Here's Just a Bit of What the FBI, CIA and MI6 Are Now Doing to Stop Etheric Freedom Fighters

By Don Croft <>  

June 9, 2004

It's been awhile since I wrote for and a couple of folks asked me, 'Why the silence?' so here's a little update.

In the past couple of weeks several of us have experienced murder attempts and plots and I'm going to save the most dramatic one for last. Carol and I, and DB, who has, have endured regular murder and framing attempts by the FBI , CIA and NSA since DB joined this effort, two years ago, so the others are probably more significant. The NSA tried to murder DB and his entire family yesterday and that's taken the fight to another, inevitable level for us.

Overall, anyone who makes/buys orgonite devices and disables the new death towers gets hit pretty hard by the horde of psychics employed by the NSA, CIA and MI6. The FBI, ever the ugly stepchild of the international espionage community, get pretty blatant from time to time with all of us in the US and lately they've managed to get some of their own psychic predators, strange to tell ;-) Mostly, they rely on open intimidation, framing and assassination to get their way, as sanctioned, very early on, by His Untouchable Swineness, J Edgar Hoover.

Anyone who's following these reports has read that EFF had resolutely beat some inveterate FBI sewer rats off of Police Chief Billie's and Lt. Carl's backs, several months ago after the fed miscreants tried to punish these brave cops for standing against the Homeland Security Abomination, with their community's tacit support. Update: now the cops in that region are openly laughing at the FBI on account of their failed sting operations, rather than being cowed by them, as was the norm since FD Roosevelt's high treason in the 1930s raised the status of these secret police thugs above that of genuine policemen throughout the land.

By the way, there's some protest now because FDR's quote on the new World War II Memorial on the Mall of Washington, DC, excluded his reference to God. I noted to one of the protestors, Virginia Brooks, that it seemed odd to me that one of the world's premier founders of National Socialism should be honored at all these days and that Roosevelt's National Socialist colleagues, Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin, were at least openly hostile to God, which gives them the color of integrity, at least ;-)

I find Roosevelt's use of the word, 'God,' as distasteful as the use of alleged Christian ideology to commit the holocaust in America in the previous century. Why don't more people realize that a lot more Indians were slaughtered, starved, poisoned and disenfranchised than Jews were killed and disenfranchised in Europe? I find it more distasteful, in fact, that religious ideology was used to justify the slaughter of our native American family here, don't you? Who's keeping track of the Zionist's slaughter tally of Palestinians these days, by the way? I honestly think we've gotten past the point where criticism of The City of London's century-and-a-half-old artifice, Zionism, will bring down the charge of 'Anti-Semite!' on anyone, though of course the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center and other Jewish-Mafia-funded agencies of London are still trying their best to paint people with that brush and then destroy them, even physically.

I guess I'd feel mighty honored if these allegedly Jewish sewer rats came after me, along with the other occult world order agencies who continue to fail to erase me ;-) There's no such thing as bad publicity and my slate's clean enough, my closets empty enough, for me to sustain something like that, Grid willing. At any rate, there are enough genuine Jews among EFF now for us to easily avoid being labeled 'anti-Semitic!' and I, myself, have some pretty close ties to Israel. By the way, the Arabs are more Semitic than the majority of Jews are, which is ironic. Also, a whole lot of the Palestinians are descended from emigrants from the same regions that were occupied by the Khazars, a trading people who mass converted to Judaism in the eight century and make up the bulk of European, hence Zionist, Jewry and those people are all distinctly Aryans.

Are you as bone-tired of this bloody Zionist charade as I am? I know the Palestinians are. If there were some magical way to induce a few thousand Arab and Jewish youngsters to fall passionately in love with each other across these accidental boundaries of birth this would all end in the short term, of course.

I suspect that the statues to Roosevelt will someday, perhaps soon, suffer the same fate as the statues of Lenin did in Russia not long ago.

Argentina Zapeda is our Nicaraguan-born heroine of Los Angeles these days. While the rest of Los Angeles Atmosphere Reclamation Project (LAARP) has focused on the new forest of death towers and the underlying satanic grid of the Los Angeles Basin, AZ has rather focused on the inner city drug-ravaged neighborhoods with her gifting efforts, though she takes breaks now and then with the indefatiguable Palma (she's been with us since the beginning, which can be said for only a handful of folks) to do some of the still-active towers. They once even attacked Palma's Italian mom, who fetes LAARP after their missions with more delicious food than they could possibly eat, but we banded together and smacked down the combined CIA/reptile etheric assailants and she felt fine immediately.

