Lets Help Our Italian Co-workers Connect With Each Other -Feb 18, 04

I just heard from some folks in Southern Italy who had made a cloudbuster.   When I told them that there are a couple of groups of Italians who are busting towers in Rome and in Northern Italy they were quite excited and they'd love to connect with them.  Like the rest of us, they assumed that they were isolated.  Most of them don't speak English, so I'm hoping an Italian-language board similar to EFF, quebecorgone.com and cloud-busters.com will develop in due course, since Italians are well-known to quickly adopt progressive technology and ideas but English presents a barrier.

Right now, Italy's getting hammered pretty hard by the HAARP and Entropy networks and places like Naples that were always known for azure skies and a gorgeous ambience are besieged by smog, chemtrails, human misery and artificial drought lately.

If you're in Italy or know someone there who would like to connect with the other people in that glorious nation who are seeking to heal the atmosphere and the population, please send me your email address so I can email other prospective networkers' email addresses to you.  I've found that this is the most prudent, expeditious way to connect people rather than to broadcast email addresses.

I've asked dear Palma in Los Angeles to suggest a more prosaic phrase to describe the occult, parasitic world order rather than 'ucielli di merda.'   As long as I'm appealing to our Italian brothers and sisters here I hope they'll also offer constructive comments and suggestions.