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PostPosted: Mon Jan 24, 2005 12:32 pm    Post subject: THE WHORE OF BABYLON IS DEAD?
Last Thursday the Women Warriors had pretty much proven, in my opinion, that our blasting methods’ evolution had taken an entirely new path thanks to the dolphins’ active participation in our blasting efforts and their subtle coaching.

I was watching on and off that morning as my wife participated in the intel/blast session and I then sensed the sea change, so to speak. When I offered to lend some assistance Carol said, ‘It’s better if you don’t because you’ll probably just splash around.’ I accepted that she had a good reason for saying that but I didn’t understand it until yesterday’s Etheric Warriors group intel/blast session . I experienced a curious emotional mix of anticipation and uneasiness because I knew that my personal paradigm was being challenged.

Yesterday’s project was to see what we could do to stop the bloody American/British mercenary incursion in Iraq. My initial notion was that we could work up through the recent rash of GI suicides and desertions, especially through that Sgt’s open refusal to deploy to Iraq from Ft Bragg but the consensus wasn’t supporting that so we glommed onto Condoleza Rice in the beginning, almost as a reflex or habit Wink. I felt confident that any step taken would lead us to the appropriate occult/corporate targets and predators like her are fair game. It’s always open season on members of the mass murder cabals and their minions, of course. No size limit or license required, no warden will call and take all you want Wink

We asked the dolphins for help and the psychics saw five dolphins immediately glom onto that American tyrant and start working on her. I think we all felt a little sheepish when we realized that they were boosting her human characteristics over her reptilian ones. Normally, when we encounter an arch predator like her we just start slamming the target until it’s disabled and, if we’ve got the right person or cabal, this seems to bugger any mass murder plans that are in the works at the moment. Mostly, these thugs are simply repaired/revitalized or installed in another clone after we finish with them, apparently. At least, that’s what the psychics consistently and clearly have seen happening. After a lot of hits the targets generally get demoted and/or get very sick, according to what we glean from the sparklebox and newspapers.. Once in awhile they end up in the obits.

This time, we all realized that the war is actually being carried out by entities that are above the level of the White House and UN thugs, though. Carol noted that the opposition to the war in the US and the near-complete lack of public support for the White House cabal has made no difference at all in terms of the war’s progress, for instance.

The core cabal for all of the mass murder events (the successful ones and the ones that we and others successfully prevented) has been Bush Sr, Hillary Clinton, Rumsfeld and Putin. Others, including Rice, Cheney, Gorbachev, some Chinese general or other, etc., show up in the cabals occasionally.

It was in retaliation for setting off the massive hydrogen bomb on the ocean bottom off of Java that a couple of orcas went after Bush Sr in particular a couple of weeks ago and I sort of thought that was showing us a new trend but, apparently, it was just particular payback for Bush Sr’s cabal slaughtering a lot of cetaceans in the Indian Ocean with that tanker-truck sized nuke bomb.

By the way, aside from Joe Viall’s fine assessment of that event, the best evidence that an oversized nuke did the damage, I think, is that a whole lot of very, very deep ocean species of fish were found hundreds of miles awy on the land after the wave receded. If a mere earthquake caused the damage those fish would not have been displaced from the depths of that ocean trench offshore. Surface water a few hundred feet deep would have made up the tidal wave instead. Those deep water fish and even giant crabs from the bottom were literally blown up from miles under water and onto the land. Did you, too, see the photos of those fish which made the rounds on the internet last week?

As always, I’m only offering a report of a highly subjective event (yesterday’s group effort) and I don’t expect you to believe it; I only expect you to adopt a ‘wait and see’ attitude because I think this is the start of a new trend, as was the successful cloudbuster effort that started four years ago and the currently productive, much larger gifting effort that started a year later.

