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PostPosted: Tue Nov 02, 2004 10:53 am    Post subject: Climb Up Out of the WalMart of Worldviews!
Hi Don--I had an unpleasant experience last night that has happened a few times before, and wonder if any of your other correspondents have experienced something similar.

I have to preface this by telling you that ever since the encounter/"abduction" by greys and reptilian I have little dream recall. I did have a period a few years ago when I knew I was out of my body fighting spiritual battles for 3 or 4 nights in a row every month or so--woke up one morning to find myself trudging wearily back to my body--but since that time ended, I RARELY remember any dream or travels.

Because I intuitively know that I am getting free and receiving instruction, etc, from less dense planes while sleeping, this blocking of my memory does not really alarm me, but I know I will be more effective on this plane when I do remember. And I suspect that I am far less effective on the astral planes w/this memory connection blocked. Besides, as I said to myself when I remembered a missing time episode: "That's MY time--I want it back!" I feel the same way about having my dream memories blocked: Those are MY dream memories and MY astral journeys--give it up, dudes!

So last night I was jerked awake at 2:30 (3:30 pre--timechange and this was the time during reptilian harrassment when I either woke myself up or had to fight them on the astral)--this is the first forced awakening that has happened since orgone came into my home--got out of bed and HAD NO MEMORY OF ANYTHING--I mean my entire memory bank was wiped clean--(it is difficult to describe such things)--had I panicked, it would have intensified this block--probably the intent of the whole deal--but I knew to go to the quiet inner place beyond fear, and my memory clicked back in.

As I said, this has happened at least one other time, but then my life was so stressful that I had no time to deal w/it--just surviving.

I have been thinking a lot about the whole death thing--I suspect that most people--because most are sleeping--do not get past the dark-force-controlled 4th and (mostly) 5th dimensions--we just keep on coming back to be used as slaves and as emotional food--I suspect that when I do break free of what is clearly to me brain manipulation and become conscious in my dream state that I will be a formidable adversary--

I think they overdid the blocking a bit, and now that I know what is going on, also know what to work on. SP to the rescue...

Keep up the Good Fight,


I'm up doing email at 4AM because I often wake up and can't sleep in the wee hours, as does Carol. If you can manage to think of the ET and CIA interference with our sleep patterns as parasitic, more than predatory, you might get a better handle on it, I think. In our case there's a poltergeist in this old house which we just can't seem to persuade to move on. Carol says that one murdered her husband here and also was sexually abused by her father as a kid in this house. I see and hear that one a lot and I'm not even psychic. This is also a parasitic manifestation, of course, and hasn't affected us much, thankfully. I guess if we owned this house we'd be more inclined to deal with her. We haven't even looked for the probable enabler: geopathic stress line(s) running through the house. Once, Carol got fed up and told her, 'Go to the saloon!' and she went away for a week or so, presumably downtown to bother someone else where she used to go drinking.

We're all Pajama People relative to someone else, by the way, so I reserve using that to a mostly social and political context. It's never a character judgement when I use the term. Nor do I consider TV addicts to be a menace. TV and PJs are inextricable as far as I can tell. TV addiction turns otherwise viable people into spiritual couch potatoes just as efficiently as pot addiction does.

As far as I can tell, you've already made a lot more progress than you realize in getting free from those artificial limitations. If you haven't disabled your implants yet I hope you'll consider getting a zapchecker and getting your mate or a friend to help you find them so you can disable them. I've seen some astonishing metamorphoses take place when gifted folks like yourself have disabled their implants. I'm guessing you've got around 8 or so if your sleep and dream patterns are that heavily interfered with. A Succor Punch nearby will likely prevent any more abductions from taking place, by the way. When the good guys do it, of course, we don't feel resentful, tired or disoriented. The bad guys are sloppy and clumsy with this stuff.