Of course anyone who lives in the LA Basin is now aware that most of the smog has been dissipated and the spew in the sky never sticks more than a few moments, also that no one has ever seen such an abundance of healthy cumulus clouds and rainfall from the newly-azure skies there. The overall pleasant ambience of Los Angeles is the kicker, though. Four years ago Carol and I literally couldn't bear driving the Basin and we took a wide detour around the more convenient route thru LA on our way East from here then. Now we're thinking of spending next winter there, joining LAARP and our brave cohort to the south, Alicia Navor, for the duration.

Argentina has been the focus of more psychic attacks than anyone else in the network, ever since she drove away the first dope dealer with a strategically planted holy handgrenade in January. Every time she takes back another section of the Los Angeles ghetto from the CIA this way she experiences more and more intense interference. Of course many of us send her energy boosts from time to time because, frankly, all of us get overwhelmed now and then and are in dire need of the other genuine fighters' help. I think The Operators favor a little interaction over individual heroics in general, though of course we vie with each other in a healthy, competitive way and that involves a little self sacrifice. I can tell you that in the past three years I've aged ten but it's well worth it and anyone can see that we're all having fun and feeling that our life's purpose has been realized at last.

The night after her latest gifting run, a car was burned in the alley behind AZ's house. Fortunately the fire department put it out before the flames could spread to the house.

Last week, Alicia Navor, the lone but entirely resolute gifter of San Diego, California, noticed a SUV with blacked out windows (and windshield) and no license plates parked in front of her house all day long. On the fourth day, she walked out with a camera, took pictures of the vehicle and when the driver foolishly rolled his window down, took his pic, which showed the extensive radio gear around him, the hallmark of a Special Agent In Charge (FBI, in this case).

He tried to bluff his way out of the fact that he was sitting there in order to intimidate her and he never came back after she confronted that rat. Wisely, Alicia posted those pictures on so others could recognize what a typical fedmobile looks like and so that the FBI won't pull that stupid trick on her again. We're getting, lately, that only the FBI (and perhaps some predatory offworlders' hologram 'cars') have blacked out windshields. Since everyone knows it's unlawful to do that, this is an obvious sign of the FBI's crass stupidity and arrogance. It's sort of like the way the Men in Black all drive brand new Lincoln Town Cars with fancy chrome grills and resemble mortician/wise-guys. They all may as well carry a placard that say, 'I'm a Spy!'

On our way to meet with the Carrillos and the editors of THE IDAHO OBSERVER on May 29th for a resin pouring party and networking gig, a fancy, new Audi with blacked out windshield drove abruptly into our lane and tried to collide with us, head on, from the opposite direction on US Hwy 95, just north of here. Fortunately, Carol was in her body at the moment and drove onto the shoulder in time to miss the missile, which she said was driven by the new FBI Special Agent In Charge whom we had humiliated a couple of weeks before. That was when his agents filled our house with poison gas, by the way, in a petty response to Carol making him, through his blatant, thuggish psychic underling in the Post Office, earlier that day. I don't think the FBI gets first pick of the psychics, folks.

The FBI agents are telling people in our town that they're investigating us and, of course, they've told the cops here that, 'Don Croft is Idaho's Number One Terrorist,' which makes me kind of proud, honestly, since aware folks in Idaho know that the feds, London's Legbreakers, are the only terrorists, here and abroad. A year ago, when Carol and I were in Atlanta, 200 airlifted FBI ninja thugs stormed the apartment of a young Arab student here in Moscow, Idaho, at 4AM and charged him with 'credit card fraud.' The Chair of the University of Idaho Law School openly offered to defend the student, free, though the Saudi Gov't had offered to pay top dollar, and nothing else was ever heard about the case from the FBI or their offal-eating legal staff [I heard the news on the radio (June 10) that the man was acquitted at trial...Ken].

Disgusting twits. Is that your government committing these crimes? It's sure as hell not mine and I want to see them all arrested, tried and punished under the Rule of Law.

