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Episode 41 Let's Stop 'Muhamed Harvey Oswald' This Time
Episode 42 The Tonasket Barter Fair Portal Activity
Episode 43 Watch The Sky
Episode 44 Don Croft Does D.C. in Honor of Dr. Reich  Satanic Designs
Episode 45 NSA Versus the Cloud-Busters Gang Part 1
Episode 46 NSA Versus the Cloud-Busters Gang Part 2
Episode 47 NSA Versus the Cloud-Busters Gang Part 3  Carol's Secrets
Episode 48 NSA Versus the Cloud-Busters Gang Part 4  Evil Thoughtform   The Oregon Vortex
Episode 49 The Grand Poobah's Predictions  Psychic Author?
Episode 50 Where Are We?

Episode 41 Let's Stop 'Muhamed Harvey Oswald' This Time


[Editor's Note: Don mentioned something to me at the beginning of this journal entry that I think everyone should read: Did you know that the feds are now bulldozing the areas around their favorite busted towers in LA and Chicago, at least? Metal detectors won't find orgonite devices. We put them just far enough away that bulldozing is not one of their workable options ;-). I suggest to folks that they put off worrying about Planet X and start busting towers. If the feds get their way this fall, we'll all welcome some quick death from an errant planet next spring. Ken Adachi]

By Don Croft

October 1r, 2002


I may be doing more than pushing the envelope with some of my readers with this exercise. Until now, you may have been amused, at best, by my more arcane suggestions and claims, but I think our time for effective action against this unlawful world regime is running out unless we can disable the current ploy that's perhaps designed to destroy the last of our freedom and put us on the fast track toward martial law and 'Homeland Security.'


East Coast 'Sniper' Murders

Cbs work's assessment that the string of murders last week, patterned to lead to Washington, DC, are being carried out by a team of ten CIA operatives-three shooters, one handler and a 'cleanup crew' to take care of logistics and cover the snipers' tracks. This led my psychic wife, Carol, to realize that this is directly connected to the planned US political assassination that she and several other psychics had seen scheduled for October.


On The Waterfront

Six of us foiled an attempt by government agents on July 4 to blow up part of the crowd on the Chicago waterfront during the annual fireworks display. In that case, one of the Cbers who is a professional psychic was already on the job, trying to disable the bomb, and he emailed me earlier in the day, lamenting having to do it alone. I told him I'll see about rounding up some folks with Succor Punches and in a couple of hours there were six of us, from two countries, giving it our full attention, as were some Lemurians and nice off-worlders, apparently.


During that time, two people were shot by a 'lone gunman' at the El Al ticket counter in LAX, the air terminal in Los Angeles that's surrounded by Holy Handgrenades. To some of us, the fact that NPR played this down as having nothing to do with terrorism speaks volumes to the effectiveness of the orgonite devices that the LAARP distributed in the vicinity.


The Rockefellers' NPR [National Public Radio] is rattling their saber louder than any other alleged news network right now, so I assume they would have jumped at a chance to do their succubus work with that shooter in LA if only he'd been able to kill a lot more people. Classic maneuver: bomb a bunch of innocents in Chicago, right after a 'cold-blooded agent of evil Saddam' (just another MK Ultra stooge) shoots a bunch of people in a crowded air terminal halfway across the country.


Welcome to a new, safer 'secure' America! (Run for the hills! ;-) Our state, Idaho, wouldn't be a pushover, now that the tower network here is disabled. Nor would the adjacent areas in Washington State. I guess the Canadian Homeland Security equivalent in Toronto, Vancouver and Halifax, at least, would need to worry about Molotov cocktails there, and whatever guns the locals found prudent not to turn in a few years back. Johannesburg might get another chance at an 'Orange Free State,' and goodly parts of Holland, Belgium, Namibia and Australia would now be problematic for Big Brother. I hope that other people in the world are disabling the towers as fast as we are now in our area.


CB Forum

Please let the new cloudbuster forum know if you've done it and approximately how big your liberated territory is! Telling about it is a very, very valuable incentive to get others to do the same-don't you realize that! Rest assured the regime knows about each tower you bust within minutes and somebody's usually waiting down the road to get a glimpse of where you'll be tossing your next tower buster, so your secrecy isn't protecting you from those jerks.


ELF Towers

Everyone else on the planet would be thrown painfully to the ground, flopping like fish out of water, every time their version of Homeland Security presses the 'disable the local populace' button in order to restore order or round up the latest list of patriots. There's a verse in the Bible's Old Testament that says, 'My people perish for lack of knowledge.' (


I just read that those ragtag Chechens are winning another war being waged on them by the Red Army (are our Special Forces helping the Russians this time, too?) If the Chechens can do it, I suppose we can if we have to.


I'd rather replace the regime with real governments before things get to that point here, wouldn't you?


A Few Good Men (& Women)

I'm writing this for the sake of the very few people who will read this, take it to heart and do something constructive with us. I don't expect anyone else to take it seriously and I don't mind looking like a chump to the latter or being laughed at by fools. It would be wonderful if some of the media whores find it useful to tell about what we're doing and laugh about it as they're shuffling their yellow papers. There's no such thing as bad publicity.


If you're keyed into the tower busting process, you probably know that the best evidence that time's running out is that the feds are now bulldozing the ground around some of their more important disabled transmitters in an effort to remove the tower busters. Metal detectors are disabled by orgonite, so they've apparently given up trying to find them and remove them.


Needed: Psychic Intervention

Here's my proposal: while most other psychics and well-wishers have been duped into joining the current love and light peace campaign in unwitting conjunction with the loveless, benighted nazis at the UN, I'm asking everyone, who feels so inclined, to join our current effort to cause the CIA murder team to lose its focus and, in particular, move in on the boss of the operation with every lawful means at our disposal and disabling him long before any political assassination can be carried out by the shooters. I'm talking about the CIA official who's pulling the strings and calling the shots, not necessarily the murderers' field boss, though he's fair game, too.


I think time's too short to be squeamish. When the federal government, itself, is manifestly murderous, there is no real federal government, so what else can we do? If we don't do this, who will? You can bet they didn't bother to set up a protective psychic net around these skunks. That would have slowed us down, at best, but time's short.


I know there are enough psychics on this forum to do the job, but this is a game anyone can play, and more is better in this case. For those who have Succor Punches and/or Big Secrets, all that's necessary is to get an image in our minds of that fellow and send him whatever energy we feel is appropriate. If you're not in touch with your own doppelganger, now might be a good time to get over your shyness and ask him/her/it to go to work for you. Some people don't need any tools at all to do this work.


Try to move beyond what is conventionally considered 'appropriate' in this case. If the local cops there were to get wind of this, most of them would find it appropriate to fill the bastards full of lead. We don't need to do that.


Night Visitor

Here's what I did last night with our latest astral visitors. This guy is a Russian, working for one of the dark masters. He's the most persistent psychic attacker we've met so far.


He went after Jenny, who's been feeling terrific, by the way. He had failed to get the best of Carol for the past week. Around midnight, when Carol and Jenny hadn't been making much headway with this jerk, I simply asked my doppelganger, through my Big Secret, to go after him in the form of a large, black panther and take a few bloody chunks out of him-namely his throat and abdominal viscera. Carol said that did the trick I'll be surprised (but ready) if he comes back again. I'm apparently not done with his master yet.


He was still being chased around by that panther when I fell asleep. This is great fun-it works even better on the less-capable NSA/CIA, CSIS and/or Interpol psyops people you're probably getting harassed by right now if you're actively busting their transmitters. I hope you've found, as we have, that nobody who works for the regime can have any power over us now.


I'll keep a running account here and I hope you'll do the same. It may be surprising to find how consistent our experiences will be and this can be a terrific educational exercise for everyone. Feel free to start your own thread in the forum, of course.


If you'd rather use the love and light approach, that's fine, too-I mean that.


Don Croft



Episode 42 The Tonasket Barter Fair

By Don Croft

October 24, 2002


Carol and Melody’s latest opportunity for a well-deserved break from their husbands, the Croft brothers, came last week. In this part of the country, the Barter Fairs are a time-honored institution, perhaps a continuation of the old Indian Potlatch. Melody and Jim started one in Santa, Idaho, about twenty years ago, that is a long-awaited event for many folks in the region, but the premium annual Barter Fair happens in Tonasket, Washington, on a small plateau on the Colville Indian Reservation about fifty miles from the Oroville border crossing into Canada.



I had written earlier that the Oroville border crossing is where the Washington Constitutional Militia confronted a huge convoy of Russian troops in 1994 when they attempted to cross over the border and into the ‘North Cascades International Peace Park.’ The fact that those resolute militiamen in their pickups were successful in turning them back is precisely why the plans for that ‘peace (the regime’s version of peace, not ours) park’ was no longer mentioned and quickly reverted to a ‘National Park’ again. I suspect the Russians found another route onto (into) US soil after that, because Carol picks up their thoughts when we’re in the vicinity of underground bases, which is one reason we’re busting all the towers in our region, of course. If the Chechens can whip the Russians’ butts twice, you know that we can if we have to, as long as the deathforce transmitters are disabled- which they certainly are now in our region. I’d rather embrace them as friends and welcome them to my fine country. The choice is theirs, of course. We don’t blame them for what the regime does, just as we don’t blame our fathers and grandfathers for being the regime’s mercenaries in all the conflicts since 1865.


I made up 60 Tower Busters and six holy handgrenades for them and Melody took along a plethora of her Harmonizers. Here’s where I take out my new digital message recorder. I got it because I didn’t want to miss any of the things Carol was to tell me about their eventful trip. Being naturally shy, she clammed up when I put the thing in her face. It was a bit like coaxing a toddler to open up. Fortunately, after she got going, it came out in a flood and I got every little bit!


I forgot to mention that Jenny, Carols’ 16 yr old daughter, went along. Her job on the road was to toss out the Tower Busters as they found ELF towers on the highway leading north out of Spokane. After they got on Indian land, the towers were essentially absent.


Portal Activity

Just over the mountain pass beyond Kettle Falls, Melody and Carol sensed reptilians and sure enough, the underground dwellers had reactivated another portal, which must have been unused for millennia. Melody buried one of her Harmonizers there and that was the end of the activity. Carol said that the presence was pretty feeble, they were simply resigned to losing the portal this time and that nothing much would have come of it anyway. Since we closed the portals on Rainier and St. Helens, they’ve been pretty busy making a new one someplace else, to the exclusion of any parasitic/predatory activity in our region as the regime’s cohorts.


Melody felt bad about doing that. She hates to do anything that’s hurtful, but Carol assured her that none of the reptilians would be harmed. They don’t need to be in the surface world right now.


NSA Reporters

Several of the cops they passed on the highway called them into the NSA, but when they got to the fair, all the cops and pavement artists were more involved with keeping track of the dopers. In some years, 10,000 people show up for this event.


The only time the women encountered the requisite anti-orgonite NSA/CIA psyops team was on the first day. In this case, they were a couple of middle aged folks in matching green vests and caps who were obviously out of place among the hippies and mountain people. The woman was marginally competent and had sort of skewered Melody, psychically. Melody felt it and then tried staring the woman down. She asked Carol, ‘What do I do, what do I do?’ and Carol told her to think of something else. So she started running Scarecrow’s song from The Wizard of Oz: ‘If I Only Had a Brain,’ mentally and the psychics broke contact and they both went away, not to return. I bet they were happy to leave.


They had set up the cloudbuster right away so there wouldn’t be any unpleasant weather for the weekend. Of course, the rain that was forecast didn’t arrive, nor was there any customary strong autumn wind on that high plateau. The women slept comfortably in the Zapporium, which has a nice yacht heater in it. Carol took along the little VCR with a LCD screen and Carol kept asking her to turn it down because she didn’t feel it was in keeping with the spirit of the low-tech-oriented gathering. I think Carol forgot to mention that neither are the combustion engines in the parked vehicles or the PA system being used there.



Not longer after the CB was erected, a huge triangle ship showed up. Carol and Melody were aware of it, especially Melody, who was getting beamed from it. The thing was so big that it was casting a shadow in the sky and was close to the sun’s position. The ground shadow wasn’t apparent, though it may have been on the other side of the mountain. Melody pointed the CB at it and Carol pointed her Succor Punch at it and it was gone in a very few minutes.


Right after it fled, a bunch of light lenticular clouds showed up around where it was located. These were the Lemurians. The ship was one of the regime’s B Sirian consorts’ ships, probably slated to participate in the phony alien invasion later this Fall. Carol said it wasn’t one of the big 20 orbiting B Sirian space stations.


Some of the folks there recognized the cloudbuster because there are a bunch of them around Oroville now. Typical of most CB builders, they never told us about their devices. I’m just glad they made them, though. They got the information off the Internet and decided it was worth a try, then others made more. That’s how good really good news spreads, after all.


'Building Inspectors'

Here’s what some of the locals said about what’s happening in the areas close to the national border near Oroville now: Mysterious white trucks show up at the houses and cabins near the border in the woods and the fellows in them tell the people that they’re building inspectors. They poke around, then tell the residents that their houses aren’t up to code and that they’ll need to do thus and so in order to get them up to code by a deadline, or else they’ll have to leave. When they get to the stores, they’re all told that the supplies are not available.


Earlier this year, a lot of forest fires were started by ‘ball lightning,’ and there were several HAARP wind events—typically, 75mph winds that felled trees and damaged property. The woman who told Carol about it said that she called the weather service and they denied that anything like that happened in those mountains because ‘it was impossible.’ Carol says this is just some HAARP scalar stuff designed to drive people out of the area. The balls of ‘lightning’ were seen plummeting to the ground from high in the atmosphere and the winds were very localized, not part of a frontal system.


The border crossing facilities on both sides of the line have been beefed up far beyond what one would expect for such remote locations.


The women didn’t drive to Oroville, so they don’t know if the towers have been disabled in that area yet. One can only hope. I may connect with some militia folks near where we live soon to see if any of them know about what we’re doing. They’re a pretty informed, very low profile bunch and not at all like the racist, xenophobic paradigm the media has suggested. I’ve learned that all the ethnic groups in America are proportionately represented in the Constitutional State Militias. Around here, they operate the Search and Rescue operations for some of the county Sheriffs. There’s a lot of wilderness close to where we live.


Mt. Rainer Heating Up

One of the men at the fair had found out that Mt. Rainier is throwing ash now and the lakes up on the mountain are heating up. He showed Carol and Melody a baggie full of the new gray ash and said the feds followed him around when he was there collecting it. His impression was that they didn’t approve.


Them Their Eyes

Another man with a large iguana draped over his shoulder came to visit the women a few times. He was a friendly fellow, but they had the distinct impression that he has a lot of reptilian DNA and in fact, is one of their walking ‘video cams.’ Melody said, ‘Are you a reptilian?’ and the fellow said he didn’t know, but that he’s fascinated with the ‘underground dwellers.’ Carol says that his girlfriend was an awful lot like him, also reptilian. They admitted that most other people consider them really weird. I’d like to get to know them, though.


Carol had asked me to make at least four HHgs, one for each corner of the plateau, because the last time she went there was some awfully intense predatory energy there, especially during the all-night drumming circles. I guess the hippies need to get more in touch with how the Indians do that at powwows and maybe ease up on the ol’ hallucinogens a bit to keep the unwanted astral visitors out of the circle. I didn’t hear what happened this year, but no news is good news, I guess.


On the trip back, though they were making a beeline for Denny’s Restaurant in Spokane, they did stop to disable a brand new HAARP array north of Spokane that wasn’t there four days earlier. There was a fedmobile waiting to see what the women would do about it, but of course, Jenny was too sharp for them to see her do the deed ;-).


Don Croft



Episode 43 Watch The Sky

By Don Croft

October 26, 2002


Watch The Sky for Evidence of Your Success!


It’s extremely gratifying to me to see that many are now posting about their tower busting victories. The only component that isn’t getting enough attention in most of these accounts is observations of the sky before, during and after significant numbers of tower sites and/or key vortices, and/or underground bases have been healed.


On our previous two-day patrol, in which we busted the underground base at Moses Lake, Washington, the Coast Guard LORAN (HAARP) facility at George (no kidding), Washington, the weather ball northwest of Spokane, WA, and a plethora of lesser arrays and towers there wasn’t an extremely remarkable atmospheric display, other than disappearing smog, a big, amorphous white cloud over the busted underground base, surrounded by lower altitude light, small lenticular clouds and an atomic-bomb-cloud-styled, dynamic DOR/fog field over the busted weather ball for a bit which immediately followed the quick, widespread cessation of some less-than-pleasant rainfall a few minutes after we tossed a single tower buster out the car window across the road from the weather ball (classic TB drive-by--in fine style, I might add).


Even if you don’t see these more mundane confirmations, I think you’ll find that when you watch calmly and carefully before, during and after your excursions you’ll catch a glimpse, at least, of some atmosphere anomalies that are worthy of posting here.


Years from now, when serious researchers (REAL scientists, free of institutional gags and shackles) are looking through our posts, your casual sky observations will be solid gold. Try to think of that when you get the feeling that something’s not worth mentioning, okay?


Johnny Tower Buster

Here’s what one can reasonably expect from 8 hours of mostly rural tower busting:


We only had the day for busting on Friday, so we decided to do some mopping up, mainly Fairchild Air Force Base and little Cheney, Washington, which are only a hundred miles away.


Since we busted the Coast Guard LORAN (major, major, major HAARP array for this part of the country) and the weather ball NW of Spokane the chemtrails had not stuck at all here for more than a minute or so, even on days when we were seeing spewplanes every five minutes, all day long, trying to make straight lines, let alone X’s.


We busted those travesties three weeks ago.


On Friday morning, we saw spew here for the first time since we did that. It was sticking for about ten minutes and the planes were flying by every five minutes, so they’d created a bit of a field to the north, out of immediate range of our cloudbusters.


This is a pattern—has anyone else noticed it? We get a major victory over them; they take some time to figure out a new game plan, then just as they find a way to get spew to stick again, we blow them out of the sky, yet again.


By the way, I don’t know if many realize this, but the spew is getting less and less toxic. Carol and I are absolutely convinced that what they’re doing now is simply trying to maintain the perception that blue skies are not our birthright. What they seem to know is that after years of toxic whiteouts people are starting to notice, thanks to your and our cloudbusters, that the sky is beautiful again. That means that PJ folks are waking up en masse now, I believe.


This being the regime’s primary personal terror (awakened masses) they’re investing a load of time, manpower, planes and non-toxic spew to maintain the illusion that they control the skies, not the good guys.


What tickles Carol and me to death is that the fellows at the top of the regime’s Spew Administration dung heap probably are certain that we know what we’re doing every time we blow them out of the sky after their otherwise-brilliant new strategies, as we did on Friday, again. Actually, what we do, which is simply to follow our instincts, is completely indecipherable to those satanic control freaks who are unable to ‘know’ anything except that they can hurt people and that they are vulnerable to expressions of their own bosses’ displeasure.


Driving north west to Cheney, we discovered that most of the spew planes had been concentrating near where we live, but as the tower busting progressed, more and more of them showed up overhead where we were working; sort of like flies gather around something that’s not to be mentioned in public gracefully and will follow it if it gets moved around.


We took care of the stretch of interstate that still needed attention (all of I-90 is now tower free from Montana to halfway across Washington State) then went to Denny’s, near Medical Lake, for lunch. The woman in Bakersfield who made the first CB there works at Denny’s.


When we went into the restaurant the spew lines were all over the sky and they were making them slightly faster than they could disappear, so they were getting a pretty good score. When we came out, there were just as many spewplanes, maybe more, but the spew was disappearing in a few seconds, all over the sky and not a trace of older spew remained.


I think this is significant because we didn’t bust any major arrays up to that point—only a scattering of roadside deathforce transmitters and whatever was on the campus of Eastern Washington University and in the town of Cheney, where the school’s located.


If we can do that and see such dramatic results, so can you.


