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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft – Parts 11 – 18

Episode 11 You Must Be Eighteen
Episode 12 What We Did Last Summer
Episode 13 A Case of Hives
Episode 14 Deadly Valley
Episode 15 Carol Croft Takes An AIDS Cure To Kenya
Episode 17 The Canada Excursion
Episode 18 We Slowed Time Down on Saturday, March 23, 2002

Episode 11 You Must Be Eighteen

By Don Croft

June 2001


We had successfully finished our HHg placements prescribed by the Wingmakers for our coast to coast trip at one of the vortices near Bohemian Grove with the able assistance of our Wiccan friend there, and arrived at Mt. Shasta on June 20th, 2001, after visiting the Hughes in Ashland, Oregon, just up the road.


My belated birthday present to Carol was her choice of Vogel power crystals that James Hughes had designed. At his suggestion, she took two to Shasta to keep overnight. One was 12-sided, the other 16-sided, and both double terminated at specific angles. I brought a crystal along with a mobius coil and a frequency device attached [Succor Punch], in order to activate it on the mountain and tune it to the owner to help her through a trauma she was experiencing.


Telepathy Newbies

Carol’s 15-year-old daughter, Jenny, had joined us in San Francisco right after she finished school in Idaho. Carol and I opted to sleep in the grove we had found in September, which is near Panther Meadow, but Jenny preferred the comfort and VCR of the Zapporium. As Carol and I retired to the grove shortly before sunset, Jenny asked her mom to keep track of her telepathic messages and report back in the morning with them. The daughter has started to develop gifts inherited from her mother.


On the short hike from the parking lot to the grove, I distinctly heard Carol say, “What time is it? Oh, wait, I forgot—I have a watch on.”


I told her the time and she said, “Why did you tell me that?” When I told her she had just asked me, she said, “No, I was just thinking it.” Though it didn’t feel weird, I knew I’d just entered the Twilight Zone. While we were eating our supper before bed, I ‘heard’ her silently reading the ingredients on the food package.


We bedded down just as the sun was setting. There were big black ants all over the bedding, so we put food a short distance away to draw them off. Naturally, they simply carried the food onto the bedding. The bugs kept us awake pretty much all night but it’s just as well—it would have been a loss to have slept through what transpired.


As soon as the sun had set, we both heard rather strident singing/chanting start up. It sounded like it was coming from Gray Butte, about a half mile away. Carol figured they were just Wiccans performing a solstice ceremony at first, but then the sound seemed to be coming from every direction. There were male and female voices, about a dozen or so, it seemed to me. It was a pretty melody that they repeated continuously until 6:40AM, the moment of the solstice, at which time it simply stopped.


Pull Down the Shades & Tell the Kids to Leave

So, here’s what happened between sunset and the solstice:


I rarely see entities that are not fully in our dimension. Carol sees them plainly, just as she hears thoughts of others. In September, at that grove, I’d seen several as shimmering distortions of the background, including Kashi, our Atlantean helper, and Lucille, the fairy that dwells on my sound crystal (I named her after B.B. King’s guitar, with her permission) The entities that Carol saw around us were completely invisible to me. These are the ones that were making the music and interacted with us that night. This time, Carol saw through their blue energy fields and saw regular humans with blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes, all youthful adults, Lemurians (who the hell knows how old they are?) though there were others there, too.


A good friend, after I’d known her a few years, once shared a story with me: She was visiting Shasta for the first time in the early seventies, at Panther Meadow, when she noticed some beautiful young people having a picnic. They called her over and shared food with her. Afterward, they all put out mats, in order not to crush any plants, and took a short nap. When they woke they invited her to accompany them through a very large tunnel, on the other side of which was an identical meadow. I forgot what happened then, but my friend said she got in her car a little later and drove back to the interstate to continue her journey north. For years after that she thought she’d just spent the afternoon with some nice hippies in odd clothing. I guess that most people reading this already know that there are no tunnels like that on the mountain. This friend is from a family that has been involved in a metaphysical organization for 3,000 years. I’m assuming she doesn’t want her name mentioned.


One reason I love Shasta so much and consider it home is that the energy there is so pure and powerful that both the parasitic ET’s and earthly non-humans simply can’t stand to be there. Jerky humans even have a hard time staying long there on the mountain. A visit there is like an etheric colonic to me—also, like a terrific breath of clean air and a long drink of cool water after being in the desert.


Around 10PM, I got an impression that there were a lot of people standing around us. I was trying to sleep, having grown tired of watching the aerial display by the various Lemurian craft. Carol confirmed my impression. She usually just keeps these things to herself—probably the result of conditioning, as children and others soon learn not to step on the paradigm toes of others less aware of their surroundings by pointing out anomalies.


I think I knew right away that they were just waiting for us to have sex but they wanted me to think it was my idea. I was onto them, of course, as soon as the thought occurred to me. I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night.


Here’s the part that is truly difficult for me to write, so please bear with me.


A lot of people understand that there is tremendous energy released in an orgasm. These watchers stayed around until they had gotten enough energy from our orgasms. Some stayed until the end but most left in small groups before that. Boy, was that weird for me!