They're scraping the bottom of the barrel when they have to hire kamikazes like this idiot SAIC to head up the local FBI 'investigation' against us, don't you think? ;-)

Zeke Heng in Singapore has been risking the most, in terms of punishment, for gifting but he's found that the cops leave him entirely alone but rather that the Triads, through their affiliated Taoist sorcerers, are the main threat to healing Singapore and those guys are much better at psychic attacks than the relative neophytes in the CIA and MI6 because the Chinese have been working at and refining dark magic for millennia rather than merely centuries. The alliance of London with the Triads has always been tenuous, of course, though as with any group of evildoers, they don't hesitate to join forces to exploit humanity and commit massive atrocities when the opportunities for that arise or can be created. As the women warriors of EFF just found out, though, there's almost complete disarray and focus at the highest (sic) levels of the occult world order and they've got so many competing agendae running at one time that no one of them receives adequate manpower or resources, let alone the needed but lacking group focus of the dark masters, themselves, whose echelons, human and otherwise, we've been culling for two years.

The Operators have Zeke and his loved ones well in hand, though, and this young man exploits every opportunity to turn the battle onto his attackers and put them on the defensive with a little prudent and timely gifting. There's a fascinating book in the making here and Carol and I hope to tour Southeast Asia with him at the first opportunity. Very few have enough chutzpah to gift an entire nation and Zeke's one of us. An intrepid man in the Phillipines has joined EFF, by the way, and is gathering his resources for some large scale gifting there, so I hope to have more reports to share on that count. He and Zeke will be providing some support for each other in that region. Watch this grassroots effort spread throughout Asia and the Western Pacific from those two shining lights' examples!

One of the features of a true fighter is that the threat of retaliation by the world order's sewer rats won't dampen our enthusiasm but rather reinforces it. The plain fact is that very, very few people are capable of this kind of commitment but there are always enough, and that's what counts. Mark Davey and I hear from a lot of people in the world who are gifting where they live but won't participate on a board because they don't want the attention and possibly more interference on that count. The reason the rats interfere more with people who publicize our commitment is that they know for sure that the force of example is the only viable force for spiritual and social progress in the world.

The few who assume that bragging about their abilities and insights on EFF will somehow gain them a following are soon informed that the only way reputations will be formed there are through hard work and sacrifice and I'm happy to say that most of these toe the line and get busy, at which point they're welcomed with open arms. When many people realize that sacrifice is involved in this work they tend to leave in a hurry but in fact there's a bond among true warriors that's unspoken and we ask things of each other that we wouldn't ask our own families for. I'm personally glad that this kind of fighting doesn't involve a lot of physical or even financial risk. If one's heart is not right for it, though, one could easily be driven crazy by the forces of the other side in the short term.

As DB has mentioned many times, this effort isn't really about fancy weaponry, tactics and strategy; it's a battle for the hearts and minds of humanity. The other side has always used fear, intimidation, hopelessness, fake empowerment, heartless programming, national socialism and pitiful semantics to maintain the thralldom of the pajama people ('NO one expects the Spanish InquisiTION!'-Michael Palin) and we rather distribute orgonite in our communities in order to cause the increasing awareness of everyone in it to accelerate and sufficient orgonite dismantles fear based programming by simply making everyone happier.

We otherwise empower ourselves by repelling the hordes of payrolled and unwitting psychics and electronic assailants and build our individual faiths by witnessing the abundant physical and other sensory confirmations that always accompany bona fide gifting expeditions.

The millions of new death towers in the world have been an incredible boon to this grassroots effort, by the way. Before we do our local gifting, these towers have made everyone depressed, listless, hopeless, very irritable and even physically ill, as well as ruined whatever natural ambience that existed before and reinforced the chemtrails. The reversal of those effects by adequate gifting is so dramatic that it's become the hallmark of our effort, in fact, and a terrific recruitment tool, if you will.

Also, as the disinformation outlets bleat ever more loudly about the unstoppable chemtrails and death towers, we're provided with a broader platform to demonstrate how easily these things are neutralized and their effects reversed. This also puts the doomsaying dinsinfo sites into a clearer light for the now-awakening subscribers to them and when the doomsayers step over the line and attack us, it's the most flattering sort of advertising for us.

Dare I say that what we're experiencing is the Rise of the Fourth Reich? ..As in 'Wilhelm Reich, of course ;-) I hope you know that I'm making a joke and I'm crediting Dave Silva with sharing that joke with me in this morning's email. Really, though, the way Dr Reich was erased from public awareness and, subsequently, the way a few people whom he would have resolutely shunned had soon come to be identified with his good name is intolerable, I think, which is why I'll continue to do my best to help this wonderful man have his rightful place in history as the originator of a profoundly powerful grassroots effort to expel tyranny from human affairs through intelligent, concerted service by self-starters across the globe. Anyone can see that we're all following his earthly example now.

