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Our efforts to prevent a nuke attack on Persia - 01 April, 20:37
Lately, disinformants and maybe a few genuinely alarmed people have been warning that the US and Brit governments, in order to regain some of the tyranniical/parasitic power that's been slipping, fast, away from them, have contrived to set off some suitcase nukes in American  cities in order to generate panic among the PJ folks, which could then be used as an excuse to start enforcing some of that grandly treasonous legislation that both countries' parliaments have eagerly been passing ever since the feds blew up teh WTC, five and a half years ago.

 The latest attempt in Britain sort of backfired. Maybe they just didn't destroy enough innocents in the London Subway to do more than give the American  Gestapo an excuse to steal travellers' toothpaste and baby formula, which mainly just pissed the PJ folks off at the government a little more.

I don't delineate between the regimes in London and Washington, since you'd be hard pressed to find any seam between them since 1865 or so.

We did a double whammy in the two chat sessions this weekend. In Dooney's chat on Saturday we went after the main facilities and the psychics found that several plans to set off nukes in teh US were well underway and being prepared to implement, perhaps this week.  The latest 'reclamation' technique, which is to visualize vortices originating at the vertices of the dodecahedron around a target, then to connect the spinning vortices in the center, has apparently been producing consistently dramatic results with less energy on the sender's part. Dooney and Carol suggest visualizing one of those 'Tesla ball' devices which send/draw little lightning bolts from teh center out to/from the clear glass globe that surrounds it. I think it's just a little Tesla coil in a globe.

The psychics saw absolute mayhem after that in the operational center underground at Langley (CIA hindquarters) and plenty of other mayhem in some draconian ships overhead.  I still felt it would be prudent to look for more plotters, though, and Dooney concurred that there are probably a lot of plots running simultaneously for this because the world odor has a lot vested in nuking Persia for some reason.  LIke anyone, they havre to stick to getting things done during little windows in time and we already kn ow that their plans for genocide are completely derailed by now.  They call it 'population reduction,' of course, and at the UN they openly discuss the 'need' for this--if you could sit in the General Assembly sometime you'd probably run out of there screaming on account of what they're really discussing in there Cool and I assume you know that the UN is NOT anyone's governing body--they're all hand-picked, then groomed by top world odor freaks. I doubt anyone operates at the UN level who has a conscience.

 The second session was today and after the psychics found the main staging areas for the suitcase nuke attacks on  teh US (Edwards Air Force Base; Dallas/FtWorth; WashingtonDC)  they started vordecorating a large number of draconians in each  location, deep underground, then we hunted for the command-givers, finding BushSr,  Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell and one other popular predator whom I've forgotten already.  We did them again, then the psychics felt that we'd done enough for today.  They each saw a massive amount of hoodoo effort put into distracting/diverting their attention from the plotters, which isn't surprising. I've always had a sense that the human or apparently human string  pullers need to be sanctioned sufficiently in order to prevent these attacks by the only terrorist organizations on the planet: the governments of the US,  UK and Israel.

 In the past five years, since we started going after these murderers regularly, the only terrorist events that slipped past us were the Spanish train bombing, the Bali nightclub bombing, the H-bomb on the seabed near Malaysia adn the London subway bombing.  I think there  are enough of us,  now, to prevent every attack until the world odor is brought to account,  finally. If something bad happens again I'm going to feel partly accountable for it, as perhaps anyone should,  now that we apparently know how, with the help of a few good psychics,  to prevent governments from murdering masses of people.

Dooney vordecorated the major vortices where those three staging areas were located.  We've found that it's prudent to re-envigorate pirated vortices and reconnect them with the earrth's center because the world odor's parasites rely very heavily on the earth energy from distorted vortices, even though the distortions are pretty shallow.  Gifting is how we can easily ensure that the world odor won't take back those vortices, of course. It doesn't take a lot of orgonite, either.

I  suspect that the large stockpile of little nuke bombs that the gov't of New York City recently discovered at the Israeli consulate there will need to be looked at next time.  We'll go through each of the sewer rat agencies in coming days,  looking for more plots:  Vryal, KGB, Mossad, MI6, CIA/NSA (I'd be surprised if the button-pushers would ever trust those clumsy, arrogant FBI thugs with a nuke device--they're mostly good at just boldly shooting innocents, of course).

When you and I were little, the magic word was, 'please.' Now, I think the magic word for ridding the world of tyranny is 'secession.' If one US state secedes, which is each state's clear right and obligation under the circumstances, the entire world odor will collapse, I believe. It starts with open discussion, of course, like all good things in our world start. 