I’m sure I couldn’t have done it if I’d been able to see them, though I could definitely sense them. I knew before we started that an exchange was about to take place, so that extra incentive was nice.


In Carol’s defense, I feel sure that she wouldn’t have done that in front of regular humans of our dimension ;-)


They’ve been with us off and on ever since. Carol says they’re helping to protect us now from the alleged government while we disseminate the information about how to easily destroy the chemtrails. This is the third group that we know of who are running interference for us. The main ones are the Wingmakers, of course, but the Reptilians that we met in Georgia and Florida also help from time to time.


The small group that remained after the party interacted with Carol. One of them, she told me, stood over me and aimed a crystal device at my heart chakra, in which there has been lingering pain since my children were taken from me by the alleged government in 1995. I’ve come a long way, of course, having been very close to suicide, early in 1996, immediately before finding the zapper and killing the parasites that were causing my depression. The flower essences of my second wife were a tremendous boost right after that, but it’s been a grueling climb until very recently. The only thing that kept me from killing myself at the low point was the realization that it is extremely hurtful to one’s children. Divorce is hard enough on them, God knows.


The Lemurians that stuck around after the show were quite intrigued with the Vogel crystals, even the contrivance that I’d made up. One of them enjoyed the experience I gave him by pointing the device at him and spinning it, Carol told me. I had told her to show me where he was standing.


I’ll be SO grateful when we’ve all decided to return to the rule of universal law, under which governments are forbidden to intrude on family matters unless an actual crime is committed. Under the law of rules that exists now the felonious court system considers us chattel of the Federal Reserve Corporation, the judges’ and lawyers’ own liege lord and master.


When we got back to the Zapporium after our excursion, Carol told Jenny what she’d been projecting, including “I can’t believe they’re actually going to sleep on the ground.”


Don Croft



Episode 12 What We Did Last Summer

By Don Croft <

September 1, 2001


Carol was invited to spend September in an African country to show people how easy and cheap it is to cure AIDS. I won't name the country, since all of the governments there have made it unlawful to treat AIDS. She was invited by a foundation which is operated by native Africans [update, it was Kenya].


40 Miles North of Spokane, Washington

We've been sort of care taking a rural tract north of Spokane for the summer. It's given us a chance to study the effects of the Chembuster over time. Also, people in 4 other countries are sending data about their own Chembusters' effects. It's great to see that we're all getting the same results. The one we left in LA has stopped the chemtrails at least around the Hollywood/Burbank area and greatly reduced the smog [it was removed around the time of this writing]. The only account I have of that is from a customer in North Hollywood. She had to drive forty miles before she could start to see chemtrails


The pipe spacing seems to be the bottleneck for people making their own. I'll send a pattern for the three plywood pieces which hold the pipes in position during construction to anyone who is seriously intent on making one or having one made. [This was written before the Relfe’s put the info on or Ken at].


I'm not taking money for any of this so that I can continue to promote it in my essentially anarchic style.


Since setting up the Chembuster, we've seen a variety of UFO's. The CB must be some kind of etheric porch light. We mostly see reptilian craft (according to Carol), which are small, disc shaped and shiny, but a triangle craft showed up close to the house early on, and occasionally a Lemurian ship.



There are at least four Sasquatch on the property, not far from the house. They're quite loud and seem to keep coyotes, deer, owls, etc., as pets, because we hear them usually when one or more of those species are near us, and mostly at night. The most dramatic chorus was at about 5 AM one morning, though, when all four were as loud as an air raid siren. They seem to live at a vortex that's in a grove of trees in the meadow near the house. We put an HHg in the vortex to tone it up, and Carol said they love it. If you listen to the tape recording of a Sasquatch that Art Bell plays now and then, I can tell you that it's accurate. That recording sounds a little scary, but these sound beautiful and not at all threatening. They are extremely psychic and able to shift in and out of our time phase. Carol's seen them four times, and each time they disappear right after making eye contact. Once she saw a mature male with a youngster.


Our friend, Bob, who is a healer on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana, told us that he's had lots of interaction with Sasquatch, and that they once took him to one of their communities in the mountains, where they actually raise crops. He told us he was taken by them through a dimensional gateway in the face of a cliff I believe him, as he came from a long line of shamans and gets good results with his healing work. I've sent some customers to him for assistance it getting their immune systems back on line. If a person's immune system is very weak, he/she won't be able to use a zapper properly. His email address is . Bob's Chembuster is also working well.


CB Report

Within a week of setting up the CB here, the chemtrails were all gone, and none have been formed here since then, though the jets fly over every morning from their base in Canada, then back again in the evening, spewing as they fly. Another white plane, a smaller turboprop one, sometimes flies along the path of the jets at a lower altitude, presumably to try to figure out why the spew isn't doing its job.


We put a CB in the yard of our friend who owns this property. She's in Spokane, forty miles to the south. It took about a week for that one to disappear the spew, too, but now the UN spew planes are unable to get the stuff to set up between here and there, as our CB fields have linked. Another CB was put at the other end of Spokane with the same results, and we put one at my brother's place 80 miles southeast of Spokane, in Idaho. There are no chemtrails now within about forty miles of any of these.