A fellow in Australia who's been under severe psychic and electronic attack for a few years contacted me last week and expressed an intention to start gifting. He's so new to this that he didn't know much about Dr Reich other than having read some references that claimed he was imprisoned on account of some questionable sexual mores. In fact, Dr Reich openly favored monogamous, heterosexual sex as the only healthy expression of human sexuality and he was, in fact, framed and imprisoned on account of his distribution of orgone accumulators, which had already been proven to cure cancer in many cases and were otherwise harmless when used according to his liberal recommendations. The FBI used the usual false witnesses, falsified evidence and jury tampering against him that still characterize their railroaded convictions today. Also, he was murdered in prison on the eve of his release, having just written a treatise on gravity, which is now lost, probably to the CIA.

A few months before joining Carol, four years ago, I had a brief fling with a CIA honeypot who was sent to investigate me on behalf of my by-then acclaimed zapper work. She had spent time with a lot of notable, reputable healers and inventors, internationally and singly, so I saw the pattern pretty quick but was very lonely, after all, and she was smart, charming and attractive.

She tried to entice me to move to Santa Fe from Ashland, Oregon, by offering some of Wilhelm Reich's original writings to me, of which Dr. Eva Reich had given her a trunkful. I figured out, by then, that 'Rhoda Sage' was working for the CIA and, truthfully, I rather kick myself for not at least getting so far as copying the material before telling her 'adios,' but in fact at that point I wasn't very interested in Dr Reich, yet., and it took a couple of years of experimenting on the atmosphere with orgonite for me to understand what he was talking about, anyway. Lots of folks are quicker than I am.

Not long after 'Rhoda' spent a couple of months with Ann Wigmore in Puerto Rico, the spry, eternally youthful Dr Ann was found dead in the burnt-out house on her Massachusetts organic farm so I was feeling pretty wary. I only spent a couple of weekends with the woman, as she no doubt had a string of other 'clients' to attend to during that time, all very 'hush hush,' at least as far as I was concerned ;-) She got my contact info from an aware friend who pegged her right off the bat but, like I said, I was a lonely guy, then. Live and learn, eh? Here's another good argument for the institution of marriage. She was too kinky for me, any way.

I don't think honeypots would recognize healthy sex if they were drowning in it, so my advice to you lonely warrior guys out there is that if you're doing enough damage to the occult world order to warrant getting one of these tossed in your path, just hold out for someone genuine, okay? We've lost a few good warriors to these snares, by the way, though, to be fair, once in awhile even a honeypot can wake up and get real (tough path). I don't ever share the names of the guys who fall in these traps and, in fact, it happens less to the female warriors, which says something about how women are more mental; men are more emotional.

Jaime Medina has started gifting Monterrey, Mexico and has twice encountered some apparently winged reptilians, early on, who moved in and out of our dimension in an attempt to compromise his wellbeing. The first time he felt one reaching into his chest right after hearing a scraping noise on the roof and then window which drove the dogs outside berserk. He was able to recover control of his arms and then put a crystal over his heart, which stopped the attack and the dogs racket. The second time was easier. I'd tried twice, before that, to send him a Harmonic Protector and it was returned, both times, but that has pointed up, to me, the notion that the Red People among us are now in the vanguard of this fight and are somehow more easily able to repel the attacks of the occult world order's predators. Jaime's one of the world's premier rock climbers and has made several films about his adventures. I think that we do better with these energy attacks when we're physically fit, by the way.

Maybe it's just we whites who need a temporary crutch in the form of orgonite/gemstone/electronic counter-weaponry but of course these things work fine for everyone.

Crystal Jones, an Indian woman who has a thriving healing business in Michigan, came to visit us last week on her westward trek. She'd had a clear premonitoin that she needed to be gone from that area on June 8 and that on that day she needed to be in a desert area so when she left here, Moscow, Idaho, on June 5 she headed for Nevada or thereabout. Carol had looked hard at this situation and advised Crystal that the FBI were planning to shoot her in Michigan on June 8 because of her successful gifting work and because they absolutely hate it when anyone in a minority empowers him/herself.

Fortunately for us all, the murderous FBI don't adapt well to changing circumstances. Carol got that Crystal can safely return to Michigan now, but of course she loves to travel, can easily afford it, and had turned her journey into a sort of quest, so it will be fun to read about her adventures and new insights when she gets around to writing about them on EFF. We very much enjoyed her visit, by the way.