A Gift

One of the fellows who works in the restaurant saw Carol using her pendulum, asked her about it and was curious and aware enough to accept a Tower Buster from us. I asked him to keep it hidden in a pocket, and then watch what happens to the behavior of his co-workers, one of whom he had mentioned treats him rather badly. He said, ‘Okay, why don’t you come back here in a couple of days and I’ll let you know.’ I said, ‘We already know—we want you to experience it yourself!” He kind of reminds me of Ben Morton. I bet we’ll be hearing from the fellow. I wrote down the forum address for him.


'Don't Worry, Boss, I Got 'Em Covered'

After lunch, we did Medical Lake (we had put a HHg at the mental hospital when we visited there in May) and the butte-top big array overlooking the airbase. Carol said a fed was hiding there to spot us, so of course I dropped her off out of sight to bury the single, ordinary HHg and then drove around the top of the butte fishing for the fed among the razortape-topped little compounds, but he remained hidden. I think he had the keys and was inside an enclosure—a tactician!


After I picked her up, she said he was looking at us through binoculars and telling his boss that he’d prevented us from doing the deed. She told me that his boss said, ‘Are you sure?’ Boy, I bet that guy's in trouble by now! I gave him a friendly wave as we were going down the road, which she said he saw through his binoculars.


Four HHg's

Oops—forgot to mention that Carol suggested that we put the four HHgs we brought in four places around the base. Those were the same four she put around the plateau at Tonasket to help keep the ambient parasitic/predatory entities from using the potheads’ bodies and minds during the Barter Fair (she couldn’t sleep on account of that happening en masse around her last time. She indicated to me that everyone there was, who they thought they were this time ;-)


We had left one along the southern boundary before we got to Medical Lake, and the butte top array got number two. We put the third one near the spot where the Air Force Intelligence Officer was waiting for us by a tower on our last patrol, and then the other one went to the last spot after Carol dropped me off at McCrap to freshen up.


She was followed by eight feds and Air Force intel guys (I wish I had a picture of that), but told me that when she got out of the car to bury the thing, the Wingmakers put in a rare appearance just to assure her that none of those guys would have a clue where she buried it. She also said that she sensed the effect of a large iron door slamming shut the instant she put that ordinary HHg in the ground. It probably goes without saying that we only use ordinary HHgs and Tower Busters for our patrols, just to show anyone who’s interested that the other fancy stuff is not essential for this. Of course the fancy stuff is nice, too, if you’re inclined to spend the time, money and effort to do that- we’re not. We like to use fancy stuff in our more personal efforts.


We scooted off to bust a tower that we hadn’t had time to get to on our previous patrol through the area and it was hard to find this time because it had been turned off when the feds figured out we were heading there. I knew that because it was nearly sunset and the white strobe lights usually come on before that. Carol didn’t sense any DOR coming off it until we got close. She said they couldn’t stop the residual DOR from emanating from it by turning off the power.


We had to look at the topo map for a butte to figure out where the tower was because it was a skinny HAARP-sort of transmitter that would have been hard to see that far away even in daylight. The last time we saw it, also close to sunset, the light was blinking like a champ. Carol said they turned it off so they could at least have one remaining transmitter in the region. If I was a nicer person, I’d probably let them have it, but we eventually found it and busted it, anyway. There were two fedmobiles on that road, but of course they got there after the fact.


Drum Array Microwave Towers

We found and busted one of those drum arrays on the way home. It was about twenty miles from the nearest major highway and the feds hadn’t a clue we were going that way on the way home, so the light was flashing on it. There were seven big drums on it, pointed every which way.


Carol felt another tower not far from there but the light was not flashing, so we’ll get that next time we go on patrol. It’s on the way to the area in Central Washington that will be our next campaign, this time with Sherry Elizabeth.


I knew there was another tower a few miles farther on, but it wasn’t lit up, either.


Rounding a bend, I saw a red flashing light, dimmer than usual, in a place where there weren’t any towers before, so I was pretty jazzed to bust a new tower.


We stopped the car and the light started moving to the north. I looked at it through the binoculars and saw that the red light was sort of rotating around a very dim white/yellow light—obviously not an airplane or ‘one of ours.’


Carol told me they’re very friendly insectoid ETs who are currently based on Mars, but are from a star system nobody’s heard of, but their home planet is blue and green. She said they were invited by the Lemurians to come here to help make sure this satanic regime doesn’t get its wish to destroy most of humanity in the coming short days.


She told me that these guys, along with the little dwarven Andromedans whose ship we all saw fly overhead last Monday night, were techies, easily able to stop nuclear bombs from going off.



All told, in the past week we’ve been in contact with five or six other-than-surface-earth-human races, including the native elementals and Lemurians, who are humans, albeit hyper-dimensional. We’ve encountered a few others now and then, too. I’m encouraging everyone who has contact with one or two of these races or others to consider that everyone’s contacts are equally valid and not to get stuck in the exclusivity groove. I think you’ll find that your contacts would encourage you to do the same thing.


Pretty soon, I expect that our supermarkets, swimming pools and theaters will look like the bar scene from STAR WARS, so why not rearrange our paradigms now and avoid the rush?


Am I the first to offer a hearty WELCOME! to these co-workers from out of town?


By the way, for those of us who have encountered the Lemurians and dolphins, the notions of ascended masters, mysterious alleged hidden, all-powerful, ‘ secret,’ beneficial societies, etc., that are what the regime uses to hook incredulous new agers, is pretty mundane in comparison. For what it’s worth, I have it on pretty good authority that you wouldn’t want to get to know the entities that the regime’s Lucifer Trust at the UN promotes as ‘angelic.’ I’m curious to see what transpires after they lift the lid on their Jeffrey Dahlmer style ‘world savior’ in December. I hope some local Sheriff’s deputy will be waiting in the wings for that miscreant with handcuffs and an arrest warrant.


Back to the subject of tower busting, we didn’t see any remarkable atmospheric effects other than the formation of the usual amorphous white cloud over the base (unless one counts the UFO) after doing the most dramatic thing on Friday, which was busting whatever was writhing under Fairchild Air Force Base. The big effects that day came after busting a few mundane towers—not more than twenty. You might not see anything noteworthy at all, sometimes, but don’t let that discourage you!


Don Croft



Episode 44 Don Croft Does D.C. in Honor of Dr. Reich

By Don Croft

November 11, 2002


I went to work at correcting the satanic geometry on which our nation's Capital is laid out in order to attempt to circumvent any possible mayhem from government agent provocateurs and from the DC police force that may occur during the demonstration planned for the following weekend by perhaps tens of thousands of patriotic Americans who are now, as I write this on 11/15, on their way to that city in convoys from across the continent to demand a return to Constitutional government. My heart is with them and I'd prefer to be there, but I wanted the orgonite devices I laid out to 'cook' and build up the healthy orgone shield there for a week before their arrival.


Here's a teaser: After 72 hours of eluding the feds in and around DC, they caught up with me when I had finished the job and was on the phone with Carol. In the small parking lot of an A&W restaurant in rural Maryland, there were five fedmobiles: three of which were brand new shiny black Lincolns, one a new Lincoln 'taxi'-sans passenger, and a jeep, parked next to my rental car. There were two actual Men in Black sauntering about, glaring at me and speaking into microphones. If I weren't so tired, I would have chatted them up and taken some digital pics for you guys. That only occurred to me much later, though. I never felt like I was in danger; even when I was tossing tower busters into the CIA hindquarters compound at Langley.


Before I get into the details, I want to acknowledge Jerry and Ben Morton for discovering similar satanic patterns in Boise, Idaho and correcting the energy imbalance on that artifact with intelligent placement of orgonite devices. I followed their fine example in Washington, DC, and I hope many others will do the same in the many other towns and cities where this patterning has been used.


George Washington Masonic Memorial

Oddly (does this term apply to everything I do?), the most informative part of the exercise was my visit on Sunday morning to the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia. The monument lies just outside the old jurisdiction of Washington, DC, which was a diamond-shaped area taking in parts of Maryland and Virginia. Apparently, the Virginia parts are no longer federal jurisdiction.


A brief tour of the monument, which also serves as the Alexandria Masonic Lodge and is used for higher ceremonies, was very revealing to me about George Washington's true relationship to freemasonry. Though the masons claim that Washington was an enthusiastic supporter of their efforts, some solid investigative journalism in recent years indicates that this was not the case and that he rather resigned himself to having to use the existing Masonic network simply because it was his only option. Also, during the end of the 18th century, there were attempts, at least in America, to remove the Republic's lodges from British supervision. I think it could have gone either way, which is why Washington maintained his connection to that network.


In Wilhelm Reich's early years, communism and fascism were the only viable options for political action, so I figured that was a 200% improvement over Washington's day. Now, of course, we can blow off all political agencies and artifacts and just use the Internet to create our own informal, effective grassroots efforts, such as the cloudbuster forum, and we can pattern real government on what's been done with the Internet's own organization success, which is free of political parties, corporate manipulation and ersatz ideologies.


Washington agreed to sit for a portrait in 1794, not long before his death, but he stipulated that the artist must accurately represent his countenance and not embellish his effort, as all the other artists had done before and after. I'd never seen that portrait before, but it was prominently displayed in the monument, as were copies. What one sees in that picture is a bitter, broken old man, close to death.


The literature there says that there were three Masonic doctors in attendance during his yearlong fatal 'illness.' The group was led by Dr. Dick, whose portrait is nearly as prominent as Washington's. The fellow looked pretty menacing to me and nearby his dueling pistols were on display. Dueling was a common means of eliminating political opponents, though I believe those docs were administering arsenic in measured quantities, aiming to get Washington to die on an astrologically favorable (to the organization) day. It's probably a lot like the cancer docs work now, extracting every penny from their patients before allowing them to experience the mercy of death.


Not very long after Washington's death, burley, rapacious Aaron Burr, who later fled to England after being accused of helping the Brits set up a new colony in Texas, shot the relatively wimpy Alexander Hamilton that way, immediately after which a Swiss banker, Alexander Gallatin, was moved into Hamilton's Treasury Secretary position. Gallatin's wife belonged to the pre-eminent British banking and espionage family of the time and he wasn't yet a citizen of the new Republic.


Washington is said to have refused ever to let Aaron Burr into his presence during the War of Independence. Burr openly confessed to having associated with the top British spy in America then and he married the man's widow soon after his death.


I have a hard time taking 'non-conspiracy' theories seriously.


The monument is a small, granite skyscraper, topped by a stepped pyramid and a sort of transmitter device, apparently. It reminds me of the steeples of the Mormon Temples in a way. It's built on a small hill and is the most prominent structure in the city.


I went in there to ask somebody about the location of that Masonic temple in Washington that David Icke describes. I hadn't located it before. It was only after I mentioned that my Granddad was in Harry Truman's lodge in Kansas City during WWII that they gave me the address, which turned out to be part of the satanic pattern I'll get to describing shortly.


I hope nobody thinks I'm out to savage masons. The vast majority is completely and studiously clueless regarding the grander agenda of their organization. They seem to be content to be part of something Big and Secret, that's all. The few higher up in the lodges, like my Granddad, knew a bit about it and were informed about magic, but only a tiny few at the international level, are really keyed in to the organization's predatory/parasitic overall purpose.


Masonic Assassinations

I do believe that Washington was murdered by the international masons, as was Lincoln. In the days before the CIA, this is how it got done. As many people know, the CIA patterns its own wetwork on old Masonic/satanic magic rituals in order to get a little personal power for its operatives and for the organization at mankind's general expense; predatory/parasitic activity.


Typically, when a man of character and substance gained prominence in human society, the satanic network eventually murdered him, then canonized him. Martin Luther King is another example. Reich was killed without later being honored because his life work represented the end of all of this horror. That's probably why they burned all his publications and notes before they threw him into prison.


I was once told that it's against federal law to have even an orgone accumulator. Let's see them try to enforce those alleged laws now ;-). I wish they'd try-we could all use the free publicity and it would be fun to see the prosecutors laughed to scorn by an awakening public.


Wilhelm Reich

I'm dedicating my Washington, DC, effort to Dr. Reich, who was defamed, imprisoned and murdered by the same ancient world regime who drew that big satanic star on the ground and built a city around it in the first place.


In the harsh light of Reich's scientific achievements, relative dim lights such as Einstein are the sore losers. A word of support from Einstein would, I'm sure, have prevented the debacle surrounding Reich's crucifixion. Einstein, early on, acknowledged Reich's discoveries' astounding implications, but soon after apparently realized that his own life's work was shown to be relatively insignificant, after which he shunned Dr. Reich, even during the latter's life-ending period of travail. When Einstein realized that Reich had discovered the 'ether' that the former was trying to deny in his work, he told him, 'This is a bomb for physics!' Like the rest of us, Einstein was sometimes slow on the uptake, not realizing that the bomb was particularly destructive to his own physics ;-)


My heart fairly breaks when I consider what Dr. Reich must have experienced in such a hostile world. I'm quite sure that if he were alive now he'd have no end of support, both moral and financial, from a grassroots network of researchers on every level, much like we witness in our global cloudbuster network right now. Nor would this horrid federal thing that calls itself government dare to interfere in his life and work these days.


The same is true of Tesla, Rife, Schauberger, Mesmer, Leibnitz, Galileo and all the rest who endured the burden of being ahead of their time. By the way, the fact that most of these folks have German names encourages me to believe that the German people may yet be the ones who first propel our project into popular culture and awareness.


Hans Solo

Carol and I wanted to go to Washington together, but family constraints made it impossible, and I later realized that it's better, in a way, that I do it alone, since it will provide an example to others who are similarly lacking in psychic gifts as myself. I'm not saying this facetiously-I really mean it.


Carol's over in Montana busting towers this weekend. We're creating a Gestapo-free buffer zone around Idaho in case the satanic feds get their martial law wish next month. It's her first lone tower busting patrol. I was gratified when she expressed her lack of confidence at not having me along, since I had to overcome the same feelings the first few times I went out without her. We both agree that it's a hell of a lot more fun when we do it together.


We reserved a rental car for me at the BWI airport outside Baltimore. I wanted to at least greet Michelle Ridgley in Baltimore and thank her personally for all her selfless effort in this work over the past year.


At The Airport

I'd made up 40 tower busters and eight HHgs on Carol's recommendation, but the feds contrived to prevent them from getting on the plane with me in Spokane. When I passed through security before going to the flight's waiting area, I got the devices through with very little discussion with the security people. The problem came when it was time to board the plane and suddenly there was a small crowd of uniformed and suited people standing around me.


I can breeze through any metal detector without setting it off these days. Carol was able to do that for over a year, but I just achieved that happy state. I hope you can all experience that little joy after you've built up your personal orgone charge sufficiently.


As I was exiting the terminal to get onto the plane, which had been held up a half hour in the process, I told all the assembled airport cops and administrators, 'It's okay, I can make more when I get there!' They came very close to letting me take those on the plane before the feds intervened (according to Carol). I think they liked me, personally.


Red Cars & TB's

As it turned out, it was better that I didn't get into DC during daylight and when I was in the Home Depot parking lot, west of Baltimore, making up my 40 tower busters and 8 holy handgrenades, I saw a typical Cessna 170 spy plane tooling along over all the major roads in my vicinity for about an hour. There were plenty of other bright red cars in that lot with mine and none of the people who drove by had 'the look' that I've come to identify as NSA/CIA pavement artists.


They'd given me a bright red car without offering a choice. I later saw that it was the only red car in that huge rental car lot when I returned it to the airport on Monday night. A couple of pavement artists were on my tail as I left the airport parking garage after I picked the car up. I pulled over into a median and they stupidly pulled over right behind me, looking a bit sheepish. I think the towers were stupefying them a bit. When I turned, they went the other way. A little later, I turned on the Succor Punch. I wanted them to know I was driving away from Washington and into Baltimore.


Michelle's phone number wasn't in the book and I've got a rep for not being telephone user-friendly, so I'd forgotten to secure the number before I'd left and it felt too risky to call Carol at that point of the venture to help me find it in my old records, considering how hard the feds must have been trying to find me.


As it turned out, it was important that I spoke to few if any people during the exercise, so I promised Michelle that Carol and I would go on patrol with her soon to make up for my faux pas.


A Little Night Work

I took a roundabout route into Washington, DC, because I'd seen a lot of video cams on all the Beltway and I-95 ramps on previous visits. Also, I realized that it would be prudent to enter the city after dark so that the red car wouldn't stand out so much.


As I mentioned, the city is diamond shaped. More specifically, it's a square, rotated 45 degrees.


The geographical center is within a hundred yards or so of the Washington Monument, that tall obelisk on a low hill. Carol said that this erection stands in the center of the only major vortex in the city. The east/west axis on which the monument rests is marked by the Lincoln Memorial at the west end of the mile or so long park-like National Mall, and the east end is the Capitol Building, the formal home of Congress. Much farther east on that axis is the circular Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, which has a double helix stairway configuration around the outer wall.


As a few researchers have pointed out, there is an inverted, distorted pentagram centered on the north/south axis of Sixteenth Street, which is about fifty yards west of the Monument. The downward point of that star is in the Oval Office; the President's workshop, if you will, in the White House. All but one of those lines is clearly delineated by streets. If you consider the star anatomically, both feet are in traffic rotaries, as is the left hand. The right hand was in the old Washington, DC, administrative building. If you extend out from that arm's point, you'll see NPR headquarters occupying the opposite corner. It wasn't hard for me to see where National Public Radio gets the energy to spin all that news and information out beyond Mother Earth's reality orbit.


Some of the chakras of the star's 'body' are clearly marked by monuments and they all got a good dose of healing orgonite, as did each point except the Bush family's operational headquarters. The 'hips' even got a Tower Buster each. I think the star was quite happy by the time I was done.


Extending to the south, across the Mall, the line goes under the dome of the Jefferson Memorial, which is another satanic temple. The beauty of these edifices reminds me of the world regime's penchant for bastardizing legitimate classical proportions and architectural standards to give itself the aura of legitimacy, much the way a pedophile and/or serial killer may put on a police uniform, clerical garb or judge's robes and even get paid to do so by this filthy, poisonous world regime.


I came into the city from the north along 13th Street. The right foot traffic rotary park got a Tower Buster without any scrutiny from the feds, but by the time I arrived at the left foot rotary there were a white, unmarked cherry picker and white, unmarked van parked in the park and the fellows from the vehicles were apparently scanning for me. I had parked a block away and had no trouble getting a device in the right spot without them noticing me. I'm pretty sure they were just told to look for a red car, of which I saw there were very few in the city, by the way.


Grounding Footwork

Here is where I can pitch the tower buster work as a way to ground and center the still- pseudomystical would-be planetary healers. This is a good way to get some street smarts and these skills apply just as well to high psychism as to my slogging footwork. I offer the analogy of a person arriving at a big city, innocent as a babe with hundred dollar bills hanging from every pocket to describe the state of 99% of people who boast of their psychic gifts.


As you can guess, the rube won't get two blocks before being mugged or taken 'under the mentor's wing' in a confidence scam. When innocent, untrained psychics enter the wide world of high psychism, there are invariably a host of savvy predators, manipulators and false friends waiting to steal every bit of energy/information they can from the novice and many of these predator/parasites have been at this game for a long, long time. Some of them are able to withstand some contact with our orgonite devices, too, so there's no easy way to mark them other than to scrupulously follow our finest instincts.


The responsibility each one of us have to keep our own intuitive counsel these days is nothing short of awesome and in fact nearly overwhelming, but the payoff comes in the form of empowerment, conviction, fuller psycho/spiritual development and stronger faith. And our efforts get pretty fast results and confirmations, thanks to all the nice, unseen helpers that want us all to succeed these days.


As some knowledgeable people in our forum have mentioned, the psychic con artists use copious amounts of real information to get the confidence of the uninformed. The manipulation is in the form of information spin, which is always designed to move our attention away from our 'function' as Reich called it. I'm sure you've noticed that the mentally programmed pseudomystics are the most adamant in denial of their own manipulation and in denouncing pseudomysticism itself. That's a sign of successful mental programming, sort of like how pajama people wave flags and talk boldly about freedom, but are enthusiastic corporate slaves and/or property of the state the rest of the time.