There have been two HAARP attacks this summer, probably designed to disable the Chembusters. The first attack was stopped in a clean line made by the three Chembusters to our south. The second attack was directed at us here. A strong wind came up in front of some strange looking clouds. I simply pointed the CB into the wind and it stopped within about five minutes. The big cloudbank dissolved, and we got a nice, gentle rain an hour later.


Corporate Spies

For three days after that, a big Navy spy plane, like the one the Chinese downed, flew back and forth over us, sometimes quite low. One day, at dusk, a very quiet helicopter flew directly over us at a low altitude. As it passed, I saw another reptilian craft as the two crossed paths.


Spokane was one of the five worst smog cities on the continent. Now it's pretty much smog-free, and the whole ambience of the city has improved. I used to dread going there, but now I can spend the whole day there and not feel tired.


The reason I believe these are UN planes, is that it's common knowledge that all UN vehicles are unmarked and painted white. I got some powerful binoculars and was able to see that the spew planes are stark white with no markings under the wings. Commercial jets have prominent numbers under the wings. Spew planes are also much quieter than commercial or military jets, though they only fly at around 20,000 feet or less, while commercial flights are twice that high. The spew is most often irregular in the way it exits the craft, sometimes shooting far out to one side. Most often, Boeing 707's are used. I doubt there are any commercial airlines or militaries that use these dinosaurs. They’re very quiet, though, in spite of their low altitude. I can’t even hear them when I’m in the city.


We discovered that Slim Spurling's Environmental Harmonizers work synergistically with the Chembuster, and when a friend of ours was showing Slim what the CB did to the chemtrails, Slim bought it. In that instance, the Chembuster was set up just minutes before Slim’s presentation during a visit to a Canadian city. I attribute this faster action to Slim's and Fred’s apparent orgone capacitance’ from working with their energy devices over the years.


The base of the Chembuster is an orgone generator, as is the HHg. When intention is applied to any orgone generator by these walking energy capacitors, the effect is powerfully amplified.


The Namibian Chembuster [there are six of them as of January, 2002] is being used to prevent sandstorms from reaching the locale. This has resulted in more moisture being brought from the opposite direction in the form of dense fog. It can be many years between rainstorms in Namibia. I'll include more data from that site in the future.


We live in a semi arid part of the country, and rainfall is almost unheard of during the summer. It's rained every week to ten days since we set up our Chembuster, and on the drive to Seattle, we noticed that there was a lot of greenery among the sage brush, and even new sage plants, which were in bloom during what is normally the hottest, driest part of the summer. This rain has been coming from the south, instead of from the ocean, 400 miles to the west. There are no sources of moisture to the south.


 Dr. Reich experienced this effect near Tucson serendipitously. He had taken his cloudbusters there in the early fifties to make war on the offworlders who were polluting the planet with dead orgone, as the current human regime has since learned to do, and he soon discovered that the cloudbusters were refreshing the atmosphere and causing the desert to bloom. The rain came later when he removed the energy pollution from the Sierras.


I can't really talk about what's on our agenda for the autumn, but we'd sure like to get onto a motor yacht and do some networking in Central America and the Caribbean. I'll probably visit a different African country after Carol gets back It would be terrific to find some investors who would buy a few million components for cheap zappers to be assembled and distributed throughout Africa. It will probably happen, since the old order is now receding faster every day and the new one is taking its place. Our take is that if the established order in so intent on killing off our African family members, they must be pretty important to the planet's future.


For many years, I've believed that when the alleged rulers of the planet are finally convicted for their crimes, a fitting punishment would be to put them to work as janitors and orderlies in a charity maternity hospital in the Central African Republic. This would be an act of mercy, since it would allow them to experience service work before they kick the bucket.


On that note, I've decided to use Canadian pennies on the Terminators. The Queen's face will be the medium through which healing energy will be brought to a large number of people who have been made ill by the agencies that she's sponsoring -- namely the various sub-groups of the international money cartel which finances all biological warfare, genocide and general mayhem on the planet. I'm doing her a small favor. I believe she's not actually a reptilian, as many have imputed, and that any human, no matter how culpable, has a chance to get integrity and a conscience as long as he/she draws breath.


Danion Brinkley

We attended Dannion Brinkley's workshop yesterday. I was happy to learn that, through his study of quantum physics, he's come to know that chaos is not something to be avoided, but is, if used with intent, an unfailing source of spiritual growth, so we should welcome it. The Terminator produces pure chaos with the Mobius coil, and the body takes this raw energy and uses it for balanced kundalini activation, which in turn promotes healing and detoxification from the sub-cellular level on out.


Another point he made is that all of the technology that brings us together is a means of achieving unity and higher universal awareness. This is a distinct departure from the Atlantean paradigm, in which technology had the opposite affect. He predicts that soon we'll simply move from external technology to using DNA to accomplish these tasks, so all of these useful, but sometimes frustrating tools are simply a temporary bridge between our materialistic traditions and the emerging spiritual ones.