After a particularly successful gifting mission in Singapore, Zeke Heng was visited by some American Indians in a vision and after he woke from that an Indian man spoke a single (unremembered, but that's okay) Indian word in his right ear. He had never particularly felt a kinship to the Indians but immediately recognized that they were thanking him for his effort to heal the earth, halfway around the world in his island nation. After all, the Red Race are the Guardians of the Earth, according to Hopi and other traditions. You're probably aware of this, but in case you're not, the Yellow Race are the Guardians of the Air; the Black Race are the Guardians of Water; the White Race are the Guardians of Fire. One nice thing about intermarriage now is that our progeny will have even more responsibility than we do ;-)

The Black shamans are another group that have evolved, if you will, beyond the need for elaborate contrivances in order to make magic, though our good friends, Credo Muttwa in South Africa, vo Joanna in Brazil and Kizira in Uganda do like to use our items in their work. In fact, Kizira sheepishly dragged his new cloudbuster indoors for a bit after his previously drought stricken district had been getting too much rain for his neighbors' comfort.

Our British and Irish comrades have stepped up their efforts there and a few of them had experienced some direct intervention by an un-named MI6 operative whom we like to refer to as 'PP.' I was naming him publicly (that's not his initials) but after a few weeks of having his alleged name (DB says that this persona is actually an aggregate-a committee, if you will) out on the internet he threatened to sue the folks who host the EFF site in England for Mark Davey. Frankly, I had partly put that name and his deeds out there to see how long it would take him to respond to it, either by more aggressive slander or by threatened litigation. I figured it would take a couple of days but in fact he didn't respond for almost three weeks!

He had physically threatened a couple of Brits on the phone to stop gifting and had also emailed a death threat to Stuart Jackson in San Francisco, strange to tell. That's why I felt it was ethical to publish his name. Until then, this fellow had satisified himself with a massive, intercontinental telephone and email slander and insinuation campaign against Mark DAvey, DB, and myself but he'd been booted off of and not ever allowed access to EFF (he tried under 30 pseudonyms to join EFF) because he'd been easily identified as an agent by our hackers/psychics. He holds court on the original, but now essentially defunct, cloudbuster board and associated sites on Yahoo! because, of course, Yahoo! belongs to the CIA and had kicked me off that one, which was essentially my own venue, two years ago, right after I published instructions, there, for disabling the new death towers ;-)

Now, that board is simply a sort of socio/spiritual killing field for training agents saboteurs and for the delight of drug addicted, delusional people and other sociopaths, so caveat emptor if you choose to be active there, and buckle up for a nauseating ride through e-hell.

Jesse Zaloudek had been attacked by hopped-up voodoo guys with machetes in Jamaica in late April on account of his gifting there. I think I reported this then, here. I had told him that the only way to get real protection is to advertise one's intentions in advance and ask for the others' energy support but in fact the bottom line is that one must orient one's heart toward pure service and reliance on The Operators and if one has done that, the protection available from the rest of us is more easily accessible. I know, it's a little like a conundrum but in fact that's how it works and I hope to God you, too, don't have to find out the hard way as this mostly-mental war on humanity's precious few champions intensifies. I breezed through a potentially far more severe situation in Uganda because I put my money where my mouth is on this count, though of course there's a genuine Damocles' sword over me right now called the FBI, so I'm not going to get complacent any time soon and I don't want to be martyred for this work.

Here's the deal: I openly challenge the alleged powers that be, even in the face of their blatant intention to erase me, because I simply want to demonstrate that this regime is a paper tiger and that you mustn't be afraid of them. They, and probably you, know that if I get erased the growth and vitality of this grassroots movement will probably just explode across the globe. I'm prudent enough to realize that if I don't follow my higher instincts, though, I'll be dead meat, any time ;-) which is why I didn't go to England this month as planned.

When I get too bull headed The Operators often step in and apply the brakes. For instance, my Joe Cell came a hair's breadth from turning the Zapporium's engine into a free energy device in August, 02, and that's when the center bolt eroded and caused the charged water to run out of the Cell. I didn't' angst over that because, even then, I recognized that a free energy device in the hands of a promoter like myself, at the time, would probably just get a bullet or two in my brain in short order. Now, of course, since the Japanese broke affordable, free energy tech onto the market, anyone can probably safely promote it. That's how it works.

