G-Man from Hell 2/4/04

I'm going to try to be less provocative.   That last request was loaded with insulting terms for the targets--sorry about that!

Adam Klein is an FBI agent in our new police friends' domain who was assigned to take the place of those two agents we put out of commission a week or so ago (Good Work, folks!).  He's meaner and more resourceful, also rather motivated to harm the Chief's lieutenant tomorrow.  He's a higher rank than the other two, by the way.  

We feel it's significant that they didn't call anyone in from Washington, DC, yet. When/if they do that we can have a field day, especially if they send a murderer.  Agent Adam isn't a murderer but please hit him with all you've got.    We have a golden opportunity again to protect these courageous policemen, who are the first in the entire nation to stand  against the Homeland Security Abomination.   A LOT of eyes are on them now, so let's keep them safe!

Carol says that Fu-Manchu is completely distracted by what you're doing, as are his appointed CIA satanic tormentors in Ted's case.  Ted's doing better but needs all the help we can send him, still.  They put a massive curse on him.  This case is a Big One, like with our police friends. 

She suggests that you can just write the target's names or my names for them on a piece of tape or paper and attach them to your Powerwand or Succor Punch and just intend for it to keep up the pressure on the targets.  This should be done for the ones we want to help, too.  It's the same energy but it helps people who deserve it and hurts the ones who deserve it.   We never get to make those determinations, of course, which is probably a good idea ;-)  How many targets you want to put on a device is up to you.  Hopefully, you'll get a feel for that.   Dowsing can help you make those determinations.

Radionics can also be done by more static means, like putting the names under orgonite pyramids or between the bottoms of two of them, taped together.

In Ted's and Fu-Manchu's case Carol and I purposefully didn't intervene because we wanted to monitor the effect you're having without our involvement and I'm very pleased to say that you're getting it done extremely well, so do keep it up and keep networking with each other, as Galaero, Ronin Yuki and Messiahmews are doing so well  

That arrangement is synergistic and very gratifying to The Operators, who look for opportunities to help us work together well.

Do put STeeve's and Mark DAvey's names on your radionics devices, please, and ask that the energy keep going to them steadily as they're the round-the-clock focus of extremely intense secret police interference these days.   You don't need to boost us because we enjoy the hell out of doing that ourselves, so we've got quite a good buffer zone now.

Also, for now, please add Thundermountain to that, as she's under the gun for now because of the outstanding psychic service she's providing.   The NSA/CIA and MI6 absolutely don't want YOU to disable your implants, after all. 

I don't think they let the FBI thugs inject these things because they don't shoot very straight ;-), with rare exceptions, like Lon Horiuchi (the FBI sniper who shot Randy Weaver's wife through the head while she stood in a doorway, holding her infant).

Happy hunting!

~Don Croft