'I am not sure I agree with you about Theosophy'

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 03, 2004 2:38 pm    Post subject: 'I am not sure I agree with you about Theosophy'
Hi Don and Carol;

I got my zapper and a bunch of tb's/hhg's from cbswork and have a question: there is this nasty looking tower some 10 miles away
from my place but it is very difficult to access as it is surrounded by a thicket and a creek on one side and some farm lands with houses on the other. Since I didn't want people in these houses to notice me (it is very flat here so anything that moves is immediately visible to
everyone), I tried to access it from the creek/thicket side. I threw the tb into the thicket but since the creek flows between the tower
and the TB, I am wondering if it will interfere with the tb's job. The Feng Shui masters say that water such as creeks or river provide a barier for the chi. Does it apply to the action of towerbusters?

I read your daily reports and found my letter there (the one in which you mistakenly thought I still live in israel) and was very surprised
to see that it was signed with the name 'Naomi". How did you know that this was the name I was given by my Israeli schoolteachers?!!!

People who come to Israel with non-Jewish names are re-baptized by the authorities with Jewish/Hebrew sounding ones. Since 'N***' and 'Naomi' both begin with 'N' this is what they decided to call me. It is very weird that you picked up on it!

I am forwarding to you a Polish website which I found very interesting. I don't know if you have any contacts in Poland but this guy, Marek Glogoczowski, sounds to me like someone who could get interested in doing orgone work in Poland. [www.marek.glogoczowski.zaprasza.net]

Do you think Drunvalo Melchizedek is genuine or is he one of these CIA manipulated 'New Age Prophets'?

I am not sure I agree with you about Theosophy. It attempted to introduce the Eastern philosophies to the West which I thought was a
noble endavour that educated Westerners about Eastern thought and helped some to rise above the provincial and two-dimensional 'Christianity' prevalent in the 19th century Europe. I realize that Mme. Blavatzky was a fruitcake and that Alice Bailey's books are impossible to read or understand but I didn't find either one of these dames evil.



If you got the TB within a quarter mile of the tower it's busted, don't worry, unless the tower is so big it needs two TBs. Whenever I have a doubt I use more. I don't usually have a doubt. Water helps the process. We drop ours in water whenever possible, as this can even multiply orgonite's good effects.

I don't recall typing or seeing 'Naomi' in that piece, so maybe some NSA or Mossad hacker put that in during transit in an attempt to tweak you somehow. I'm sure Ken Adachi wouldn't have added it. Mossad is certainly as present here as in Israel, as you may know. I haven't encountered them, as far as I know, but several others have. They interface closely with Meyer Lansky's Jewish Mafia here, which also supports the Anti Defamation League of B'Nai Brith, which was instrumental in lulling the American public asleep so that the FBI could slaughter the women and children at Waco.

Thanks for the reference to Marek in Poland! I'll contact him right away.

I genuinely love Eastern religions as much as Western ones but I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't just read the source material rather than get it filtered through people who obvioiusly have vested and very, very questionable interests. In every age, the 'artificial' (parasitic) attempts to overwhelm and suffocate the 'genuine' in a concerted, controlled effort by taking on the guise of genuine-ness. This is a tpycial old-paradigm subterfuge, seen at all levels, even within families.

The reason the British developed Theosophy is because there's inherent power in religion (Hinduism and Buddhism in this case) that doesn't exist in mere philosophy and when humanity finally progressed enough spiritually to become disaffected with the infantile trappings of Western religions by the mid-1800s, London simply exploited the opportunity, using a westernized version of what worked for them in subverting India itself in the 1700s.

Note that the mid-1800s was also when all of the artificial American religions, apparently created by Masons, sprang up like mushrooms in a cow pasture. During the time that Theosophy was being fashioned by the British aristocracy my own Faith was born in Persia, completely outside the sphere of London's influence, and was eventually brought to America and Europe by Persians, some of whom had endured decades of imprisonment, partly at London's behest through their representatives at the Turkish court.