I was glad to learn that Dr. Reich was in the habit of holding pseudomystics' and pseudoscientists' feet to the fire whenever they made their unfounded proclamations, and that's encouraged me to keep following that course. The alternative seems, to me, to let this network degenerate into an ineffective, manipulated charade. What we're all doing is basically scientific, but on a strong spiritual foundation, just as Dr. Reich's efforts were.


When I arrived in the city, it felt just terrible, except for right around the Washington Monument, where two holy handgrenades had been buried six months before.


Satanic Designs

It occurred to me that the purpose of the inverted pentagram and the two axes was to parasitically gather and direct the human energy of the city dwellers into the White House and Capitol Building, both of which are more correctly called Luciferian/Babylonian temples, than government offices. The Federal Triangle, which sits between the White House and the Capitol Building, is home to the FBI, Justice Department, IRS, FTC and a rabbit warren of banking offices.


General Albert Pike's statue, which had been temporarily removed due to public outcry, sits on the east point of the triangle. That's the fellow who wrote, MORALS AND DOGMA, which is the masons' thinly disguised satanic guidebook. He was a Confederate General during the Civil War who extorted the Oklahoma Indian tribes into not supporting the North. In typical cowardly fashion, he exempted himself from every form of real battle throughout that war. Also, throughout the conflict, he was officiating as the acknowledged head of all Masonic lodges in North America, on behalf of the British masters of Freemasonry. He was an avowed Satanist, much like Anton LaVey. He got a Tower Buster, of course. One of our associates had put one of Dragon Al's Holy Handgrenades on Pike's Peak in the Colorado Rockies last summer. I'm sure that place relates to Washington DC's satanic energy net.


The Capitol Building, though closely guarded by DC cops, got a couple of Tower Busters. I felt like the invisible man at times. It's cool how you can start to sense when you're being watched and when you aren't. Here's another case where street instincts blend with budding psychic skills. I must say I was rather dependent on Ben Morton's pendulum. After I started using that one, I realized that this represents the next level in dowsing expertise. Novices can get good, consistent results with Ben's model. I wonder if he knows how significant this is? I was getting the same results by putting my left hand over the point of the Succor Punch while dowsing with my right. You should try this in a controlled experiment. You may be surprised, as I was, at how well the SP can short circuit our prejudices, which often queer the dowsing process. Carol told me it's because we're getting info from the guardian of the crystal in this case, not from our own souls. What's your take on that?


The 'Look'

When I was between targets at the Capitol Building, actually walking on the street behind it, a new, black stretch limousine with darkly tinted windows all around, including the front, cruised very slowly past me so the occupant in the back could get a close up look at me. I had the sense that this guy was relying on a higher agency than the NSA to find me. I saw him two or three more times up close before I was done in the city, and in those cases I spotted him first and evaded him. I had specifically asked for a tiny car so I could get in and out of traffic quick. Carol said he's somebody from the White House. Maybe he's eating sour grapes after what we all did to that CIA creepy-crowley who was directing the sniper shooters in Maryland and DC last month (if you're inclined to accept CNN's assessment of that situation, then consider this statement simply an expressed opinion, okay?)


Shortly after that, I was putting a Tower Buster in the reflecting pond in front of the Capitol and a motorcycle cop went behind my parked car and got the plate number. By the time I got out of the Mall there was a fedmobile behind me, which I easily lost in traffic and visited the other targets that night without incident. This was around 2AM, so the fedmobile was pretty obviously tailing me.


After that, the DC police began giving me 'the look' every time they saw me, and I knew there were all told to watch for me and report my position. When they get that look, they no longer return your greetings. Try it yourself! All the cops in Moscow, our town, are doing that these days for the feds, whose conspicuous presence is now being discussed openly here, even by people who aren't pot dealers.


I drove southeast of town about ten miles to spend the night in the car. I didn't want to check into a motel because a cop would have picked up on that and the feds would be boxing me in the next day, or at least trying hard to.


Day Two

With my jetlag I slept until almost noon, then decided to put tower busters on the four points of the city's perimeter, which I hoped would take up most of the remaining daylight hours, then go to the CIA hindquarters at Langley just before dark. My timing was exquisite, though I was made by one of the surveillance cameras along the Beltway and followed briefly a couple of times.


The route to Langley was so circuitous, and out of the purview of DC cops, that I got there undetected, no doubt surprising whoever was watching the monitor connected to the video cam at a service gate on the west side. I turned around right in front of the cam just to tweak the bastards, then tossed a TB into the compound after I drove away. I put another one farther west because I knew I wouldn't be able to access the north fence. This vectoring really, really works. I had tossed the first one near the sign that indicated that the facility is now named after George Bush, Sr., and then drove to the east fence and tossed one in from there. It was nearly dark at that point and the TB, which was quite heavy because I had to use steel ball bearings (BBs) to make it, nearly struck a big surveillance cam that was sitting on a fence post. It was pointed along the fence, not at me, but I knew they had spotted me. I drove away without headlights for a half-mile, then got on the highway that led into Georgetown.


The city felt a lot better by the second night.


I spent the rest of the night doing the rest of the targets, including one tossed onto the White House grounds literally a split second before a boss federal cop with gold braid around his hat rounded the corner and gave me a hard look. Two fed cops on bicycles had scrutinized me in turn as I approached the compound fence right before that and after I encountered their boss. I was out of sight for about two seconds, altogether. I almost hit a camera that time, too, or perhaps a microphone. It sort of 'chinked' on a thing that jutted up from the garden bed.


Hoo, Hoo

As David Icke notes, the Capitol building is in the 'head' of an owl shape, delineated by Pennsylvania Avenue on the north and Maryland Avenue on the south. The Washington Monument represents, anatomically, the owl's hing that its shape and function suggests according to its location on the owl's 'body,' The ears of the owl are marked by two peculiar roadways behind the Capital Building, as is the outline of the head.


I agree with Icke that the owl represents Moloch, the old Babylonian god to whom groups of children were sacrificed, which explains to me why that 40 foot high granite owl presides over the murderous satanic rituals that used to take place at Bohemian Grove before we apparently shut that facility down last June. Ted Gunderson and others have gotten testimony from people who had been taken as small children to the Capitol Building and to Bohemian Grove for ritual sexual abuse from day care centers, then returned before their parents picked them up at the end of the day. Some field trip, eh? Senator Joseph Biden was one of the pedophiles named most often by these witnesses. The current President apparently has a long history of sexually abusing small children as well as ritually murdering pseudomystical chumps. I still think Cheney would do more damage as President, though.


Say Cheese

That's not to say owls are bad, of course, just as five pointed stars are not bad. All the past presidents have been photographed participating in those rituals, by the way, including Reagan and Carter, the 'nice' ones. An eyewitness reported that Kissinger, during the leisure periods of those little R&R times, likes to dress like a woman and get chased by bare-chested manly men through the woods. Is that how he really earned his Nobel Prize? I think he let the guys catch him, so that prize wasn't won in a footrace.


Icke delineated a large, six pointed star in the city, too, and I saw plenty of streets on the map that were configured at the proper angles, but the image itself escaped me. There's somebody in the city now who has volunteered to continue this project, so Carol and I will watch the Icke video again and send her the marked map. I'd hate to think that I was the only person doing that fun, rewarding work there.


Across the River and Into The Towers

I saw very few deathforce transmitters in the city, but across the Potomac, in Arlington, there's a line of about forty transmitters facing DC. At least they'll be easy to bust, all in the same day. Of course the Beltway, which is the freeway that goes around the periphery of DC, is filthy with these transmitters. According to the argument that these towers are for cell phones, then nobody uses the phones while they're actually in DC, but only when they're driving laps on the Beltway. Am I right? Sheesh.


Las Vegas is the only other city that I've been in where the towers are conspicuously absent until you get out to the city edge and into the suburbs. I guess people in Las Vegas can't use mobile phones because both hands are occupied with boozing it up and jerking the slot machine handles? I guess that's remotely feasible.


DC felt wonderful by the end of Day Two. It was actually hard for me to leave. That was quite a change from being disgusted by even driving through the city on previous visits.


Most of the people who read this will alternate between bleating that I'm deluded and pruriently enjoying my writing style and chutzpah. I'm aiming this effort at the tiny number of committed people, in key areas throughout the world, who resonate with what I'm expressing and wish to participate in our little, effective, growing, informal network of empowered, committed, genuine environmental healers.


To the many pseudomystics who are reading this, I suggest that here's a good method you can use to quickly move up a notch from being bold, flowery talkers, to being actual performers in the healing trade. No doubt you've got at least two deathforce transmitters beaming you into a stupor as you're reading this, so why not get to work right outside your own front door?


If you don't want to make the simple devices, there are several fine, fair-minded vendors available on, the inviolable private internet site that Stuart Jackson kindly maintains for our planetary grassroots network.


The more I learn about Wilhelm Reich's life and work, the more I appreciate what he's done for us all by setting such a stainless example with his high spiritual and intellectual standards and with his demonstrated personal integrity. I'm humbled by the realization that these wonderful attributes are no longer capitally punished by a benighted, fearful and vindictive American society, so our task is much, much easier and more rewarding than his was- though a great deal less challenging.


Don Croft



Episode 45 NSA Versus the Cloud-Busters Gang Part 1


[Editor's Note: The amazing journal of Don & Carol Croft continues. For the tiny, minuscule fraction of humanity fortunate enough to have stumbled upon these pages, consider yourself privileged and part of a very select circle. Within the pages of these Adventures, we are witnessing one of the most exciting and dramatic real life sagas to have unfolded since the days of the Old West, yet there's really nothing in history to adequately compare it to. It stands on its own as a shining example of the triumph of courage over fear, creativity over destruction, truth over deceit, and of course, good will over evil intent. Against unbelievable odds and facing a mind bending disparity of resources, finances, and personnel, a mere handful of ordinary people (with 'extraordinary' assistance to be sure) are thwarting one of the most diabolical plots to destroy and enslave humanity in the history of planet Earth. If the motion picture was ever made and the story accurately told, this saga would sweep ever major award in film and print and be retold with a mantle of awe and admiration for generations to come. Unlike the mega-million propaganda vehicles churned out by the Illuminati stooges in Hollywood, here we have real heroism, real adventure, and real danger. I had the chance to meet the Intrepid Duo up close this time and got to witness the action first hand. Mama Mia, what an afternoon! It was a little like being dropped into the set of Men In Black III at Universal Studios- and we only went to lunch ;-)


Just so you know, in all of these episodes, the subtitles, underlines, bold words, and italics, are mine to emphasize the importance of what's being communicated, but the writing is all Don Croft. So sit back and buckle up. As that deep, baritone voiced announcer queries at the opening of the Art Bell show: "Wanna take a ride?" .Ken Adachi]


By Don Croft <>

December 7, 2002


Carol and I took circuitous route to deliver the chemtrails documentary to Stuart. We started out by eluding the NSA stalkers in Seattle, dropped a few healing devices around Mt. Rainier on the way to Taos, New Mexico, then picked up the CD in Los Angeles and took it to Stuart in San Francisco.


There are a lot of indicators that this rapacious world regime is losing control these days and our total success is only one of them, but it certainly bears reporting for the sake of historic record, if not for the sake of journalism. I mentioned the latter because, of course, none of what we're doing is reported with the intention of proving anything. Our hope and design is that these few people who are able, ready and willing will repeat what we've done and expand on it, as many have done already. We're happy to leave the proof to someone else.


I'm told that up to half the people who are posting on our forum are NSA, CIA, CSSA and Interpol moles and unwitting, stoned-out agent provocateurs, waiting for an opportunity to divide and destroy the cloudbuster network and erase our efforts (let's see who on the forum has the chutzpah to call me paranoid for offering this assessment ;-). Even that is encouraging and a confirmation because it only takes two or three of these agents to neutralize most other forums on the internet. Of course they'll fail, probably sooner than later, since all of the good stuff here is done by example, not by personality factors, and everyone's discouraged from imitation and blind acceptance. Those of us who operate in the field do so without human assistance when necessary and our networking is informal and 'un-organized.'


Much, if not most, of the cloudbuster, HHg, and towerbusting work is now done by people who don't even contact the forum. This is the most encouraging development to me, though they apparently closely follow the posts on the forum, so the forum will remain viable and essential to this global healing task.


It can't be argued that there are any kingpins or charismatic leaders here and that's also problematic for the world regime's espionage apparatus. The agents are finding it counterproductive to attack the Old Fart Himself, for instance.


Carol and I had brought a hundred tower busters and ten holy handgrenades along to create a nice buffer around my kids in Seattle and Mt. Vernon, WA (we thought) but after dropping the kids off at their mom's place in Mt. Vernon we 'decided' that we needed to get to Taos because the word, 'Taos' had shown up in a lucid dream Carol had two days before. We hadn't discussed that dream with anyone or outside a Succor Punch field until then.


At this point, unless one has taken steps to shield one's thoughts from the NSA psychics, those thoughts are as accessible as the PJ chumps in THE MATRIX were to 'the Agents.' It takes more than a Succor Punch to do that, unfortunately.


We'd had some success eluding the NSA stalkers by using Mr. Skull, my crystal-skull Succor Punch. The entity who was helping us through Mr. Skull has the ability to make whatever vehicle we're driving appear to be any vehicle we like. Carol has confirmed it by 'looking through the eyes' of the fed stalkers and police (ALL police forces are funded primarily by the feds these days) as they scan for us on the highways.


We made a NSA psychic in the restaurant in Seattle Thursday morning (Thanksgiving-I'd forgotten to bring my new super-telephoto camera into the restaurant) and that guy was the last one to see us until we arrived at Secret Buddy's house in Los Angeles five days later. The first two nights we experienced some frantic searching by the fed stalkers and I had to exercise some uncharacteristic self-discipline to keep them from accessing our location while I was in my alpha and beta states. I've since gotten better at that. On the second night, in Colorado, Carol woke me up around midnight and said, 'They're getting close; think about some other place!' After another couple of minutes, she said, 'It's okay, they're gone.' The first night we stayed in a little town in Idaho. We parked behind the building, so the fed pavement artists wouldn't be able to see our car. The psychics came out in force on night two.


Of course the NSA's been using psychics since their inception. I believe the CIA is primarily involved with electronic gadgetry and old-style pavement-artist surveillance, but the NSA uses a blend of satanic, ritual magic and technology to do its work-not surprising since the top NSA people are the 'National Security Council' who operate whoever has been appointed President of the United States. The movie, Hearts Over Atlantis, has some news that we tower busters can use these days about the true nature of fed psychics. 'Major Ed Dames' is a bad joke. 'Remote viewing Satan,' indeed ;-)


Have you noticed that the media whores are feasting on Dick Cheney's entrails now? We believe that's due to our informal network's having prevented Bush's assassination last month and our collectively 'interfering' with Chainsaw Cheney and the other US rats in the sinking ship of the world regime. If this sociopath fully intended to have his war on Saddam, we seriously doubt he'll be able to pull if off now, since he's essentially been shown to be out of balance. Like with too many rats in a small space, the one who shows weakness is eaten by the others (Better use a lot of spices in that meat, you remaining boys and girls sitting at the dungheap's summit!).


When my Doppelgangster is done with the NSA boss of the underground base at Yellowstone (they use Elizabeth Clair Prophet's nearby chumps as techie slave labor and blood sacrifices), I think I'll put him to work on Condoleza Rice, since I learned that all of the satanic rituals of 32d and 33d degree Freemasons and eighth and ninth degree Theosophists are carried out be women like her. Apparently Hillary Clinton wants to move up from being the baby slayer in those rituals ('It Takes a Lodge') to the boss position. It's always better to deal with the boss than with flunkies. All the ritual performers are flunkies, of course, but they're the ones who are actually operating the regime's occult engine of destruction.


I remind you that this is just my opinion, of course. Apparently enough people have similar opinions because the ten top jerks in America are not having a lot of fun these days. Just before we got busy with them in October with Succor Punches, Big Secrets, radionics, etc., they were in pretty high spirits-remember? Just track their progress by looking at their photos from week to week.


Speaking of photos, have you noticed the look on Prince William's face lately? He looks like a bloody demon waiting to tear somebody's throat out. Also, his pop looks like he's aged ten years in the last year, otherwise Dad looks as oblivious as ever. Many are now saying that Prince William 'Arthur' is the Antichrist, the false prophet to be trotted out after we get martial law in America-and then the planet. I'm glad my grown kids didn't go through that phase in their teens. Yikes-I'd probably be dead as Diana now. Look at that guy's face and consider how many saps would buy into the 'World Savior' scam. Can you say, 'psychopath?' Here's where new age programming is likely to be put to its most severe test. It will be fun to watch if one has a strong stomach.


We rubbed energy fields with a lot of NSA agents since we let them find us on Monday morning (they still couldn't see us, but I'll get to that in Part Two) They were getting wound up tighter and tighter each day. The advantage we had was that they were unable to see us, so we got pretty close to them in their unguarded moments. I have to wonder how these folks survive a normal workday, surrounded as they are by people just like them (I probably don't want to understand that).


After Stuart got the documentary online and fixed (with his Succor Punch), the Man in Black who was in charge of interrupting's internet access, the downloads started from all over the world and we knew that Stuart Jackson wasn't going to be 'Ninja'd' out of this life for slapping the face of the NSA/CIA, so we all went to a restaurant to celebrate. The feds who were in there, waiting, gave us the most forlorn looks, like we'd shot their dogs. It was quite a spectacle. That's when I knew for sure that we'd all beaten the Mighty Fed Spook Agencies, playing by our own rules. They didn't even poison our food that evening, though even our waitress was an agent (psychic, too ;-).


It takes some effort and attention to stop the fed psychics from anticipating our moves. The fact that they've found very, very few of our orgonite devices can only be attributed to higher intervention, in my opinion. I'll continue to give detailed reports of how Carol and I elude these psychic weasels (not to give weasels a bad name, of course) and I hope everyone will try their hand at it. It's wonderfully fun and rewarding and it's getting less risky, day-to-day.


Some folks are mystified that we haven't been suicided. I'm told by folks who 'know something' that there have been many attempts. We're only aware of three from the regime and one from Bad ET. Some folks give me too much credit for courage. In fact, most of what looks like courage is simple oblivion. Carol's the one with real guts because she sees the threat on the astral plane and does this stuff anyway. She also sees the protection there, of course, but only because she has faith. Without faith, even the most potent psychics won't see the protection because they simply choose to live in fear instead. Caveat emptor.


We drove from Durango (where we spent the second night) to Taos, only stopping to heal a vortex at a mountain pass and two more in the high valley on whose eastern edge lies Taos. When we do those healings, the dark masters' agents are aware first, then the NSA, and then the CIA.


There's a place called Las Piezas (The Stones) on the western edge of Taos' valley, where the highway comes out of the mountains. Carol saw a large, weakened vortex at one of the small-hill sized stones which is on US Forest Service's area headquarters and horse farm, which were not occupied that day.


As we were walking back from placing the HHg, a late model sedan with darkened windows all around drove around the parking area, obviously looking for somebody (us). Carol said they didn't even see us, though we were in the open, close to the parking lot. She also said they're aliens, which is why the glass was blackened, that it was not likely even a car (we were apparently caused to perceive it that way) and that it came up from an underground facility very close by.


The valley's about forty miles wide at an elevation of 7,000 feet. Toward the eastern edge a very deep, narrow canyon runs through it at the bottom of which flows the Rio Grande River over a series of cataracts.


Our next task was to drop a HHg into the river, so we walked out onto the middle of the bridge and had the good fortune to hit a pool instead of a rock, which would probably have shattered the HHg dropped a thousand feet or so.


We had the notion that this project has something to do with the Wingmakers and we were directed to a hill southwest of Taos, right after we checked into a hotel. For some reason it's easy to see where all the vortices are in that valley (and in many other places, thanks to all the cloudbusters) because the clouds spin [vortex] around them. These aren't ordinary clouds; they're the amorphous, wispy, white ones that I saw forming each afternoon on my initial Tower Busting research exercise in Southern Idaho in September. In that case, it formed over each town after all the deathforce and HAARP transmitters and arrays were neutralized.


