FBI pavement artist who stumbles into our view, as they're either effective from at least 20 meters away or the shooter is temporarily invisible, like some of those upscale NSA guys we 'made' when some of us were busting up Bohemian Grove a couple of summers ago.   At any rate, I think we can stop these attacks by talking openly about them and maybe get some of them punished by their masters, too.  When you contact me, let me know if you want your name and location kept out of it. Be sure to let me know the circumstances of the attack and give me some followup about you!
r symptoms, okay?  Save the dart if you can but Don't Try To Mail It to anyone.  It will disappear in the mail or into the UPS, FedEx or DNS bottomless pits, for sure.  Don't learn this essential lesson the hard way, please!

When you feel a sting anywhere on your body, look for a little plastic filament, about a centimeter long.   They 'crunch' when you squeeze them with tweezers and the part that hits you first has a tiny barb, like a fish hook.  The one Carol found was white.   As I said, Jesse kept his but hasn't got a microscope yet.  The ones Carol and Stacie pulled out blew away  before they could get them to a microscope.   Somebody, somewhere, will examine these things and let us know what he/she sees.

~Don Croft