Generally, we can't be exploited except through our weaknesses. That point was driven home for us, if you will, when Dr STeve Smith in Montana graciously gave Carol and I a tuneup last month on our way to Yellowstone. She'd been under constant, heavy attack through her neck for a couple of weeks and we weren't able to to more than give her temporary relief. When he properly adjusted her neck--he does it the only way that really works: starts at the feet--the attacks ended instantly. The subluxation in her neck was quite minor, by the way, but it was enough for the CIA's psi predators to move in and cause a lot of pain. When I say, CIA, of course, I mean the entire panoply of human and non-human predators operating in America. The NSA and CIA are the interface, that's all. The FBI are just street thugs, by the way.

Also, a lot of people's inner torment comes from ideological fixations. I know you assume I agree with your assumptions about reincarnation and the fashionable interpretations of dimensional realities but in fact for any phenomenon, due to the layered nature of reality, there are many rational, empowering explanations if one is willing to abandon prejudice, belief and denial for the moment and broaden one's intellectual horizons a bit. Most psychics look no further than the artificial paradigm that Theosophy offered in the late 1800s but in fact that mind control protocol is simply a well-designed, cynical amalgam of some of the more oppressive and titillating trappings of Hinduism and Buddhism, promoted as 'the alternative' to equally oppressive but less fascinating dogmae which are the add-ons of Judeochristianity, such as heaven/hell, filthy clergy and physical resurrection after death (yuk!). I like to remind folks that some of the more creative physicists are able to unock hyperdimensional secrets by paying close attentions to the words of Jesus, which only make up a pamplhet, by the way. Of course, they also use the Bhagavad Gita, Buddhist traditions and the Qur'an the same way with equal rewards.

Most of the Niburu claims are contrived, we believe, though there's some pretty good psychic and empirical evidence that a planetary body was very, very close to the earth last summer, which is perhaps why the moon's orbit was so erratic then, and that we narrowly missed a massive reptilian invasion from there.

Just as the Russians and Chinese troops are apparently in the US, Canada and Mexico by the millions now, by invitation of the HOmeland SEcurity Abomination, Carol and I believe that any invasion of non-human species is also only possible by invitation of the occult/corporate world order. I might really be sticking my neck out here, but this is just our subjective impression, after all. I honestly believe that if thousands of us had not built cloudbusters and disabled many, many thousands of death towers you and I wouldn't be having this discussion because we'd be in mass graves Wink

Notice the way 'Niburu' is being sold as a benevolent planet while in the same breath these evangelists are telling us that humans are nothign but a bioengeneered slave race, a step removed from great apes and grossly inferior to the reptilians? This schizoid programming is a tried and true, but tired ploy of both the British and American mind control schools. BReaking free of this programmed schizophrenia is particularly empowering, I think.

I don't honestly know of anyone besides Carol and I who have encountered friendly reptilians. I don't think the friendly ones want to be discovered, in fact. When we first met them in Florida and Georgia we were quite shocked, especially Carol, who's telepathic. After we got over the shock we developed a sort of working relationship with them, though. They showed up right before we made our first orgonite cloudbuster in Feb. 01.

A couple of months later, when we were staying in the Florida Keys across the road from a dolphin research facility, we connected with a couple of dolphins telepathically. I can tell you that the hive mind of the nice reptilians was pleasant but nothign I've encountered can touch the metaphysical/spiritual grandeur of what we got from those dolphins. It's funny, but Carol and Linda are going to Costa Rica to be with some dolphins for a couple of weeks next month and Carol got contacted by one of those Florida dolphins a few nights ago.

What they have is way beyond hive mind; it's a dynamic unity that may be the example we may aim for. There are several reputable people who are communicating with the cetaceans now, by the way. I hope people realize that none of these folks are parroting the sickening, tired protocols of Theosophy, by the way. We all really do deserve better than that now.

The reptilians we encountered ever since leaving Florida have been predatory. The predators are quite territorial, apparently. I haven't seen these reptiles as distinctly as I saw the clumsy human forms of the friendly ones but I've seen the predators' silver saucers and their shadowy forms in 3D often enough and Carol sees them as they are. I've seen the all-black eyeballs, though, and often closely sensed them otherwise. It was obviously the nice ones' intense curiosity, bolstered by an ability to know something of future trends, that brought their ship to land in the bush near our RV campsite then. Carol was quite unsettled when she saw the ship landing. I didn't see it but by I knew to trust her impressions.