There were three good psychics in yesterday’s session: Lilly, Dennis and Carol. I don’t consider a group session worth doing unless there’s at least one competent, confident psychic involved because, otherwise, we might just be shooting in the dark, literally. This group is comfortable enough with each other by now that we’re not afraid to get off track. When that happens we simply do some blind dowsing and that gets us back on course. We know we’re off track when a question is asked and the answers people get from dowsing are not consistent. Dowsing (including kinesiology, of course), by itself, isn’t very scientific or consistent in our experience but blind dowsing can be, especially when several people are doing it. This is when one person silently poses a very specific ‘yes/no’ question and the rest offer their dowsed answers. One doesn’t need any psi talent to be a good dowser, of course. If I can do it, so can you and I’m pretty good at it. Asking the questions correctly and specifically is the key to success here and that comes with a little practice.

We boosted the dolphins who were working on Condoleza when it became apparent that hitting her directly wasn’t helping. They partly restored her heart chakra and five dolphins kept working on her after we felt inspired to move on to bigger targets. They didn’t actually need any help from us once they got started; they only needed the invitation. Lots and lots of dolphins were waiting for the next phase. Lilly saw a thoughtform behind the war effort, so we went after that and it turned out to be the Queen of England (the Whore of Babylon, literally). We invited the dolphins to go after her and the psychics saw that the dolphins went right through her because it was only an image. This is when they got a notion that the queen herself had died some time ago. Some dowsing and closer peeking showed that the Queen is actually dead and that a ruse is being used, perhaps with holograms, to convince people that she’s still alive.

Eric, who is currently deploying orgonite for the dolphins in Florida, had been eager to go after ‘Pindar’ which he had read was the power behind the throne in England. For one reason or another we hadn’t gotten around to scrutinizing that arch predator, though. Carol did a quick search and discovered that ‘Pindar’ is the name of an influential family of Brit aristocrats. Eric had said that ‘Pindar’ means both ‘dragon’ and ‘penis’ and that this individual fathered Prince Charles and has run the Court since before Elizabeth got crowned. Some predators, like Bush Sr, don’t seem to age much—have you noticed?

We discovered that this guy does exist and has been directly controlling the throne in England and also the slaughter in Iraq, so we asked the dolphins to go to work on him. That left some of us feeling like a third wheel but we got over it and felt that this was the appropriate way to handle this situation. Carol noted that Charles isn’t considered suitable to assume the throne and that his boys are so obviously whacked out that they wouldn’t make credible kings, either, hence the Royal Hologram for now. If this pans out, remember that you heard it here first, okay? Wink If not, remember that we don’t deny that our offerings are subjective accounts. For now, it just feels right to do what we’re doing and we feel confirmed in other ways, too.

It will be interesting to see what happens to Condoleza in coming days. Our impression is that when the other arch predators see that she’s developed some human qualities they’ll be obliged by natural law to engage in a sort of feeding frenzy because to predators all human qualities are seen as weaknesses and in order to be a predator one must have given up his/her volition. In our case, those higher qualities are protective features but in the case of a mass murderer in a cabal compassion or other expressed high-end emotions are pretty much the kiss of death due to the accountability factor.

What’s becoming more and more clear to us is that the dolphins are extremely eager to jump in and help absolutely anyone who sincerely wishes to disable tyranny now. Carol has noted that all that’s required is that the asker not have selfish motives. If you’re reading this (I’m not including the various salaried agency pigeons who are required to read it or the serried lines of our deeply programmed, sadomasochistic, pot-enfeebled enemies, none of whom have a clue about what I’m saying Wink ) you’ve probably made the grade, so just sincerely ask them and they’ll go to bat for you, don’t worry. This isn’t some newage nazi pi$$ing contest and, in fact, we rarely hear from those fakers any more.

I ask them to help me with every single one of my blasting efforts these days and I can always feel their presence and eagerness, even if I’m only punishing an NSA hacker who’s caused my browser to slow down. This one-on-one dynamic is how wars are won. We don’t just go after the generals or ‘the devil;’ every single grunt who works for the other side has to be held accountable, which is another way of saying that they all need to be specifically defeated whenever they engage us. ALL direct interference and intimidation episodes are engagements, of course.