For example: in the months after CLOUDS OF DEATH was aired by a Miami TV station in July, '02, DB (the producer, director and editor) couldn't even successfully mail it to anyone. The hundreds of CD copies of this mailed out to people around the globe never reached their destinations and even the bravest alternative info sites on the web told DB, flatly, that they were afraid to share it on their sites. When Carol and I evaded the NSA for five days on our way to pick up a copy from DB in Los Angeles to deliver to Stuart Jackson in San Francisco we initiated the breakdown of that censorship effort. By the time we got to San Francisco the NSA agents were so thick around us that it was surreal, truly, but after Stuart put it out on the net anyone could successfully mail the CD version of the film to anywhere.

I'll never forget the looks on those feds' upraised faces in the restaurant we entered where Stuart, Jesse, Carol and I had our victory feast right after he got it on the web. I actually felt kind of sorry for them, as they all looked just like we'd shot their dogs. Pitiful, really. We had a little game, later, telling how many spooks we saw on the short walk from Stuart's place to our restaurant table and back to the apartment. Jesse counted six; I only counted four but Carol counted eight, including our waitress ;-)

DB's releasing a new film, by the way, this time on DVD, which is or will shortly be available on By the way, he had been posting as 'Dork Boy' on EFF, and though he's not a dork or a boy, I've found it convenient to use those initials rather than write out 'Cbswork,' which has been his customary handle on the boards. We're encouraging him to sell this one at a nominal cost in order to get himself out of the self-assigned economic condition he's been accustomed (sic) to but Carol and I won't take any money for this effort, even though we're featured in it, because that would slow down the material's dissemination.

Carol and I will have time to get Deservedly Wealthy from our efforts after this rotting world regime has decayed beyond the point where their sewer rats' slander and character assassination efforts could take hold of our inclination to profit from what we've been doing. Meanwhile, we earn an acceptable livelihood for ourselves by making and selling our zappers and other personal healing devices on . We still sell mostly by referral, though I'm told by people who are in a position to know that our zappers are the most popular ones on the market now. Carol assures me that Dr. Hulda Clark harbors no ill will toward me and Ken Adachi told me that Dr Beck's widow liked our Terminator zapper the best and used it exclusively because she'd energy sensitive.

Frankly, we've been doing this orgonite network stuff for three years and I get a lot of encouraging email from people from around the world who say that they get something from my writing but I'll probably never be convinced that what I have to say really interests anyone. I think this personal shortcoming is clearly an asset to this effort and nothing could probably induce me to see myself as more than ordinary. To be fair, the folks who have a reputation for being extraordinary also seem ordinary to me, though I deeply admire and respect anyone's innate gifts when they've been developed through self discipline and training. Any alpha personality would probably screw up an effort like this, so The Operators picked a retiring loner to hold it together for the short term. After this stinking regime falls there won't be anything more to fight, I think, and EFF will become obsolete. Then, Carol and I will perhaps be free to travel the world, when we're not farming, and enjoy the fruits of our labor in both ways..

I'm a pretty good sign painter, by the way, and very proud of that and of all the traditions associated with this craft.

Here's the worst attack against our network on record and it happened yesterday:

DB was outside doing what he does with etheric entities in the environment when a service truck pulled up in front of his Los Angeles County home and a couple of guys very quickly replaced the 9 year old water meter with a new one, then drove away. He saw the characteristic energy signature of intense radioactivity around the new water meter, so he put his body down and went, astrally, inside the device and found a piece of depleted uranium welded to the inside of the outlet pipe on the meter, then he immediately turned off the water supply to the house.

The truck was not one that belonged to the water company that services that town, so it was obviously a CIA truck and tech crew.

If he had not turned the water off, he and his family would be dying, by now, of radiation sickness and they now have to leave that house-probably already did.

If you have eyes to see and a heart to understand, look at what he's been writing and also his latest pictures of etheric beings on, okay? The worlds are converging now, just as many of us have been predicting, and this fact, alone, is more threatening to the occult world order than a billion on-target bullets could ever be They want to punish DB for drawing graphic attention to this reality.

My hope is that putting this account on the internet will generate enough attention for DB and family to prevent this and similar assaults from ever being attempted on them, again. We're going to cook up a special retaliatory effort on the agents and directors in the CIA and NSA who arranged and carried this out, by the way, and we're going to take our sweet time with it. Revenge is a dish best eaten cold, as the Chinese proverb says, and we reserve our very best, most focused efforts for murderers and would-be murderers like these secret police rats. I'll post an update after the fact, of course.

~Don Croft