It seems that a lot of Cbers mistake these clouds for chemtrail remnants (and get bummed out), but in fact, Carol and I believe we're witnessing a brand new cloud form. I saw these in Africa, where there are no chemtrails, so I think I'm correct about this.


It took some time to reach the hill vortex location southwest of town and that vortex is on land that the King of Spain had given to somebody in the 1500s. Carol went through the fence to put the HHg in the right spot, and then we went back to the hotel.


As we entered our room we realized that the electricity wasn't working. In fact the whole down had lost power a moment before and it wasn't restored for another hour. I asked a local store owner if this was common and he said it only happened during violent storms. The day was very pleasant, with a blue sky, warm temperatures and a light breeze.


One of the characteristics of a 'vortex cloud' is that it tends to develop into a cumulonimbus where there are drought conditions. Many people in drought areas have told me that their cloudbusters created rainstorms this way and I've witnessed it more than a few times.


These are obviously created locally, not blown in on a frontal system. Usually blue sky and smaller, cumulus clouds are seen all around and the rainstorm doesn't move away downwind. I enjoy watching people's faces more than the storm itself in those cases. I feel like the good witch, Glinda, in THE WIZARD OF OZ, saying, 'Wake up!' at times like that.


Also, these vortex clouds in North American drought regions are routinely suppressed by a type of chemtrail that dissipates clouds. I think that's a variation of silver iodide, but I'm not sure. These clouds are normally formed around the higher mountains in some areas. When a cloudbuster is within a hundred miles or so, these mountaintops are constantly wreathed with raining or snowing clouds.


After we did the vortex southwest of Taos, we saw cumulus beginning to form in the outer tendrils of that cloud and the other vortex clouds extended toward each other and thickened into cumulus, as well. By the next morning, it was raining. Carol said that what we did allowed the vortices to re-connect after having been isolated from each other by ritual dark magic and HAARP. The vitality of the atmosphere in that region is so strong that chemtrails don't last more than a few seconds. There were several spewplanes crisscrossing the skies over the valley and mountains when we were there. I think the nearest cloudbusters to Taos are in Santa Fe and Durango.


We think that anyone who visits Chaco Canyon, farther west, and puts a HHg in the right area will break the NSA's control of the Wingmaker archaeological site and allow the information to finally go public instead of being distorted on the internet. How about it, Santa Fe CBers? Let me know if you want map-dowsing data.


The trip to Los Angeles from New Mexico was unremarkable except that we noticed that the Lemurians are blocking all the HAARP effects from reaching Navajo/Hopi land, where it was raining nicely. There was a lot of HAARP stuff going on south of there along Interstate 40, but the green and magenta bordered Lemurian lenticulars [clouds] created a sort of wall-in-the-sky, beyond which none of the striations, which are characteristic of HAARP transmissions [a highly striated, banded-cloud look], could be seen north of the highway, which runs along the southern border of the huge Navajo Reservation. The Hopi Reservation is squarely in the middle of Navajo land. And there are three cloudbusters around the Hopis' perimeter.


By the fourth night, we experienced no more probing by NSA psychics, but we'd been dogged by a sort of Draconian ET group for a couple of weeks and they always seemed to know where to find us. We'd successfully discouraged them from exerting pressure on Carol's head, but were having some problem getting one of them to leave me alone. Carol eventually chopped off his left arm, but he kept at me, sort of like the Black Knight in MONTY PYTHON'S HOLY GRAIL.


Carol says they have gray skin and are sort of like mules, used by the Draconians specifically for harassment/murder. She says they've been bred to have low intelligence and suicidal determination. I asked Carol to stop harming the guy who was hurting my back and neck and to let him know that we love him and that stopped it for both of us.


There's a certain dynamic involved in applying Christ's teachings that seems to have escaped most Christians and has certainly eluded the head-oriented Theosophists (and, by extension, all the mentally-programmed New Agers) who insist that Jesus is 'one of them' and a clever ritual magic adept rather than a Divine Manifestation, Who is beyond their jacked-up mental comprehension, but easily found through anyone's healthy heart chakra.


Just as 'everyone who talks about heaven isn't going there', I hope that you aren't tricked into believing that anyone who talks about selfless love can demonstrate it. In the realm of action, money talks and BS walks. If fine rhetoric was sufficient, all the good talkers who have run from this fight at the first sign of actual opposition would still be out there busting towers instead of sniping at the ones who are still at it or disappearing off the radar screen altogether.


Lao Tse's dissertation on the power of humility can round the average Christian's understanding of Jesus' sacrifice so that he/she can get past the phony elitism and Gnostic mishmash that the clergy foisted on him/her for two millennia. You can bet Jesus didn't go out with a whimper as we're led to believe, nor did human limitations ever factor in to his earthly work.


We paid a visit to Secret Buddy, somewhere in Los Angeles, but that's the only part I can't talk about until he decides its okay. He's the one with the most serious dropped-jaw syndrome regarding our survival under the circumstances. I wish I could share some of his stories. Maybe he'll agree to co-author a book with us someday.


The really fun stuff started when we connected-the next day-- with Cbswork [Los Angeles member of], who made good on his promise and metaphorically chained us to the galley bench (our convertible) and made us use our bucket o' towerbusters in his grand scheme, which he'll describe when it's done. The whip he wielded on Carol and I was the enticement of letting us see, firsthand, the fruits of LAARP's ['Los Angeles Atmosphere Reclamation Project'] labor to date and also of letting us participate in some of the juiciest bits of their regional campaign.


He promised to post a full account of his insights and accomplishments in the project. I suspect that the other LAARP members--Rick, Pickles and Andy--will then share what they've done in this campaign, too. When you see how simple and obvious it is, you'll slap your forehead, as I did.



Episode 46 NSA Versus the Cloud-Busters Gang Part 2

By Don Croft <>

December 7, 2002


It was a dark and stormy night.


Just kidding-I always wanted to write that.


It's fitting that Stuart got the documentary online the day before the Pearl Harbor Attack anniversary. I wonder just how much mayhem we've all just prevented just by exposing the skid marks on the regime's lacy panties this way. If you consider how vigorously the NSA/CIA operatives have tried to prevent this from being available to you we can assume that it's pretty damaging to the regime's predatory agenda.


I'm told that the people who are considered the most courageous on the Internet flatly refused to make this available on their 'underground' sites and plainly stated that they considered it too much of a physical risk to do so. We're pleased to death that Stuart got the opportunity to scoop this. Maybe now, the countless hours and immeasurable effort he's put into this project will now bring him some well-deserved material rewards and recognition.


Getting back to Cbswork's cracking whip, three days before The Event, we put the convertible top down so we could all get plenty of swing in our drive-by towerbuster throws.


Mr. Brand of Glendale, California

First, though, we visited Mr. Brand's pyramid, secreted away at the base of the foothills in Glendale. This is one of the two main anchor points of all of the satanic energy in the Los Angeles Basin. The other anchor point pyramid is near the HOLLYWOOD sign, probably where all those deathforce transmitters are.


We decided against stealth, though our host had reconned the area and found a back-entrance trail. We parked in the lot of the 'library' nearby and walked straight past a fortuitously open gate, up the road, over a 'Do Not Cross-Police Line' yellow tape and right up to the enclosure wherein sat the 13' high granite pyramid, surrounded by the graves of some of Brand's misbegotten. Brand donated the land on which Glendale sits with the stipulation that this pyramid be perpetually protected by the City of Glendale. He croaked in the 1890s.


A little background: most of the land around that part of LA was bought by top Masonic adepts and the purpose from the beginning was to create a metropolis, founded on satanic energy for the purpose of exploitation. Of course, as Mohammad said, 'Men plot and God plots, and God is the best plotter,' so what we're seeing now is that ALL of the efforts expended by the Satanists are now being turned into fonts of healing energy.


We were careful not to put any of the devices where they'd be easily found and removed, and we also followed Cbswork's habit of 'over-gifting,' and quickly removed ourselves after seeing the requisite hawks bring us visual confirmation that we'd got it done right.


A fedmobile rounded the bend on the road up to the shrine just as we hopped over the yellow tape on our way out and the crew-cut guy gave us The Look, apparently having failed to see where we'd been. Right after that, another fed in hiking regalia and with a gun in his fanny pack walked up the road, passed us, and gave us an even grimmer look. He then took the wrong turn, just as his chum did ;-)


We immediately saw the smog clear away from the hills and as we drove toward Hollywood for Phase Two the clearing action preceded us until the entire town and valley was free of smog. The hillside closest to the shrine was as dead as Mt. St. Helens. A quarter mile on either side the hills were verdant.


On the way to Glendale, our host pointed out the two layers of smog over the city itself, which was uncharacteristically visible from the Pasadena Freeway. We saw the top layer gradually get sucked down into the cloudbusters that were ranged around the city and he told us that this is now a daily occurrence. By the time we were done with Hollywood, the smog was gone there, too. There's essentially no more smog from Monrovia all the way through the San Fernando Valley. People who are in their seventies have said they've never experienced this in Pasadena, which is in the middle.


Atmosphere Reclamation in Southern California

The reason I'd donated cloudbusters to Cbswork is that I had a hunch that he knew how to best deploy them in Southern California, which I've called the regime's death-energy Stalingrad. His resounding success on Mt. Palomar was the best confirmation I'd gotten before our visit, but seeing and feeling LA in such a pleasant state was much more impressive proof that my hunch was on target. I'd never been able to take more than 12 hours in Southern California before without wanting to tear my hair out but we spent four days there and I now believe I could actually live there if need be because the energy from LAARP's [Los Angeles Atmosphere Reclamation Project] efforts is so nice-it felt to me like the way you might think it should feel after watching all the movies that were filmed there. Newport Beach would be my choice because of all the interesting boats.


We'd been to LA several times since we first dropped a CB there in June of 2001 (that one was gone by August). This time, the smog was considerably diminished all the way from Victorville, which is in the desert on old US Route 66 that comes into Los Angeles from Chicago, through San Bernardino, where there's a cloudbuster on the ley line connecting Palomar with Shasta and the Oregon Vortex, across the western, previously smoggiest, part of LA, into Pasadena and the San Fernando Valley. Everywhere we went in Southern California we could see the stars at night. I'm told that this almost never happened in LA for at least fifty years. There are actually LOTS of proofs that LAARP is living up to its namesake: Los Angeles Atmosphere Reclamation Project.


Maybe now that it can be seen that disabling the world regime's deadly apparatus carries no physical risk any more, LAARP's ranks will swell and the countless thousands of deathforce transmitters will quickly be turned into orgone generators. The real glory, though, has been earned by Rick, Pickles, Cbsworks and Andy, in my opinion.


Orgonizing the Lawn

On the way to and from Hollywood we graced Forest Lawn Cemetery with a necklace of towerbusters, thrown with panache from the car. We also did the Triads' condo complex next to one of the big movie studios.


I chose the towerbuster sample that Georg Ritschl had sent us from Africa, though, to free Marilyn Monroe's ghost from the hotel where she was stuck. I did that on foot and lovingly ;-)



Then we went to work on the Hollywood Hills and got a weird version of a Hollywood Tour from our host, who drove. I'm not clear on how much of this to share, since it gets into some of the proprietary stuff LAARP is doing, but suffice it to say that all of the satanic energy that the Theosophists instilled into Hollywood prior to Krishnamurti's 'waking up' to Alice Bailey's intent in 1929 is no longer operating in favor of the regime that the founder of the Lucifer Trust (Bailey) so diligently served until her demise. Lucifer Trust was renamed Lucis Trust, surreptitiously, after a journalist asked some sharp public questions about 'Lucifer's' close connection to the United Nations. I think that happened in the mid eighties.


Krishnamurti moved from Hollywood to Ojai when he discovered the satanic nature of his affiliation with Bailey in that year and lived out his days as a relatively free man but the bad ritual magic stuff never missed a beat on that hill that has the HOLLYWOOD sign, up until about December 3, 2002. Rudolph Steiner had jumped Theosophy's ship years before Krishnamurti did when Alice Bailey offered to promote Rudi as 'John the Baptist's Reincarnation.' If you're still stuck in these constructs, what will it take to wake you up? Just remember that the regime rides along on your good intention and innocence, so don't feel that all the Really Good stuff you know is negated when you discover the evil of the folks who created all that overlaid mental programming.


The fedmobiles created a veritable traffic jam, which showed us that we were doing it right, and a chopper fairly parked over the top of that hill for several hours, probably right over the pyramid. What Cretins. The road was blocked that day, so we couldn't drive to the top. When the regime's back is turned, I expect one of LAARP will get up there and finish the job if they haven't already. It's a very important target. You could rent a horse any day of the week at the stable at the end of the paved road leading to the top, so if you're as pitifully out of shape as I am you can still get there without pain and exhaustion. I have faith at this point that Marc Melton's excellent 'Skinny Elixir' will disappear my recently acquired midriff, as it did for my lovely wife. ( is the way to reach him.) I've been using his Energy Elixir, which is why I can get so much done these days without taking my Old Man Naps.


We ranged out to the other Hollywood hills from there and used up most of the rest of the hundred or so towerbusters Carol and I had brought. Carol got a nice picture of me shooting a towerbuster into Lake Hollywood, which we couldn't get close enough to for tossing. The Sign is in the background of that photo. Cbswork disdains my spudgun and even my little plastic flinger, but I had to have my fun nevertheless. Jeez, Cbswork!-when you get past fifty-two you get a sore arm from throwing all day long. I'm going to rig up a sling, like David used against Goliath. I think I can get a hundred-yard towerbuster throw that way.


We didn't stick around long after I fired off the spudgun, what with all the paranoia in upscale neighborhoods like that about swarthy-skinned bomb throwers. I think I actually saw a bumper sticker there with George W. Bush's name on it, strange to say. I'm told that only extremist Republicans actually support that moronic handpuppet. Why not pledge allegiance to Charley McCarthy and Lambchop while you're at it?


Is the Joy of Artillery something that not everyone would appreciate? Maybe it goes into the same category as PeeWee Herman. Shame on you if you enjoy shooting a small cannon, but won't admit it!


I have the sense that the regime will hang on until the last shred of power is taken from them, so even if they 'capitulate' we're going to need to go around and undo all the bad stuff they will still have in operation. This will help to ensure that they won't subvert the good political and spiritual work that we're doing right now.


Even though the 101st Airborne Division, at least, is on the verge of a military coup we need to make sure that a real, representative government gets established ASAP. It would be so natural and easy with the internet to make that happen. The military is more susceptible to subversion than an elected body and it takes generations to subvert a legislature. I bet the Illuminati already have a large number of agents among the military patriots already.


We believe the top rats in the world regime have been looking for safety for about six months because they see the trends faster than their flunkies (like the ten bloodthirsty North American chumps on our list) do and you can bet they don't share information like that with anyone.


If anyone thinks that 'White Knights' are going to charge in and rescue us, please think again. It's not the nature of the military to govern. I don't wish to trade a bloated, sluggish, unarmed enemy (the regime's Illuminati, whose only weapon is mind control) for an armed, organized one in any event, do you?


Fun at Hotel Fed

We got a hotel room in Glendale for two nights and were treated with every imaginable beam weapon, room-rummaging by the feds, phone shenanigans, etc. I may as well have rented a room at Langley. I slept through it all, of course, but Carol got smacked all night long the second night (after we did Hollywood) from the room above and didn't sleep at all until I put Mr. Skull to work on the CIA delinquents overhead. Carol's still in the process of learning that it's a good idea to wake me up when that stuff starts instead of waiting several hours.


Mobile Beamer Meets Orgone Field

Speaking of psyops, we were having a late lunch in an outdoor café in Glendale after we did Hollywood, practically hand feeding french-fries to the sparrows, when Cbswork turned white and fell back in his chair. Carol, seeing that, immediately put up a shield and only experienced some discomfort.


Later we figured out that the weapon was in a fedmobile van that had just arrived at a parking spot about twenty feet from where we were sitting and that if we hadn't been so infused with all that orgone it probably would have caused a heart attack in one or two of us. That led to some interesting speculation on the viability of the CIA's most favored energy weaponry in a strong orgone field. We had no orgonite devices with us at the moment, so we WERE the field. Thank Grid Colonel Beardon is full of crap when he writes (in his inimitable, unintelligible style) about the invincible scalar weaponry of the secret government!


There were two uniformed policemen in the restaurant, assigned to watch us there. One cop car was parked by our car and I was planning an expeditious exit in the opposite direction if I'd seen cops standing around there, since the spudgun was in the backseat and the top was still down. Carol had wisely covered it with her jacket but I didn't know that and besides the cop just parked there to intimidate us. I think they had donuts in that restaurant, so we were safe at any rate. We've all heard horror stories about LAPD. I envisioned a ten-second Rodney King videotape loop with me on the ground, surrounded by demonstrative Blue Knights with billy clubs. I only envisioned that briefly, of course ;-)


For our readers who lament that they never see anything like this when they're out busting towers, let me remind you that 1) it's probably there, but you're not aware of it; 2) you may need to try harder-maybe it only gets really overt after you've cost the regime a billion dollars in disabled equipment. If you're psychic and are busting towers, my guess is that you're seeing it all and that if you lack faith you won't continue after they slap you one time.


They didn't even try box surveillance this time, so I guess our reputation preceded us. We did make several NSA and CIA pavement artists, who tailed us as soon as they saw us, and Cbswork was a bit scandalized when I yelled, waved and/or pointed at them because he's got a family to think about and I was really making a couple of the agents angry. I pointed out to him, though, that they quickly left us alone after that. None of them followed us when we went into the Hollywood neighborhoods, for instance, and we had a good twenty private minutes to fire off the TB into Lake Hollywood and pre-bust a nearby tower array, which was under construction.


Speaking of towers, that was the only time we put orgonite near towers intentionally that day. The plan LAARP is carrying out doesn't involve busting towers at all, which is what makes it twice as astonishing to me in light of what they're accomplishing. They bust towers, too, of course. I wish I could say more. It's not arcane or exclusive. Absolutely anyone could do this and no special crystals, water, rituals, programming, etc., are essential to the plan, though all of the above are being added to make it that much better. I'm particularly glad to have this opportunity to demonstrate that healing the atmosphere is not a Croft exclusive by any means. After this all plays out in the coming years, our part will be seen as a significant contribution to a much wider grassroots effort. The Messiah complex is one of the features built into the Lucis Trust mental programming and lots of folks have unwittingly fallen into that trap and are no longer viable. That's why I mentioned Krishnamurti and Steiner in this context. They went on to lead productive lives after discovering, at a relatively early age, that their affiliation with the regime's humanist doctrine/dogma and hierarchy was counterproductive, spiritually. Like the young folks who look for enlightenment in hallucinogens, they came to see that they thought they were heading for Mecca, but ended up in Istanbul.


The way I see it, most of the occult information held by Masonic and Theosophical (Atlantean?) secret societies is valid, but it's lifeless. The unwitting adherents who still possess the life force and follow the doctrines associated with this information are the ones who make it appear alive, not the men and women at the top, whose hearts are as lifeless as a discarded shoe. Carol and I and many others now use sacred geometry and other occult information, formerly considered the domain of these secret orders, but we're using it to create and promote life, not to suppress it and parasitically exploit it. The simple discovery that orgonite and crystals can exponentially increase the power latent in form may someday rank as a major scientific/spiritual achievement.


Let's leave the Nobel Prize to the Kissingers and fake scientists, though, okay? I'd sooner accept an honorary membership in NAMBLA-at least they're upfront about their perverse orientation and purpose.