If you’re literally a soldier in the trenches and someone on the other side shoots at you, it’s something to be reckoned with and it’s no different when some CIA skunk aims an electronic weapon at your head in the middle of the night from the van parked on the street a half block away. Dealing decisively with that skunk is exactly like shooting back at the sniper on the other side of No Man’s Land. Can you see that? In this case I’m assuming that you’ve already disabled all of the death transmitters and HAARP arrays in you area, of course. Those are their primary weapons against anyone who stands against tyranny or even is curious enough to think about the truth. You’re probably well past the recognition of the insidiousness and omnipresence of the NSA’s. MI5/6’s and Mossad’s parasitic brain police.

We’re here to show you that you can fight back and win and with the dolphins’ new help this is easier than ever. Our victory is also, clearly, the cetaceans’ victory and they love to jump into the fray. They’re much better fighters, too, because when they engineer a predator’s demise he stays down. They’ll only participate by invitation, though, and this is nice for us because it lets us know that we’re still essential to the equation/solution.

I can’t describe the higher benefits we’re getting from this new partnership because I don’t fully understand them but stay tuned to Carol’s reports and to the offerings of the other psychic warriors on EW in coming days. Hopefully, before long, other sites will show up and demonstrate their effectiveness, too. We don’t want a monopoly because anyone can and should be doing this healing work now.

Frankly, some of my more perceptive fellow warriors have been concerned that the direction I’d been urging people to move in was going to become counterproductive if we didn’t change our strategy soon. Flexibility a basic principle of waging spiritual war, I think. One risk is that we could become static in our approach.

Carol and I found out 4 ½ years ago, for instance, that a moving target is the hardest one to hit. In that case, we were the targets because the War on Healers was moving on the zapper makers and putting them out of business though legal intimidation. The ones who got hit were the ones who played by the rules and caved in to unlawful (legal) FDA intimidation. I never even got an email from those federal terrorists but one of our distributors did soon after Carol and I took to the road in the Zapporium.. Of course, nobody has ever been harmed by a zapper but many thousands have cured their own ‘incurable’ illnesses such as cancer and AIDS with these humble, inexpensive devices.

Last September our sole remaining American zapper competitor, Michael Forrest of Jaguar Industries, was thrown in jail by the felonious feds for making and selling harmless, effective zappers, which is also our main livelihood. Carol and I are the world’s premier zapper maker by now, in fact, though that’s partly due to attrition Wink

This time we didn’t go on the road because we sense that the feds have lost too much credibility and power to attempt to come after us. Of course we’re prudent and ready enough to get moving again if we sense that they’ll make a substantial move on us but let’s see whether they’ll try it this time before we decide to go on the road or do business from another country. A spiritual warrior has to remain flexible and pragmatic as well as genuinely idealistic, of course. Michael’s idealistic and a good man but he hasn’t learned that he can’t win the game as long as he plays with their rigged dice on their rigged tables under the watchful eyes of their crooked croupiers Wink. Another analogy: in the poker game of life in America, the felonious feds would like to be the rakes.

I’ll ask the group to go to bat for him shortly and see if we can etherically (lawfully) spring him from captivity. I want him to prosper. The US Constitution guarantees a speedy trial and his trial date is set for early May—if one is very liberal with the definition, perhaps in terms of geological cycles, I guess 7 months might be considered ‘speedy.’ Nobody can make up science fiction to rival the surreal 3D fantasy of the Federal Reserve Corporation’s (London’s) US court system and Gulag Archipelago, of course.

If it weren’t for the generations-old medical/drug cartel brainwash protocols anyone in any small city would be making a good living in the wonderful, empowering zapper trade now so I know there’s room, as humanity continues to cast off the old shackles of brainwashing, for everyone who wants to try his hand at this business.