When we arrived in the Pacific Northwest in June, 01, the reptilians' and other predatory non-humans' dark lenticulars were everywhere and in fact America, during our trip from the East Coast, was covered with brown smog, even in the wilderness areas. The chemtrails, whenever they were seen, quickly spread out to white/gray out the skies and everyplace was in a drought. The future looked pretty bleak then, even to us.

In the few months between June and October, which is when the death towers proliferated all over the world, we had a window of opportunity to witness what a cloudbuster can do and in that short period, during which we also went to Canada and closed a regional reptilian hive portal, the dark lenticulars were replaced with gorgeous white ones, which Carol said concealed Lemurian ships. We had the distinct impression that the reptilians had held the atmosphere of our planet the way parasitic/predatory Britannia had destroyed global trade in the 1700s by piracy and general bullying.

Within a year, of course, most of the chemtrails no longer whited out the sky because there were thousands of cloudbusters by then. Even in an area bristling with death towers the CBs still suppress chemtrails. When the towers are busted the chemtrails don't stick at all, though some persist for a few minutes and even turn into clouds sometimes.

Of course, the Sylphs returned to the earth's amosphere in droves over the past year and lots of us have seen sylph's clouds immediately overcoming and 'eating' the chemtrails, even on days when up to 8 spewplanes are visible at a time.

I got a couple of photos from my friend, Ivo, taken near Abruzzo, Italy lately. ONe shows a huge Sylph cloud next to a fresh chemtrail; the other shows a typical Lemurian lenticular. I'm going to figure out how to put these in a post becuase they're good examples, well photographed.

All the Lemurians needed was a toehold, apparently, and from Northeast Washington/N Idaho they extended their territory so that by December we were seeing them in Namibia during our visit there, even before the huge reptilian portal there was closed. The Lemurians' old allies apparently then came in from other parts of the galaxy. Each benevolent race and specie's lenticulars have distinct characterisitics but we haven't taken the time to line that out yet. It's kind of moot, anyway, for now.

This is how history changes, in fact. Nothing is ever initiated by the will of the masses. Christianity's an example. It was the few early martyrs in Rome who generated the impetus in that movement during a time when they were considered despicable by most Romans. Witness how many armchair religionists proclaim their bravery now. Muhammad. who is descended from Abraham, and a few followers successfully defended themselves against vindictive hordes, incited by Jewish poets and merchants to mayhem and slaughter but within a generation the Arabs went from burying their baby daughters alive to granting the right of property ownership and divorce to women, at Muhammad's behest, for the first time in recorded human history, outside of Africa, peripheral Asia and the Amerias.

I mentioned Britain's parasitic seizure of territory throughout the world as mainly a parasitic act and in fact the folks who are persuaded by the persistent and insistent disinfo sites on the web and by some dark-future authors that we're all hopeless and helpless can take heart from just witnessing the now-gorgeous skies, disappearance of smog, abundant rainfall, lessening violent storms and improved ambience throughout much of the world now.

Sometimes I'm astonished by how widespread this gifting effort has become. I just heard from a mutual acquaintance about a fellow who works on computers at one of the national intelligence agencies who has made thousands of orgonite 'holy handgrenades' but didn't know who Don Croft is and that's the best news I've heard in awhile, if it's true. I hope it's true. This very rapid dissemination, sans prostituted media, could only happen, I believe, with supernormal intervention. Pablo, who has an orgonite forum out of Argentina, went to a healer a few months ago and found that she was using orgonite in her clinic. He didn't mention whether our name came up Wink

If you take into account all of the current slander campaigns aimed at Carol and I, which do take a toll on our livlihood, by the way, the generative principle operating in the grassroots dissemination of this empowering but ridiculously simple tech is pretty awesome.

The death tower network is so full of big urban and regional holes now that I'm sure the occult/corporate hierarchy knows that martial law can never be adequately enforced, even if their persisitent terrorizing plots to commit mass murder, none of which have materialized on American soil in the past three years, were allowed to reach fruition. I know that we etheric warriors are not the only ones stopping these plotters, by the way.