Our work stands on its own, so we don't need flowery rhetoric or abstruse claims to fool you into accepting it. Also, there's so much pollution in the above-mentioned orders that real proof of the potential of this information is hidden from the adherents until they reach the stage where they're not likely to exit the program except by death, either natural or contrived. It could be that the most secrecy-damaging aspect of our work is that ordinary people like you and I can now do Big Magic without committing to a satanic order. I stopped counting the number of psychics who go cross-eyed at witnessing what you and I can now do without their abilities and training. The sweet part is that you may not even see this yourself yet, but that doesn't stop you from exerting a great deal of power in anchoring the emerging, enabling paradigm and extricating humanity from the retreating, exploitive one.


Reich wrote, in his private notes, that Einstein represented the last concerted effort of materialistic (dead) science to maintain control over the way we perceive reality. Reich credited his resounding successes in the physical sciences with having come from the study of how the mind works, which is essentially an organic, life-oriented approach to science. It's a good thing for us all that Freud, his former, very jealous mentor, contrived to have Reich blackballed forever from practicing psychiatry on this planet, though of course, if he'd pursued that course, he would have infused psychiatry with true spirituality and maybe we wouldn't have the Dr. Jolyon Wests destroying innocent people with mind control these days.


Unseen Protection

How many of us are seeing by now that if it weren't for some profound protection and guidance we'd all be chasing our tails, leisurely picked off (suicided), in the customary way, by CIA operatives under the direction of somebody like Ted, the Creepy-Crowley? When in the history of the planet have amateurs such as ourselves been allowed to systematically disable, with complete impunity, a costly predatory apparatus such as the chemtrail program, HAARP and the deathforce transmitter network? What we're all doing is sort of like somebody in 1930s Russia walking up to Stalin, stomping on his gouty toe and poking him in the eye, then walking away and going about his life as before. Think about it. This means we're being protected, so have faith and keep following your excellent instincts!


Victory Requires Engagement

I know I can be rough on the Love and Light Brigade, but I'm trying to get them past their programmed reluctance to face and oppose evil. Nobody I know is more loving than I am, even toward the baby killers like Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush, but it's not contradictory to love somebody and restrain them from harming others at the same time. I personally believe it's an act of love on behalf of everyone to stop their mayhem by any means within universal law.


A certain amount of aggression is required to energetically restrain a predator, which means that spiritual warfare is not unlike street fighting. If you're calling yourself 'fearless' and 'spiritual warrior', don't be duped into believing that the only enemy is you, okay? I bet you dollars to donuts that you'll never hurt anyone. The regime's payrolled predators, on the other hand, will cook and eat your young children if given half a chance and we all need to disable their unseen handlers.


The Tower Busters Brigade Needs You

Let's get real! Time's short now that they're blatantly waving the SS flag in our faces. Note that the Homeland Security Service is literally using the old Nazi SS eagle as its logo. How blatant does it have to be before you finally realize that they're leering at you and sharpening their knives now?


The European Jews relied on piety and uprightness to save them from the Gestapo, right up until the middle of 1945. If that didn't work for them, why do you think it's going to help you this time? We don't need bullets to win this war. As I mentioned, it's a spiritual battlefield. Orgonite is the magic bullet, but it needs to be used widely, not kept under our beds or in our gardens. Be as saintly as you want, but please keep getting out there and destroying the regime's energy foundation.


The heavily programmed, head-oriented people can parrot one hell of a fine yarn about selfless love, service to others, 'ascension,' 'karma,' etc., but the real test is putting all this fine rhetoric to work in the disdained 3D world, which, let's face it, we live in right now. Don't be like the pedant in the sewer (an old Sufi analogy) who won't accept a helping hand from passersby because their verbal offers to help don't fit his high grammatical standards.


Go ahead and call Holy Handgenades 'Hugs' and 'Harmonizers' and Towerbusters 'Treats' but just keep on getting them to spots which will take the earth's fine energy away from the predatory, parasitic regime, okay?


This is taking more pages than I had thought, so I'll continue this in Part Three. I need to write about our meeting with Marc Melton and Ken Adachi, then about the events leading to our successful meeting with Stuart in San Francisco.


Don Croft



Episode 47 NSA Versus the Cloud-Busters Gang Part 3

By Don Croft <>

December 7, 2002

San Diego


Cbswork got about forty new tower busters together for us for Thursday so we could continue LAARP's campaign toward San Diego. Somebody else would have done that, but we wanted to contribute some more toward their comprehensive effort on our way to meet Marc Melton, the notorious Agent M2. I'll get a word or two in here about our meeting with James and Rose Mary Hughes in Ashland, Oregon, on our way home from California [Part 4].


What struck us was the savage nature of the energy of San Diego, which hasn't had the good fortune to experience LAARPs healing endeavors. Marc is the only person in that whole wide metropolitan area who has a cloudbuster, to the best of our knowledge, and his ceaseless efforts since his arrival on the forum late last summer had only made a dent in the overall deadening energy field there.


We were rather disoriented by all that dead orgone and were caught off guard because we'd already gotten accustomed to the relatively mellow ambience of Los Angeles (I swear I'd never have expected to put 'mellow' in the same sentence as 'Los Angeles').


Marc is a joy to be around, though, so our trepidation was completely offset by his scintillating presence. Here's a guy who really puts his money where his mouth is, too, and has proven his willingness to enter the dragon's mouth with nothing to back him up but his own faith and native abilities. We were glad to find that he's initiated his own approach to planetary healing, based on energizing the lines connecting the major earth-star grid point vortices. There's one of these major vortices very close to the underground base in Mexico that he successfully neutralized last month and though the regime found and removed both of the devices he so painstakingly put there, he's already arranging to get it done permanently next time.


In pragmatic terms, when we feel that astral eyes are on us, we're probably correct, so imagining the source of intrusion, impaling the visitor on our healing Succor Punch beam and then expelling him does the job. It gets easier with each episode and that little flicker of movement in our peripheral vision [astral entities] gets less and less frequent if we remember to follow our instincts more carefully and consistently.


We hope and expect that his innate gift with herbal medicine will soon finance a widespread campaign to realize his inspired planetary healing vision. In case you haven't tried his Uncle Earl's Elixirs, please do so and you'll see why we don't want to be without them any more. He's always happy to discuss his fine products if you email him at


Carol and I believe that it's okay that some of the devices in Mexico and China were found for two reasons: the world regime now knows that even their most cherished and secret facilities are easily found and neutralized by our network and they're showing us that we need to pay closer attention to the importance of psychically shielding our location from them during our most sensitive operations. Also, this may point out the importance of over-gifting and the notion that 'close' counts with horseshoes and hand grenades (in this case, holy ones).


Carol's Secrets

My wife keeps some secrets from me because I have a big mouth, which is okay because if it weren't for my big mouth we'd both be pushing up daisies by now or strung up on some dungeon wall.


One of those secrets is her ability to make us invisible to predators, both the physical and astral kind. My own efforts with Mr. Skull seem pretty crude next to that, though Mr. Skull has no peer in certain other applications. Our success in eluding the feds for all that time can be attributed to a combination of higher intervention, Carol's skills and the ineptness of the fed stalkers. If I can get more specific instructions out of this I'll share it with you, but it's still pretty new to me, so all I can do is report what we experienced for now.


Cbswork told us that when he asked his Succor Punch to make him invisible to predators it was a problem in traffic because so many people there are predators that he had to drive Very Defensively before he thought to modify his request and apply it only to the alleged government's own stalkers.


At least one fedmobile came close to colliding with us on a freeway in LA last week. I had to slam on my brakes when he changed lanes to where our car was.


Mr. Skull

To the best of my knowledge, the entity who brought me that crystal skull and inspired me to put a mobius coil around his head like a hippie headband is Hermes, the originator of the sciences who is revered by Freemasons as their pre-Egyptian founder. I think the Theosophy folks call him Hilarion, though the guy they're calling by that name is probably a ringer, just one of the dark masters in astral costume, as is St. Germain, in my opinion.


I'm certainly not prepared to defend my assessment, but it feels right to me. They're great guns on using ringers for damn near everything, which will be apparent if they try to trot that psychopath, Prince William, out onto the world stage as the return of Jesus Christ ;-)


Most psychics are rather uncomfortable in the presence of Mr. Skull, and some have intimated that there's some dark force at work in there. I wonder if that reticence has something to do with the raw power that Mr. Skull represents. I heard a story one time about some Kabbalistic adepts who accessed the force of Creation. Most of them were literally destroyed by the power, but the only one who wasn't affected by it was the one who didn't want personal power.


Carol liked it better before I put the mobius headband on, but I figure that if you're going to a street brawl it's a good idea to bring along a dirty fighter, since ALL on the opposing team are dirty fighters. If you new agers want to engage in these fisticuffs, you'd better wear a tin cup because your high mindedness and collegiate style will probably cause you to leave your vitals unprotected. Talking about love and fuzzy things won't stop them from going for the gonads, you can bet. I wish I could count the number of times I've had to hold the hands (via email) of the new agers in this campaign who have engaged the regime on the field and were surprised that the regime fights back after they've just disabled a few of their million-dollar deathforce transmitters. I get a kick out of the ones who expect the NSA/CIA to honor their 'non-aggression' entreaties after the fact ;-)


Mr. Skull and my Doppelgangster are apparently old buddies, so they work well together and I'm not naïve enough to assume they need my supervision once they've agreed to take on another human target.


Love can take many forms. It may be a stretch for you to accept that I can love Jay Rockefeller while I subject him to the double whammy of Mr. Skull and my Doppelgangster but I don't see a contradiction. After all, Jay's upper chakras are probably getting a good workout for the first time since he was first ritually abused as a small boy in an effort to get the poor little bugger's higher chakras shut down and everyone wins when we play this game.


Reptilian Testimonials?

I wish those old Draconians who now occasionally ask for a dose from my Succor Punch would write a testimonial for me so I wouldn't have to contend with you Love and Light guys any more. They were the scariest predators, by far, when we first got started with our cloudbuster two years ago. Condoleza Rice, with human infant blood dripping from her chin, looks like a warm-hearted schoolmarm next to these guys. Imagine a stretched out version of Richard Gephart on crack cocaine (Prozac?) and with an attitude and you have an approximation of what these alien fellows' merciless aspect was. Now they're not so bad to have around. I bet they know some terrific stories and jokes.


After visiting Marc we had just enough time to finish our assignment in LAARP's proprietary campaign and get to a motel for the night in Temecula. Carol was pretty exhausted from spending two nights in Glendale's CIA Central (Days Inn) so that night she slept very well. The feds didn't find the car until early morning. They lost it again as soon as Carol renewed her spell, of course.


Orange County, California

We drove over to Capistrano (returning, as it were, like the salmon ;-) ) on the way to see Ken and did some more work for LAARP on the way, since nobody would be likely to drive along this mountain highway anytime soon. We weren't able to spot Palomar, but Carol could see that the energy coming off the mountain was vibrant and clean, still, from Cbswork's efforts there. Capistrano must have a cloudbuster because everyone we saw had a smile and the atmosphere there was pristine.


We called Ken Adachi after we arrived in Orange County. At one point, in Newport Beach, we were walking along the street while getting an oil change and a fed in a spy-tech work truck made a U-turn right in front of us in an effort to locate us. The guy looked right at both of us and didn't recognize us. We had let our guard down for a bit before we stopped at Jiffy Lube and a quiet chopper spotted us and started circling. Carol did the invisibility ritual and the chopper flew aimlessly away, then we started seeing a plethora of fedmobiles while the car was in the shop and we did the tourist thing along the waterfront. That was fun.


Ken told us to meet him by an oriental market and we thought, 'Oh, great-look for a small, middle aged oriental man at an oriental market!' But we recognized him right away somehow.


He took us to a Japanese Restaurant in Costa Mesa and there were two feds in the booth close to the door when we arrived, so we abandoned the notion that we'd have any privacy. Ken puts all of our stuff on his popular site,, and in our view that makes him a close ally. Though he might not acknowledge it, he's sacrificed a lot over the years to inform humanity to the best of his ability (that's saying a great deal). I got the Joe Cell information from his site a few months before we made a cloudbuster, and I know he's been on the cutting edge longer than we have.


I get the sense that all of us who are now waking up want, more than anything else, to be free of the old constraints that have been imposed on us, practically since birth, by the world regime. I suspect there are many paths one can take to get out of this maze, but Carol and I have chosen to demolish the maze itself rather than just to escape from it.


Ken's provided every bit of information at his disposal to assist all of us in our efforts to win this global spiritual war and information has taken the place of bullets in this campaign. A bullet is only useful if it reaches its target and information is only useful if it can be applied to a constructive solution, so it's up to each of us to 'educate ourselves' these days. Other sites focus on problems, only, and the net effect is that they lead us to feel discouraged and even hopeless in the face of the mountain of dilemmas, most of which were created solely by the world regime. Ken's efforts are applied in the direction of finding solutions to the Big Problems that the other sites only whine about. I think he deserves a medal for that and certainly not a posthumous one.


Although he does this mostly without giving a thought to his own personal advantage, I hope that anyone who wants a Terminator will buy one from him rather than from Carol and I, since this will offset, in a small way, some of the sacrifices he makes daily to keep us all informed and up to speed.


The Perils of Eavesdropping

A funny thing happened when we were saying goodbye to Ken in the vicinity of the oriental market: I got an urge to show him my spudgun, so I took it out of the trunk, loaded the chamber with propellant (Right Guard) deodorant, the brown can, works best and leaves no residue-it even smells good after you fire it off) and ignited it, which produced a satisfying BOOM that turned everyone's head for a quarter mile around, but not before I got it secreted back into the car's trunk.


Carol immediately walked over to a fedmobile that was half-hidden a hundred yards away. When she got back she said that an NSA fellow in that car was listening to us all through one of those distant-sound isolators and amplifiers with headphones when I set off the spudgun, but he scooted posthaste after I blasted the thing and he saw Carol coming. She made sure he saw her wave at him before he left. I bet his ears are still ringing from that Greatly Amplified spudgun explosion.


Carol had pointed out most of the feds who were around when we were with Ken. Like everyone else, he'd never noticed them before. It's quite a shock to all of us when we first realize just how utterly molested our privacy is, which is why Carol and I relish the times when we're completely free of surveillance, as when we're in our home and occasionally when we're out on patrol. I think we're all heading to a time, soon to come, when we'll be able to easily disable all surveillance, even the psychic hacking that accesses us through our old mental programming. Of course, potheads and drunks won't ever experience this until they've overcome their addictions. Until then, they're all simply walking videocams and unwitting agents of the regime and we avoid closely associating with them, if possible, for that reason.


Road Rage

We left Ken around 5:30PM and it took us two hours to drive through Los Angeles along Interstate 5 on the way to San Francisco. We didn't bother counting the fedmobiles that were out looking for us, but that's when one of them nearly ran me off the road. The succession went like this as we drove through their designated jurisdictions: a chump part-time fed in his own cheap car would scurry by us, then a regulation fedmobile or two, then a SAIC in a very expensive car with blacked-out windows all around would hurry by, attempting to do what his flunkies had failed to accomplish. That happened two or three times by the time we reached the San Joaquin Valley. They had a pretty good idea we were going to see Stuart by now to hand him the chemtrail documentary CD.


It was 11PM by the time we got to a stopping place and we didn't expect the feds not to find our car by this point because they had apparently made it a top priority and had put damn near everyone who could drag himself across the floor out to find us. When Carol goes to sleep the invisibility spell wears pretty thin.


Calling Card, 'Goodfellows' Style

An hour later, I went out to get something out of the car and found an oil spill under the engine that ran to a low spot in the pavement and pooled. I was too tired to deal with it and it was apparently no longer spilling out, so I just went back to bed.


The next morning there was only a faint trace of the spilled oil and even the pool had been wiped up. I knew that oil doesn't just absorb into sealed pavement that way and when Carol got to the car she said, "A guy just stopped me by the soda machine just now and made a point of telling me what a beautiful morning it was. When he was talking, I saw an image of him trying to put a bomb in the car last night, but having failed because you showed up and rattled him pretty badly. I simply told him, 'What you did last night didn't work,' and walked away." Then I showed her the traces of the spilled oil.


I got in the car and turned the ignition key, not yet connecting what she just told me with what I was seeing. She later told me that when she was sitting in the passenger seat she held her breath, half expecting it to be her last. He'd obviously sat in the driver seat the night before because Mr. Skull, who was standing upright behind the lumbar support pillow after I got out the night before, was on his side when I opened the door and moved the pillow. I bet Mr. Skull goosed that CIA murderer when he sat down. Maybe he did it with Love and Light-who knows?


The San Joaquin valley is perpetually smog-bound and part of this is due to the fact that the only cloudbusters are in Sacramento and Bakersfield, as far as I know. The skies over both cities are in pretty good shape and there's less smog there, but somebody really needs to Do Something for the area in which most of America's produce is grown, don't you think?


DOR Crop Water & Ritual Magicians

Though we were in a hurry, we stopped to toss a slightly buoyed Holy Handgrenade in an irrigation canal along the way. I tape some floatation material to the point so that it will land on its bottom, on the bottom, instead of top down. Carol's able to get them to land upright every time in water, but the only time I was able to do that was when Greggus took me to the spring in the vortex on the Bohemian Grove grounds last June. I dropped it after reaching down into the water up to my armpit. Still doubting that it landed right, I moved aside the water weeds and saw that it did, indeed land upright another two feet or so beyond my reach. Greggus had no doubt at all and was amused, I think, at my lack of confidence. I don't take chances any more and tape and plastic foam packing material is cheap and plentiful. Richard in Reno told me that he dropped an HHg in Lake Tahoe recently after having followed my recommendation to tape a Styrofoam ball to the point and the whole thing just floated away. He told me that seagulls immediately started pecking at the Styrofoam and that the thing was sure to sink pretty soon. I know of another case of seagull intervention that's pretty remarkable, too.


When I parked, Carol received a strong warning not to get out of the car. My insistence to her to come along and share the fun sort of overwhelmed her better judgment, though, and a weasel crossed our path on the way to the canal, a quarter mile away down a dirt road. Carol was immediately attacked by a number of ritual magicians (should have paid attention to the warner, not to me) and on the way back she twisted her ankle on level ground and fell down. As I approached the canal, I experienced a strong 'Don't Do It!' resonant emotion from the bad guys, so I knew, right away, that these canals were being used to carry a LOT of concentrated dead orgone to the crops in the fields.


I would like to spend a month in the San Joaquin Valley and the adjoining hills and reservoirs with Carol if somebody doesn't beat us to it by next summer.


San Francisco

The trip into the Bay Area was not remarkable except that the hundreds of expensive wind generators in the hills east of the metro area were completely still due to lack of wind. If anyone were to attack cloudbusters that's probably the only conceivable chink in our armor, but of course, after all the viable free energy devices are allowed into the marketplace without physical risk to the inventors, those wind generators will end up in the same scrap pile as the deathforce transmitters, so what's the fuss?


Alternative Energy, Free Energy, & Orgonite

Putting a lot of confidence in wind generators and solar panels begs the issue that these products are only available (at an inflated price) from the very corporations whom we hope to get our independence from by turning to alternative energy production technology. Learning that there are always more options than the ones presented to us by the world regime is one of the prerequisites of waking up and taking off our PJs.


Speaking of Colonel Bearden ;-), I remember hearing him say, around 1990, that there were absolutely no viable free energy devices on the planet at that time. Six years later I met Bill Muller, who told me his magnet motor/generator had been perfected and widely demonstrated to professionals, worldwide, in the late eighties and that there were at least five other free energy devices, operating on completely different principles, that were ready for the market by then in British Columbia, alone. Bearden has now grandly announced that he's going to give us all 'free plans' for his alleged free energy device. If his diagrams are as studiously indecipherable as his speech and writing are I wonder if he's giving away anything at all besides a good way to ignite the kindling one time in our woodstoves. For now, I'm putting Col. Bearden, 'Free Energy Device Inventor,' in the same category as Maitreya or Prince William, 'The Long Awaited Return of Jesus Christ.' Ringers are as ringers do.


