Don Croft
Violence Against Our African Associates - December 10, 2005 04:52

A couple of weeks ago Dr Kayiwa was hit with teargas in Kampala, Uganda, on the eve of his teaching expedition to Kenya and Tanzania and looters then removed $800 worth of resin from his car, which happened to be at ground zero of a staged riot. As I mentioned before, Carol clearly saw a sniper lining up to shoot our intrepid Ugandan comrade but his soldier instincts apparently saved his bacon that day. I've seen the guy get into soldier mode and he's quick and resolute Cool

Mrs Odondi, on of our other gifting comrades, wasn't as fortunate in Kisumu, Kenya, a month ago, she just informed me. Another staged riot erupted where she was and the police started shooting people. Before she could get out of danger she was shot in the leg, which put her in the hospital for awhile. Shortly before the riot, the internet service in Kisumu was shut down. Enough gifting can prevent even staged riots, I think, so you can imagine how anxious I am to help our African cohorts get going now. We mainly disabled death towers, voodoo neighborhoods, gov't institutions and HAARP arrays during our time together in Kampala, of course; the better move is to hand it out to people now.

It's taken this long for folks in that city to get access to the internet again and she invited David Ochieng, who lives about a hudred miles east of her, to get together for a confab so they can determine a way to get more proactive with their gifting.

If you want to help fix Western Kenya, finally, send Georg Ritschl of a hundred bucks, earmarked for orgonite to DAvid and/or Mrs Odondi, ASAP. We went to some length to ensure that they'll get their packages from now on, thanks to David's legwork in Nairobi and a nice bribe to a customs/postal official there.

Watch how fast this spreads in AFrica! Don't you wish you could just hand out towerbusters to people and get an instant hearing and understanding of the dynamics of orgonite? If you went gifting there you'd be spoiled Laughing

The only obstacle in the case of Dr K's inability to get to Kenya now is money, of course, though it's likely that Mrs O and DAvid will need to get some instruction, too, and find sources for resin and metal where they live, This was going to be the purpose of Dr K's failed attempt. He's got the resources to do what needs to be done where he lives but gasoline is costly over there and that $800 hit really set him back for resin purchases.

He's not afraid of the physical risks involved in travelling in Kenya at the moment, which are considerable and somehting you and I will probably never have to deal with. Enough orgonite will fix that problem, of course, and apparently the occult/corporate minions understand that better than most of us do, hence the extraordinary lengths they're going to in order to try to prevent the establishment of a grassrot network on that continent. Well they did that here, too, for a couple of years so this isn't new.

Knowing AFricans as well as I do (and I'd like to know them better) the ultimate effect of those efforts will only fuel our friends' passion, as Mrs. O's response demonstrates.

Dr K is active politically, having gained the confidence of some of the genuine movers and shakers in the region, and that may pan out as some interesting distribution opportunities, too, but the main focus should always be the grassroot one..

A few of us have been contributing orgonite and funds to our African comrades but I want to extend this opportunity to everyone, now that we've made solid inroads in the postal heirarchy and customs agency in Kenya (THAT took some doing, I can tell you!).

Georg has been one of the contributors and he's sent a whole lot of orgonite to DAvid and Mrs O. If you send him $100 he'll make sure you get a lot of bang for your buck in Kenya via our partners there. AFricans love orgonite, kind of like the dolphins do, and instantly recognize its potential.

YOu might get as much pleasure and satisfaction as I do knowing that your small contribution can positively affect so many lives half way around the world and you'll be helping to ensure that the dark continent will become emblazoned sooner than later. NObody networks better than Africans do, after all.

Where we live, bad news travels faster than good news: over there it's more like an even race Cool.

Please send your contribution/investment directly to Georg:

Eddie-san mentioned during his visit that he invests in people and I can't tell you what a profound effect that simple statement had on me. I want you to get that realization, too.