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No Subject - 06 April, 20:47
We had a mid-week chat session on Wednesday and went looking for more plotters.  The big room at Langley was still apparnetly deserted, so I asked where the plot might have been moved to.   The psiquicos found some lingering  genocidists' activity underwater at a base off the UK coast, linked to Pindar, who has apparently been holed up on the Isle of Wight.

 That island is in the Irish Sea, equidistant from Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Carol wants to go spend time there when the opportunity comes up because it plays a big role in the earth-energy distortion and piracy efforts of the new world odor, so needs some tender loving care with enough orgonite. Also, there's a big museum there, dedicated to witchcraft--including implents of torture from when nasty Roger Bacon was translating/encoding the 'King James Bible' and overseeing the slaughter of witches throughout the king's domain.

Pindar is alleged to be the real father of Prince  Charles.  Dooney graced the old freak with a 'Tesla helmet' Cool which he apparently couldn't get clear of.  These old predatory, 'eternally young,' aliens and quasi-aliens near the top of the world odor's dung heap are pretty hard to take down but the new 'vordec' technique might be the key.  We'll try that on old 'Saint I Ain't' shortly, also that  white-haired NSA freak who has been showing up again, lately.

Some folks had been expressing concern to me in email that the world odor will probably do everything they can to nuke an American city so that they can score another global conflict by exercising the mouthbreathing, white Pajama People in America and/or UK enough. 

I think the 'Captured British Sailors' scenario was supposed to immediately blow up into an attack on Persia but the Persian mullahs want war even less than you and I do, so they fell over each other to hand those fellows back. After all, it's been a long time since they could fully engage their parasitic will on the populace of Iran and for twenty years they've been piously selling heroin and committing pedophelia without any lawful restraints at all.  Before the Brits installed Khomeini the main reason people went into mosques in Iran was to use the public toilets. Women were making a lot of progress, too, before the Persians were thrown back into the dark ages, again, at the behest of London.

For the rest of the month I'm going to ask teh psychics in each session to hunt for genocide plotters.  I hope we can do something about all those suitcase nukes in the bowels of the Israel consulate in Manhattan, too, since they're probably  supposed to be set off in the US.   Napoleon said, 'An army can  do anything with its bayonets except sit on them,' and Israel is losing popularity in the world even faster than the US is, so I bet the predators who run the Israel show are just as desperate to avoid their ultimate exposure and demise as the murderous US regime is.

If one of their little nukes blows up I'll at least feel sure that we will have done what we could to prevent it.  



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No Subject - 06 April, 23:24
I realize some of my reports look kind of crazy on the surface and if it weren't for the fact that people all over the world are getting consistently phenomenal physical results with orgonite, who would take me seriously?

The reason we give these occasional updates about our international group sessions is so that something will be in the public record if/when a lot more people start using these techniques and getting their own confirmations.  The fact that there are several times more people doing this, now, than there were a year ago is also a confirmation, especially since these are generally stable, mature people. It takes some focus and detachment, after all, to do this group work.

Stevo is the grand-scale psychic 'reclaimer' in the bunch and has an affinity with whales, who apparently do their own scale of reclamation on targets like US Navy submarines and weaponry, also on NSA and other mainframe computers that are dedicated to internet sabotage and unlawful surveillance.  Even harder to fathom or believe is how the whales can disable predators' space ships.

You might think we're running just on our imaginations or group self-hypnosis but, in fact, we watch for confirmations. The times when Etheric Warriors was taken down by agency hackers and even physical saboteurs, in the latest incident, for instance, Stevo and the whales got busy with some mainframes and everything was restored, though of course Jacques in Montreal maintained EW's structure well enough in the meantime that it wasn't completely destroyed by the hackers, as it was a year and a half ago.

Also, when we go to work on the agency and otherworld predators who attack some of us success is routinely  confirmed by reversed medical conditions,  removal of physical pain, restoration of livlihoods (in some cases, better than before),  resolution of bad relationships, etc. and it's usually immediate.

 Confirmations are just as important for us in these sessions as it is for us when we're healing the environment with orgonite.

The donebydooney.com techniques continue to develop and new informaiton shows up regularly, thanks to Dooney's commitment.  The other psychics, here and abroad, are a good testing medium. It's kind of like how new orgonite-related devices get good, thorough field tests.


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No Subject - 07 April, 10:00
Hi Don,

 Just to clarify, the isle of wight is not the island which you are refering to geographically, that is the Isle Of Man. The Isle of Wight is the island near me just off the south coast of England, where I went to gift all the towers when I gave the Icke's a couple of CB's.

There are some anomolies to this island though (the isle of wight), it has (or had, not sure if that is still the case now since my gifting) the highest suicide rate in the UK, plus there is reported to be a major vortex/grid intersection which has 4 points North/East/South/West of the island, I'm not sure whether these have been addressed, but I didn't have the time when I visited.