The reason London hates Islam so much is that there isn't enough clergy-dilluted, manipulable dogma in that newer religion to sufficiently subvert it. The Brits have apparently been working diligently since the 1860s to infiltrate and subvert my own religion but we've got no clergy and we won't proselytise, so it's been a tougher job, still Wink nor will my religion likely emerge from obscurity until the London-financed and programmed parasites in all organizations have been exposed and held directly accountable by a fed-up human race in coming days. I don't mind obscurity at all becuase it allows us few genuine activists (I'm including you) to do our work unencumbered. Anyone can see that this new, global grassroot gifting effort doesn't need 'public' exposure or approval.

I've done my best to fashion my personal activities on the very durable and pragmatic social and spiritual teachings of my religion because those teachings work well in the present day and have no ideological baggage. I frankly wonder why anyone would assume that obscurity is an obstacle, in fact. By the time this 'gifting' effort reaches the stage where publicity is inevitable it will be solid and impossible to undermine with subterfuge any more. Maybe Carol and I will make a buck from all this time and capital we've been donating Wink but of course we aren't primarily motivated by material gain.

Theosophy is 'indecipherable' specifically because it openly promotes 'irrationalism,' which absolutely does NOT derive from the pristine teachings of Krishna and Buddha. All of the spiritual teachings of the great religions are in perfect harmony and are empowering. Never mind the trappings and social exigencies of the historic periods they all showed up in! Theoshophy and it's masters would have us believe that the accidental trappings ARE the essence of religions. I assume you didn't buy into that scam.

One might argue, 'Well, if people prefer to get it filtered through a nut case and a devil worshipper, where's the harm in that?' and it's a good argument if one ignores the fact that it's a very specific cultural weapon, wielded by some very cynical and well-funded social saboteurs and mind control adepts.

Wave after human wave of these brain dead, smiling spiritual zombies who are addicted to veiled promises, unfulfilled, of personal power, assaulted our internet effort for two years, straight, and nearly wore Carol and I out in the process. By the way, she doesn't particularly share my religious views, nor should she. The genuine and long-promised unity of humanity isn't coming about through conformity, after all. If those unwitting newage nazi cruise missiles aimed at this fledgling movement had prevailed in the first two years, those death towers would all be operational, I believe, and you and I, along with half of them, would likely be moldering in mass graves long before now, among the very first victims of martial law. The local dirty cops who occasionally nip at our heels would also be sharing our grave, by the way. Chumps.

Theosophy is the direct outgrowth of the espionage agenda used to subvert India in the 1700s. The history of the British East India Company, one of the world's first genocidal corporations, is well documented by several research journalists, most of whom publish under LaRouche's banner. I don't personally support LaRouche's political aspirations and several authors whom he publishes are blatantly off track, in my opinion, but several others of them are outstanding, including Anton Chaitkin and Margery White, who write and document extensively about the history of the later stages of the history of the occult/corporate world order. Benjamin Franklin Press sells those books.

Documentation is where it's at. The internet has been flooded with CIA disinformation artists and their hallmark is that they NEVER corroborate or document their dire and titillating claims. Also, when one is sufficiently mind controlled, interest in these fly-by-night claimants is apparently maintained by mind control triggers inducine endorphine releases in the brain. For one who isn't sufficiently programmed, the stuff is ennervating and even infuriating to read. I believe that the latter is the more balanced response but the best response, I think, and the one that's balanced, is to just ignore this incessant stuff when it shows up in our email in-boxes.

Addiction has always been the stock in trade of this occult/corporate order, of course.

Right after the Brit corporation undermined and 'conquered' India in the late 1700s, which they did in order to produce enough opium needed to subvert China, the richer prize, they initiated the Zionist movement. I get a little dismayed when people focus their ire on America and Israel without realizing the obvious fact that both nations are simply the featured legbreakers for London, which is the center of political and economic power for this occult/corporate world order.

If one wants to examine Hiduism's or Buddhism's genuine teachings, why get it filtered through a flaky channeler and a satanist? Alice Bailey was closely connected to Aleister Crowley and the rest of that nasty crowd and she personally initiated the heinous, Luciferic ideology that was immediately adopted by the UN. Her publishing company, The Lucifer Trust, was the UN's sole publicist until the UN were embarrassed into asking her to change the name to The Lucis Trust right after WWII. I think you'd agree that anyone who names her own company after Lucifer is a satanist. I don't even believe in devils but Luciferians do. The masons call Lucifer, 'The Architect of the Universe,' by the way, and depict him in an inverted pentagram as 'Baphomet, the Hermaphroditic She-goat,' in MORALS AND DOGMA, which is their Bible. It would be laughable if they didn't take this stuff so seriously and commit so much mayhem under its banner. Pedophilia and massive-scale kidnapping are hallmarks of satanism, for instance, as is human sacrifice at the highest levels.

Most PJ people are completely incapable of contemplating satanists' role in their daily lives and no human mind, I think, is capable of comprehending the entire occult/corporate world order's modus operendi for getting and sustaining power over humanity. I believe that orgonite is the magic bullet to slay this corporate beast now.

Drunvalo openly and casually admitted in front of many witnesses, a few years ago, that his particular Merkaba meditation protocols are specifically designed to get the more talented adepts directly under his control. Thanks to the internet, this comment was broadcast and he apparently lost most of his credibility. He also openly promotes the Great White Brotherhood, which is a high-end Illuminati organization which also directs masonry, Rosicrucianism and Thoesophy as well as the newage gurus of whom he's only one.

Even so, I recommend that people read his material and even try the Merkaba exercises if they're inclined to do so. Carol and I both feel that the basic exercises have merit and that when a more talented meditator reaches the higher stages he/she can simply modify them to a more universal mode and just keep going without fear of being spiritually compromised. After all, it's not the exercises themselves which are 'bad,' but only the addictive nature of the individual meditator that can allow him/her to be ultimately scammed into being a psychic slave for the GWB. Get rid of the addiction and see whether these higher end Merkaba exercises have the same appeal as before, for instance. No balanced person wants 'personal power,' after all, or an advantage over anyone else.

Count St Germain is a common feature to all of these organizations.

When our friend, who 'grew up' in that Illuminati guru stable, along with Drunvalo, Maitreya, Braden, Twyman, Houston, and the rest, was inducted into Scottish Rite's 33d degree (he told Carol and I) in the middle 90s, Ct St Germain materialized in the sealed temple during the ritual, nodded his approval, then dematerialized. All of the high level SR masons, such as presidents, kings, top clergy, top generals, etc., are 33d degree and wear that ruby masonic ring. I've seen our friend's ring, which he no longer wears, of course.

My grandfather, a very successful corporation president in Kansas City, was a mover and shaker in Harry Truman's lodge after WWII and he only had the onyx ring of SR's 32d degree. Truman was 33d. The 33d guys draw their power from the rituals conducted by the 32d degree guys, who are far more numerous.

I believe this is true because I know him well enough to trust what he says about how the occult/corporate hierarchy is set up and operates. I don't promote any of what I'm saying as objective research, of course, because I can't document it but when we gifted the I AM Fellowship's killing fields (Ct St Germaine's world HQ and a newage/CIA interface) in the vicinity of Shasta in May, 03 we were in the most physical danger of any other time in our gifting career. The other time we were in much danger was when we were gifting Yellowstone last month and the nearby Royal Teton Ranch, which is home to 'the other,' more blatantly aggressive 'I AM Fellowship,'.

Our friend was shot through the throat by a sniper and drowned in his own blood in '99. Fortunately, his wife got him to a hospital in time to bring him back from the dead. He was being punished for 'betrayal' in that case. We've seen the two scars where the high powered bullet entered and exited his neck.

CIA and NSA were created by British MI6 during WWII, just as MOssad was. KGB and Gestapo (Interpol IS the Gestapo) are also closely linked to MI6 and are subjects of the British aristocracy. This has been an overt world order for several generations and a covert one for a couple of centuries, though the few controlling families can allegedly be traced to ancient Mesopotamia, back through Venice, Rome, and Phoenicia.

