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PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 2005 12:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here's a case in point about my hyper-accountability status now: I clumsily mis-stated the claim by the 'public dowser,' who is featured on that site.

The fellow who owns the site was pretty mad at me and demanded some evidence, so I asked my friend near Macon, Georgia, who sent me the warning,to set me straight. She said that the comment related to martial law in Florida, not to me. In fact, she was simply concerned for my safety after she read that and reasonably assumed that I'd be murdered in the process.

Of course there won't be any martial law in the US because enough death towrs are disabled and enough of us are blasting the BushSr cabal regularly so that the PJ folks can't be tweaked into terror and paranoia any more. Sheesh. It's not for lack of the What To Think Network's trying their best to terrorize us, though, as you can see.

This is my promised retraction and apology for my mis-statement to the dowser and to his host, in fact. Please excuse my lapse in intellectual integrity, fellows, and I'm sorry I said that!

Of course, dowsing is inadequate and nearly always misleading when it's done for stuff like this and there are absolutely no 'expert dowsers' who can overcome this handicap. Having said that, I encourage everyone to dowse in order to help us personally (I absolutely stress, 'personally!') discern stuff. It's a very good aid but it's NEVER conclusive by itself..

Here's how I get my best dowsing results, by the way, and it's held up under a lot of circumstances when I really need good, personal dowsing data:

Dowse with a pendulum, using your dominant hand and put the point of a Succor Punch or Powerwand into the center of the palm of the other hand.

Of course, if you're new to pendulum dowsing, do some test questions you know the answers for and find out what a 'yes' and 'no' look like for you. My 'yes' is a clockwise rotation; my 'no' is a line, back and forth. I think I simply copied Carol because my 'yes' used to be a line, side to side. I think it's pretty arbitrary but what isn't arbitrary is that questions need to e as specific and simple as possible.

I asked Carol to watch my energy dynamic when I figured that out, over three years ago. My dowsing always sucked before that. She said that when I dowse without the SP the energy/info comes in thru my crown chakra, then down thru the brain to the hand. When I dowsed with teh SP she said the energy was coming directly from the crystal, up over my shoulders and down to the hand that holds the pendulum. The brain is a filter, which is one way for us to keep our sanity. The crystal has no prejudices, fears or agendae--it puts out pure energy/information, especially when a mobius coil is pulsing at a healthy frequency around it.

YOu can visit any asylum and find folks whose brains no longer filter psi, visual, auditory and other data that comes into it. These are the most psychic people on the planet, by the way. I hope that notion helps remove some of the glamor of psychism for you. This glamor is responsible for leading newagers and other hippie-horse$#!t addicts down the garden path by confusing psychism with genuine spiritual progress.

Confusion is what you're going to get plenty of if you take anyone else's 'dowsing predictions' seriously, by the way.

Blind dowsing in a group is the best way we've found to use dowsing to help a group effort. I'll get into that sometime if you're interested. It's not easy to do, by the way, and requires more than the usual amount of detachment and mental discipline. If the other side's psychics are extremely motivated to subvert even this, we'll have to try even harder and work even smarter.

Most of the really, really good psychics (and dowsers, I suspect) work for the bad guys so we have to remain connected to The Operators through our hearts in order to stay out of their reach..

Lately, at least for Carol, Jeff and I, Chinese psychics have been showing up more and more and a few of these are apparently old Taoists who actually know something. In case you didn't know, Toaism, like Christian ideology, can be used as easily to harm as to heal.