I'm still patiently waiting for someone, anyone, to tell me one distinct new principle or description gleaned from Col. Bearden's talks, books or diagrams. I've got a high IQ, but all of his stuff is incomprehensible to me. For my money, if something is fascinating, engrossing, illuminating, etc., certainly one should be able to repeat, in one's own words, at least a little bit of what he's learned from it all. Otherwise it looks like mental programming to me, that's all. How is that any different than the periodic assault on one's sensibilities by Oral Roberts, Guru Ram Dass or Rev. Jim Jones?


Contrast that with what the Cbers are now doing and reporting. Orgonite work and the related crystal and sacred geometry technology is all revolutionary science which has loads of sensory confirmations, but anyone can understand it on some level and it's being described in as many ways as there are individual people doing the research. Notice that nobody's parroting Don Croft in the process (thank Grid). As much as the New Agers give me the willies, I must admit that their descriptions of these processes are at least as viable as my own.


Road Runner and Wiley Coyotes

Before crossing the San Mateo Bridge on the way to Belmont, where Stuart lives, we stopped at a gas station to get a map. There were two fedmobiles in the parking lot, though the occupants didn't spot us. One of the feds was inside, easy to distinguish. I made a point of standing right behind him at the counter and mentally trying to get him to look at me, but he just stood there, fairly vibrating with stress and tension. He quickly left to resume his Search Mission ;-)


'The Eagle Has Landed'

We got to Stuart's place without having called him, as we didn't want to have a fed reception there. It took them about forty minutes to figure out that we'd arrived, and then the chopper recon flights started up. I called Jesse Zaloudek and invited him over for the celebration, but forgot to tell him Stuart's apartment number, so I waited for him in an adjacent parking lot. When Jesse got there, a fed van pulled in right behind him. I waved to the operative, expecting him to then depart, but he parked nearby and sort of scurried toward Stuart's apartment complex, right past Jesse and I. He had an odd grin on his face, too. Jesse got in the car and we beat the fellow over there, but Carol said that he got so confused that he didn't cut the phone lines or anything and simply turned around and left.


Stuart's landlady is a Wiccan sort who uses her finely honed instincts to pick renters and it felt really nice around there. Two neighbors, a young couple named John and Jacquelyn, are quite psychic, too, and have been watching out on Stuart's behalf very well in a sort of symbiotic relationship with our forum host's impressive energy contrivances, which are a very good, unique synthesis of orgonite, sacred geometry, passive coil technology and crystals of various sorts. We all had a very fun, ongoing 'show and tell' session.


The CD was uploaded without hesitation by Stuart, even as I was trying to warn him that the next 24 hours carried a strong likelihood that the feds would break his door down and haul off his equipment and possibly beat him up or even shoot him in the process. The underground information site owners knew about this risk, which is why they all declined the offer to make it available to the public. Who could blame them? You'd have to have some intimate knowledge of how orgonite works in order to get the confidence required to pull this off, I think.


The connection to his server was immediately cut after he posted the announcement on the forum that the documentary was available for download. The connection was fixed after considerable telephone interaction with his server. It was lost again right after I posted a confirming message a few minutes later. This time the server was less willing to cooperate and was trying to pass the buck to the phone company, so Carol and I asked Stuart to put his cannon-scale Succor Punch to work on the person who was really responsible.


He envisioned a black-suited man who was supervising some semi-conscious techies at computer terminals and he lit the Man in Black up with healing orgone. By the time we looked again, the connection was re-established and as far as I know the forum hasn't missed a beat since then. An hour or so later there were seventy people throughout the globe already downloading the documentary to their own computers. I think we're the only people on record who are going after the Men in Black these days. What else can one do you do with a Mortician With Attitude? Do they realize how laughable they all are? They do drive awfully nice cars, though-not at all like the Ford Police Officer Special in the movie.


We all walked to a nearby restaurant in high spirits to celebrate and when we walked though the dining area I was struck by the number of people who looked directly at us all with forlorn expressions, like we'd sat on their Caesar salads or something.


Restaurant Fed

Carol counted seven NSA and CIA agents in that restaurant, including our waitress, as I mentioned. I put Mr. Skull on the table as a sort of centerpiece and a lot of the noise in the restaurant (they weren't all feds, of course-most of the folks there were happy and it was as noisy as a German beer hall) instantly got many decibels lower for some reason.


Jesse had picked out several of the pavement artists, even one who passed us on the sidewalk on the way to the restaurant, though he wasn't looking as systematically as Carol was. I told Jesse he needs to have more confidence in his considerable abilities. I had only picked out a couple for sure-the two who were staring at me the most openly and accusingly on our way to our table.


Here's a good spot to mention a time anomaly experience that two people had while out busting towers. It wasn't one of these folks, but I want you to know about it. These two guys - I can vouch for the character of the one who told me-were driving down a city freeway and suddenly the city itself vanished, replaced by farmland. Also, the median strip was covered with oleander bushes. This lasted several minutes, during which both men were considering the implications of never seeing their kids again, and then it all changed back right before their highway exit came up. Later on, one of them was told that when the freeway was built, in the late forties, there was no city there and the median strip was planted in oleander bushes.


Was that a non sequitur? Who knows, eh? ;-)


Carol told us that December 6 is represented by the Queen of Clubs, which stands for successful communication. The planetary ruling card associated with the Queen of Clubs is the Ace of Spades, which stands for 'the truth hidden behind the illusion.' It's also my birth card, which may explain why I'm so driven to reveal the man standing behind the curtain (Gosh, is that St. Germain? ;-)). It's also Jeff Baggaley's birth card, and Princess Diana's.


I see this is nine pages already. I'll write Part Four and that should finish it.


Don Croft



Episode 48 NSA Versus the Cloud-Busters Gang Part 4

By Don Croft

December 7, 2002


Carol and I hadn't seen a 'healthy' chemtrail in any of the eight states we visited last week, though the skies over Arizona directly south of Navajo land came closest to being in a state to sustain them. I think the ones there took a whole half hour to disappear, even with a lot of help from HAARP. Also, there was only one tower array and a single 'bowling pin' weather interrupter on the Reservation, both of which were still disabled from our visit in May. South of there it looked like someone had sown dragon teeth because the towers there had sprung up like mushrooms since our May adventure. If I had any doubt that the Lemurians have taken on the task of disabling HAARP those suspicions were then put to rest. The skies over Indian land were pristine blue and nearly full of rain-bearing clouds of the healthy orgone kind with none of the striations that were apparent beyond the Lemurians' magenta and green bordered barrier upwind to the south.


Several other people have told me they've seen this border phenomenon on the light lenticular clouds. I expect a lot more people will stop studying their shoes now when they're out and about and will actually notice some of the phenomena happening overhead. I think it's happening just about everywhere now. One report of the green and magenta borders came to me from Japan, unsolicited, and I think that's the last place on earth where chemtrails remain unmolested by cloudbusters, so apparently the Lemurians aren't waiting for somebody on the ground to initiate the campaign there.


Assured that Stuart wasn't going to get his brains splattered on his apartment walls by the murderous feds, we left for home Friday evening, aiming to get to Sacramento so we could hide in some obscure hotel well enough to get a good night's sleep. The pressure was off, though, now that they'd failed to prevent the exposure of the chemtrail program on the Internet and we encountered very few fed stalkers on the highway.


The next morning I saw what appeared to be a couple hundred California Militia members training not far from Interstate 5. I noticed that they were near a deathforce transmitter and it struck me, again, that if the militias would only be informed of the nature of these towers and how easily they can be disabled they'd remain a viable first line of defense against the present predatory federal government after disabling every transmitter in every state. The alternative is that they'll be thrown to the ground and disarmed, just like everyone else, if this unlawful regime gets its wish and fully deploys their new Gestapo/SS agency, the Homeland Security Service. I know for sure that this will never happen in Idaho and the adjacent areas in Montana and Washington, but why not free everyone else by disabling all the rest of the states' deathforce transmitter networks?


Evil Thoughtform

Further along, I saw what appeared to be a huge, distant flock of birds gyrating in the air. I pointed that out to Carol and she said it was an 'approximately pure evil' thoughtform, absorbing dead orgone in a perverted vortex. We checked the map and found that the vortex is near or on the Yuba County Airport and that the underground activity there is connected with Beale Air Force Base. I've seen a few small town airports recently which have big black conning towers which could probably handle a metropolitan area's air traffic. Something smells funny with that.


The similarity of that dark thoughtform with the shrouded entity in THE FRIGHTENERS struck me as significant. I don't personally believe that a 'pure-evil' entity is possible in the universe, but the thoughtforms created by ritual magic is a close approximation. The two times that Carol witnessed similar thoughtforms being absorbed and transmuted by Holy Handgrenades was on top of our own Moscow Mountain and in the vicinity of Mica Peak (lots of transmitters there and a very big weather ball) and the Mormon Temple near Spokane.


Carol said the thoughtform near Spokane was connected and sustained by both the electronic gadgetry on the mountain and by the ritual dark magic performed regularly in that temple, which is comically overshadowed by a huge antenna array centered around a water tower. They painted all that mess above the temple green, possibly so it wouldn't detract so much from the fancy, expensive temple, but to me that's kind of like putting a big fig leaf on Michelangelo's 'David.'


Water Gifting

We made a detour to put an HHg in Lake Shasta, then another side trip to put one in the Sacramento River. The lake was a hundred feet or so below its high mark, but the river below the dam was near flood stage, which is not surprising to us, since we know the feds are draining all the reservoirs to keep the illusion alive that there's a nationwide drought. We're becoming more and more aware of how important it is to get orgonite devices in all the bodies of water because water absorbs and transmits healthy orgone much faster and in greater intensity than the atmosphere does. That fact accounts for all the reports from researchers on the cloudbuster forum of quickly improved water conditions after orgonite devices were deployed.


Ashland, Oregon

We didn't stop again until we reached Ashland, Oregon, where I wanted to confer with my teacher, James Hughes. A year and a half ago, after we changed websites, the old one was still showing up on all the search engines and it had James' phone number on it for folks who were interested in asking about his grid and crystal healing work and kundalini activation. Since we were no longer using the phone for business at that point, James was getting a lot of calls from people wanting to buy zappers and it was getting annoying, so I had their phone number taken off our website at James' request.


Last May, a year later, right after I put out the report on the mind-control towers and instructions for disabling them, Yahoo cut off my access to the (first) cloudbuster forum and also to my own website. They also put James' phone number back on our website then, perhaps in an effort to cause problems between us and also, perhaps, to harass James, who is a powerful psychic. The NSA's new, young army of psychic predators was still going after all the viable psychics at that time. We don't know of any psychics who weren't systematically attacked by these astral thugs in the past year. I think this overconfident NSA army of darkness has pretty much thrown in the towel by now, thanks largely to what we've all done to them with our Succor Punches, etc. That's what they get for blatantly going against universal law.


Lately, because of James' unfortunate difficulty, I got a new website going,  which doesn't have his phone number on it, and I've been looking for ways to disable the previous site, . After some concerted effort, we may have found the solution, but I can't discuss that in detail yet. Yahoo, which is owned and operated by the CIA, essentially hacked my password and access to my own website out of existence, so suffice it to say that we'll fight fire with fire in this case and this has brought James and I closer together rather than force us apart.


We may even get a visit in Idaho from the Hughes out of the bargain soon. Meanwhile, Chris, our new Webmaster in Wisconsin, is boosting the new site's ratings in the search engines so the old site will stop showing up for everyone but the most determined web surfer before long. I'll look into ways that I can share James and Rose Mary's unique insights and healing gifts with everyone here when they come. A brief description wouldn't do them justice, of course, but I want to at least mention that they gave me most of the ideas I've used to improve the healing and invigorating performance aspects of our zappers over the years that I've known them and of course they've given me a great deal more than that in the form of selfless love, spiritual healing, and vital information.



The Oregon Vortex

The only other mentionable event on the trip home was our visit to the Oregon Vortex an hour or so after we left the Hughes. Carol and I essentially started this project there a day before the Fall Equinox in 2000. At that point, the vortex was a spherical field about 600 feet in diameter, centered on (Carol saw this) an Atlantean crystal artifact about fifty feet below the ground. A fellow had bought the land, I think, in the 1920s and he had an interest in archaeology and pre-Columbian history. There are gravity and other anomalies inside the vortex and the Indians in the area had avoided that spot for some reason. A tourist attraction was built there, called 'The House of Mystery,' and even the hokeyness of the attraction doesn't take away from the impact of the anomalies, which involve gravity and light distortion. It's rather disorienting otherwise to be within that field, but we enjoyed the effects.


It was closed for the winter when we arrived and nobody was there or nearby. We considered going over the gate to put some orgonite devices within the field, but as we approached the gate a bright light came on and Carol said, 'We need to get away from here.' So we tossed some devices over the fence and through the edge of the field and quickly left. Four vehicles came up the remote road as we were driving back down to the highway. It's a dead end road, I think, so they couldn't have been going anywhere but to the vortex. Carol said they were responding to a silent alarm and that if we'd stayed around we may have gotten shot, even though we weren't trespassing, because the interest of these folks extended beyond the commercial aspect of the facility.


Also, when we had arrived in the vicinity of the vortex she had difficulty breathing. After we got some orgonite within the field, she was taking deep breaths and yawning almost constantly. She said, 'Didn't you feel that?!' and I said, 'No.' I did feel the urgency to get out of there, though, and I never question feelings like that.


The temperature was very low when we arrived and it was foggy. Before we got back into the car, the temperature had risen and all the fog was gone. In fact, there was no more fog for sixty miles on the way to Roseburg, where we spent the night. I experienced a dramatic expansion of the lungs about thirty miles beyond the vortex and Carol thought that was pretty funny. It's exactly the same feeling you get when you stick your nose over a Holy Handgrenade.


Since we figured that the Atlanteans had put this artifact in a natural vortex to boost the power of the earthstar grid, we wondered how long it had been suppressed and by whom. Carol's impression is that some Ets had done that 2,000 years ago somehow. If you consider that the earth's magnetic field goes through four thousand year cycles and that 2,000 years ago the magnetic field was at its strongest point, we may have been fulfilling some cosmic cycle by releasing that vortex from an artificial constraint. Maybe we'll know someday. Maybe I'm mistaken-who can say right now?


When we were in the 'Gift Shop' there, we saw some pretty arcane literature and artifacts. One of the artifacts was an old globe, perhaps belonging to the deceased original owner of the facility that indicated all the points on the earthstar grid and showed all the lines connecting these points. The points in the Oregon Vortex and the southern point of the Bermuda Triangle, east of Bimini, had a line that passed across the Texas coast northeast of Corpus Christi. When Carol and I went there we found a similar vortex centered on a 3,000 year old oak tree.


That was in early November, 2,000 and Ann, a bright, friendly woman who lived near where we were staying, told us about it and took us there. We made an early prototype of a Holy Handgrenade to put in the ground there a couple of days later and Ann did the deed shortly after that. She had a strong connection to that spot and was thrilled that we also thought it was significant.


Actually, we didn't know what we were looking for until she told us about it. We'd been parked by a marina in Port Aransas, Texas, and I was getting the boat ready for an ocean trip to Yucatan. The place where I'd ended up in my previous boat after a hurricane in October, 1995, was just a few miles from a place where another important grid line crossed the Yucatan Peninsula and Carol got that there was something important for us there, as there was in the Bahamas. A couple of months later I'd made it over to the vortex east of Bimini, but that's covered elsewhere in our narrative. I just wanted to write a bit here about the significance, to us, of the Oregon Vortex.


Drained Reservoirs & Mt. Shasta Flyby

Compared to the previous ten days, the rest of the trip home was relatively boring and uneventful except for a brief visit with my boys in Seattle. I did stop and spudgun our last towerbuster into the artificially depleted reservoir on the east side of Snoqualmie Summit in the Cascade Mountains along Interstate 80, though. I did it at dusk and waited for a big truck to pass so nobody else would see or hear what I was doing, then quickly put the 'piece' back in the trunk.


Oops, forgot to mention that as we passed Mt. Shasta, we were visited by two small Lemurian craft, about two or three miles distant, which slowly 'streaked' for us across part of the sky to our left and in front, so we could both see them clearly.


I think we're getting closer to the time when they'll perhaps sell or give us a used (at least) flyer. I bet they know I'd use it to bust towers and heal vortices and ley lines.


Don Croft



Episode 49 The Grand Poobah's Predictions

By Don Croft

December 24, 2002


Carol just looked askance at the title of this piece. My instincts, and the most wonderful pendulum on the planet (as far as I know) confirmed that it's not inappropriate, so I'll leave it in the header and hope that you're not too humorously challenged to appreciate it.


(By the way, Bolivia is a very, VERY poor, landlocked country, which has no Navy. Analogies break down and I don't want you obfuscators and pedants out there making references to the Nazis who took all their wealth there after WWII ;-) That's got nothing to do with me!)


[Sidebar note from the Bolivian Admiral-veteran readers will understand-Ed.]


The main trend I see now is that treasonous politicians are being held accountable, at long last, and their clandestine puppet masters and the media prostitutes and journalistic poseurs are about to be exposed/disabled in the process.


Rising Awareness

Aside from the political considerations, this, to me, is a strong sign of humanity's rising awareness. To deny the importance of government in our daily lives is not healthy. To demand accountability from our elected officials is a spiritual exercise. There's a saying in the Middle East: an hour's reflection is better than seventy years of pious worship. This applies to social issues as well as to an individual's own spiritual status quo because the denial of our responsibility to expect accountability from elected officials stems from a false idea of spirituality that's always been promoted by clergy. Clergy are the folks who give religions a bad name, in my opinion. I hope to God that another trend will soon be that lust for leadership will, at long last, be seen in its true light instead of being winked at and even encouraged.


As my friend, James Hughes, said, 'Politics and religion are losing influence now; science and spirituality are taking their place.' This is happening right before our eyes now.


I look forward to that process accelerating in the coming year and after the London-financed puppet masters are removed from behind the curtain we can and likely will have a Constitutional Convention and redesign the way we govern ourselves. I think we're ready to do away with political parties, too.


Decentralization is the key to proper government, as it is on the Internet and in the free market place. What do you think robotics and free energy will do to WalMart and its slave labor camps in China, for instance? What are we going to do with the thousands of empty WalMart buildings? Temporary housing for Chinese refugees? Roller rinks? What a gratifying problem that will be.


This process is as organic as has been the establishment of our informal, global cloudbuster network, also as organic as the way the Internet was set up without anyone suggesting, 'Let's all figure out a way for mankind to communicate freely, without government/corporate agencies getting in the way.' It will just happen naturally, husbanded by many responsible people who love personal freedom for themselves and for everyone else. Maybe those heinous customs facilities at borders will gradually fall into disrepute in the process.


Free Energy

Free energy is about to revolutionize the fortunes of developing nations. The developing countries' raw materials and other native resources will be wrested back from the International Monetary Fund, the Federal Reserve Corporation and the World Bank. I actually believe these three parasitic institutions can be disbanded without anyone so much as missing a meal, much less their jobs.


Combine free energy and robotics (already perfected) and even nanotechnology and everyone has the potential to prosper if he or she wishes, even (especially?) the former slave laborers in China and Bangladesh.



Also, currency may be standardized at the same time that it's taken back from international bankers' control. We already see plenty of discontent about the way gold, diamonds, petroleum and national currencies are manipulated by the whims of a few families in London. Universal currency, based on value rather than debt, is the next logical step. We deserve that.


Changing Paradigms

All the predatory and parasitic thought forms are now disintegrating. It's not because I say so - just give this a little reflection and observation on your own and see if you agree.


All the superfluous human institutions are essentially disabled at this lovely stage of the Big Cosmic Cycle. The word, 'essentially' has some qualifiers, of course. I think of that in terms of the energy foundations of these predatory/parasitic institutions having been eroded sufficiently now so that we can 'take it all back' from the planetary tyrants without risking harm to ourselves because the principals are too busy savaging each other now and planning ways to escape and survive with all their plunder intact.


I'm quite ordinary. How is it possible that an ordinary person could have stumbled onto a combination of mundane technologies that can easily and cheaply destroy the chemtrails, disable the new dead orgone transmitters, wrest control of the weather away from an out-of-control world government, cure AIDS and cancer, end droughts, possibly change deserts into gardens, destroy smog, and who knows what else? The best one could say about me is that I've followed my instincts pretty well in a timely way and that I've done a serviceable job of overcoming all that mental programming that was stuffed into me from age four onward.


I was fifty-one when Carol and I made our first cloudbuster. Up until then my life was not remarkable, including the improvements I made on the basic Hulda Clark zappers. It's been a wild ride ever since the first time we set that CB up in the driveway of the refugee camp in Florida (RV campground) in March 2001.


The next logical question, based on a rational view of modern history, is how is it possible that I'm still breathing? More than a few people who know the score are astonished by this in light of the damage we've caused to the most powerful and menacing regime in the history of the planet.


I haven't heard any viable humanist explanations being offered for the phenomenon of our safety and prosperity in the face of an implacable, powerful enemy and I have no doubt that there are a number of more powerful agencies, all operating in concert and happily within the bounds of universal law, which are determined to guarantee that this new technology will be adopted by popular culture, which is the next logical step, probably in the coming year. It's anybody's guess when these beneficial agents will reveal themselves to us all. Carol and I (and more than a few others) have only gotten broad hints and passing confirmations of their assistance, but their record speaks volumes for their integrity and service to humanity.


Standing Tall

Even so, nobody's rescuing us or taking responsibility for our future welfare. We have to take full responsibility for that and, again, we have to take political and economic power back from the people who stole it from us all.


Take it back we will and every bit of it. I doubt that the old guys will be handing over their sabers in a surrender ceremony on the deck of a battleship (I'd be willing to accept their sabers in my Bolivian admiral garb). Rather we'll all have to continue to disable each of their dead orgone and HAARP transmitters, neutralize every single underground base, place healing devices along all the major ley lines and in the middle of all the Earth Star Grid nodes and in all the other vortices. Expect the bitter old guys to hold on until the last shred of control and influence has been taken from them and the last sycophant has abandoned them.


We've all got plenty of planetary healing work to do in the next few years. I'm happy about that.


It bears repeating that there is no political freedom without economic freedom, all the National Socialist flatulence about 'democracy' and 'free trade' notwithstanding.


 'The Best Laid Plans'

I used to assume that when the changing of governments and the fruition of a global free market took place it would be sudden and traumatic. Now I rather believe that it will continue to be a natural, rational, well considered and discussed process involving everyone, commensurate with our continually rising consciousness as a species. I never believed that politicians would initiate any progressive improvements in mankind's fortunes, even under duress. The UN has certainly been showing its true nature in recent years as a tool of the international financial cabal. Note their studious avoidance of the subject of free elections for their own alleged officials. How are they qualified to ensure free elections in Haiti, Albania and other countries?


The current crop of prostituted politicians are not prepared to help us, since their careers are all established by the hegemony of parasitism. The best they can hope for now is to survive treason's noose until they can leave office with whatever dignity and plunder they can salvage. It's always appropriate to hope that a soul, even a politician's, will undergo some epiphany and transform its orientation from selfish pursuits to service. It's probably the wrong time to believe that a criminal can escape accountability by claiming such an epiphany, though, and the Congress of the United States is entirely made up of manifest traitors now.


I don't think anyone foresaw the present course of events. See how each time the regime takes another leap forward to drag us all closer to the brink of genocide they end up falling on their faces? As I said, they have no essential foundation any more. Sure, the alleged US President is a dolt and puppet, but this is happening to the whole hierarchy now.


Psychic Stuff

A few months ago, when Carol was undergoing a particularly excruciating attack by a NSA psyops/Satanist team, I calmly asked her, 'Don't you wish you were thick like me so that stuff wouldn't faze you?' She said, 'NO!' I didn't bring it up again ;-) Many in our informal network are now saying that these attacks are getting less frequent and also weaker.


I'm still a little puzzled by the notion that people want to be more psychic, especially since these abilities unfold naturally in direct proportion to our efforts to heal the planet and serve humanity. Getting these skills before we've acquired the maturity to handle them properly leads to trouble every time.


The ones who can't help being psychic would be the first to tell you that it's no picnic. These are the ones who have to take extraordinary measures to protect themselves from psychic assault. Also, these have been the primary targets of the psyops assailants because the secret (they wish) regime apparently considers all psychics to be potential 'unveilers' of their hegemony. That may explain the elaborate protocols for luring psychics into either serving or at least not identifying and opposing the occult-engendered political/religious machine. A common ploy is to encourage psychics to get a following. Love of leadership is, after all, the most corrupting of human qualities-far more destructive, spiritually, than the mere love of money.


What the regime fails to recognize is that anyone who exercises God-given discernment is at least as much a threat, perhaps even more so, because now the illusion of the regime's power is openly being examined by a rapidly accelerating number of 'ordinary' people. The regime is kind of stupid in terms of identifying threats. They went after the producers of the CT/CB video after it was aired on TV, for instance, failing to realize that the real threat is coming from people who are freely and consciously accessing it on the internet. When people watch TV they're so deeply into the Bread and Circus mode that they promptly forget most of the viable info they may gratuitously get from the broadcasts but when a person downloads the video he is in a purposeful, responsible frame of mind.


Carol notes that anyone can increase his/her psychic abilities with the help of a proper teacher. We all have differing capacities for that, of course. She would advise finding a teacher who has no lust for leadership and is not affiliated with any institution, especially the usual occult ones.


The Aussie Crew & Dowsing

Gerard and the Melbourne crew have arranged for an airplane to be used to reclaim some remote locations from the regime. Wanderingwizzer in Canada dowsed the Australia map for them to find the locations. Map dowsing is one of the basic examples of 'target' location and identification that most of us can do without training or talent. We all have varying skills with this, of course, but in a pinch any one of us could use this method if we're in doubt about where to put our healing devices, especially if we're out in the field at the time. There's a lot of power latent in 'movement' and we can and should all access that whenever possible and not be afraid to follow our instincts, even when they contradict a well-conceived plan.


I used that 'power' to find the south reptilian portal in Namibia and our cohorts there confirmed it with their own dowsing without my mentioning my data. I also found the alternate nearby secondary portal that the reptilians had been preparing before our arrival, but that happened fortuitously, it seems. Confirmation and second opinion psychic work should be a habit for everything we do, we believe. If it's valid, it will show up again and again in others' inquiries.


Marc Melton's Earthstar Grid Project is probably the next higher level for our healing work and all the other efforts fit nicely into that agenda. I look forward to seeing more and more of this being done from the air and from ocean vessels. Carol and I look forward to using both methods by spring or summer. Whoever's in the business of selling resin will do very well in the coming year, we believe, as this network's achievements get the attention of popular culture. We don't need to 'do' anything to make this happen except stay in the moment and take on the challenges as they come to us.


I think the essence of what we're witnessing in the world is the shift of a great cosmic cycle. To restate something I've said many times, our role in this shift is one of convenience and amelioration, only. To say that we're making it happen seems like an infantile assertion and a sort of pedants' Romper Room.


Aborted 'Terrorism'

I'm somewhere between amused and annoyed when I hear people claim to have a grasp of the true nature of this cyclic process. I suspect that the Taoist notion that less explanation is more may operate in our ability to understand what's going on. Our best efforts seem to be in the form of exploitation, though of course I mean that in terms of the word's highest definition. I surely do believe that our little informal network of SP'ers, astral travelers and sensitives disabled all the nuclear 'triggers' that the regime fully intended to use to get us into martial law, including the scheduled nuke attacks on Chicago, July 4; Miami, (Friday) September 13; LA and Denver, November 27 and late December.


The Friday the 13th bombing of a nuke plant in Miami would have made it possible for the regime to move us into martial law and genocide before they found it necessary to explain what all those new towers are doing in our faces. The tower network was essentially completed by early September, worldwide. Giant redwood trees in Orange County? ;-)


The fact that there's not even a significant disinformation site on the net about these towers shows us that the world regime didn't even consider 'explanations' for the towers necessary. Watch now how fast they'll be scrambling to set some of that up now that their martial law agenda has failed altogether (we believe this is the case).


Too little, too late for them, I think. Too many people are waking up and asking hard questions. When these questions get past the stage of repeating the unsubstantiated claim that these are for cell phones Carol and I will celebrate.


The treasonous passage of the Homeland Security Act by both houses of Congress was apparently a rather desperate act, based on the assumption that the thought form related to 'the threat of Muslim terrorists' was stronger than it indeed was at the time. You can bet that everyone would have been glaring at all the swarthy Mideast-derived Americans by now if the feds had been able to pull off those phony terrorist bombings. I haven't seen any of our American brethren of that ancestry being treated badly, have you?


Psychic Author?

I've got a friend who wrote a novel about a wealthy and powerful cabal taking over the world. The tactic which the plotting characters used was to get their agents to fly two hijacked passenger jets into the World Trade Center, and then blow up the two buildings with explosives that had been previously placed on all the support columns. A string of well timed and well placed bombings of American cities in the following months was to have capped the plan to move America, then the world, into martial law. A year after beginning this manuscript, that event occurred and he threw the finished manuscript in the dumpster instead of taking it to the publisher. That rather disturbed the fellow and brought a lot of questions up for him.


This incisive author has no doubt that we few are the ones who prevented the successively planned bombings in the real scenario. He'll get a CB together soon and start participating in the CB forums after that. Yes, that's right: another person of integrity, ability and commitment, about to come aboard.


After Stuart made the CT/CB documentary available on on December 6, many interesting things started happening. I see them also as a trend.


One trend is indicated by this substantive fellow's interest and participation. I've posted some particularly well-written, anonymous letters in that vein from other prospective forum members.


Another trend is that I'm now getting letters from Black Africans who are in the process of building and buying CBs after listening to our interview with Dr. Kanya in November on . The reason I value their participation, aside from the unifying aspect, is that blacks are particularly invulnerable to the sort of mental programming that saturated whites practically from infancy, making us all puppets to the regime's programmers by age 6 or 7. Their participation on the forum will be very balancing and enriching for everyone.


One of the African cloudbusters is being built in Uganda, not far from the village in Kenya where Carol did her AIDS cure demonstration last year.


Georg Ritschl and Andy Walker, meanwhile, have initiated a plan to set up ten cloudbusters in a configuration that may guarantee abundant rainfall across Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. This would provide a glorious confirmation for us, since we went to Namibia specifically to participate in changing/healing the climates of the Namib and Kalahari Deserts.


Our own short trip pales in comparison to their concerted, long-haul efforts but it was a nice step along the way. Imagine distributing CBs throughout a very arid country the size of Texas with very few paved roads and gas stations and you get an idea of what it's like to get this done in Botswana.


Oh, yes-an Eskimo is getting a CB together on the North Slope of Alaska now, too.


I personally know of two farmers who have CBs, though they told me long after the fact. One of them, in Iowa, had made nine of them and busted all the towers within forty miles. Apparently in reprisal, his cattle all came down with respiratory illness right after that. He's using zappers now to cure the cows and is having immediate success with that effort.


Carol told me that an NSA agent sprayed a biological weapon on the hay in his barn. They got a Succor Punch and were then able to sleep well again despite constant and determined efforts to disable them with psyops weaponry and psychic attacks. I suggested that he locate the nearby-parked van which the feds use for that and to confront the occupants so that they'll leave.


Psyops stuff is very short-range weaponry, despite Bearden's claims to the contrary. We know this from personal experience, not that my saying that holds any water in terms of evidence.


The most encouraging trend for me, though, is the apparent shift in the forum away from personality issues and fruitless pedantic and semantic gymnastics and solidly toward the healing work itself and valid research & development. I see this as an organic process, therefore unassailable. Also encouraging to me is that there were no 'sacrificial victims' in the process, since there's been less and less name-calling and character assaults. Everyone on the forum is finding his/her own appropriate level in terms of work-based repute, not in terms of self-aggrandizement or stepping on the heads of others for more recognition. In other words, the CB network is as unlike the corporate, academic and government milieu as possible ;-)


Coming Disinfo

On the horizon, a new disinformation juggernaut just appeared. The ammunition they're packing concerns the (1) moon's new orbit having caused all the bad weather in recent years, (2) 'proof' that cell phones are what the new towers are all about, and (3) some new doomsday scenarios. Watch what happens when this stuff starts showing up in our forums. We'll need to stay on our toes and stick to the issues. The submitters will sport a lot of alleged academic credentials and will refer to obscure sources, which we can't check out, to back up their claims. Remember that something has to be validated before it can be considered more than an interesting tale.


One comparison that may be useful when/if this disinfo campaign starts is that El Nino is about to go the way of the Blue Monkeys as disinformation excuses for cataclysmic assaults on humanity by the regime.


Growing Interest

A Pennsylvania Militia guy emailed me to say he's made a cloudbuster and has been busting towers and sharing this information with his cohorts. I've been hoping for this to happen since May. Those guys know something about networking. Messiahmews tells us that the folks who own the Idaho Observer (foremost publication among the 'balanced' patriots in the US) are looking favorably at our work and are quite impressed with the CT/CB documentary, as is Dr. Horowitz, who is the pre-eminent uncoverer (through documented research journalism) of the regime's biological weaponry and the genocide agenda.


I'm looking forward to a continued, steadily accelerating growth in our informal global network. The reason I favor this 'word of mouth' dissemination is that the folks who come to us will be ready to commit, mostly, and they will have already decided that the old mental programming is not something worth keeping. We can expect even more diversity, too. That's our strength right now.


Carol and I have been invited to Mexico City to reverse the smog and we're thinking that if this can be done expeditiously then the city can be a showcase; an undeniable example of how even the most degraded metropolitan atmospheres can be transformed by ordinary people like ourselves with simple devices and a little perseverance. It would be a great opportunity for me to get fluent in Spanish, too. Carol would stick around for the setup and planning, and then I'll hang in like a pit bull until it's all done. (I hope our intrepid Mexican cohorts will chain me to the galley there the way Cbswork did in Hollywood earlier this month ;-) The smog there is actually worse than LA, though the ambiance is nicer. I remember not being able to see two blocks through the smog in Mexico City on a sunny day.


Maybe Tokyo after that? The chemtrails are still making everyone sick in Japan, I'm told. One man there is preparing to make a cloudbuster now.


Don Croft



Episode 50 Where Are We?

By Don Croft

January 4, 2003


I really need to put some thoughts on electronic paper about where I think we've been, where we are and where we're heading in the global cloudbuster network. Be sure to remember that what I say is just my opinion and I don't want you to believe anything I write unless it jives with your own discernment. Reserve judgment on the rest, if you can. Feel free to take exception to any of this in your response to me or on the forum.


The best feature of the cloudbuster forum is its public records aspect, I think. If one were inclined one could review the course of this emerging global network's progress very accurately by studying the posts and identifying the patterns and trends there. Short of doing that, I'm going to write about what I've noticed happening from a personal standpoint.


My role as facilitator there has become conspicuously less and less important in recent months, I'm happy to report, and the moderators are doing a good job keeping the threat of dissimulation and character assassination at bay, though even their jobs will likely soon be as redundant as the Maytag Repairman's. This is probably keeping Stuart Jackson as busy as a one-fingered speed typist, though. God grant him wealth and ease at some point, long before his expiry ;-)


Anyone can see that the growth process for this informal network has been organic and vital. If you consider that this has all happened in just over a year without advertising or media attention it's quite phenomenal. The best evidence of its vitality is that there are now several vendors making a respectable livelihood by making and selling the related devices and that happened very fast and in a sustained way. If you have experience in business you can particularly appreciate this phenomenon. It took me five years in each of two successful careers in business to get to where the vendors have reached in a few months.


It's not within our means to offer proof of our claim that the chemtrails throughout North American and much of Western Europe were disabled by last May due to the number of cloudbusters in these regions, but there are an awful lot of anecdotal accounts by forum members of the chemtrails failing to block out the sky where they live. I leave places like Los Angeles and Vancouver out of this example because of the extraordinary circumstances there, but other cities, such as Boston and Seattle, were perpetually cleared of chemtrails and even smog by single cloudbusters.


When we visited Los Angeles a month ago, there was no smog in Pasadena, Glendale, and the San Fernando Valley, though these places had traditionally had the worst smog conditions of all. LAARP (Los Angeles Atmosphere Reclamation Project) is an informal group of cloudbusters, tower busters and energy grid healers who divided the work up among their small number and are systematically reversing many decades of electronic, occult and just-plain-human-misery-from-the-crowded-masses induced atmospheric dead orgone radiation assault in the Los Angeles Basin.


Even Riverside and San Bernardino were relatively smog free from a wider distribution of cloudbusters and some intelligent vortex and ley line healing by LAARP members in the region. The whole metropolitan area felt good to me for the first time since I first visited there in 1968. Before we first took a cloudbuster to LA in June of 2001, I simply couldn't bear to spend more time than it took to drive through there on the freeway. Carol felt the same way. We didn't feel like leaving last time, in spite of the NSA goons practically stepping on our heels and the electronic attacks from their parked vans and from the hotel room above ours.


That's another development worth mentioning. We disabled all the new transmitters for over a hundred miles around us, including all the HAARP arrays, so our skies in Idaho are pristine, even when there are half a dozen spewplanes flying back and forth overhead all day long, as happens every week or so, still.


I suspect that all of the predatory electronic tech is designed to work in conjunction with either the prion protein crystals that were induced to grow on our nerve tissue or some deep programming in our brains. Maybe it's a combination. I may seem to be far out on a limb with this observation, but Dr. Horowitz gives some pretty convincing documentation to back up his assertion that prions have been supplied through most of the domestic wheat crops for well over a decade (they grow on nerve tissue; brains, spinal cord, etc.) and that the prion crystal's varying lengths resonate and vibrate to specific frequencies to generate certain symptoms when those radio frequencies are directed at individuals by scalar targeting and/or over a wide area.


I believe this accounts for some of the forum members reports of getting sick right after getting the impression that someone was targeting them this way. The ones with zappers seem to get over the sickness very fast and when we were overtly beamed in Glendale none of we three (who are long-time zapper users) experienced more than some momentary discomfort, even though the van which had the equipment was only about ten feet away. We were eating in an outside café at the time. The NSA and the rest of the Satanists are pretty mad at Cbswork for uncovering and disabling their extensive occult power network in the LA Basin ;-)


Carol and I believe that it's only possible to grow these prion crystals in the body when the pH goes below a certain level and that a primary purpose of the chemtrails was to reduce everyone's pH, partly to foster the growth of these protein crystals and partly to create the low immunity necessary to infect most of the population with anthrax and/or smallpox in phase two of the chemtrail program, which was to closely follow the declaration of martial law. Of course, phase two became impossible when we aced phase one and that's probably why they've gone to an equally workable 'Plan B' which is to inject an already suspicious populace with Smallpox. We're really not as stupid as the regime looks, I think.


I think that when the chemtrail program's biological aspect was disabled last spring it severely thwarted the regime's agenda and that in a few places, like Los Angeles, they've resorted to occasional chemical weapon assaults in an attempt to re-establish the old status quo. Their problem is that the chemical assaults are more blatant, therefore they risk exposure more. The bioweapons in chemtrails showed up as respiratory distress, followed by a general malaise similar to 'severe candida' infestation and that degenerated for many people into hepatitis C, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, hypersensitivity to chemicals and certain foods, etc. These showed up since early 1999 in endemic proportions.


I've had my zapper business on the internet since 1997 and after I started noticing chemtrails in 1999, the reports from prospective customers of these diseases climbed steadily until they made up the majority of people's complaints. Carol and I developed the Terminator specifically to cure mycoplasma infestations because this bioweapon has been found to generate all of the above endemic illnesses and the other zappers on the market and our own early zappers were not getting consistent results in curing these brand new sicknesses.


I figured out later that these endemics were due to almost daily re-infestation of mycoplasma through the chemtrails. I figured that out after May, when we first got the impression, based on looking at the skies in Western America in our travels, that the bioweapon aspect of the chemtrails had been defeated. Along with seeing far fewer chemtrails, even in regions that were far from a cloudbuster, I got fewer and fewer reports of 'severe candida,' and also began reading Dr. Horowitz' and others assessments of the biological weapon content of chemtrails and their related symptoms. After that, I got fewer and fewer reports of fibromyalgia, Hepatitis C, chronic fatigue, etc., and in fact began hearing about people spontaneously recovering from these illnesses over the course of the summer. Most of these sufferers had been able to trace the beginning of their sickness to early 1999.


Another trend I saw happening was that the people who bought our Terminators were healing much faster after that.


One aspect of mycoplasma infestation is that when one who is dealing with that uses one of our zappers the tail penny, which is the negative electrode (toxic materials in the body are all acidic, therefore positively charged and drawn to the negative pole), almost immediately turns black and gets covered with a thick residue. Even metal cleaner won't remove all that black stain. After May I heard less and less from customers who wanted to know why the penny turned black. I never hear of that now. This may be the best evidence of the cloudbusters' success, actually. Other areas, including most of Asia and all of Africa, are free of chemtrails so these complaints never came from there. Australia and New Zealand were pretty well savaged by chemtrails and my zapper orders from those places reflected the same pattern on the same schedule.


The Terminators I sell to people in Japan still get black tail pennies and the customers still complain of 'severe candida.' There are no cloudbusters in Japan, as far as I know, and the chemtrails are as bad there as they were in America. There's now a cloudbuster being built near Nagoya, an industrial center, and Larry Pedersen, who's making that one, told me that the three holy handgrenades he made poked a big blue hole in the spewplane's whiteout and are disappearing all the subsequent chemtrails overhead, so I'm confident that his Cloudbuster will have a very wide ranging effect, perhaps like the first ones in Boston and Seattle have had from the beginning.


When Carol and I left Africa a year ago, we didn't foresee the explosive growth in the number of cloudbusters in Southern Africa. In fact, within a month or so two of the Cbers in Namibia were apparently scared by Dr. DeMeo into dismantling their cloudbusters and I haven't heard from them since then. The other Cbers there are more stalwart, thank Grid, and the three which we hid in major Namibian vortices will no doubt connect very nicely with the new ones that Georg and Andy are putting throughout the Kalahari, eastward to Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Our interview with Dr. Kanya on Blake Radio in New York directly resulted in several Black Africans building cloudbusters farther north, so that was very confirming for us.


Georg Ritschl really should be the poster child for orgonite because of his monumental success in establishing a budding national reputation with this work in South Africa. I think we're all too close to the work right now to appreciate the significance of the inevitable defeat of HAARP drought/famine sanctions in that country. I only wish Carol and I could be there to participate in Georg and Farmer Eddy's coming victory. We certainly mustn't let the world regime have its way any longer with artificially induced famine in Africa.


Jeff Baggaley told me that he saw no chemtrails at all in China or Tibet, but that the mind control transmitters are very thick in both places. Gee, I guess the Tibetans, most of whom can barely afford to eat and have an electric light bulb, have all got cell phones---not.


I wonder if this will be the year in which somebody besides me will speak up about the obvious: 'Why are we calling these cell phone towers? There's no technical data available, anywhere, that gives any evidence that these are for communication.' One more big challenge to our shizoid programming, I guess.


This conundrum may point to something very, very important to consider in ourselves. We've become accustomed to seeing the regime as the avowed enemy of mankind, but that resolve breaks down when certain triggers in our brains are activated. We should be embarrassed at how easily we've been induced to call these new towers 'cell towers.'


I'm wondering how fast this can be turned around if we all simply stop watching TV. There was a time when I considered TV to be one of life's pleasures and comforts and I got pretty irritated when my reception went bad. I don't know exactly what it was that caused me to move from adoring television to feeling repulsed by it, but I feel like crap when I'm in a room for any length of time with a TV running. That effects seems to be pretty much absent when I'm playing a movie, in fact Carol knows that I'm not willing to do any of the zapper assembly work unless a movie tape or DVD is on. I never could hold a factory job in my unskilled labor days. Too bad for me they didn't have VCRs then, I guess.


Have you noticed that people who watch TV every day have a harder time grasping simple concepts and feeling energy? I don't believe that's an accidental or collateral effect. I believe that's a primary effect designed to maintain the status of the PJ folk.


I'm sure you'll agree that after an afternoon or evening in front of the television you feel more tired than when you sat down on the couch. That's also designed into the programming. I bet you don't feel that way after you've spent the same amount of time in front of your computer, especially if you use a flat screen instead of a heinous cathode ray monitor.


It's the ambient, irrational mental programming that is now standing in the way of the exponential growth of this grassroots movement. The external and internal psychological assaults on us all have proven marvelously ineffective and now the old bugaboo, brainwashing, is standing in full view in the absence of the war footing we'd been forced to adopt until now.


I was rather shocked to realize recently that so many Cbers are disheartened when a chemtrail jet flies overhead and leaves a trail that lingers more than a few seconds. I honestly don't know how to respond to that apparently unthinking, programmed response, other than to repeat that it no longer happens here thanks to our footwork in disabling a thousand or so towers. I guarantee that we get more than the average number of spewplane visits.


In fact, the presence of chemtrails is not a sign of our defeat. It's not a subtle point to say that they no longer spread out to cover the sky, nor do they suppress the formation of healthy, moisture-bearing cumulus clouds except in very rare cases, like over parts of Los Angeles and Vancouver. Next time you feel inclined to sing a swan song after the rude appearance of spewplanes, give it an hour or so and notice that what I just said is true, okay? Carol says they're often just squirting out harmless skywriting chemicals just to keep the PJ folks from waking up so fast from the presence of all this orgonite and 'skies that look like they did when we were kids!' If the appearance of token chemtrails disturbs you, assume that it's keeping the PJ folk unconsciously discouraged, too.


The programming in some people is so effective that the sight of these weak chemtrails in conjunction with getting a cold or some mildew poisoning from stale household air leads them to assume that they've just succumbed to an aerial biological attack. If you fit that bill, call the hospital and see if they've been flooded with cases of respiratory distress. I bet your symptoms aren't even respiratory in your case.


The global tower network was essentially completed by the first of September, which is why we put off disabling the ones in our region until then. We notice that very few new transmitters have been erected in the past few months, though the underground construction seems to proceed as fast as ever.


I'm not going to dwell on what a few of us did last year to disable the nuke attacks on some of our cities by our own alleged government, or on the way those two carloads of CIA bombers were disoriented in the Hootens' orgone field on their way to blowing up a Miami nuke plant of September's Friday the thirteenth (right after the global tower network was finished) because that's impossible to substantiate. It is food for thought when you consider how the feds completely lost their momentum not long after their initial assault on the World Trade Center, though, and how they never even started to get it back since.


It could be that I'm overly concerned about the brainwashing I'm witnessing and that the present apparent ennui is just a cyclic pause in the network's unfoldment. If so, I'm open to correction.


Kat in Page, Arizona, told me on Wednesday that a spike showed up over Spokane in the Doppler radar readings lately, so the next day, on our trip to Spokane, Carol and I dropped a tower buster in what looked like another cooling pond for an underground nuke plant near a major HAARP array and Kat said the spike disappeared after that. We had looked for that pond before, but couldn't locate it. Carol said the array, which is a massive one that we disabled before, was finally dead by the time we left the city that afternoon. Before then, the transmitters were all giving off very dense DOR, but it was restricted to right around the towers themselves. As happened on Steptoe Butte's array after we killed the nearby underground nuke this way, the HAARP array on Tower Mountain by Spokane was giving off no energy at all except for the flashing red lights on top, which are probably powered by the commercial electricity grid.


Even the single mind control towers probably use up so much electricity that their presence on the power grid would wake up the PJ folk among the utility workers. Cell phone transmitters, indeed ;-) You could smelt aluminum ore with the power it takes to run a single array.


It might be a good idea to look for the underground nukes that power most or all of the major arrays where you live. You might have to dowse the map but I think you'll be astonished at how 'gifted' you are at this. Carol and I believe you can actually disable a nuke plant by putting an orgonite device into the coolant. This is easy to do for the secret nukes that don't get their cooling water from large bodies of water; the trick is finding their cooling ponds. Watch for isolated, gravel lined, steep-sided small ponds surrounded by a high fence. If you're in a cold region the water may have a lot of antifreeze in it and will produce a green-yellow splash. Remember that disabling these underground nuke generators can do only good for the world.


We put HHgs on the ground as close as possible to the surface nukes. This won't stop the reactions, but it will limit the oranur field to a sphere the size of the one whose radius reaches from the HHg to the reactor, so all the workers in there will probably still die young of cancer, but at least the surrounding population won't have to on account of the nuke plant. My second wife spent fifteen years working at the nuke in Seabrook, NH, so I know first hand about the high cancer rate among nuke workers, even the ones, like her, who don't work near the reactors. She survived because she quit and underwent some radical alternative treatments.


I'm toying with the notion that television programming may be responsible for the reticence I'm seeing in many of us regarding spotting all those NSA surveillance people. I was introduced to this awareness rather rudely last Spring because the fellow I was visiting was already under box heavy surveillance and they were rather overtly opposed to our meeting. I see that a few others among us are waking up to the presence of the NSA stalkers more gently than I did.


As Hina Ohale says, there can be a more gradual shift from studiously avoiding noticing your surroundings as you move from place to place (we're heavily programmed to do this) to noticing everything possible in the process. Remember that once you start seeing these unblinking, studiously nondescript starers you can make them give you more space by walking up to them and simply engaging them in conversation-say anything at all and they won't want to get that close to you any more. Be sure to post your experiences on the forum so others will be encouraged to break out of their programming, too.


It takes more courage to do this than to shoot an enemy on the battlefield. That's because we're programmed not to acknowledge the presence of secret police. It's deep programming. If you've been busting towers, they're on you like flies on sh--, rest assured.


You'll experience a rather gut-wrenching shift in the process because breaking out of programming is not pleasant at first. It does get easier, though, and even fun after awhile and after you scramble up to the next level of awareness nobody can make you go back to the way you were before. It's quite exhilarating, I can tell you.


When somebody emails me and says, 'Thanks for everything you're doing for the planet,' I have the impulse to bitch slap the writer every time. This isn't at all about me and anyone who wants somebody else to assume his/her own God-given responsibility deserves the worst of political fates. That's the base impulse that allowed National Socialism to be established in America in the first place.


Speaking of 'next level' I noticed that another groundbreaking feature of our little network is the conspicuous lack of formal hierarchy. There definitely is a hierarchy, but it's founded on demonstrated reputation, not on credentials or intellectual or occult foppery, and it has an organic nature.


I keep using the word, 'organic,' I know, and at the risk of being tedious I say in my defense that the growth process is so essential to working with orgonite that I honestly don't know a better adjective at this point.


Growth has a cyclic component and there are lots of analogies I could use to illustrate it, but we've seen that there were stages in our development as a network/global community when the outlook was bleak, and stages when each of us felt ready to take on the dark masters themselves and make them empty bedpans in a charity maternity hospital in the Central African Republic. YEAH!!


Somebody smarter than me once told me, years ago, that after I started working with crystals I'd gradually stop experiencing extreme emotional highs and lows and would discover rather a more moderate emotional experience characterized by a steadily rising base energy level and awareness. This has been especially true of my work with orgonite. I wonder if one can be extremely moderate. I think that moderate expression and approach is important when we're sharing any of this cutting fringe stuff with newcomers. I think it's also important to cultivate this so that when further attempts are made to undermine our effort we can continue to deal with them on a more or less even keel.


You can bet that just because we took away their chances for martial law they won't stop trying to disable our efforts. In fact I think they just turned cranked up the power in that process.


I don't know if you noticed, but there has been an increase in the number and 'force' of messianic figures in the past couple of weeks offering bold promises of creating world peace, etc. I won't name any, but these are based on thoughtform work among white people and they ultimately foster a sense of powerlessness and submergence into nonentity among individuals and accession of personal energy to any of a number of the regime's pied pipers. When I ask people who send me these mass invitations to suggest some evidence that supporting this will be worthwhile I'm always met by either anger or a weird apology for sending the thing in the first place. I always ask this honestly because I'm always willing to provide evidence that our particular project is well worth supporting.


This thoughtform problem is why Carol and I are examining the uses of radionics now. The Alaska double pyramid report is what got our attention regarding the viability of Radionics with orgonite work and it's come full circle for me, at least, because it was for radionics that Karl Welz introduced orgonite in the first place on I pooh-poohed personally using orgonite for this right up until the guy in Alaska sent me that terrified account ;-) though I remained open to hearing about others' success.


It's still a bit early to make a cogent report on our efforts but we're using Dale Schultz' (Skipperman's) fine radionics stand and pyramid HHg in conjunction with another pyramid from the Hootens on Jay Rockefeller right now and we're using two of Kristina's K/X pyramids, bottom to bottom, on Condoleza Rice, who's been harassing Carol every night for weeks (her attacks are getting progressively weaker and a few days ago I put a sort of yantra over her name between the pyramids and Carol said it immediately and strongly affected Condoleza's third chakra).


I really need to get some radionics construct going on that messianic/groupie thoughtform that's been irritating me lately. I think I can easily track the effects of that by the nature of my incoming email.


The human psychic predators have a lot more moxie and stamina than even the Draconians attackers. It could be because the human ones are chronically stupid, but I'm not sure about that.


Speaking of stupid, take a look at Alex Jones' filming of the human sacrifice ritual at Bohemian Grove on July 15, 2000. I'd never actually seen or read about one of those rituals before and it was quite educational for me. Carol explained some of the stuff to me because she favors ritual magic and I have a good book on Masonic rituals that probably gets into the nitty gritty (except for the murder part). I'll read that book now-I didn't know what to relate it to before. Of course they had everything turned around so that the watchers had the impression that it was a lovely gesture to kill somebody in the name of spiritual happiness and progress. They clearly demonized the victim-no joke! They had apparently drugged him and covered him with a blanket so nobody would be shocked into awareness by seeing the victim clearly. Schizophrenia was designed into white culture early on.


If you think the higher level satanic stuff is done by a bunch of spiky-haired, body-pierced, unwashed Huns, think again. The more grisly stuff is reserved for lowlifes, reptilian predators and MK Ultra chumps, like the mumble-chanting crowd that surrounded Cbswork and 'the Girl' on their recent successful mission to Palomar, but the high rollers are into classical music (from the Romance Period ;-) ) pretty robes and histrionics.


This video may be helpful if you want to get past some of that programming that's so endemic in white people these days. I think you can order it from Alex on . Thank Grid more people of color are now joining the forum. We really need the balance and diversity here.


Speaking of www, I now look for daily news I can use on the American Free Press ( There's a headline section. For instance, if you hear that America is being threatened by a nuke attack from N. Korea, look on this site for the real story, which is that N. Korea and S. Korea are trying to unite and America is simply standing in the way. I think America is the only terrorist nation on the planet right now and this phony government has a long history of terrorizing its own citizenry, even killing us in large numbers in one fell swoop and also slowly, with cancer, as with the countless children who are unwittingly subjected to 'testing' these days.


 I think our prison population is up around seven million now, so I think we're way ahead of Hitler, Stalin, Castro and Mao at this point, per capita. Of course most of them are people of color and I'd be surprised if you really believe they're any more inclined to criminality than whites are. In fact the criminal class that runs this country now are entirely white except for a few token sycophants of color, none of whom will get close to the top of that satanic dung heap.


The fact that the white population is blissfully unaware of this calamity denotes the severity of not only the calamity but also the brainwashing of the white population, whose history of racism and cultural schizophrenia made the programming possible in the first place.


The programming shows most clearly in the response to reports of tragedies. A million dead in BoPhal, India from chemical poisoning gets only a tiny outcry and showing of support compared to the sinking of a ferryboat in the English Channel. I'm not whining, just showing the depth of the problem.


The image of a couch potato watching Monday Night Football reminds me of the crowd of cheering, glassy-eyed, mouth-breathing elitists at Bohemian Grove who watched that romantic spectacle of human sacrifice ;-)


Right now we can turn all of this around because the threat of martial law doesn't need to get our first attention and efforts any more. It takes the boldest of all approaches to move into this campaign of the spiritual war, though, and this approach proceeds from first disabling our mental programming and conditioning. Tough call but I think we're all up to the task.


Based on the astounding success of this little network over the past year I won't even try to predict what we'll all be doing a year from now, though I have no reason to doubt that we'll be unspeakably successful. My hope is that now that the feds have so grossly overstepped their bounds with that horrid Gestapo/SS legislation we may soon see the complete exposure and disenfranchisement (hopefully the eventual punishment) of the puppet masters in London and at the UN who 'guided' our elected leaders into a position where they openly committed high treason by passing that legislation and my main concern now is that we'll get enough PJ folks to wake up now that we can avoid a military coup to set things right.


After the lobbyists are disabled we can prevail on our state legislatures to convene a Constitutional Convention this year and provide an example to every nation on earth--a way to break free of London's bandits and take back some national sovereignty in advance of the formation of a true world commonwealth. Naturally, in the process we can make sure hegemony is returned to state and local governments, which will leave Washington rather desolate.


You may not realize that London has 'expropriated' all of the natural resources in the world in lieu of alleged debt defaulting. We can erase those London-based phony debts in a day by deposing that horrid, parasitic monarchy in Windsor. The banker/trolls are all literally hiding from us under her ample skirts, terrified of exposure.


Watch the world prosper after that. It will happen organically ;-) and fast.


It's the logical fruition of the idea that we can and must determine our own destiny and are not slaves to fate, after all. The question we should be asking isn't 'How can we establish world peace and prosperity?' Actually, the question is 'How can we not right now?'


That was a good finish, but I wanted to save the following for the end:


Carol and I jumped through hoops and even endured another murder attempt by the NSA to get that chemtrails/cloudbusters video documentary to Stuart. I notice that it's getting very little discussion in the forum, nor do the Cbers who still participate in the chemtrail boards and forums ever apparently mention it there, even though it clearly shows what the CT program is about and what the demonstrated solution is. If you're a Cber and are still participating on Chemtrail Central USA and the other alleged information sites you might take a look at what has caused you to decide not to share this documentary with those groups. I don't want to see any confessions here, okay? If you think it's important, please just share it with others when the opportunity arises. You can bet I send all my zapper customers to Stuart's site and mention the free video in the process.


Rense, Carnicom, Bell and all the other alleged underground information sites were given the CD version months before Stuart made it available but none of them mentioned it on their programs or websites. You can bet they all watched it and clearly understood the implications. The premier underground info site, which name escapes me at the moment, at least had the courtesy to say that they won't show it because they don't want to be murdered. They told one of the producers that this is the first time that consideration had come up in their career, so that may show you how close to the regime's bone this video cuts. I can find out the name of that site if anyone's interested. I'm sure many of you are familiar with it.


I'm sure you know that you won't risk your life by sharing this because the cat's out of the bag. You can see that Stuart is still breathing and chipper. He blasted the Man in Black in charge of messing up his internet connection shortly after he announced the presence of the video to the forum and it looks like he's been able to maintain his internet access since then. I'm sure you know of other sites which weren't so lucky after posting particularly dicey info. They should get Succor Punches and learn how to use them.


Stuart understood the risk he was taking, too, but he, of all the people in the world who were given the opportunity to make this publicly available, had the demonstrated courage and commitment to do so. You may not see it now, but I'm sure future historians will take careful, reverent note of that singular act.


Once again, I suggest that it's our mental programming coming to the fore in our hesitation to share this with others. Andy's offering a free copy to anyone whose computer lacks the capacity for downloading this rather big program. It's 30 minutes on a CD. is his site.


 I don't presume to second guess Rense's, Carnicom's, Bell's and all the others' motives for not sharing this with others, but it's going to become more and more apparent that this is one of those rare items, like orgonite, which separates the sheep in this world from the goats.


Have you watched it yet?


Don Croft