I got to hug Danion twice. He asked me if I prefer to be around him when he's calm and composed, and I told him I like him better when he's yelling and screaming.


Don Croft



Episode 13 A Case of Hives

By Don Croft

October 15, 2001


We felt it was unsafe to send this account to many people until we had neighbors again. We were living in rural Washington State last summer, where our closest neighbor was a quarter mile away through the forest, and aerial surveillance and remote (and not-so-remote) viewing of our activities were going on almost constantly, so it just felt too risky to talk about this then in a public forum. If anyone thinks Major Ed Dames is not promoting the Model T of government psychic spying, please think again.


My wife, Carol, spent the month of September in Kenya, working in a village clinic. She took a small ‘crowd zapper’ that I’d made shortly before she left. It zapped three at a time, powered by a small 12v battery that was charged daily with a flexible solar panel. Briefly, as this is to be told in more detail later, Carol was invited to go there because of the AIDS epidemic and the reputed ability of zappers to cure AIDS. While there were no testing facilities there, everyone who had AIDS in that area who availed themselves of the clinic’s crowd zapper apparently recovered very rapidly, even the people who were close to death. Carol took a picture of the outdoor ‘waiting room’ which was full of AIDS sufferers waiting for their daily ½ hour on the zapper. I’ll get her report and pictures onto ASAP.


We had rented a small house in Moscow, Idaho, shortly before Carol left, but couldn’t move in until mid-September.


In the last week of August, we went to Nelson, BC, for a dental appointment, taking Jenny, Carol’s fifteen-year-old daughter, with us. That’s about 100 miles directly north of where we were living.


We had been looking forward to that trip in order to find the connection, perhaps, between the UN Spewplanes that flew from that direction every morning on their way to American targets and flew back every evening after their day’s work (I don’t ‘blame Canada,’ as in the South Park movie ;-) and the reptilian hive from which the multitude of craft that we saw around us came from. The connection was obvious. Probably because our cloudbuster was drawing in all the dead/deadly orgone, reptilian craft would criss-cross the skies where the chemtrails were being spewed, apparently in an attempt to make them last long enough to spread out in the customary way. They were unsuccessful, of course, since a cloudbuster, like Prometheus, just gets stronger when this kind of energy is present.


I’d thought that there was a secret base north of Nelson in the big valley that showed no highways or railroads on the map. As at Ft. Huachaca in Arizona and Otay Reservoir in San Diego, secret bases are often built around the openings of reptilian hives.


I may have been correct about the location of the airbase, but Carol dowsed the map and told us that the hive opening from which the craft came to work in our vicinity was near Cranbrook, BC, on the edge of the Rocky Mountains, about 120 miles to the east, so after the dental work was done, we piled into the car and drove there, taking our holy handgrenade with us.


About 15 miles before we got to Cranbrook, Carol said she got a mental image of where to place the HHg to close the portal (opening). The image was of a small lake on the north side of the highway and we were to throw it anywhere in that lake. About five minutes later, we saw the lake, but before I slowed down, Carol said ‘The Wingmakers told me that the reptilians put that image in my mind—the real portal is east of Cranbrook. It’s a steep bank, like a cliff, beside a river bend.’


So, we drove through town, toward a mountain that Carol said was close to the portal. When we reached a junction, Jenny said to turn right, and then directed us to make a left turn and we arrived at the place described by Carol. It was a short walk to the tall bank, and I put the HHg where Carol directed me. Portals are hyper-dimensional. They’re specific locations, usually in natural vortices, through which the reptilians can pass from their deep, underground hives to the surface. There is a force that prohibits them from interacting with us in 3D when we’re in a fully awake state, but apparently this force is gradually becoming inactive, since we’re able to see their craft more and more and many people are seeing them peripherally. Energy-sensitive people like Carol see them more clearly, but still as not-quite-physical entities.


Al Bielek, Preston Nichols and others who worked with the reptilians in the underground facilities saw them in 3D but these people were in an altered psychological state when they worked underground.


Carol showed me on the map that this hive’s southwest portal was this one, and that their only other portal was across the Rocky Mountains, near Edmonton, AL. [we just did that one, too, finally, on March 10, 2002]


They apparently knew we were coming, as Carol said there were a large number of craft present. We got back in the car and drove away. About two minutes later, Carol and Jenny both said simultaneously, ‘There’s a big, blue ship right behind us!’ I knew before anyone said so that this was a Lemurian craft guarding us from the reptilians, who were apparently mad enough to do something extrovert to us.


Jenny had seen this one or one just like it (Carol said it was one of their mid-sized ships and had a crew of about twenty) a week before. She was returning to St. Maries, Idaho, with her older brother and a friend and they’d left the highway during a rain, flipped over and landed upside down in a lake, about fifty feet below a steep bank. Fortunately, all three were able to get out safely and get to shore.


Jenny’s telepathic gift sort of blared out the next morning and the following evening, as she was standing on the deck of her brother’s apartment, a large, glowing blue sphere appeared right in front of her, then slowly receded into the sky and out of sight.


After we closed the portal, we were only surveilled by one craft at a time in the following weeks. Carol said that they were just too busy trying to arrange another opening to bother with the spewplane program any more.


The night after we got back home, though, a craft from the hive showed up near us and I felt the fellows inside trying to manipulate my mind. I get a characteristic tone in my left ear anytime reptilians are trying to influence me, so that’s how I knew they were there. Carol confirmed it, so I put the sound crystal that I bought from James Hughes on my chest, between my solar plexus and heart and applied the 15Hz of the zapper circuit to it.


 The energy generated by the mobius coil in the zapper is greatly magnified and focuses by the crystal and can be sent wherever I direct it, so I sent it back along the energy attachment that the reptilians were trying to place on me, as I had with the Draconian earlier this year.


Carol said they saw it coming and deflected it to the hive’s queen, hereafter referred to as the Raging Queen, who was directing them. Carol said RQ started squirming and got very angry and threatening, but the attachment was withdrawn from me immediately. I programmed the crystal to keep sending her the beam of bright blue orgone at that frequency. Since then we haven’t had any interference from that hive. It had been getting pretty overt right before we made that trip.


In the next segment, I’ll go into how this directly related to Carol’s experience with voodoo in Africa ;-) The best first step with any predatory entity, human or otherwise, is to make them respect us. That opens the door to harmonious co-existence if not unity later on. Our experience with the friendly hive under Florida/Bahamas/Yucatan showed us that this is not unthinkable & Carol noted that they all honor the same Creator that we do.


Another thing happened in early September, a few days after Carol left. We had been invited to give a talk at a monthly meeting of the Metaphysical Research Society in Spokane then. They meet in a Masonic Lodge, right in the room with all the satanic symbols, thrones, etc. We’d been to one of the meetings that summer and the people are pretty impressive, though the meeting place is a real bummer to be in.


Before I started talking, I put the pyramid-shaped orgone generator that Carol keeps in the back window of the car into the center of the large inverted pentagram in the middle of the floor and I put the clodbuster, which is a half-scale cloudbuster designed for therapeutic work, on a podium, pointed at another satanic symbol above one of the thrones. I told the audience to just take note of any changes in the energy of the room and started talking about our Terminators and answering questions. I passed out about thirty T’s to people who were sick. About half the audience was noticeably ill and there were about a hundred people there.


 This is typical of any American gathering—50% seriously ill. I’ve never seen this anywhere but in the US and I doubt that this could have been possible before the Chemtrails and the widespread use of health insurance (an oxymoron, of course). Another feature of US healthcare is that one is challenged to cure the illnesses caused by the treatment as well as the one for which one is treated. In many, if not most, cases of cancer the treatment kills before the cancer has a chance to, and the antibiotics (ALL of these are strong fungal toxins) used to ‘treat’ infections create conditions that lead to far worse infections a little later. The chemtrails have overridden all other causes of illness, though, in the past year or so, and their diseases mimic the former but are more pernicious.


About two thirds of the zappers were sold that night. In a less aware group I would have sold about half than many [five were stolen—Carol later told me that a felonious federal agent attending the meeting did that out of spite. I had asked all feds in the audience to stand up and introduce themselves at the beginning of my talk, but nobody did that]


About halfway through the hour-long talk, several people noted that the ambience had transformed into a very pleasant, energizing state. Many of the audience who are professional clairvoyants and psychics, could see the customary blue dome of orgone centered on the pyramid, and a child said she could feel the swirling currents as a breeze. Everyone was feeling pretty good, an effect which was more significant because many hated being in the room in which satanic activity had been carried out and in which there were debilitating geometric shapes, such as the inverted pentagram.


If anyone looks through MORALS AND DOGMA, the Masonic ‘bible’ written by Confederate General Albert Pike in the mid nineteenth century, one will find a diagram of ‘Baphomet, the Hermaphroditic Goat’ drawn in an inverted pentagram. Notice that the face looks reptilian, perhaps even Draconian. Carol and I believe that this is the image that the 32nd degree and above Masons regard as Satan, their sponsor. We believe that a Draconian or off-planet reptilian show up in their secret upper level meetings and that the humans are just stupid enough to think he/she’s a devil ;-) It’s no small wonder that LaRouche refers to Satanism as ‘infantilism.’ We feel it’s time to educate these benighted souls and tardiness and hooky should not be allowed.


One other event occurred while Carol was gone that’s worth mentioning here. In July, when I asked her if there were any sick vortices around which needed a HHg, she pointed at Priest Lake on the map as the only big one around. At the MRS meeting a couple of people mentioned that there was some nefarious activity going on there but that they were at a loss to know how to reverse it. I got a better map and asked Jenny to point out the vortex for me, and she showed me the smaller island in the south part of the lake.


I was ready to go on September 15, with a holy handgrenade and our little dinghy on top of the car. I had just made a double size cloudbuster, which I named Jumbo Funky. Carol had helped me determine the dimensions before she left. I had a feeling that this was connected to the exercise I was about to engage in.


