Don Croft Heal-A-Palooza Part 1

Don arrived “out of the blue” at our front door and quietly introduced himself to my wife. His low-key introduction and sensitive, open persona were at odds with the warrior/ healer/ scientist image I had imagined him to be through his now famous writings and our correspondence.

He recalled the unusual (not for him) circumstances of his trip. Some highlights include inducing fits of power vomiting and unconsciousness to a flunky fed on the bus in rural Michigan with his Succor punch and scaring the other agent off the bus in Nowhere Ville to report in to H.Q. and to change his diaper. From New York City onward, Don dowsed that he wasn’t being followed. For reasons unrevealed, he came east instead of going north.

Right away, Don got to work on gathering our personal data and it was clear my wife and I were both being simultaneously probed for our relative awareness, intelligence and intent while also undergoing diagnosis for our physical, mental and spiritual ailments.

Wasting no time, he launched into identifying and disabling our implants with his zap checker and super powerful neo magnets. Then through simultaneous telephone conferencing between us and his extremely gifted, psychic wife Carol, she, in an out of body state back in Idaho, told us the nature of our life situation and physical problems, their sources and how to understand and solve the nature of our predicament.

Let me tell you, she saw and told us EXTREMELY personal things about ourselves and our histories that still give me the chills- all delivered with an I-Ching, broad yet subtle oracle like delivery- and flavored with her obvious personal compassion and understanding. Then Don had a final translation of our diagnosis with Carol before he hung up the phone. (He gave me a bottle of Doc Von Peters super chembuster sauce and I must say that along with my Croft Terminator Zapper and Carol’s H.P.- a miracle of healing is occurring!)

He then looked me in the eye and said, ” I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that your illness is being caused by repetitive poisonings- such as the ‘item’ Carol found in your leg under the scar that we saw with the zap checker. The “good” news is that your enemy, in this case, are the Draconians who usually only screw with the most difficult enemies of the dark agenda. These are not just your typical, run of the mill, Reptilian aliens, but a sort of Special Forces for the dark side”. Don went on to explain that they can read potential in humans and have the ability to see aspects of (possible) future scenarios and are often engaged in pre-emptive assassination and mayhem of the worst kind. He said that “I should be “happy” for such a special, rare designation, as it is a form of validation” and that “you must be doing something right”. Gulp!

The most utterly amazing part of all of this is that Don and Carol understand the synchronistic nature of reality and the workings and methods of all the higher forces and entities- especially the dark manipulations- literally across time, other realities and human bloodlines. It is to such an amazing degree, that when one sees one’s life history translated into their level of awareness, it is indeed the most shocking, yet liberating mixed bag of emotions one could possibly have. AND I THOUGHT I WAS PAYING ATTENTION! The mind-bending, yet true realization is to understand that the degree that one should interpret the events, relationships and situations of our lives demands FAR more awareness, discernment and thought than the way we are programmed to function. We’ve all been “dumbed” down.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCE. This truth cannot be overstated. It is devastating in it’s magnitude. This understanding is possibly the most important thing I’ve ever been taught and it CHANGES EVERYTHING. Thank You Don and Carol!

I was amazed how Don dowses constantly (in conjunction with his Succor Punch) and was extremely patient in his attempts to teach me the finer points of the art. What a patient guy. He said over and over: ”You learn this stuff under fire!” Let me say that you haven’t lived until Don Croft unexpectedly grabs the steering wheel of the car you’re driving, from the passenger seat, at 75 M.P.H. and laughing, tosses you his pendulum and Succor Punch and insists you dowse the route to take to bypass the upcoming roadblock. Practice under fire- Wahoo!

This guy is one fearless hombre that can make you feel (unintentionally) like a schoolgirl with soiled panties, due to his personal operating style. He is also funny as a b@$t@rd in pressure cooker situations like crossing international borders without proper documentation, etc. He’s tall but amazingly, he blends in. This is astonishing since he gets right in people’s faces and is utterly fearless and direct. I believe he uses his (always powered up) Succor punch as a sort of a cloaking device. Maybe all the Orgonite he has been around has transmuted him on some genetic or sub- atomic level.

One interesting observation about being outdoors with Don is that all day, everyday, Sylphs were above us in different parts of the sky. When we saw the largest grouping of Sylphs, which was in northern Vermont, my wife and Don saw a poison spew jet plane enter a large cumulus cloud and it never exited the other side. Weird!

He chronicles his adventures. He doesn’t invent. This isn’t fiction, folks. It is a very twilight zone, inter-dimensional musk this guy is sniffing on the smell-o-vision. Our life had seemingly been quite vanilla up until he knocked on our door. Not any more.

Part 2- Making and gifting with Orgonite ala Donny Orgoneseed-
coming soon