What you're going to find out is that gifting your community raises awareness and builds confidence and courage in everyone, relative to his/her capacity and inclination. It's not just about busting towers, though by turning these death towers into life force generators you're getting a LOT more bang for your buck than if the towers hadn't been built at all. That's poetic justice, of course.

'The GRays' take the rap for most of the CIA's present and persistent hyperdimensional molestations, we believe. CIA assets such as Whitley
Steiber will continue to do their best, though, to reinforce the schizoid mindset of the millions of abduction victims, of course. I found out that he used to write promotional literature for the Church of Set before he started calling himself a lifelong, devout Catholic. See how authors like him reinforce the slave mentality of mind control victims? See how Sitchin's and Icke's persistent claims about the inherent inferiority of the human race also do that? I don't see any value in Streiber's writing but Sitchin and Icke's writings are chock full of usable information and I recommend at least a sampling of that. Icke published Credo's six hour lecture and loads of insightful evidence of the existence of the occult/corporate world order, for instance, and Sitchin demonstrates the pre-Abrahamic origins of Jewish metaphysics.

For what it's worth, Carol and I haven't encountered any grays in over four years. That was the first time I saw an alien, by the way. I do personally believe that the CIA had a relationship with them for awhile, though, along with several other predatory/parasitic visiting 'guest' races and species.

I hope you'll get a reptoid repellent from and go out and play with it in crowded places, then you'll get some 3D evidence, perhaps, of a non-human race which actually is interfacing, right now, with the human occult/corporate hierarchy as fellow travellers. REading disinfo sites on the web is like eating irradiated food: it tastes kind of okay and looks like food but it has no nutrients at all. At least Rense and Bell pepper their shows with relevant guests in order to maintain credibility, until they eventually blackball them all and sometimes defame their characters, of course.

I expect that at some point the dwindling number of relevant guests will take the hint and know that exposure in the prostituted media is the kiss of death. I think Danion Brinkley is the only guy who has survived Bell's friendship but of course he wants to die and otherwise seems to be entirely immune from the occult/corporate world order's interference. It's pretty astonishing to be around the fellow in a workshop (it's a lecture, really Wink

Also, Credo Muttwa clearly states that the little grays he encountered during one of his initations as a young man--that initiation was in Zimbabwe--are reptilians and lived underground. He said their helmets and dark goggles are mistaken for heads and eyes and that the reason they're not seen in daylight is that daylight blinds them. He also notes that there have been friendly reptilians who have interacted with humans in our very, very long history.

Carol and I saw photographs, by the way, of very fine bas relief sculptures in a cave, depicting a reptilian emissary paying homage to a human queen on a throne. These pictures were apparently taken in a cave in Central America. The guano in the cave allegedly had to be excavated to reveal the carvings, which would indicate that they're many thousands of years old. I'm a little reserved about the peripheral details since I don't personally trust the presenter but the photos seemed real enough.

Carol and I are encountering more and more people who are extricating themselves from mind control programs. She never had a history in those programs, which is probably why it's possible for us to be mates. She came to the Theosophical paradigm as a full adult, so the artificial worldview she tried on in order to socialize with other gifted psychics never deeply rooted and she's capable of hearing me suggest to dogmatized people that the Theosophical reincarnation and karma explanations aren't at all satisfying to an inquisitive intellect. Honestly, though, I do annoy even her sometimes with my iconoclast nature. I probably could take less pleasure from my karma running over others' dogmae.

When a braindead PJ person assumes that all of these Spier-type constructs 'just occured to them' it's pretty sad, though. Spontaneity, like synergy and creative thought, can't be faked, after all. I sincerely want everyone to just climb up out of this WalMart of ideology that calls itself enlightened thought. I only know one newager who calls herself a newager, by the way, and I respect that one. Willi Spier was Hitler's architect Wink

Carol claims that the lying-down 'L' marks that were carved into six gifters' chests (mine included) with poisoned needles the night of December 18, '02, was a comment on my excoriation of 'Love and Light.' I even signed some of my return email to the loveandlighters, 'Lust and Darkness, ~Don' but some of them thought it was a sexual come-on so I stopped that pretty quick. Humor's only as good as the receiver's perception, I guess.