I got to the lake around noon. There were a few rain clouds over the north part of the lake. It took me an hour to get to the little island from the marina on the shore. I used a trolling motor since there was no wind for sailing. It felt pretty crummy there and I was a little nauseous from the time I got there until I left a couple hours later.


When I got to the island, I put the HHg under some brush on the island’s hillside, and then returned to shore. By the time I’d gotten the boat back on the car and was leaving, dark clouds were forming over the small island. That night a thunderstorm arrived where we were living, about sixty miles southwest of Priest Lake. The storm came from that direction, which is the first time since we got there in June that any weather came from any direction but south. I later learned that the storm never reached Spokane, 35 miles south of us.


At sunset after I returned from the lake, I had placed my large smoky quartz generator crystal in the center of the pipes on Jumbo Funky and applied 15Hz to the mobius coil that I’d wrapped around the crystal.


A few days before all of this, I’d gotten a very long email from Dr. James DeMeo, who is reputed to be an expert on all subjects related to orgone and Dr. Wilhelm Reich. I won’t go into details, but he expressed a lot of anger at what I’d been doing and saying about our cloudbusters, especially the one in Namibia. The letter didn’t seem very rational or objective to me, so I asked him for more clarification. For instance, he told me that what we were doing was ineffective and that I was apparently delusional. He also said that we were causing drought, not alleviating it, and that only highly qualified people should attempt cloudbusting. He didn’t address my observation that if it were ineffective, at least it wouldn’t be doing any harm ;-)


That’s what sparked me to make the bigger cloudbuster. It had rained regularly enough all summer to cause the desert for 150 miles west to remain green, long after it should have turned brown as it typically does right after the spring rains. It hadn’t rained for three weeks before I got that letter from Dr. DeMeo, so I was concerned that there may have been some truth to his warning. I had a hunch, though, that droughts may be largely the result of parasitic entities siphoning energy from vortices like the one in Priest Lake. I later learned that the older cloudbusters made in the style Dr. Reich designed (DeMeo used that kind) were no longer effective at stopping droughts for some reason.


Carol and I are in the process now of finding others through the internet who are willing and able to find these vortices with us and correct the imbalances. There are groups of people who regularly heal certain vortices, but that requires attention and effort. There are talented people, like Fred Fischl, who do clearing work in cooperation with earth elementals, but that needs regular renewal. Maybe elementals, like humans, don’t have long attention spans. The elementals absolutely love having orgone generators like the holy handgrenades around, though, which may partially explain why our method requires no maintenance.


The beauty of our method is that after the HHg is in place, no attention or follow-up is required. I learned the importance of that principle by making zappers that can simply be worn instead of taking daily time and attention to hold some copper pipes or paste electrodes onto the body.


We believe, too, that the massive volume of electromagnetic energy in developed countries is exacerbating the weather imbalances. She took two HHg’s to Kenya with her. While she was in the village, there was a thunderstorm every single night, beginning with her arrival. Before that there had been a severe drought. In the absence of electromagnetic activity, the atmosphere there was very responsive to even a little orgone generation. The village had no electricity, not even a small generator, which made us glad we thought to include a solar panel with the crowd zapper.


Cloudbuster and holy handgrenade instructions and pictures are now on


Don Croft



Episode 14 Deadly Valley

By Don Croft

October-November 2001


(I was going to write about Carol’s September trip to Kenya, but now that the felonious feds have escalated their War on Healing (thank Grid they are as inept with this as with the alleged War on Drugs!), we’ve decided to include that account in a book, along with our upcoming Kalahari AIDS Cure Safari—a sort of pre-emptive guerrilla initiative in the War.)


The War on Drugs analogy breaks down when you consider that the people at the top of the regime are actually selling the drugs, of course. [see Dope Incorporated-The Book That Drove Kissinger Carzy by Lyndon LaRouche]


We had found it expedient to bring the Zapporium to Southern California in connection with a free energy process we’re involved in (a device that can only be prepared above a certain temperature). The alternative was to wait until we got back from Africa, which will be late January 2002 to drive it to a warmer climate to finish the process, which seems like bad timing. More on that later, of course.


About twenty minutes after we left our home in Moscow, Idaho, Carol said, ‘Did you bring any Holy Handgrenades?’ I hadn’t considered it, but neither of us wanted to turn back, so we headed south, taking the most direct route—to Winnemucca (I always call it Run-amoka how can I resist?), then through Death Valley to the vicinity of Gemmorah. I think the only way we can tolerate more than driving through Los Angeles is to have about 200 pounds of orgone generating material around us, which the Zapporium has, in addition to an involved grid/crystal/coil/frequency apparatus under the entire floor.


As we left Moscow around noon, the sky was beautifully clear and blue, except for the nice, healthy clouds, thanks to our two Chembusters, the Joe Cell and seven large orgone generator pyramids in the Zapporium. The chemtrails there had started disappearing within minutes of setting up Jumbo Funky in late September, but the customary wind of the Palouse (fancy name for the prairie that joins the foothills in the vicinity of Moscow) didn’t die down until I added water to the Joe Cell in the Zapporium and connected it to the battery, in mid October. There wasn’t more than a breeze until I had to dissemble the Joe Cell a couple of weeks later, at which time the wind returned until the next day, when the Joe Cell was back together with better water. Autumn is supposed to stay windy, which is why some people dislike that beautiful area.


There was a bank of what appeared to be artificial weather about ten miles south of Moscow, running east to west. As we approached it, the western end ‘moved aside’ and most of the way to Run Amoka the edge of the system stayed just above and to the west of us, due, no doubt to the energy from the vehicle. I had wanted to get an indication of the range of our Moscow Chembusters, as there were none to the south of us until Southern Arizona (Al Gray’s Array) at the time. For the next four hours, over 200 miles, the chemtrails were being vigorously laid down along the edge of that fake weather system. After that, when it was dark, the moon showed us that the chemtrails remained intact except for in a space about 5 miles in diameter directly over the Zapporium.


We reached Winnemucca after midnight, by which time the ‘weather system’ had enveloped us. We had seen and dispersed several lenticular clouds along the way, especially after the front had overwhelmed us. We always make sure they aren’t our friends from the base on Venus first. They’re usually just local reptilian craft. I’d packed my stuff in a little backpack so I wouldn’t have to check it in at the airport on the way back home, but I forgot to bring it. My Big Secret [we later named this ‘Succor Punch.’ ‘Succor,’ which means nourishment received from others, as in the form of a gift of mercy, and is pronounced, ‘sucker.’] was in that bag, so we rigged up Carol’s twelve-sided Vogel crystal with a Terminator to make them go. Carol tried the crystal by itself, but she said they were just laughing at her, so she put the pennies of the T on the crystal, and we had our turn to laugh as they took off. When they’re gone, the lenticular clouds simply disintegrate within a couple of minutes. It must take a lot of energy to maintain them. I saw one that was made up of about nine layers, like a stack of pancakes.


I had driven all the way. The plan was for us to take turns driving and go straight to So Cal, but I had gotten some ephedra at a truck stop, so was too wired to sleep. I was in pig heaven, though.


We woke up around eight o’clock and it had started snowing gently. By the time we finished our shopping for snacks, etc., it was coming down harder and a strong wind was blowing from the west. Carol had said that the Wingmakers told her we didn’t have time to stop for breakfast if we wished to leave town, and a store clerk told me that the snow was expected to keep coming through the following weekend (this was Wednesday), so we drove fifty miles east, to Battle Mountain, then south, as planned, to Tonopah. I was told that the road was already impassable a short distance west of Winnemucca.


As during the day before, we kept the weather front, with it’s blizzard conditions, to our western side until we got far enough south to reach the southern limit, in this case, just outside of Tonopah, Nevada. At times, the snow was just shallow enough to maintain traction. An hour later we wouldn’t have been able to drive that way.


Several times, especially when we stopped for gas, we saw a blue hole just above us, which steadily widened. This led us to realize that getting Joe Cells out there in large numbers might do more to destroy the HAARP (and therefore all predatory/parasitic electronic apparati) than a few hundred cloudbusters. The CB’s still seem to be better for destroying chemtrails, though, and for improving the ambience of the environment over a wide area.


The trip to Death Valley was fairly uneventful, except that we saw a lot of unmarked white vehicles in that part of Nevada, many of which had no license plates. Also, where we saw more of these vehicles on the highway, there were just a few people living in the once-prosperous little towns, and all of the gas stations were closed down for a stretch of over ninety miles. We had the impression that the few remaining residents were being made to feel unwelcome, but were just unwilling to leave. There was a lot of white vehicle traffic off into the mountains. One pickup, which turned onto the highway from one of these well-traveled side roads, had ‘Lockheed Martin’ on the side of it. A little further down the road there was an odd-looking building with a huge vent coming up out of the ground beside it, right next to the highway [we put a Holy Handgrenade there on a return trip a couple of months later], and Carol said there was a lot of energy and activity coming from many places underground along that whole stretch of US 95 in Nevada.


A Nevada Highway Patrol fellow stopped us for having a headlight out right before we turned onto the road to Death Valley, which made Carol feel pretty good, as she’d been stopped several times on our travels, and this was my first. I had noticed that police in general don’t seem interested in the vehicle, though I’m not sure why. Maybe it just looks too weird for most of them, though a Sheriff’s deputy near Mt. Shasta once stopped to offer help when I was parked near there and she complimented me on the appearance of the Zapporium and asked me what zappers are (I painted signs on both sides of the camper shell I built on the 1970, yellow Ford F100 pickup, which looks like an upside down boat to some, a spaceship to the more imaginative).


The road down into Death Valley was in pretty rough shape, and there were no guard rails, which seemed curious to me, as there were hazardous curves during most of the 13 mile stretch from the 4,000’ plateau down to the valley floor, which is right at sea level.


Just joking, I asked Carol if there was any unseemly activity going on there, and she pointed to a lighted area about 10 miles further on, which we figured was Stovepipe Wells, according to the map. We found a well-lighted, small RV campground with a bar and motel, all very upscale and new, there, on the south side of the road, and opposite was the road to the wells with a sign that gave directions. Carol said the wells were actually vents for an ancient underground facility, and this was now being used by a consortium of human and non-humans, mostly dressed in what looked to her like white radiation suits, some with helmets, others without. We didn’t even stop, though both of us were sorry we had neglected to bring an HHg. As it turned out, that faux pas may have saved our lives, which may be another case of the Wingmakers turning a liability into an asset.


Carol has a thing going with owls. I rarely saw owls before I met her, but in the past few months, our vehicle has nearly hit several of them as they swooped across the road directly in front of us, and on our walks in the Moscow Cemetery, Carol often stops and talks with an owl that lands on a low branch or light pole along our path. One of them swooped the car just as we turned onto the road leading into Death Valley, another as we were leaving, just after the incident I’ll now relate.


Carol told me later that a small plane flew very low, close to us just as we drove past Stovepipe Wells, and that she ‘heard’ the pilot give instructions to someone to look for an ‘unidentifiable land vehicle,’ and that he was helping to set up satellite surveillance.


About five miles beyond the motel, I stopped the truck and got out to relieve myself. When I got back in, Carol said, ‘Did you see the reptilian? He came over to look at us—he’s eight feel tall. I thought he was coming over to where you were. He was right by the truck.’ I said, ‘Where’s he come from?’ and she indicated a small, cone shaped mound nearby (mounds are anomalies in Death Valley). Just as we drove onto the highway, a dark shape sped across the road, at a height of about ten feet. I said, ‘What the hell was that—was that him?’ and Carol said it was, and that he was playing with us, riding on a small scooter-type flyer.


 I had made a contact with him though my heart chakra just before we moved down the road, as I’ve gotten pretty fond of reptilians, especially since we ‘liberated’ the small offworld reptilian colony near Emida, Idaho, a month before. I had one of those ‘AHA’ moments just then, when I realized that there are about as many, per capita, reptilians with personality as there are humans in the mainly Caucasian cultures of our world (in other words, very few) which is why it’s always been such a relief to me to arrive in a ‘third world’ country and I get culture shock when I return to the US.


The nice thing about reptilians is that they’re extremely attentive and non-judgmental. Although they tend to operate as a hive, that changes when their consciousness raises, and I don’t think a hive mind is any more appropriate for them than it is for humans. If you look at which human groups use beehives as their symbols, my point will be well taken. I think that’s why ‘The Borg’ creeps us out so much—it hits fairly close to the mark in that way.


 In North America and Europe, a few people can be congratulated for being slightly less mentally conditioned than others, but it’s extremely rare to find someone who is free of it. In most undeveloped countries, these mind control programs were never initiated, which is probably why there are such vigorous population reduction policies mandated for their alleged governments by the IMF, UN, and other predatory/parasitic agencies of the alleged world order.


I was relieved to learn that many of our military officers are now discovering that they are nothing more than mercenaries--leg breakers--for these agencies, and I think we can expect to see some creative initiative by them, though the internet, itself, is probably already a result of this initiative. If you consider that our officers went through the entire Vietnam War period without opposing the London banks’ predatory sycophants in the White House, this is a significant development.


I hope you who are reading this will take a hint and make an even stronger effort to notice details around you in your travels and inquiries and will use your imagination to connect the dots yourselves. I’d be a little perturbed if anyone ever took my word as being authoritative.


A few miles down the road, just before the highway starts the 5,000 ft. ascent, there’s another very well lit, classy establishment, which is a tavern. I wish I’d taken more notice of the vehicles in both of these places, because a white, late model car pulled out of the lot right as we were leaving, and I pulled over to let him pass (the Zapporium, though it has a new motor, doesn’t go fast uphill). Just for fun I said, ‘Is he one of the guys who works underground?’ and she told me he’s a guard there, on his way home after work, and that he’s not aware of us or what he’s guarding in the facility.


We noted that there were also no guard rails on the highway going up out of this side of the valley, though it’s a beautifully engineered road, well paved, marked and banked, with even a shoulder. [A couple of months later we saw a LOT of new guardrails there]


Our route was to take us to Olmancha, but I missed a turn and came out twenty miles north of there on US 395.


I noticed that there were even more white vehicles on the California side than in Nevada. The clerk in the gas station/store stared at us so much, that as we left, I jokingly asked Carol if he was a reptilian, and she said, ‘yes.’ Just then two unmarked vans, a white one and a silver one, both with heavily tinted windows and no license plates, sped past us at about eighty miles an hour, very close together. Carol said there were four guys in each one, heavily armed, mostly American, but with some Russians and Mid-easterners among them, dressed in black, and that they were really scared of us. In that part of California, people rarely drive that fast—you need to get closer to LA and the other metro areas to see that)


She said they’d been instructed to run us off the road leading out of Death Valley, but couldn’t get to us in time. If we’d stopped to drop a holy handgrenade, they would have gotten their wish. Thanks, Wingmakers! I’d like to go back with some friends in a caravan to do that one, since they apparently don’t like to have witnesses when they kill people that way. Maybe I could just s