I should say, too, that if it weren’t for all the fake science and neo-voodoo about electromedicine being pumped out now by the disinfo artists and their masochistic pigeons on the internet zappers would have been more widely distributed before now, too. Thankfully, Carol and I have grown our business by referral, though, and so have many of our distributors here and abroad and also our colleagues, most of whom are in other countries. We’re all prospering in spite of the fake science campaigns and the occasional direct assaults on our own credibility and characters. Our happy customers always jump in to defend us whenever one cynical dinsifo artist or another attempts to defame us in the alternative medicine forums, thankfully, and their orchestrated fake-science diatribes end up being merely opportunities for us all to educate more people. It doesn’t get better than this. These are the good old days Wink

How does one reasonably begin to respond to a sea of exploitation and murderous agendae? When we first started fighting for our own survival after we made our first cloudbuster we didn’t see a lot of other folks who were ready and willing to do this essential work. Just about everyone had thrown up their hands and were bending over to kiss their own butts goodbye. It was pretty grim. We saw the light at the end of the tunnel when we noticed that we could use our new Succor Punch to knock some etheric predators back on their haunches after we busted a beautiful blue hole in the sky muck and generate some needed rainfall with our new cloudhbuster. In a short time a whole lot of people were getting those same happy results and a global grassroots network just sort of accidentally sprang up, thanks to the timely dissemination assistance of Ken Adachi on Apparently lots of folks were looking for solutions and they recognized the value of ours enough to try their hands at it.

By simple extrapolation of our individual, consistent successes I think that it was useful for awhile to expose and even etherically exploit the predatory cabals who have been murdering and enslaving millions of people for the past 150 years or so but, judging from what the dolphins are showing us, we can beat them with even more finesse and panache now. In fact, the moves they’re showing us closely resemble Aikido in which an attackers own energy and momentum is turned into the means of his own demise without risking any harm to the defender. The spiritual risk we had been taking before we ‘met’ the dolphins is that fighting monsters on their own terms can cause one to develop monstrous traits. There’s no need to get etherically filthy in the process of disabling these criminals, after all.

Every good trend, until now, has been exploited in advance by the dark masters of the Great White Brotherhood (Illuminati). This is how they were able to subvert the rising consciousness movement in the mid 1800s, for instance, by creating a bunch of cults, such as Mormonism, Christian Science, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah Witnesses, the Pentacostal movement, etc., and it was how they were easily able to subvert the early 1920s one with communism and the 1960s one with pot addiction. More recently they had their disinfo artists in place before the Sylphs’ distinctive cloud sculptures were seen again in the atmosphere, thanks to the cloudbusters and gifters here and abroad, but the Great White Brotherhood have utterly failed to exploit the new dolphin connection.

Carol says that this won’t happen because dolphins, unlike the wonderful Sylphs (our close allies and benefactors in the atmosphere), are 3D entities. Purely etheric entities like the Sylphs aren’t as closely connected to people. It’s sort of like the way fake scientists can make dire claims about the ozone layer or how some newage freaks can make claims about what ‘the Mayan Elders’ are saying. Who’s going to run up in to the troposphere to measure ozone or travel to the jungles to talk to the Mayan Elders?

Remember when Art Bell openly ridiculed the Hopi Elders who agreed to speak on his program at Robert Ghostwolf’s behest? I listened to that show and I was absolutely astonished that Ghostwolf made no move to defend their honor. I bet he no longer had their confidence after that. You can bet Ghostwolf and Bell no longer had my confidence and that was a few years before I recognized their CIA-disinformation job descriptions.

It may be that we’re changing our tack in the group blasting efforts just in time to avoid personal disaster. If one considers that we’re all in a cosmic dance in this world, don’t you think it’s better to be the ones who are leading rather than following? The day when the occult/corporate world order were calling the cadence and dance steps is now over. We demonstrate by our mere continued survival,.freedom and even our increasing health and prosperity that they’re reactive rather than proactive. We few thousands are the ones, now, who call the shots with our atmosphere-cleaning cloudbusters, extensive gifting efforts, courtroom victories, predator blasting, mass murder prevention and other successful 3D healing efforts.

Did you ever dream that this could happen in your own lifetime? We never did until recently. This will be a very good year, I believe.

~Carol Croft’s Old Man
"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich

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