British aristocracy, newly established in the 1600s when William II took over from his base in Holland (Venetian sponsorship), a bandit hierarchy that's are evidently a continuation of more ancient aristocracies, created the French and Russian 'revolutions.' Note the similarities between those two and contrast them with the more grassroot American Revolution (the artificial vamping and diverting the more genuine). By the way, the old Vril Society is the occult interface between London and Russia/China. DB told us that the higher up he went in the Illuminati, the more German he heard spoken and 'Old German,' which is apparently the language of the rituals, is more Slavic than Indo-European.

I'm telling you this because you challenged me. Really, in order for you to have any confidence in what I'm saying, you're going to need to do your own research, of course, as I did. It really doesn't matter if anyone does it or not unless it feels troublesome to think about these things. I felt very troubled in the 60s by the fact that all the hippies were in lockstep with Theosophy even though they loudly proclaimed their freedom from all ideologies. It took another twenty years for me to learn why that was. Fortunately, that information is no longer censored or suppressed in America and anyone can get it on the open market. LaRouche was imprisoned for publishing about the world order's previously hidden hierarchies and agendae and several attempts were made on his life. Many authors who can't afford body guards, nor have the intel support that LaRouche enjoys, have been murdered, of course.

We're all safe as long as we don't try to get recognition, I think.

By the way, keep watching what happens in Toronto. Steve Baron, who initiated and closely facilitated the atmosphere and water cleanup there in recent months may soon be in line for some published recognition from the local government. Watch who will try to usurp his small group's victory if that happens.

Helga Zepp-Larouche and some other contemporary German journalists, whose writings comprise THE HITLER BOOK, document the continuation of the German SS after WWII and it's typical of the way this world order operates that top SS men nominally converted to Islam and took on Arabic names when they set up the secret police organizations within all of the new governments in the Middle East after WWII. The Waffen SS in what's now Croatia were all Muslims, by the way, and I understand Croatia's flag is the same flag used in occupied Croatia during WWII.

The already accomplished invasion of the US by Russian and Chinese troops was facilitated by London, of course. Since you and the rest of us have disabled enough of the death towers to make martial law unfeasible, it remains to be seen what will become of the millions of foreign troops who have been waiting here for over ten years to enforce UN sanctions against the American people. I know I'd get a little stir crazy living underground that long and, by the way, most of them are no longer youths, I assume Wink

I believe they're here based on direct reports from reliable witnesses and by simple extrapolation. We were all told that the Eatern Europe occupation forces (millions of Russian troops) were not allowed to return home to Russia after 1990. Where else would they go but here? For that matter, when East Germany fell where did all the German spooks and soldiers go? That's when a whole lot of German troops, too, showed up in America.

I personally believe that martial law was to have been declared shortly after the BATF blew up the federal bldg in Oklahoma City. All of the concentration camps were manned and ready by then and the first reports of massive Russian troop movements at the Canadian border and in a couple of closed National Parks were reported by lots of witnesses right before that.

That the world order is this far behind in their intricately planned genocide/enslavement agenda is one of the most hopeful signs I can think of. Maybe orgonite came along as ammo for the kill shot for this behemoth; the coup de gras. It was obviously in decline before our grassroots effort got started 3 1/2 years ago.

"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 03, 2004 5:54 pm    Post subject: hi
just a minor correction to the above.

I saw The Old Villian during my "raising" degree, or the 3rd degree, blue lodge. I was never made a 33rd. I see how this could be heard in error, given batteries.

We were told that at the raising, it would be Christ who would raise us out of our journey into the astral plane, but it wasn't. Instead, it was Germaine. In fact, two months after my raising, I quit the order in disgust. 1993.


Just keeping the details accurate.
Let's go to work!

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PS. Well, theosophy is them. They. Reptoids. Plaeidian reptoids, at that. Elite. Nordics. Known as the Nagas, in Tibet and other areas north.

Theosophy was a co-creation between the Owl Faction and the Nagas faction. Very successful for them.