I was sick for a month from the injected poison, even though I immediately zapped the spot on my arm where they injected it. It must have been pretty potent stuff because I never got sick at all from the rattlenake bite I got three months ago after I stuck the zapper on that one.

The poison/marking event inspired us to invent the Powerwand, though, and we started evening up the score with that thing, I can tell you. Now we're earning a lot more points than their side is in this game and we may actually win.

For the first two years of this network's young life the newagers, channelers, con artists and pot evangelists who thronged to the idea of orgonite threatened to founder this movement. Really, I wanted more often than not to get out the whip and drive them all away but I knew better than that. My reward for being so tolerant Wink is that now the vanguard of this grassroot effort are sober, mature people who make intelligent observations and don't seek a following or undeserved recognition. is a small sampling of these people, by the way.

I'm happy to see that the folks like yourself whom I want to be active in this work don't seem to consider an exclusive club. I think several of the posters there are relieved when they don't see me posting in their threads, in fact Wink and only a dozen or so actually participate in the group intel and blasting sessions, which is the other main reason I finally opted for a private forum.

The most peculiar aspect of this unpaid career is that none of my detractors are calling me a crackpot or fake scientist, except for the lettered one who has generated so much support by his incessant diatribes that he's kind of in a separate class--more of an advertiser, really. When Rense excoriated orgonite cloudbusters on a few successive national radio programs, early last year, it nearly doubled our numbers, which is when the $#!+ really hit the fan in terms of subterfuge and sabotage.

That concerted character assassination campaign started on the internet almost the instant that Rense stopped mentioning us, by the way. Otherwise we were on the threshold of entering mainstream awareness and the CIA, who apparently thought they could use Rense to dissuade folks from taking this work seriously by scaring them away, realized they were actually accomplishing the opposite effect for us. Public exposure would have been premature, I think. I want this grassroot effort to continue to expand at an organic rate, completely outside the purview of the prostituted media. When it reaches critical mass (if it ever does--that's certainly not up to me) we'll have a secure, untouchable position and then 'orgonite' will quickly become a household word, free of stigma.

Sorry for the length of this response. I knew I had to write something and your letter was kind of provocative, which is grist for my mill, so I'm posting this on and without telling who you are.

YOur account is, after all, pretty typical of anyone who is using orgonite and similar tech to extricate him/herself from a personal history of mind control. Most of us have done or are doing that, so don't feel singled out, please. I honestly believe that none of us are entirely free from mind control as long as we're in this life. I want to show that it's fun and profitable to disengage from it, though.

"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich

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I'm experimenting with a new approach, here. There was a time, not long ago, when nobody had the courage to challenge these constructs. Any criticism of reincarnation or karma got an immediate avalanche of personal attacks and ill-concealed fury from newagers, who are supposed to be love and light emissaries Wink

Also, I'm hearing less and less of that infantile, 'Your truth is NOT my truth!' silliness. Have you noticed that, too? I think this is another sign that white people are waking up from that pitiful drugged sleep.

The reason I'm experimenting with a frontal assault on those addictive artifacts now is to test whether people are capable of thinking rationally about these things, at long last. I think anyone can see that these schizoid mindsets shouldn't be encouraged or enabled any more. They're quite divisive and limiting.

I don't think anyone can accuse me of running a popularity contest; I'm stepping on the corns of half the people on this board right now Cool

If I'm misguided about bringing this up here, I'll stand corrected if someone can point it out publicly or privately in a courteous way. It's an experiment, that's all; an enquiry. Not everything I touch turns to gold, that's for damn sure.

"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich

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Critical talk about newage dogma these days is just like critical talk about National Socialism was in Germany and America in the 1930s.

Truth is so much more fascinating than the best fiction.

Zeig Gezundt!

"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich