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Episode 51 Terrorizing the Terrorists
Episode 52 The PowerWand Everyman's Weapon Against Tyranny
Episode 53 Crisis = Opportunity
Episode 54 Powerwand, Shiva and the Death of Arch-Predators
Episode 55 Fat, Stupid Federal Ninjas Assault Our Little Idaho Town
Episode 56 G-Men From Hell
Episode 57 Putting My Money (Hide) Where My Mouth (Pen) Is
Episode 58 Private Croft’s March from the Sea
Episode 59 Our Visit with Hugh Lovel
Episode 60 Our Meeting with Karl Hans Welz

Episode 51 Terrorizing the Terrorists

By Don Croft <>

January 21, 2003

New Toy

Carol and I have been testing a new energy device for two weeks and until last night I didn't know how to broach the subject here because it's clearly controversial and there was so much subversive doodoo floating in the cloudbuster forum's punchbowl until last week that rational discussion would have been impossible. Also, we needed to be sure that this device, like all the others we've offered, can't be used to harm innocents.

A local cop (Moscow, Idaho, USA) in a ninja suit was sneaking around outside our house last night, right before I had a little epiphany about this overall discussion. We know it was a cop because Jenny heard the cretin's police scanner go off when he was right below her window ;-) I guess he's not quite ready for the big league yet. We would have assumed it was just another NSA predator if she hadn't heard the scanner on his shoulder.

We're at the end of a dead end street and there weren't any cop cars in sight, so he had to have sneaked onto the property, probably from across the meadow. When Jeff Baggaley was visiting (while Carol and Jenny were in Europe) a similar 'visit' occurred next door to the house we were living in at the time, and I watched it all from my window. The stupid cops, dressed up like Ninjas, sneaked onto this guy's property from the back and harassed the crack dealer (my charming next door neighbor), apparently in advance of coercing him to plant some of his product in our house (I had this from a reliable source, but you need to take my assertion as an opinion). They'd been leaning on this chump for two weeks before that night and for a few days, the cops were cruising by our house and staring at us through the windows. Maybe you know 'that look.' We were on a dead end street then, so the cops had no business being so uncharacteristically present there.

Since this was clearly a violation, Carol immediately 'looked' at where that cop's orders came from and saw the NSA boss agent for our case, telling the crooked police chief in our town to send somebody to search our property for something. She couldn't see what that was, but she knew he didn't find anything. For the record, the elected Sheriff here refuses to be led around by the nose by these federal predators. He's the only cop here permitted under the US Constitution.

Carol went to the police station to make a formal complaint. The cop at the desk could find no record of that visit (of course), but she'll pursue it again tomorrow and she's let them know that the next time a cop shows up anywhere on our property except at the front door, she'll make a citizen's arrest. They know she's lawfully armed because one of the local cops ran into the gun shop with a clipboard before she even left the parking lot with her new Remington Ladysmith 9mm revolver ;-)

There are only about 12,000 people in this town and there's sure as hell no excuse for the police to behave as the Gestapo, here or anywhere else on this planet.

New Lessons

After Carol got a clear picture of the boss agent's complicity in the harassment episode, I imagined my hand around this NSA Special Agent in Charge's beating heart and squeezed until Carol said he was terrified. Then I asked her how many psychics were assigned to help and protect this predator (I was told by an insider that this guy is in the habit of raping women and little girls and I was advised not to piss this guy off after I saw him glaring at us a few months ago from his, new, tan Lincoln Town car) and she said, 'Five, and they live right in town!' I said, 'Pick out the meanest one,' and she got the image of a man. With my left hand I squeezed his gonads until he, too, was terrified, then I told him, since he is telepathic, 'You need to tell your boss that if anyone ever shows up on our property again by his orders, we'll be back and he'll be much, much worse off than he is right now.' Then I let them both go. I expect a new SAIC to show up here soon ;-)

There you have it. Carol and I have been doing this to predators (in the act of harming or threatening people) here and there around the planet for two weeks, every night at bedtime. The reason I didn't comment earlier was because the few people who were perpetuating subterfuge in the CB forum would have had a field day with this. Stuart's been systematically removing those from the forum. Maybe the ones still hanging around, waiting for a chance to sabotage this forum will come out of hiding now, but I'll consider that a result of my initiative if they do, and Stuart can get a clearer sense of their true intentions and invite them out, too, with a clear conscience.

Note that I didn't call them agents. This is because subterfuge is the issue, not affiliations, and I don't want to glamorize what these malcontents do to potentially educational and liberating processes.

That event is typical of what we've been doing every night. Some of you guys had much worse government interference than we've had, we discovered through our experiment. It's a testimony of the character of the active participants here that only the few who were truly under duress accepted our invitation to help. We found two agents this way, too.

Nowhere to Hide

An agent can't hide his/her true intentions from a skilled psychic like my wife. Neither of these agents was under any kind of threat, by the way. I'm sure we've all met liars before. These agents are not bad people, by the way. At that low level in the NSA or associated secret police agency they're not in a position to harm anyone and I get the sense that most of them in the various internet forums wouldn't dream of hurting anyone. They're just collecting a paycheck and following their bliss. I don't blame them; I just want to prevent them from working among us, that's all. They all smoke a lot of dope, apparently. I've been encouraging everyone to give this up if they wish to have psychic integrity. I don't think it's possible to protect oneself very well if one has been smoking the stuff because psyops people can only get in through a hole in the etheric nets around us, and pot makes and extends these holes for them. The agents are essentially paranoid from smoking the stuff, which is how they, in turn, are controlled and kept in fear.

After a person has reached a certain level of psychic integrity, it becomes unthinkable to even breathe the second hand pot smoke. At times, it can feel intolerable to even stand next to someone who's been smoking it. This is Metaphysics 101, folks, not just some Calvinist rant.

We can't fake integrity, though many can fake sincerity fairly well to those who are 'discernmentally challenged.'

The reason I'm reporting all of this now is that I found a precedent among traditional shamanic healers for terrorizing predators. According to the brainwashing that all of the western psychics we know are subject to, it's 'unlawful' to take these measures against predators. You know, a lot of western psychics call themselves shamans, but none of them will do what needs doing to demonstrate their claims, so far. It's an empty title until real courage is demonstrated in the face of a bloodthirsty foe.

Carol felt sure it wasn't right to attack an attacker, which is why she would do the looking and telepathy for me when necessary, but she wasn't willing to 'do the job' or even touch the device I was using, which is basically just a Succor Punch surrounded by orgonite. She wouldn't touch the device-until last night, when her own daughter was under duress from this lawbreaking cop.

There were eight full time NSA psychics looking for ways to break us, but three of them, who were on assignment from Spokane, will never have anything to do with us again. Last week, they were trying to get at Jenny (Carol's daughter), but Carol found out about it and ID'd them. We then spent a little quality time 'talking' to them and demonstrating our clear intent and ability. We'd actually seen the most aggressive one of the three on the street in Spokane one day last summer, spying on us (she's the one who drove Jenny to near suicide a few months later, before Carol discovered how she was doing that). I guarantee that she'll never terrorize anyone again. We always look for the biggest, baddest predator and use him/her as an object example for the rest.

The African Connection

The relevant shamanic exemplar who occurred to me is Ouma Lahia, the Xhosa witch/healer we met in Namibia, though the witches whom Carol met in Kenya are in the same category. I suspect vo Joanna in Brazil has the same level of demonstrated ability. I feel her watching over us even as I write. My little epiphany last night was that the only way one can be effective this way is to strike terror into the hearts of predators. It's implicit that this can only be done in real terms within the bounds of universal law. That means that the predator has to be in the act or preparation stage of committing a crime, literally. The response from us has to be in balance with the threat level presented by the predator. This is something that's felt instinctively, not something arrived at by rational debate, though it all makes sense in rational terms.

In a real sense, the African shamanic healers we met are entirely unafraid of the government, the voodoo societies, and everything else-except going against universal law. I suspect their initiation process has a lot to do with just finding predators who are in the act of attacking innocents and scaring the living s**t out of them or even killing them with energy, whichever is more appropriate ;-)

I confess that when I'm around the 'shamans of color', it's a wonderful relief not to be subjected to pseudo-Hindu metaphysical terminology. There, I've said it. That mental programming crap is as hard for me to tolerate as a multilevel marketing pitch or televangelism.

Return of the Jedi

I bought a little Ben&Suze [crystal device] last month and I can use even this to terrify predators to a lesser extent. I even did that a couple of times (once to a B-Sirian who was trying to harm me; once to a NSA psychic--a member of a psyops team in a car) and once with the SP/orgonite device when it wasn't even attached to the SP frequency box, so essentially this isn't about tools in the long run. It's about the will and desire to stop tyranny, in my opinion. I think we get these little glimpses of our true potential in order to spark us onward.

Others are using their Succor Punches to do this now (they’re not talking about it in the CB forums, probably because of past subterfuge and sabotage in the ranks), but my SP simply won't do that. That's another discussion, of course, and the SP is apparently still more suitable for some applications, especially involving reptilians and ET who are apparently immune from the newer device.

One reason I waited two weeks to even mention the newer SP/orgonite device is that I wanted to see if any fool, predator, or unbalanced person, could inflict harm on innocents with one. Since we're quite sure that the NSA and other fake-gov't gangsters (they all fit at least two of those depictions) have made many of these and are trying to use them against Carol and I, having gotten my very clear instructions from my personal correspondence to several people, and since we've felt better in the past two weeks than we have in the previous two years, I'm certain now that this device can't be used to harm innocents.

Well, okay, I'm not really an innocent, per se, but by 'innocent,' I mean anyone who's not a predator. Carol's an innocent by anyone's standards, I guess, and Jenny certainly is. Jenny's been feeling better than ever lately, too.

Carol and I got some clear, simple parameters for a prototype which I believe will be more powerful and effective than the one we're using now. I shared those parameters with several vendors, who have told me they'll also make prototypes, and after we test these, I'll do a fuller description and write-up for you here. Since our prototype only has the items that Carol and I came up with independently, I'm not violating anyone's proprietary rights.

I'll make sure that the makers of the device I'm using now will get their due credit shortly.

Every orgonite, electronic, geometric and crystal device we're all using right now is a temporary crutch. I've got no problem admitting that. Why do people denigrate crutches, though? Is that some white-man, schizoid attitude related to hatred of handicapped people? Think about the weird implication of despising crutches for a second.

I don't think that we Pink Toes are inherently schizoid, but duplicity damn sure is an integral part of the Judeo-Christian culture for the past two millennia. Let's see how fast we can dismantle the overlaid thoughtforms that makes us assume that crooked-is-straight and straight-is-crooked, okay? Here's some more thoughtforms for the sake of illustration: 'Security is more important than freedom,' 'The devil made me do it,' 'If you're suffering, it's your own fault,' 'We can't change the world; we can only change ourselves,' 'It's not spiritual to be concerned about government,' 'Denial is a wonderful thing,' 'I have this problem because in a past life,' 'I'm really a mighty admiral of a fleet of starships from the Pleiades'; 'I only appear to be fearful, duplicitous and incompetent because I wanted to give myself a lesson in this incarnation.,' 'This isn't really happening to me.' Yikes

Carol was thinking about some of these expressions yesterday while she was doing her email and told me she heard a voice, then, that said, 'These people need to do some rebirthing.' That's the supervised technique of rapid breathing that can be used to burn away delusion (thoughtform) overlays rapidly. It has to be conducted by someone you trust implicitly or you won't open up enough to get the job done. James and Rose Mary Hughes helped me with that five years ago, but they're not doing that any more, professionally (twenty years is enough, they recently told me). There are a lot of good folks providing this service, but if your instincts tell you that the one you're considering is not trustworthy, you'll waste your time and money if you do it with that person.

I'm not saying the facilitator needs to be a saint, only that you need to be able to trust him/her.

Until I met Ouma Lahia in Africa, I wasn't aware of another human who was able and willing to exercise such profound personal power. As I mentioned last year, she checked me out thoroughly, weeks before she allowed me to visit her. During this process, I came the closest to a feeling of terror than I had in recent years. In those moments, she was putting my intention to the test; looking right into my heart. The reason I didn't let fear rule is that I knew, when her granddaughter mentioned her to me (the morning after I arrived in Windhoek) that she was the traditional healer whom I'd come to give my crowd zapper to. I knew that she had the power to kill me if I ever demonstrated ill intent. Simple truth, clear knowing. The reason she has that ability, though, is because her own intent has been purified by the fire of tests, temptations, traumas, loss, and opposition. This power is never given to some jerk off the street; it's earned and given within the Law. The badly named Great White Brotherhood doesn't have this power to give, though they dearly want you to believe they do. They've always had to resort to bullets, poison and corrupted courtrooms for getting their fearless opponents out of the way. Their fake ascended masters, like Count St. Germain, are really just in a hyper-dimensional, timeless limbo, similar to a born-again chump's idea of heaven. As La Rouche said once: They've traded eternity for a bad infinity. I guess the old Count simply outsmarted himself, eh? I bet there's no sex where he is.

The reason Ouma Lahia can go through life completely unafraid of predators (no shortage of those in Africa though the ones here, usually connected with the NSA, are far more savage and bloodthirsty on the whole) is that she knows she can destroy them if she needs to.

The US Constitution clearly states that anyone can lawfully stop a person who is in the act of committing a crime. It's been a long, long time since the Constitution was the basis of our court system (natural law was replaced in all the courts by corporate rules in 1935). There are no more crimes against people under the rule of the Corporation (Uniform Commercial Code, UCC). There are only crimes against the State (the London-owned Federal Reserve Corporation) and its property (the people of the United States).

Some of us are now conspiring to destroy the corporate (what an apt term!) thoughtform which keeps people believing that it's obligatory to go along with the Federal Reserve Corporation, which owns all our courts, our currency, all personal and public property and everyone in the US who has a social security number. We estimate that this thoughtform will be destroyed, radionically by June. Then a few months later, the Corporation itself will be peacefully dismantled by formerly incredulous Americans, the assets redistributed by a real government which is Constitutionally established. I think the fake gov't saw this coming, hence the NESARA delusion as a half-hearted stopgap to keep the corporate thoughtform's foot in the door. Mixing metaphors, NESARA is apparently intended to be the dog's nose in the coming real national government's tent ;-)

I've only shared the details of our experiment with a few people whom I trust the way I'm asking you to trust your chosen rebirth facilitator. By the way, born-again chumps think that rebirthing is a one-time deal. Actually, we all do it in stages as long as we're alive. The trick is to get it done ourselves in a progressively easier way. The first few times may rather feel like dying than birthing. The orgonite devices will smooth the way considerably, so don't forget to have at least a Holy Handgrenade present.

Ouma Lahia

I'm wondering if any shamans outside Africa and Latin America practice this level of personal power. What I experienced in Africa felt familiar and right, and it's right in line with my instinctive belief that Africa will soon assume its proper place in human, spiritual civilization. The suppression of Africa has been essentially the same as the suppression of a huge part of our own personal potential, though here it's done with brainwashing here. There it's done with violence and overt threats. I think the fake world regime has determined to wipe out these few exemplars in the only way that's been open to them- genocide; their tried and true companion until now.

Ouma Lahia had been poisoned two years before Carol and I met her. She was in her eighties and I suspect that dose would have quickly killed even a healthy youth, but her time here simply wasn't up yet, and I think she knew it. The solar powered crowd zapper got such rapid and astonishing healing results when she 'test drove' it that I wish I'd taken pictures of the faces of her family when she jumped up after twenty minutes of zapping and started flexing her previously painful joints. I'd seen the healing many times, but those looks were priceless.

'Ouma' is Afrikaans for 'grandmother,' and that's exactly how she felt to me, as does vo Joanna in Brazil.

When Carol went to Kenya a few months earlier, she was struck by the fearlessness of the witches/healers she met on the first day in the village. They, alone, were not intimidated by the 'night runners'-- the voodoo men who run naked in total darkness through the forest of thorn trees and attack people who are outside their homes after dark. Others won't go out at night for fear of encountering these murderous men (they remind me of Shriners-sorry about that). The Haitian villagers are ruled in a similar way by the voodoo societies there. Meeting those witches and Ouma Lahia was an eye opener for Carol. It took both of us this long to make the connection between their fearlessness and ours right now. It's based on the knowledge that we can stop predators in the act of harming innocents. There are quite a few people in this forum who are ready to do this now if they want to.

Nine voodoo men followed Carol home from Kenya, astrally, and we stopped them with the Succor Punch in one session. That's also when we found the reptilian hive openings in Africa, through a chain of astral inquiries. The desire to close the south portal of the African reptilian hive is what motivated me to go to Namibia three months after Carol got back. That was found and closed by our African compadres then with the HHg one of them made, but it was done after I showed up. I think they needed some moral support then. I believe that was on December 17, 2001. A week before that, on the day I arrived in Africa, a very lengthy sighting of several UFOs was reported in the nation's premier newspaper. There were no pictures, but the detailed account was on the front page. From the descriptions, it was obvious to me that those were Lemurians, coming to reclaim the skies over Southern Africa as the reptilians were retreating in advance of the portal closing. Carol and Kerstin were 'invited' aboard a Lemurian craft on account of the orgonite devices there the day before she left, a month later.

The chembuster work we did, together with our African counterparts, in the Namib and Kalahari and handing the crowd zappers to native healers were our second and third reasons for the visit. All zappers cure AIIDS very, very quickly. I think Georg Ritschl's the guy who will get this good news and affordable zappers into the hands of the African healers now, through the auspices of and the generosity of others. He's already made impressive inroads reversing the HAARP savagery in Southern Africa with his many well-placed cloudbusters and other orgonite devices.

The daily interference with my email stopped abruptly after the second night of our experimentation with this device and aside from the 30 or so daily mass-addressed emails from the chump NSA agents which contain their latest computer viruses in attachments (I routinely delete all those before I start on correspondence) there seems to be no more hacker assaults going on. It was getting worse and worse until the day it stopped entirely, two weeks ago. Some hacking at this point would be just another opportunity for us to see what the new device can do. I was surprised to learn that most of the bosses in these predatory secret police operations are Men in Black (Morticians With Attitude?).

NSA: Traitors in Trouble?

Our aim is to wage a campaign of terror among all the predators of the NSA and the associated enforcing agencies of this fake world regime. This is where all the terrorism in the world comes from, after all. They're the ones who blow up public buildings, blow up passenger jets, commit mass murder, conduct all the satanic serial killings, maintain and extend MK Ultra and all the other predatory mind control programs, tell all the politicians how to vote (usually by extortion if bribery fails). They run the FBI, the local police agencies and even most of the Sheriffs Departments and they do their best to run the State Police agencies. They set up and run all of the spiritual chumps' gurus who get wide acclaim (gee, how do they get so popular ;-). They own and operate all of the Zionist and Islamic bomb throwers and assassins. They set up and maintain all the Stalins, Hitlers and Pol Pots operating right now as heads of state in sundry little countries and they murder ALL of the opposition in these countries when they're able to.

In short: disable these behind-the-scenes criminal networks and the world regime will be completely defenseless, therefore no longer viable. The disappearance of the world regime will be no more traumatic to the body politic than the death of a tapeworm is to a human body. Watch how fast we fix political corruption once the politicians' enablers are gone. It's going to be a peaceful transition in most cases, I think, to government based on personal freedom and responsibility. We humans are all quick studies, I believe, and all of us instinctively know right from wrong. Sometimes it just takes a little coaching, which may be the ultimate function of the Internet.

Universal Law, The Fly in the Ointment

Carol and I figured out that every member of 'the regime,' certainly including their predators, is essentially expendable, even the five old dark masters at the top end of the Great White Brotherhood's formerly secret hierarchy. They all know it because, for all the movers and shakers in this hierarchy, systematic programming began in their earliest moments in this life with ritual infant abuse [see Thanks for The Memories by Brice Taylor-Ken]. Later on, the memories of their early abuse was suppressed and their minds were overlaid with predator programming, giving them the delusion of personal power, but reinforcing their distrust of their coworkers and a distinct fear of failure. This is also the root programming used in MK Ultra and all the other programs designed to keep their troops in line. It's this programming which makes the psychic predators try to ignore universal law, and ultimately that makes them vulnerable to you and me. One of the NSA shrinks moonlighted once to give McDonalds Corporation this for programming their employees to never unionize. It works ;-)

Remember that a predator chooses to attack innocents and other predators. There are no unwitting victims at that level of savagery. On the other hand, the lower level chumps of the NSA who disable internet forums, write TV scripts and political speeches and argue the fake 'law' in the fake courts are relatively harmless, so of course we wouldn't even think of harming them.

Criminals in Charge

Just like the Federal Reserve Corporation, it's time to dismantle all the secret police agencies and this can't happen unless they've become essentially afraid of the consequences for hurting innocents. The world is in a state of anarchy because criminals run all of the governments from behind the scenes and terrorize the populace in the process. That means there is no effective government in real terms right now. We're responsible for creating proper government, not politicians or fake saviors.

I don't think we have time to get approval from 'the masses' for this work because as long as they're afraid of these fake governments, they'll remain asleep and even dangerous. We need to do whatever it takes, within the real law, to neutralize the external source of this fear programming. To Carol and I, right now, that means destroying the thoughtforms with turbocharged radionics and systematically terrorizing the demonstrated secret police terrorists. I think that until we get at least a dozen more interested and able folks involved with this we are risking a bullet or two in the head, hence the submission of this post for the record right now instead of two weeks from now.

The NSA tried to murder several of us to prevent the chemtrails/cloudbuster video from getting onto the Internet. That stopped abruptly soon after Stuart did the deed on I expect a similar scenario will play out until there are a few prototypes out and about in the right hands. Mainly, it's the information that is important. This new device is just an appropriate Succor Punch surrounded by adequate orgonite. As with all the other devices Carol and I introduced, the parameters are very liberal, so there's little chance of screwing it up if you're relatively intelligent and are wiling to pay attention to your instincts in making your own prototype.

I'm asking for a dozen psychic practitioners or teams like Carol and I, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few hundred by June, which feels to us like the time we'll clearly have the upper hand. By 'we' I mean humanity, of course, not this informal network.

Scheduled Nuke on Washington DC in late January

I think that if the scheduled nuke attack on Washington, DC by NSA agents later this month fails, there won't be any more blatant attempts to move us into martial law and genocide, then we can focus on disabling and dismantling the NSA from the inside out.

I definitely believe that a few of these instruments in the right hands will do the trick of disabling the criminal NSA and the other predatory enforcers of global tyranny in a short time. In the wrong hands, they'll just be props (or bludgeons).

og Training

Pavlov discovered that only a small, hidden effort is needed to train someone to behave and believe a certain way or not to. Actually, this is a divine principle that Pavlov applied in a less than divine format. We found out that the 'disciplined' predators do tell the others about what we've done. Maybe a dozen more of these devices in the right hands will be enough to make sure that these tales of terror spread thoroughly through the predatory ranks of those disgusting agencies. The clear but implicit message: 'If I ever hear of you harming another innocent, you're going to pay dearly; and nobody can protect you and it's impossible to hide from me. If I get killed, there will be somebody else to find you and do the deed, probably immediately.'

Help Wanted

I'm asking for a dozen practitioners, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few hundred throughout the world by June, which feels like the time when we'll clearly have the upper hand. By 'we' I mean humanity, of course, not this informal network. It's not even necessary to tell us you're doing this. In fact, when the victory comes, the casual nature of our association will be just another confirmation of the power of the human spirit over the power of degradation and exploitation, which requires severe structuring, complex formal hierarchies and infighting to maintain itself. I think we can see how the fake infighting disappeared from the forum after the subterfuge artists were summarily ejected. Infighting is not inherent to human organization-it's a programmed activity. The fact that it characterizes corporate employment simply supports my claim that corporations are un-natural organizations, about to be abandoned in favor of more organic forms of organization. The well-reputed ambience and true camaraderie in the CB forum will continue to get better, you'll see, and the structuring will become less and less apparent, as it is on the internet itself.

I'm reporting this here, but in fact we don't need the forum for this particular project. I just want a public record account of what we're doing and the forums at are our chosen chronicle because Stuart Jackson is made of the same stuff we are, so I trust that he'll never sell out and trash this wonderful site. Sure, it's all been archived in several places by now, but I want Stuart's site to get so well known that Jeff Rense will soon come begging on his knees for Stuart to sell him a banner ad ;-)

Besides, Stuart knows that if he drops the ball sometime, somebody else will pick it up and run with it on the Internet. He's proven his commitment with every obstacle (opportunity) that's been thrust in front of him, though, so I'm sure he'll stay in the game for the duration and beyond.

The dissemination of workable solutions to seemingly insurmountable calamities and threats is being done now, almost entirely, through the good graces of the Internet. The parameters here are entirely different from anything else except the global psychic network among the true, unaffiliated shamans, which is ancient and highly evolved and even linked to higher agencies. If you detect the stink of the Great White Brotherhood from someone claiming to be a healer/shaman, check to see if your wallet's still in your pants.

The Internet is the crutch that humanity is using to help us get to the next level of awareness, on which tyranny has always been simply impossible to create and maintain. Humanity is only a few hobbling steps away from that wonderful realm right now. Maybe we can finally get around without crutches after we get there. Is that going to happen after 2012? Imagine a world without parasites. 'Rebirthing' has a lot of meanings.

Don Croft

Episode 52 The PowerWand Everyman's Weapon Against Tyranny

Additional Essays on the Powerwand: Episode 54, Episode 62, Episode 62B

Adventures of Don & Carol Croft Index

By Don Croft <>

January 26, 22003

Having satisfied ourselves that absolutely no harm can be done with this device, we're ready to give out the instructions for it. After that I'll discuss what led to making ours and other considerations. Special thanks in the beginning is due Ben Morton, Suze Hooten and Bruce Stenulson for helping us make the crucial connection. I've described our experiences with Ben's and Suze's device, which inspired our PowerWand, in the Terrorizing The Terrorists article, written just previous to this one.

A few days after writing that account I made our prototype PowerWand and Carol and I began experimenting with it.

I'm writing a detailed description of how mine was made. If any of this seems over your head, you probably should buy one from one of the vendors on Carol and I will check their work and write our recommendations after they've produced a suitable model that meets our minimum standards.

Here are the ingredients:

(It's built in a 3" diameter copper pipe, 9" long. Basically it's just a Succor Punch embedded in slightly 'Hootenized' orgonite [resin/metal shavings mix with misc. added crystals-Ken].)

1. The Copper Pipe

2. An Endcap (optional)

3. A Suitable Crystal- it needs to be at least seven inches long, close to 1 ½" thick in the middle and with a single distinct point on one end. A Vogel (expensive!) will do fine, of course, but mine is funky and cost only $45.

4. Mobius Coil

I used an entire roll of the blue magnet coil wire from Radio Shack (sold singly in a plastic and cardboard packet) to make the mobius coil on the crystal. The instructions for wrapping this coil are on Since the 'cable' for the coil was very long in relation to the thickness of the crystal, I made a series of six 'knots' or underhand mobius turns. This saved me from having to make a huge, unwieldy 'knot.' Each knot was made up of six turns of the cable around the crystal. I stripped an inch of wire on the two ends and wrapped them around the threads on the ends of two, 2" long drywall screws, so soldering was not necessary. I put some little shrink tubes around the lengths of the screws so that the current would not short into the orgonite around them. I also liberally coated (with GOOP) all the bare wire that was still exposed and GOOP-glued the screws along the crystal so that just the heads would be exposed after it was all done. Until the glue dried, the screws were taped into position. I applied the two alligator clips from the frequency box to the two screws to power the coil when it was finished. Others use a different contact method.

5. Other Crystals

A little amethyst (mine was an inch long, broken from a cluster), a bit of pyrite (I used about a quarter teaspoon of broken bits), hematite (I used four 12mm beads), and garnets (I used four or five small rough bits, about 6mm). Without at least these Hootenizers, the energy from your Power Wand won't be grounded or focused. It will work about half as well as the one I made and the energy field will be spinning wildly around the room instead of taking proper form. If you want, you can beef it up a lot more with more minerals, intelligently combined. RevTed at Myth&Links (a link is on has them all in stock, plus a lot of the more exotic items and some very nice crystals for your other orgonite devices, if you can't find them locally. We were careful to make ours with materials you can find in any bead store and rock shop.

6. Succor Punch Frequency Generator

If you don't want to use the hard-wired boxes supplied by the Succor Punch makers, you can download the software for a frequency generator onto your desktop and hook the coil to you speaker plug-ins on your computer. You can download the NCH Frequency from Ken Adachi's web site: We use 15Hz for this because it drives all parasites and predators to distraction, but it feels good to balanced, healthy people and boosts our awareness. The healthy orgone fields get quite juiced by it, too. Our theory is that this is because it will be the earth's resonant frequency after 2012, when tyranny and parasitism will simply be unviable on this planet.

7. A Copper Coil

I used 99" of 18gauge bare copper wire [or enameled copper wire used for coils and transformers], wrapped loosely counterclockwise along the length of the crystal. The counterclockwise wrap gets the projected orgone field spinning in a direction suitable for dissembling predatory/parasitic thoughtforms. 15Hz speeds that process.

8. Mostly CopperMetal for Orgonite

Carol told me that at least half the metal should be copper, perhaps because of the nature of the work that's to be done with this device. We used aluminum for the rest.

9. Cheap Fiberglass Resin

We double the catalyst amount because it's cold in our garage.

Here's how I made mine:

Since I tend to be a little rough with my stuff, I recessed the point of the crystal into the pipe. I pushed it through some cuts in the bottom of a 3oz Dixie cup, which I also use to make the Tower Busters that can be shot from my spudgun.

I put GOOP Glue around the bottom of the cup to ensure that resin wouldn't leak in and fill the cavity, then I glued the rim of the paper cup onto a flat plastic surface after the first bunch of glue hardened enough to hold up the crystal.

I had gauged the business end of the two terminals (screw heads) to be an inch below the edge of the pipe and when I put the frequency box in there the copper end cap (lubricated with sprayed silicone) fit snugly and held it in place on top of the screw heads. The silicone ensures that you'll get it off again.

After the glue dried around the edge of the paper cup, I set the copper pipe down around the whole thing and added some metal-enough to stand the amethyst up so it pointed in the same direction as the SP crystal.

I poured in enough catalyzed resin to saturate the metal. At this point, it's better to pour just a little catalyzed resin; enough to go just over the bottom of the Dixie cup, in case there are leaks. If you add too much, the pressure will force a lot more resin through the leak and out from the edge of the pipe.

When this hardened, I added the pyrite, more metal, the hematite, more metal, and then near the 'top' I added the garnets and filled the whole thing with resin up to the screw heads.

I ended up grinding the business end, of course, and chiseling out the leaked resin there, and it was finished.

I decided to sell the components for the frequency boxes wholesale to anyone who wants to order the minimum of ten. I'm doing this for two reasons: Since they're machined and suitable for fitting in the space more people will be building the Power Wands for sale (it's slightly bigger than a 9v battery). Also, it cost us dearly to get the circuit/switch/LED assemblies and the machined boxes made in the first place and we want to recover our investment. We use the circuits for our Terminator zappers and I had the small boxes made in some quantity for the Succor Punches and other applications. The Terminator box and the SP box were machined to accept the same circuit/switch/LED assembly.

I bought all of Ben Morton's and Suze Hooten's offerings in recent months. These are partly based on Mark Hooten's unique skills of using specific minerals and crystals to enhance and specify the effects of orgonite and their own inspired applications of coils, crystal arrangements and shapes. I've often referred to the superior function of Suze's dowsing pendulum and to the combination of the Ben & Jerry Treat and Suze's small Super Sevens into the Ben&Suze device, which fits nicely in the hand and travels well in the pocket for vitalizing the ambience wherever one goes with it. In a pinch, it can also disorient and rather terrify a psychic predator, so it's no softy.

They sent us another device, which is a double scale Ben&Suze with a Succor Punch crystal coil and circuit embedded in the middle. There are other proprietary items they didn't describe to me but we discovered early on that it could be used to do things that the Succor Punch alone was incapable of. The Terrorizing The Terrorists article was written about what Carol and I did with this device, as I mentioned above.

Right after that article was written, we received a device from Mark Hooten which has no electronics and relatively little orgonite, but it out-performs our PowerWand and works on a slightly different principle. Since he expressed that he won't be making these for sale, I won't go into that in depth, but it was quite astonishing to us that so much could be done without a mobius coil. I think Mark has made something that humanity won't be ready for (generally) for another ten years. It's also incapable of doing harm, by the way. It certainly does send back predatory energy tenfold to the source, though, as does the Power Wand. I think we've sort of stumbled onto the nuts and bolts of just how tyranny will no longer be practicable after a few more years.

(Back to the Super Ben&Suze-if I may be so bold as to suggest a name)

This requires very concentrated effort and apparently even focused rage to disable a predator in the act of committing a crime. It also seems to require some visualization. I doubt that this was their intended purpose in creating it. Carol was unwilling to even pick it up until we'd had it for a month. The little Ben&Suze was adorable from the first. I'm the one who made the connection between the larger device and effective self-defense. Carol's reluctant to think in those terms, though she's happy to assist me with her supernormal sight.

I sent out a request for volunteers who were under attack by NSA and other secret police psychic predators to give Carol and I permission to visit them and disable their attackers. About twenty people responded from around the world, only two of whom were insincere (Carol saw them as agents). One was since booted off the forum, but the other is still there, though not making trouble for now.

We mainly wanted to get our own 'before and after' assessments and to see whether our images corresponded with real results based on subsequent observations by the askers. We found out in the process that all human predators are very vulnerable to this device, while the human/reptilian hybrids and ETs are harder targets. We couldn't touch the Draconian we found pulling the strings in one NSA psyops assault, but we did disengage that one with my Succor Punch in the customary way. The flunkies, in this case an army field grade psychic officer and several NSA psychics, were fodder for this weapon and you can bet they won't be doing this to anyone else in the near future. Our hope has been for all psychic and even physical fake-gov't predators to be too scared, due to circulating reports, to go after anyone. When we encounter a team, we always go after the strongest, meanest one and have the others watch. I pretty well described the processes in the previous episode, so there's no need to cover that ground again.

Bruce Stenulsen was the first to combine a coiled crystal and orgonite for effect. That's the DORAS unit you may have heard about. Suze Hooten wanted me to be sure to give Bruce credit for acting on the original concept. Thanks, Bruce!

Since Carol and I gave away our inventions so that we couldn't be tagged with profiteering, my conscience is clear in promoting the Power Wand, a device which is derived from experimenting with Ben and Suze's creation. I need to stress that Hootenizing orgonite, as done over and above our offerings, points the way to a time when there will be no need for electrical circuitry any more in an orgone-based technology for humanity. I feel sure that in the present evolution of technology, orgone will be to electricity what electricity was to steam. I hope we can keep using the term, 'orgone' on behalf of Dr. Reich, who literally sacrificed his life in 1957 at the hands of fake-government assassins to make it possible for us to even have this discussion. He knew for almost twenty years that it was going to happen, which makes his offering that much more precious.

Ben pointed out that much of what they added to this device is proprietarial and secret, so I was eager to see if this private domain technology related to the great results we were getting with their device. At this point I can confidently say that our significantly easier and more effective results in the vein of stopping predators were from the combination of the Succor Punch and orgonite in a simple configuration.

I'll be looking forward to seeing how other researchers analyze the effects and abilities of the Super Ben&Suze in perhaps other ways that we're not yet aware of. I've sent ours to an extremely gifted and talented energy worker/healer for his assessment and I'll share his comments as soon as I get them.

I put a new battery in the freq box and turned it on before mailing it off just in case some Gestapo bastard is stupid/arrogant enough to try to sabotage the package.

I'll also take it to other reputable psychics whom we've worked with in our travels for their assessments. I want to make sure that Ben and Suze get full credit for their work and this is best done by getting the unbiased evaluations of more than just Carol and her psychic-hack husband.

I carried the PowerWand from the basement to our bedroom/workshop, when it was finished, and it felt like an army was marching in front of me ;-). That was pretty special.

Carol said that before it was even turned on, a big, spherical cobalt blue orgone field was writhing, centered four feet beyond the end, sort of like a Medusa's head. This is the thing that visits the target when we turn on the power, but it's huge then and has no range limit. Also, no psychic shields or ritual magic protection works against it. I thought this article would be a long one, but the effect and technique is so simple that there's not a lot to elaborate on.

The first thing we did was test it on me, full blast. I felt a pleasant rush all over, like when you stand under a tropical waterfall or dive into a pool. Carol saw the cobalt energy flowing over me, but none of it went inside. I guess nothing in me needed to be recycled.

I learned to stop visualizing predators coming apart because I want to steer clear of any notion that I'm a murderer. Instead, I just direct the energy at them with the understanding that it will do whatever is lawfully appropriate to their situation. Secret Buddy says it's always appropriate to kill ritual murderers, but he knows stuff I don't know.

It's sufficient to say now that all of the vengeful military psychics, Montauk Wonks, Men in Black, dark masters, Satanists, etc., who took exception to our efforts by trying to disable us in the past few days got it all back in appropriate measure without us having to transgress the Law.

Today, we even disengaged the first hacker in three weeks who's had the temerity to interfere with my computer. He was just a nerdy NSA geek, so the Power Wand didn't damage him. It did disable all his computer gear, though, which put him in a paranoid state (he's probably a pothead). Carol had him 'see' blood dripping down his monitor screen just for fun (we watch a lot of movies while we make zappers). I think he was set up by his bosses to do that because he's not psychic enough to see what we've been up to. She said I'm just another name on his list of would-be victims and only after his stuff stopped working right did he suspect that he'd stepped on the wrong toes and that made him scared.

Anybody else want us to see if we can stop their computer interference? If so, email me at . In the past few days, I've heard from a half dozen major players in our network who say their websites are down, all their email disappeared, etc., so maybe the secret police are doing a little rearguard action. Those cretins only advertise themselves to us this way. Don't you feel embarrassed that you were ever afraid of these incompetent jerks? I do.

If you're an agent reading this, I bet you already know we'll find you out in the process if you cry 'Wolf!' ;-) Don't worry- we won't hurt you, Agent. Anyone who emails me for that will get prompt attention and if you send another note within a day or two, I'll be sure to tell you what we've seen and possibly done for you. Feedback from you will be deeply appreciated-we don't ever run from science.

We'll be on the road (pursuing the enemy, not fleeing from them ;-)) after Feb 2, so please don't ask after that, okay? This is for our education, mainly. The rat bastards won't get close to us any more so we need help finding predators to disable. Pretty soon anyone can do this job.

Somebody else made a Power Wand prototype the day before I did (I'm not sure he wants to announce himself, otherwise I'd mention his name). He used it radionically to direct energy at an up and coming guru wannabee whom he found particularly annoying. In this case it was done radionically with the Power Wand pointed at a witness well with the guy's name in it.

He asked Carol to look at the results and Carol saw that the would-be guru simply got a huge rush of real inspiration from that exercise, even though the fellow with the Power Wand wanted him to suffer. Mr. Wannabee is simply not a predator. We asked our friend to monitor the target's website from now on and see if he has replaced his apparent craving for a following with a strong, demonstrated desire to empower others. Sure, all the leadership addicts say they're empowering people, but if you're reading this you've probably figured out that it's only the actions that count, not the claims or even the intentions, from us all.

Here's my theory on how the PowerWand works:

The world is ruled through a predatory/parasitic thoughtform. Whoever identifies with these things is susceptible to being dissolved by the Power Wand's directed, focused energy. The degree of dissolution is in direct proportion to that person's demonstrated commitment to predatory action. They higher up the dung heap that a person is, the more mayhem and murder he/she must have committed, therefore the more vulnerable to this device. Just like the in Hitler's SS, advancement in the New World Order is measured by the height of the pile of corpses in one's personal resume. The Love and Light gurus are window dressing, only. They don't participate in the grisly stuff, but their programmers do.

Bodily parasites are predators, of course, but on a smaller scale, biologically. The parasitic aspects of the world regime are seen in its global exploitation of human energy and natural resources. I think the religious and educational institutions fit well in the parasite category.

The predatory aspects are seen in agencies like the NSA, the Federal Reserve Corporation, the International Monetary fund, Communism, National Socialism (like the fake US and European governments), military dictatorships, etc.

These are all thoughtform-based and exquisitely worthy of dissolution right now. Because the thoughtforms are immense it's going to take some time to dissolve them with even the most powerful radionics configurations, but that may take as little as six months if the right number of us apply what we've all learned to the task.

All predators are heavily vested in the thoughtforms, to the extent that they fully identify with them. This may explain why human predators are so easy to neutralize this way.

The penchant to identify with thoughtforms is part of human nature and not intrinsically in error. The brainwashing of humanity has been so effective that most people, after being institutionalized by public education, grope blindly for viable thoughtforms to identify with. The subversion of formerly viable ones is so complete that when one falls in the trap of identifying with them he/she is simply allowing external parasites to draw on their innate, essentially sovereign power. This is exactly what happens when one accepts a Social Security Number, adds his name to a church roster, joins a political organization, etc.

All of us are compromised this way to some extent, so I think it's pointless to rant about it. It rather seems more appropriate to destroy the thoughtforms and effectively protect ourselves from the agents who seek to punish and/or prevent us from carrying that out that process.

I think most of us in this action-oriented network have experienced the wrath of the secret government by now, firsthand, just for busting some of their deathforce transmitters and an underground base and maybe just for having a chembuster.

The PowerWand may be the easy way for anyone to take back personal power in a profound, effective way. You'll know when you've succeeded because you'll then stop experiencing gumshoe surveillance and computer hacking. Your life will get sweeter in other ways, too, and you'll know that this world order isn't so mighty, after all.

Several times, without Carol being present, I sensed a psychic assault and twice got the clear intention of some Men in Black who dearly wanted to shoot me in the head. I finally saw some of these gangsters outside Baltimore a couple of months ago. They're pretty brazen, unlike the formerly omnipresent NSA gumshoes. I don't think they're quite brazen enough to wear those suits in Idaho, though ;-)

In each case, I simply stopped what I was doing, turned on the PowerWand and imagined the power going to the source of the intimidations. Carol looked at each one afterward and said that the aggressors were completely neutralized in a fully appropriate way and will never do that again, at least to us. I didn't entertain the thought of killing them in that process, though one assault came apparently via direct orders from two of the remaining dark masters in the Gobi.

Carol and I were both astonished to find that the NSA and similar government agencies around the world operate so extensively through ritual dark magic, rather than through simple psychism and electronics. Part of me was happy to see that the Satanists connected with the fake South African government who were trying to stop Georg were a mixed group of whites and blacks, holding hands in a circle. That was when we saw that the PowerWand works well on groups of predators. In that case, Carol saw a sort of lightning bolt strike in their midst and spread out to encompass each of them. I won't get too graphic with that.

They were also trying to hurt Free State Farmer Eddie. That was after Carol and I went after the two Montauk types who were doing bad things that had made Georg very sick. I think Georg Ritschl gets the worst kinds of opposition, probably because the stakes are much higher in Africa, at least for creating famine and genocide. He'll probably defeat all of that this year. From his influence and example there are an awful lot of CBs throughout Africa, we're finding, not just in the southern countries.

I was told by a reputable high psychic who has checked our work that one NSA officer who attacked us was disabled by a 'scrorum' which is nothing but the energy reflected back to the source. In this case it was a non-fatal heart attack.

Carol said that after a week there still has been no new NSA Special Agent In Charge assigned to interfere with us locally. She says they can't find anyone who will take the job, even though they're offering some hefty benefits. No such thing as bad publicity, I always say.

She says the felon/rapist who had that job before quit the Agency after we gave him a taste of his own medicine. Now I won't have a chance to put the little 'Shhh! I'm a SPY!" sticker on the back of his work car. The dork parked it at City Hall after hours ;-) and drove away in his new Lincoln Town Car. I don't know where he parked that one. Maybe he cloaked it or something.

By the way, even the National Park Service employs gangsters and felons. I'm told by a former Park Service ranger that these guys are in charge of logistics for the satanic murder rituals that take place in many national parks. There are probably Satanists on your town council and in your police force. It goes without saying that most of the judges are practicing baby killers. Considering the high level of corruption in our courts, every single judge is culpable of being an accessory after the fact, at least. It's impossible to conceive that they all aren't intimately aware of these things. We're essentially living under anarchy right now. Can you see it? We simply need real, representative government now. The alternative is probably genocide at this point.

Mark's device, which I named 'Shiva', works on a slightly different principle and it alone can get inside a Draconian and dark master without interference. It, as well as the Power Wand, dissembles predatory targets, but it seems to draw in ambient orgone to do that. When you engage the device it looks like you're standing in the upper opening of a tornado and watching the beautiful energy around you swirl off in the direction of the target. It feels really nice in the process and even I saw it happening. Good luck talking Mark into making one for you ;-) I think you'd have to give him a few thousand dollars, to be fair, considering the expense of the materials, his unique skill and knowledge and the large amount of time it apparently takes to make one. We very deeply appreciate his willingness to sell us ours at such a low price. If I'd known what it is, I would have sent him a lot more, but maybe I can pay him with publicity ;-)

I bet a dozen Shivas would make it possible for us to have real governments again in a few short months. A hundred of our power wands in the right hands would do it, I think. I don't know how to factor in all the other energy work being done in the world, though I'm sure we're all working synergistically. The inventors who exhibit strong proprietary and self-seeking motivations are just shooting themselves in the foot. Elitism is SO inappropriate in the emerging age.

We cloudbuster types (and only a few of us at that) may be the only ones right now who are overtly claiming the desire to disable the criminal world regime and bring them all to justice under proper governments as soon as possible. Most of the rest of the world's energy healers are still stuck in the Love and Light kindergarten protocols, in my humble opinion, so won't get much in the way of real results on a planetary scale.

If you are reading this and believe that showering predators who are in the act of committing genocide (that perfectly describes the NSA and the rest of the secret government) with love and compassion will stop them, I can tell you right now that a Power Wand will be no more useful to you than a doorstop.

The good news is that very few people have the chutzpah to deny that this is happening. The less I hear about spaceships and Jesus rescuing us all, the happier I'll become. The only time I get claustrophobic feelings is when I contemplate being stuck on a spaceship with a bunch of people wearing stupid, vacuous grins. Yikes! Shoot me instead!

In that vein, I'm ending this article with a joke I got yesterday from a woman in Los Angeles, an adept of high magic, whom I dearly wish would come forward and claim credit for sending it to me. As an aside: it helped me understand why Carol and I could never find any vegetarian meals in Texas restaurants:

More truth than fiction.

Question: You're walking down a deserted street with your wife and two small children. Suddenly, a dangerous looking man with a huge knife comes around the corner and is running at you while screaming obscenities and his intent to cause you and yours harm. In your hand is a Colt .45 Government Model and you are an expert shot. You have mere seconds before he reaches you and your family.

What would you do?

Liberal Answer: Well, that's not enough information to answer the question! Does the man look poor or oppressed? Have I ever done anything to him that is inspiring him to attack? Could we run away? What does my wife think? What about the kids? Could a violent action on my part traumatize them? Could I possibly swing the gun like a club and knock the knife out of his hand? What does the law say about this situation? Is it possible he'd be happy with just killing me? Does he definitely want to kill me or would he just be content to wound me? If I were to grab his knees and hold on, could my family get away while he was stabbing me? This is all so confusing! I need to debate this with some friends for a few days to try to come to a conclusion.

Conservative Answer: BANG! BANG! BANG!

Texan's Answer: BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! click.

(sounds of magazine being ejected and fresh one installed)

Wife: "Sweetheart, he looks like he's still moving, what do you kids think?"

Son: "Mom's right Dad, I saw it too."


Daughter: "Nice grouping Daddy!

(sound of second magazine being ejected, and another being inserted)

Don Croft

Episode 53 Crisis = Opportunity

By Don Croft <<>

February 2, 2003

Over the past week, I think our fledgling global network made the grade. Stuart's still tunneling out of the mountain of NSA hacker detritus that was thrown at him and most of us who were hit hard with the scalar weapons, psyops assaults, etc., in the past week are probably recovering a lot faster than we expected. The folks who got hit in the pocketbook by sleazy NSA manipulators may not see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, but I believe they'll come out of this with a net profit before long.

There's no finer endorsement these days than to have the government attack us. Since the government is essentially owned by the NSA right now, these attacks don't come through the courts or police agencies. That would look ludicrous and would wake up too many pajama people. Rather the attacks are launched by the NSA itself, using everything short of bullets to the head.

We eventually discovered, through Stuart's computers, that there were over 300 NSA hackers and psychic predators in a task force, led by four Men in Black, mandated to stop us all. They focused on a dozen or so of the more active networkers here and abroad. There are no national boundaries as far as these saboteurs are concerned.

Most of us here are not accustomed to watching overall patterns and trends, so I'm going to lay out the patterns as I see them. Taken individually, each case of sabotage can be confused with any number of other causes. The one case which can clearly be seen as a concerted attack is Stuart Jackson's. I bet he missed several nights of sleep in his efforts to maintain the forum's web integrity. If anyone needed proof of Stuart's dedication, here it is. I hope he gives us an outline of his experiences, at least.

After he booted the main agents off the forum things went along pretty smoothly until Cbswork announced his history and purpose in the forum and I posted a couple of articles on some new, interesting, effective ways to disable the NSA predators. Taken as a whole, this was our outright personal declaration of war on the NSA.

Last Tuesday (five days ago) I got a note from Cbswork asking if we were okay because he was unable to 'see' us. I said, 'No problems here,' not giving it another thought until that night when I started coughing like a sanitarium patient (my lungs have always been my weak area).

I asked Carol what was happening and she said that the local NSA rats had been parked across the field and were beaming me with a new weapon based on a modified Succor Punch. I juiced them up with Shiva and didn't get any sicker after that, but the next morning I was too weak to get out of bed. That hadn't happened in nine years, since before I got my first zapper. I had a sense that they didn't want us to meet with Don and Ingri Cassel, of The Idaho Observer, an introduction that was kindly arranged by Donna and Robert Carrillo at their home the following Friday in Sandpoint. Donna is messiahmews on the forum

I spent most of Wednesday and Thursday in bed simply because I felt too weak to get up. Carol and I periodically checked in on some of our co-workers, a few of whom, including Stuart, were similarly hit by mystery illnesses at the same time.

Carol said Stuart was in constant motion trying to fix all the things that were going wrong, but hadn't yet connected that with outside interference. Several times we sent Shiva blasts out from his computer into the hacker realms, but it wasn't until Thursday morning that Carol followed the trail and discovered three huge rooms with over 300 NSA hackers and psychics, in the middle of which was an office with two-way mirrors, occupied by four Men in Black.

She said these people had been hastily assembled somewhere under Washington, DC for the express purpose of stopping us, because all the previous attempts, including those lame agent exploits, had only caused our effort to become more cohesive and focused. True to obsolescent government thinking, they assumed that more force would work where disjointed assaults had only strengthened our resolve. Maybe that's the Harvard Business School approach to spiritual warfare.

What I hope to show is that this has only caused them to reveal more of their ineffectual, leprous hand under that iron fist facade.

I'm going to start a thread to which I hope everyone will contribute the significant events, feelings, and happenings that have happened to them in the past week, which to many has seemed like a month. It all counts, folks. That thread will be the body of evidence. I'm only trying to spark your expression now. I want to get a better idea of how many of us were targeted by this task force.

It may be time for Alvin Whaley of Massachusetts to pipe in, I think. He's a very articulate, balanced man who jumped into the project with both feet and full commitment, even before getting a Succor Punch, and has gotten hit hard in the pocketbook and physical well-being for his efforts.

Vinnie was cajoled into meeting with an NSA scumbag agent on Thursday and by Friday night she was in a steep tailspin. I told her she'd come out of it fast and that all of these challenges are actually generous gifts to us for our more speedy spiritual development. These body blows cause us to develop street smarts at lightning speed.

When Carol found the NSA rat nest, I used the Shiva to spin some reconstructing orgone into their midst. She saw the board operators freeze up in terror in rapid succession as the energy went from one to another. The same was happening to all the psychics, then eventually to the MIB. One MIB fell with a heart attack, and then the boss came in to fill the gap. These guys are pretty rangy and tough to stop. They don't normally experience fear. Instead they go into a rage. Stress is a killer.

After several hours we went back there and a few of the hackers and psychics had regained their equilibrium and were back at Stuart and a couple of other people, so we juiced them again. That went on sporadically until last night (Saturday) but today, Sunday, it's still silent in that place.

This morning, Carol was a bit unsteady, so I got her to do a short session with me and she discovered thirteen Satanist hiding behind a curtain, draining her life force out through her feet with the intention of eventually stopping her heart. They assumed that she was too weak to spot them. It took awhile for her to see the person they were hiding in their midst, who was the Man in Black in charge of them. They had to die before he was revealed. He then died, then a man in a business suit, his boss, exploded into little pieces. I assume he was one of those allegedly elite guys who show up in Fortune Magazine and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. If he's a front man, they probably already cloned another version and implanted the personality and memory. I think these guys are as expendable as carnival shooting targets.

It's interesting that the system trashes women and even subverted the gender equality movement into a sordid debate about abortion, but at the very highest levels of the secret regime they know that only women can direct the most powerful rituals. That's probably why they focus more of their predatory intention on Carol than on me.

We never direct the outcome when we engage the Shiva. We only assume that the action will be appropriate to the danger presented by the attackers. We just keep spinning the energy along the previously attached channels until the whole line of successive targets have been neutralized. Grunt level hackers and psychics usually just get petrified with fear, for instance, but the committed Satanists and Men in Black are all killers and seem to rate the extreme measures.

We spin exactly the same energy, in the same form, to our friends to help them recover their strength after an attack. I credit my astonishingly fast recovery to getting Succor Punch energy from a few of our friends who had heard that I was sick. THANKS, folks, for your timely and much needed help!

Carol made the comment that the Satanists who are assigned to us all come to doubt the existence of their devil, which is sort of like us doubting the existence of God ;-) Of course, there never was a devil, which is why it's so easy for us to kick their narrow butts.

I just asked Mark Hooten how fast he’d be able to crank these Shivas out for sale because I know he'll be swamped with orders, as Andy is already with the Power Wands. Cbswork is getting his Shiva at about the same time I'll be arriving there. I hope to God each of these get into the hands of people who will use them. Stuart needs one on duty 24/7 by his computers. I have no doubt at all that we're going to turn the entire dung heap of the secret regime into compost with these and the Power Wands this year. At last, the Great White Brotherhood will be doing something useful (helping our flowers and vegetables grow). People PAY for good compost you know.

I need to say something about our Friday meeting with the Carrillos and Cassels. We drove three hours to get there at 3:30PM, spent about 8 hours with them, and then drove back home. Neither of us was in a state to drive that far when we started out and I was still struggling to climb the stairs at that point. It was such a pleasure to be in their company, though, that by the end I was fully alert and energized and drove all the way home along treacherous US95 without even needing coffee.

We hear from Donna quite a bit but the big surprise was her husband, Robert, who is a man of faith who keeps an open mind and an expansive heart. Twenty years working for IBM didn't dull his sensitivities or conscience. He's one of those rare people who go through life unstained and uncorrupted. At one point, when he was talking about one of his supernormal experiences, I saw a little ball of purple light in his mouth ;-) That guys throat chakra needs no help at all. Carol saw it, too.

Donna and Robert work closely together, as Carol and I do, and they love each other like teenagers even after several years of some pretty hard circumstances. Picture a southern belle married to a Black Puerto Rican, if you can. Just being around these two would charge anyone's batteries, I can tell you.

Donna and Ingri are totally committed to activism. Their connection with the Carrillos is the Vaccination Liberation Movement, which they've committed to exposing the threatened federal smallpox vaccination scam. They're all working with Dr. Len Horowitz. If you've been getting information on the net about what's really happening behind the scenes with this travesty, it's very likely from the efforts of this consortium. The Idaho Observer is a reputable alternative newspaper with subscribers all over the planet. They want to do a spread about us, but the problem is that we don't quite fit their parameters.

I personally think our approach is too weird for many of their readers. I'm going to ask them to interview Jerry Morton, instead, since he's also and Idahoan, but has a more compatible approach and would likely resonate better with their subscribers.

There's a saying which relates to this: Not every utterance can be considered timely, nor can every timely utterance be considered suitable to the capacity of the hearer. My expressions are probably more suitable for other publications. I still think it was important for Don and Ingri to get acquainted with us, though.

Lots of people talk about kundalini and DNA activation these days, also about chemicals in food, fertilizers, chemtrails, etc., causing DNA and soil to degrade.

I think the orgonite network is reversing the damage at an expanding rate throughout the planet. This will probably get more momentum as we keep focusing on the earthstar grid lines and nodes.

Brent Mosley is probably the first among us to drop tower busters from a plane along a grid line and into a major junction point in Northern Alberta, east of the Rocky Mountains. This is in an area where there are no roads. Georg Ritschl may be the next one to do that. Gerard in Australia used a plane to get to a remote location there to heal a major vortex a few months ago.

I think most of us have experienced some unique kundalini activations with the Succor Punches. The difference between that and the Power Wand and Shiva is that with the latter two it seems to happen all over the body at once, rather than radiating up and out from the spine. It's very invigorating. When that happens, you know that the target is getting some good resolution. If the recipient is a friend, it means his batteries are charged up; if it's a predator, he's probably on his way to his life review ;-)

Now that we've shifted into overdrive as a network, let's keep reporting our observations and insights, okay? Don't be shy-if you don't tell what you know, everyone will be poorer for it. Just write it down, post it, and let it go. I think we now know that there's no stopping us.

Don Croft

Episode 54 Powerwand, Shiva and the Death of Arch-Predators

[Editor's Note: The "Shiva" is a modified version of Don's Powerwand made by Mark Hooten in Florida. He's added some coils, possibly some additional types of crystal, and other things unknown to me. For the time being at least, he prefers to keep the details to himself. He's offering the Shiva for around $850 I've read and he has a large backlog of orders. He recently quit his day job to make a full time effort at producing these. Mark's price for the Shiva is probably out of most people's range, so Don is saying that the Powerwand can get almost the same results for far less cost, as they can be made yourself or obtain one ready made. Ken Adachi]

Additional Essays on the Powerwand: Episode 52, Episode 62, Episode 62B

By Don Croft <>

March 11, 2003

I haven't had time lately to even read any of the posts, much less write a lengthy one myself, but will get to that after Carol and I get the foundation work done in Atlanta (destabilizing the satanic foundation here, that is) in a couple of days. I'm getting from private email, though, that there's a lot of fear and misgivings around the issue of dead ETs and predatory humans who engage us these days.

In fact, the Shiva is a bit more effective and easy to use when sending back and exponentially increasing the venom and aggression directed at us by predators, both human and non-human ones. Why else do you think we call it Shiva, for Crimus' sake!?

To say that anyone who gets a Powerwand or Shiva will be doing this work inadvertently is a misconception, though, probably based on fear of one's own innate power. We were all brainwashed to believe that we're powerless and property of the state, so it's a little un-nerving to discover just how powerful we are in real terms.

At the level most of us are getting attacked, the only response the rank and file predators will experience is acute anxiety or perhaps terror. This is enough to disengage them from us and make them want to have nothing more to do with us. If you want to clean the satanic clock, though, you need to consciously move up the chain of command. That's where the murderers and baby eaters are.

For those of you who have New Age or related sensibilities, know that you won't be harming anyone unless you engage these higher-level predators directly. Meanwhile, I guarantee that you'll be busier with hackers, peekers, electronic attacks and predatory psychics than Carol and I are these days because there seems to be literally no end to the chumps who volunteer for the low level harassment duty. I think it pays a lot better than if they were just cops or working in a convenience store and they all seem to want to be like James Bond or something.

We choose to go after the bosses, and every time we get hacked, street or helicopter surveilled or even remote viewed, we move up the chain of command every single time and exert all our effort to exact some balance on behalf of humanity. On behalf of YOU to be precise.

There's something a little prurient about one who will ask for help, but will not help him/herself, I think. Thank Grid that most in this forum are self-starters and relatively awake and responsible.

My fond hope is that others can use these devices to help them finally break apart and discard the old pseudo-Christian and related New Age mental programming that stops them from standing up to tyranny effectively.

I get email from our foreign members and friends, especially the ones in non-western nations, who lament and offer consolation to me that America is so far down the road to overt tyranny. I'm still astonished when I encounter my own countrymen who are still unaware of the state of affairs here. I'm certainly not waiting for the PJ folk to wake up before I take decisive action and if you've even got one eye open it behooves you now to take some positive steps to ensure that we don't get railroaded into martial law and its subsequent genocidal progressions shortly.

Since all of this is well within the bounds of universal law, the secret police and associated agencies simply can't touch us without risking monstrous retribution from agencies much higher than ourselves. They know this better than the New Agers and pseudo-religious people who are unwilling to break out of the cattle chute and exercise their inborn rights and responsibilities.

Do grow some balls if you're inclined to whimper about the state of affairs and are unwilling to do something constructive about it, okay? You can bet you'll soon be meat on somebody's table if you don't do this. They're not relenting, nor would they honor any truce you attempt to make with them. Read a history book, for God's sake! We're THERE now. The calamities have arrived. Get off your white ass and take a stand! This is much better than climbing a clock tower with an Uzzi--can't you see it?

I need to write at length about all the wonderful CBers whom Carol and I have connected and re-connected with on this trip.

Galaero Elantra Aurelius gave me a wonderful HHg, for instance, when I was in Phoenix, and asked that Carol and I keep it in our home. Since I consider the Zapporium our true home, it's going to be positioned to reinforce the Joe Cell in anticipation of getting the cell to zero point ASAP. I was just going to make one for that, but Galaero's is eminently suitable and has sentimental value, thanks to its association with this courageous and resourceful South Arizona pioneer and personal friend.

We had a little reversal the other day when the FBI coerced Kanya into abandoning this project, which effectively stopped the participation of most of our newfound black friends and co-workers here because we lost our meeting place.

To his credit, he's the one who initiated this project and introduced us to some very fine, conscientious people. As Terry the Mailman said at one of our sessions, 'the blacks in America are the 'wildcard,' and I suspected that was so, but now I have a clearer understanding of that from my experience here in Atlanta. I also know the FBI clearly understands that because their agents were all over the neighborhood and have intimidated not only Kanya, but several other fine Black Americans into not associating with us here. I don't think any octogenarian should be expected to stand up to this kind of pressure and we're simply grateful for our time with Kanya and the others and hopeful that we'll find a way to get together after this.

Tim Djembemon did an awful lot of good work before we got here and Steven's CB north of the city is still kicking chembutt and may have been largely responsible for the moon changing its orbit. Remember Moonreaderman on the first CB forum who was shooting at it with an extended CB night after night last spring and summer? That's Steven White in Cumming, Georgia.

This city will be done before the end of March, regardless of little obstacles like the aforementioned. I'm letting Tim break the story about what transpired at the Georgia Guidestones. Do a search on that to find out how the satanists do radionics, okay? ;-)

This week, on our way to Florida, I promise to do some writing and posting while Carol drives. The feds stopped me from logging into the forums today, so I've asked Stuart to post this for me. I could have terrorized the hackers, etc., but I wanted this to be a testimony to their opposition to the Powerwand and Shiva ;-). I'll get to them a little later.

In shorthand, here's the choice one has when one gets a PW or Shiva: deal with the Chinese-style human wave of hackers, pavement artists and electronic/psychic predators or skip the middlemen and deal with the mid-level and boss predators in the NSA/CIA, MI6, CSIS, CSIA, OTO, Interpol, KGB, and whatever is equivalent in your country. If they can't touch me, you can be damn sure they can't touch you.

You don't have to be psychic to use these effectively, by the way.

~Don Croft

Episode 55 Fat, Stupid Federal Ninjas Assault Our Little Idaho Town

By Don Croft <>

March 12, 2003

I'm sure many of us are aware that 221 highly paid, if not highly trained, FBI predators assaulted the home of a Saudi student in Moscow, Idaho a few days ago. I hope for their sakes that there weren't too many stairs to climb or numbers to read, since it's well documented that they often break down the doors on the wrong residences (and murder the wrong people) in their all-too-frequent, benighted, unlawful raids.

They charged him with credit card fraud, for God's sake, but I suspect he was even innocent of that. They busted his door down, terrifying him, his wife and their two small children, at 4:30AM and bullied all the neighbors in that on-campus student housing area to stay indoors until four hours later. They subjected everyone he knows or ever greeted on the street to lengthy, degrading interrogations and generally behaved like deranged bullies for all to see.

The Gestapo and the KGB loved to do things like that. Carol had told me that the ever-changing federal crowd in the house at 812 Blaine Street, Moscow, were there for other things besides bothering us, so now I see what much of the fuss has been about for the past year there. They do a lot of spy work before busting these dangerous, swarthy-skinned terrorists, don't you know?

In this case, though, unlike in Nazi Germany and Russia, there was quite a backlash of concerned citizens, among whom is a law professor in that university, who immediately rallied top legal support for the accused, and the Saudi government immediately offered to pay all of the expenses for his defense.

Pete, the gigantic, mountain-man CBer nearby in Montana, asked me today if this was indirectly a bit of intimidation toward Carol and I and I told him that if it is, they missed the mark again, as it's just some more potential free publicity for this orgonite planetary healing project and that even if we get killed today our score is so high that we've probably already won the match.

Watch these bloated, felonious FBI farts get their own s--t smeared all over them in the short term, folks ;-)

The FBI skunks in Kanya's neighborhood here in Atlanta were the ones who intimidated our black associates into distancing themselves from the Atlanta healing project and it happened on the same day, so there may be a connection, since this is the first time the FBI s--twhackers intruded on us personally, as far as I know. I'll write about their in-our-faces shenanigans at the address on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Atlanta later on.

Up until now, it's mostly been NSA, CIA and even their mangy lapdog, Ordo Temple Orientalis, which is Aleister Crowley's tired and aimless crowd of black-robed psychic predators who have been attempting to disable Carol and I. "Get a life", you bloodless, baby-killing creeps, or else lose whatever passes for the one you've got now. Even in your fake government status you know for sure that we know that you've got no business bothering people on US soil.

Since the FBI, which is just another unconstitutional police agency, are considerably less resourceful and intelligent than their NSA/CIA cousins, I suspect that we'll have a little more fun with these cretins in the process, though. It's a lot easier to make the FBI peepers and undercover chumps chase their tails, we found out a couple of days ago. They're also more demonstrative with their jackboots, black battle gear and machine guns, so we'll try to be careful not to piss them off too much; the stupid, lawless jerks.

Please remember that they're the ones committing sedition and treason, not us.

Is there anyone yet besides Carol, CBswork, and myself who is willing to go directly against these collective Nazi satanist thugs yet? Don't be shy, folks! We have a chance to do what the Germans of conscience in the 1930s and 40s chose not to do and it can be done successfully at this stage without spilling blood, which pleases us no end.

Somebody who made a PowerWand suggested that sending quasi-gov't predators a ball of white light is perhaps more appropriate than invoking justice on them. He used Jesus' alleged attitude (He turned the cheek when anybody attacked him in order to demonstrate that revenge is counterproductive, but we're simply repelling tyranny, which is different) as an example in support of that approach. I noted that there's some institutional misunderstanding about how He dealt with predators and I cited the example of Him beating up the money changers and physically throwing them out of the Temple as more relevant to what we're about with the PowerWand and Shiva, even though I personally believe that we lack the authority of a Manifestation of God.

It's kind of funny to me that the Luciferians have convinced entire masses of people that they're each God Almighty, having first castrated them spiritually and turned them into vehement apologists for the world order. Truth is usually much stranger than fiction.

Also, since the world order is Luciferic, they love balls of white light and they use that approach themselves, often, especially to deceive New Agers and pseudo-Christians, so throwing that at them is sort of like throwing money, drugs, food or sex and this approach might be counterproductive under the circumstances ;-)

I'm told that the all-time favorite form of white light among Luciferians (the Illuminati) is the flash that accompanies the detonation of a thermonuclear device. That's not quite the same as the image they present of a loving visitation that fills the room with white light.

The big challenge of western white people these days is to move down out of that carnie-barker style head-trip and into the heart, where the rest of humanity is.

~Don Croft of Moscow, Idaho

Episode 56 G-Men From Hell

By Don Croft <>

March 15, 2003

Now, two years after making our first chembuster, I find myself in a situation similar to the one we experienced after aiming that first one, with extensions, at the moon on several consecutive nights. We seem to be in danger of losing our lives while at the same time doing something that severely challenges most people's credulity.

Up to the time of that exercise neither of us had experienced any interference from the fake federal government's secret police agencies and it was rather a shock to realize then just how vehemently opposed they all are to any disturbance of their predatory agenda. We'd been living on the road for about eight months because the feds had shut down our American competitors in the zapper trade right before that and we knew that they prefer not to go after moving targets. Guerrilla Manufacturing and Marketing came very easy to me when I got into this business seven years ago. I'd known for years before this that the US Government is fake and predatory by nature and had arranged my life and fortunes around those conditions.

Apparently, our successful efforts in Atlanta has opened up a whole new range of opposition, including the nether realms of the FBI and even Delta Force. The latter are serious, trained warriors, unlike those fat, stupid, armored FBI thugs who assaulted that unfortunate young Saudi student and his family in our town last week. We really hammered the fake US Government's gouty toe this time, judged by its potentially murderous response. I'll get to the details of that shortly in this piece, but the readers' digest version is that we cleared all the muck out of the skies over the city itself simply by disabling all the HAARP transmitters in the city. The suburbs still have their sky-muck, including lingering chemtrails and HAARP whiteout, because we didn't disturb any HAARP arrays outside the encircling Interstate 275, which is an approximation of Washington, DC's Beltway. My personal aim is to make the city much more pleasant than the suburbs before the end of March. Tim and I (and whoever wants to join us) will mop up all the new death force transmitters and the remaining satanic and/or underground facilities there by then.

Another confirmation is that lenticular clouds were seen over and around the city, perhaps for the first time. Carol and I blasted all the dark ones in short order, of which there were only a few. I hope you're all doing that with your Succor Punches, at least, each time you see them. You'll find that it won't take too many punches to stop the dark ones from returning, as the ET predator learn a bit faster than these denser, fake-government predators do. We love to have the light lenticulars around because, to us, it means we're getting plenty of reinforcements in our spiritual war.

That realization of danger two years ago prompted me to start writing my reports and distributing them to several active internet boards and lists for our own protection. I quickly learned that the vast majority of people who read these simply disbelieved most or all of what I was writing, but were entertained by it all nonetheless. That pleased me but I was much more gratified to realize that there are quite a few others out and about who understood what I was writing from their own personal experiences and special insights. They were just happy that somebody finally wrote down and 'published' all the things they had been unable to talk to others about. For the most part, these are responsible, articulate, independent and mature individuals who had decided to use their own discernment instead of subscribing to the standard mind control protocols.

I had discovered a few years earlier that the internet is a wonderful meeting place for people who have special interests. Let's face it: for the ordinary person like you or me, the chance of having even one friend or acquaintance who is ready, willing and able to even discuss paradigm-challenging subjects is pretty slim or non-existent. I'm always impressed to meet somebody who has networked with others in this quest without having had the benefit of the internet to widen his/her range of contact. Most often, when I connect with a like-minded person, that one is dumbfounded to find another human being who is willing to speak candidly and publicly about these challenging, 'red pill' subjects.

The fruition of our 'publishing' efforts is, in addition to the growth of a global network of CBers, the very active support and collaboration of 'Cbswork' in Los Angeles. This fellow not only knew what I was writing about, but he saw in the chembusters and the other devices a potentially effective way to get some balance in the body politic after having discovered the deception he had been led to participate in as an Illuminati oracle. I'm using the term 'balance' since he's not by nature vindictive or vengeful, but he realizes, better than most, that this world regime simply must be stopped right now if we're to avoid genocide and enslavement as a species.

Every step of our collaboration has produced benefits that we've been able to share with everyone. For instance, we were getting a burger in Van Nuys last May when we discovered that simply turning on a Succor Punch in the car not only caused the massive NSA box surveillance team to lose us, but even blocked all the electronic and satellite tracking and surveillance devices in his car. We then went on to put HHgs under the very noses of the heavily armed guards at a major underground facility in LA and the frustrated feds didn't find us again until we rolled into his driveway, hours later.

A bonus for us all is that he's developed new techniques for healing the atmosphere, water and ground using these very basic devices and is also willing to use his extraordinary talents and training to fairly evaluate the effects of others' orgonite-based inventions and offerings and to accurately identify for Stuart Jackson, owner of the forum, the operatives of the world's various secret police agencies and keep the cloudbuster forum from being polluted, divided and derailed with their incessant, seditious posts, a strategy to which every other controversial forum on the net has fallen victim.

By the way, note the difference between the posts of an unbalanced individual and those of agents, which appear identical on the surface: the unbalanced person can be ignored by the rest, but the agents' posts are so full of mind control protocols and triggers that it resonates effectively with many of the other members' residual programming, causing a lot of distractions and debilitating responses, which as a rule caused the forums to be unpleasant places to visit. The market rules, so unpleasant forums simply don't remain viable.

I've adopted Cbs' highway gifting procedure and some aspects of his Overgifting, power line and water gifting methods and have gotten some astonishing visual confirmations. I'm going to extend this over thousands of miles of Interstate Highways throughout the remainder of my trip. Good thing I found a source of cheap resin in Atlanta. Don't bother ordering, though, as the shipping cost will make it cost you twice as much.

Cbs told me that he's concerned that I'm creating an image of him that is not entirely accurate, since I don't discuss any of his shortcomings. I'll sort that out with him next time I see him, but for now I'll just say that of course he's just as human as the rest of us and I see no reason to modify my claim that we're all the 'walking wounded' in this realm right now. I doubt you'll catch me discussing anyone's shortcomings in public, since I think that's usually counterproductive to what we're all about in this project and I'm reminded of a couple of Persian saying, 'Magnify not the faults of others, that your own faults may not appear great,' and 'If a person demonstrates ten faults and one virtue, magnify the virtue and ignore the faults.' These are dynamic recommendations, full of potential for society's growth and progress, not just platitudes.

While I'm in the pseudo-preaching mode, I'll pitch our new Atlanta-based cult, the P---ing Dervishes. Since people are constrained to restrict dogmatic and speculative discussions not related to orgonite work to the 'Other Issues' forum, and since even there it's a little faux pas to parrot mind control protocols and the related trigger phrases, Tim (Djembemon), Carol and I, after a sort of epiphany at the Georgia Guidestones, which are apparently the best satanic effort at radionics, decided to open an avenue for anyone to fully vent this way, as long as he/she first undergoes a self-initiation by p---ing on a satanic edifice. I know Tim has broached this subject on the forum and we have continued our discussions privately in Atlanta.

Since it was his concept, I'll probably be his lieutenant. We do need photographic evidence, though, and our team of psychics will review all the applications ;-) Once you've achieved the inner circle, feel free to add any dogma you like and please mystify the process to your heart's content. Virtual armchairs are on hand for pontificating.

I don't foresee the likelihood of the P---ing and Whirling Dervishes wedding their assets.

Georg Ritschl in Johannesburg emailed me recently to note that I'd become more strident lately and he wondered if this was from the influence of Cbs. That's certainly a fair observation, but anyone who knows me personally (including Cbswork ;-)) is probably shocked that I turn into a banshee whenever I discover a secret police stalker in my vicinity. I'm told that I'm a very gentle and considerate person (though I laugh loudly at my own jokes) and some folks have a hard time reconciling that with my behavior toward official predators. It's said that God protects fools and drunks, but maybe it's time to add another category to that phrase on account of what we're doing to these menaces now. The rage of the predators in this fake US government toward me is palpable at times ;-) I don't know why I enjoy this work so much or why it makes me feel so content and happy. Maybe it's just the realization that I've already savaged their genocide agenda so badly that even if they kill me I'll know I've won the fight by inspiring others to do the same.

I wrote a strident post last week when I discovered that some were publicly balking at my notion that one might exact some justifiable retribution on mass murderers with the two new devices. I might have seemed out of control, but that was a calculated goosing, directed at you. We in America are a hair's breadth away from overt enslavement and genocide right now and I feel perfectly justified in going after the whole predatory hierarchy with vigor and focused rage. If I were looking for popularity I wouldn't write like this. I'm a hundred percent determined to stop genocide from happening and I'll do whatever it takes, within the real law, to accomplish that. I'm simply inviting you, too, to experience the thrill of victory rather than having to endure the agony of defeat ;-) I suspect that one of the aspects of this now fully emerging new paradigm is that ordinary people have this power over predators for the first time in human history.

As with all of our other inventions, we don't have the capability to decide what's going to happen; we simply facilitate balance. No sane person will claim that this fake regime has anything balanced in it, so it's in dire need of help. I suggest that what's left when we're done cleaning house will not be a chaotic mess, but a more ordered, responsive government free of outside manipulation and of widespread, conspired internal corruption. It would be nice if others decide to follow our example, but even if nobody else does, we'll continue to follow our instincts and our hearts' desire until the problem's solved or we're dead.

We got some visual confirmation that the Powerwand does indeed disable NSA predators (two of them in that case, one of which was apparently a reptilian), but it's not prudent to announce the details of that quite yet, since it involves somebody else I know who needs to make that decision, so all you have is my word, for what it's worth. I don't expect anyone to believe the following, but I hope it sparks at least a few people to get into the act and perhaps save billions of human lives in the process.

Here's what Carol and I did last afternoon and evening (though I hasten to add that you, too, can do this even if you're not psychic, once you get the feel for it):

Just as the fake gov't apparently considers anyone in the population, even a small child, who has any psychic ability or potential a direct threat to their hegemony and their own psychics, vaccination programs and even chemtrails, pre-emptively disable them whenever possible. We always take steps to disable any fed psychic peekers first, then we deal with the rest of the threat systematically in each case.

Apparently most of the grunt level psychics in the NSA and CIA (the FBI doesn't have much of that for some reason-maybe that's because they're mostly ham-fisted, pinhead brutes) don't want to play with us any more because, aside from the occasional, very ambitious neophyte, we're mainly getting psychic peek attempts from the old hands, nearly all of whom are middle-aged women.

If you have a PowerWand or Shiva, or even just a Succor Punch and you get the sneaking feeling someone's watching you, you're probably right, so you ought to impale the uninvited watcher's astral body right away if you don't want to get hurt later on by electronic assaults, etc. These are the ones who do the setups. They rarely die when we juice them, but they always get terrorized by that and generally won't try it again. Once in a great while we get visits from remote viewers. These are the Model T's of predatory psychics, folks, and contrary to what you hear on the Art Bell Program. They feel to me like blind people using canes and are very easy to disable. The Old Hands are slicker and less likely to blunder, so you need to pay close attention to your instincts if you want to find them, individually, and get them to leave you alone.

There are a limited number of mature, competent psychics working for the NSA and CIA. The chump satanic sorcerers of the CIA's asset-the black-robed Golden Dawn or OTO--fall like bowling pins whenever you focus a little attention on them. They present the scariest aspect, but are the easiest to disable. Carol says their heads pop off whenever she uses the Shiva on them, but they as numerous as stalks in a wheat field for some reason, which is why it's important to go after their NSA/CIA bosses and the bosses' bosses, as Carol eventually did, in order to make them stop rather than just picking them off, night after night. They usually attack during our sleep time and they only go after psychics. These folks are often the source of mental images and dreams of our demise.

I get a little bemused when I hear from psychics who are still unwilling to consider taking the initiative against their demonstrated enemy, which is mainly the unlawful National Security Agency [NSA]. They mostly tell me that they continue to use the same tired techniques that have so far failed to prevent them from getting cancer, suicidal thoughts, and a plethora of other disabling conditions since the NSA initiated its campaign against them a few short years ago.

Technically, I think one could consider this kind of incessantly repeated-but unviable-approach to serious problems a definition of insanity, which is not surprising since it's apparently a product of mind control and the Big Lie that has convinced people that they're not only powerless to stop tyrants, but that they're are also, somehow- God Almighty ;-) We westerners are particularly prone to schizoid views of reality, I think (if you doubt that, take an objective look at both churchianity and Theosophy, which are the two root sources of all brainwash protocols here), so we need to conscientiously undo all that contrived rubbish if we're to make any real spiritual progress, I believe, and stop acting and thinking like a blissed-out herd of cattle.

On the way here (Tampa, Florida), we saw a guy being put in the back of a State Police squad car-a single apparently compliant guy being arrested by cops from two squad cars. Something smelled funny about that, so I asked Carol to get in the cops' heads and tell me what was going on. She said the feds had told the cops to find and capture the guy, but didn't even tell them why. I spun some energy at them in my special way and Carol said that made them question and even doubt their actions, which is happening a LOT among policemen these days. Then I spun the same energy at the FBI agent who ordered the arrest and she said he had a mental breakdown. We went up the chain of command and his boss fell over and that one's boss died of a heart attack. I don't know if he could have prevented that by using a zapper ;-)

After supper, Carol told me that the innocent guy was going to be released by morning without having been charged for any crime. I felt like a Boy Scout for initiating that on his behalf.

The pattern, as we see it, is that the effect of the energy from both the PowerWand and the Shiva tailors itself to the threat level that the recipient presents. We can't dictate the results, but I'm learning that we can get a pretty good feel for what's going to happen.

Putting two and two together, remembering (1) the FedEx truck full of Ninjas that pulled away after I came out of our hotel room the morning after Carol arrived in Atlanta and the three remaining feds standing there, grinning at me from across the parking lot, (2) the massive intrusion of FBI agents in the neighborhood around Kanya McGhee's residence in Atlanta last week, where we were teaching some of his students and friends how to do this work, and (3) the blowout we had the two days ago on I-75 in South Georgia, apparently caused by some tampering with the tire at the hands of a Delta Force assassination specialist, we thought it would be prudent if Carol searched the ethers for any other plans to harm us. I never would have guessed that Atlanta was such a cherished possession of the world alleged order.

She found five Delta Force guys gearing up for another attempt to murder us in our sleep in our Tampa motel room (we sell out and sleep in motels now and then, even though we are driving a perfectly good, roomy and comfortable Zapporium). We both juiced them, and then she discovered five more backup guys and we juiced them, too. Only two out of the ten survived that-I guess these two had never murdered innocent people before. Then we went after their commander, his commander, and on up the line. Carol said, 'What did you do to those guys?' and I said, 'This time, I spun the energy from the ground up,' and she said, 'Well, I'd never seen that-their guts came right out of their mouths!'

At the top of that daisy chain was a guy in a light gray military uniform. Since she said he was an American, we assumed he was one of the brand new, dreaded Homeland Security, so we went after the director of that Gestapo agency (same result) and his ten deputies (also the same result-boy, these fellows were nasty!). I assume these represented the ten regions that the US was divided into before the National Guard was taken from the states and arranged in ten districts. That happened soon after the BATF thugs blew up the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City and blamed the new militias.

I wanted to then do the fifty or so commanders of the waiting concentration camps, but Carol said she was too tired, and besides we were now done eating at Red Lobster and it was time to pay the bill ;-) I told her to pay with a credit card so the fed peekers would be able to quickly locate us, then I juiced the NSA peekers in the two cars that were still waiting for us to show up at Denny's, a block down the street. The psychic in one car had a nervous breakdown and her driver had the strong feeling that he didn't want anything to do with us. The driver in the other car had the same impulse, but he bounced back and started looking for us again, so I juiced him a second time and he learned his lesson.

The nice thing about writing this is that the fake federal government would vehemently deny that their surveilling innocent people like Carol and I, much less planning our demise, so none of them will pursue us for this in their heinously unlawful court systems or any of the less-unlawful police agencies.

Kanya showed me an item on the net that's getting a lot of play now. It's a federal law that prohibits weather modification without prior federal consent. I suspect this was tossed out on the tail end of Constable and Rense's assaults on our work in order to intimidate people into not making orgonite chembusters.

The beauty of this alleged law is that if any of us were to actually be prosecuted, it would strongly imply official acceptance that we have the ability to modify weather. Weather work was never mentioned in Reich's trial, just as zappers were never mentioned in Dr. Clark's trials, though of course the War on Healing in her case was about zappers.

In fact, we're not doing anything but helping the atmosphere restore its own balance. After we get a CB up and perhaps disable a dozen or so HAARP facilities in our prospective areas it will rain when the ground needs it and stop when the ground has had enough, so we're not technically modifying the weather. We certainly are modifying the fake government's ability to suppress rain, though.

There's a new internet campaign underway to discredit Dr. Reich. I suspect that this wouldn't have been initiated if we all hadn't drawn attention to that great man's life work with our own fledgling global effort. That site, the name of which eludes me, simply parrots everything that was said against him in the press in the 1950s that led to his demise. This approach no longer works for the felonious feds, but I refer you to the previous example of insanity to illustrate the dynamics of why they keep trying it. The predators who are posing as our government and press are so deeply stuck in that rut that they don't have the time or resources to create new strategies, I think.

We sort of stumbled onto the distinction between beliefs that derive from mind control and those that derive from personal experience and discernment. The former are parroted, usually verbatim, with few if any modifications and the speakers invariably insist that this came to them spontaneously or that it's just common sense and they're often presented in an arrogant, intolerant way. The others get their opinions and views of reality usually after years of meticulous and even painful inquiry and observation and these hard-won beliefs are strangely consistent across the whole range of human cultures. These expressions are characterized by humility and are expressed in as many ways as there are individuals who hold them. The cloudbuster forum has become characterized more by the latter sort in recent months and I want to be clear that I believe this has been made possible, mainly, by the diligent efforts of two people: Cbswork and Stuart Jackson. Not many people realize yet that these two have broken new ground with their efforts. The bad guys have relied on psychics to accomplish their goals for thousands of years, so why not benefit from their successes and apply all of that raw data to constructive ends?

Nothing really worthwhile happens purely spontaneously, contrary to unthinking popular opinion. Just as the Big Lie distorts the view of our relationship to the Godhead, the Woodstock delusion distorts our view of the relationship between applied discipline, mental clarity and the intuitive, truly spontaneous creative process that we are all engaged in here. Thank Hank we set up a new religion for those of us who feel the need to escape from the pressure of all this discipline and responsibility! Sooner or later some member will come up with a salvation dogma and some world domination claims and then we'll be able to compete with all the other contrived theologies. I have to say that if everyone wants to vote for a leader, though, I'm going to make yet another cult ;-)

Did you notice that the Rainbow Gathering recently and instantly bent over for the feds when they were just mildly threatened in order to stop them from gathering? This is how mind controlled folks respond to tyranny. I think the feds knew this group has no guns, otherwise they wouldn't have been so bold. Now imagine the response if the feds order people to stop making cloudbusters or shoot Carol and I ;-) They're more likely to be more successful at getting everyone to give up their guns away from the populace, and the people of Switzerland, the US, South Africa and the Philippines will give up our guns as soon as hell freezes over.

The joke on the feds is that even Rainbow people will still be making chembusters if they can be assured that they can do it secretly. That's why I advise everyone who wants to make one to first make a few 3oz. tower busters and disable the transmitters around their home first to create an amorphous field. This way the helicoptered Gestapo can't find the center because the hole in their dead orgone matrix won't be circular. Also, they'll feel closer to nature and humanity without all that electronic and sonic mayhem going on.

Homeland Security, my a**! Shiva and PW these murderous bastards and let Hank sort them out. You can bet this has become part of our daily regimen and will be for the duration. You may be happy to discover that you don't even need to be near the devices in order to use their energies effectively, but that's another discussion. Nor do they need to know who's doing it to them. Right now, they're focusing on us because they probably don't want any more ordinary people putting them out of business. More than I want to save my butt, I want more people out there savaging the genocide agenda and personnel.

If I start seeing light gray uniforms in public I'll figure that it's time to bend over and kiss my a** goodbye, but in the meantime we've got a brief window of opportunity to stop these blatant Homeland Security Nazis from ever showing their hand.

I guess this piece got too long to include most of the details of our Atlanta Crusade (appropriate term for the Bible Belt ;-)) but I do want to mention that after we put the three HHgs around the airbase at Marietta, which is mainly a heinous Lockheed facility in the Atlanta suburb, Carol said that the Wingmakers were holding down the energy of the devices until we left the vicinity in order to protect us. A fedboy in a big, white pickup drove right by the Zapporium and didn't see us right after we put the second HHg down, even though he was looking hard for us and he seemed a little manic.

Carol said the main effect of busting underground facilities this way is that the majority of people in them start to wake up and openly question why they're there. There aren't enough thugs on the planet to do all the work, so the world order relies totally on mind controlled people to carry out most of its agenda-all of it, in fact, except for the openly predatory activities. They have plenty of bloodstained thugs for that and for occupying the top positions in all of the key corporations and all of the national governments in the world's 'developed' nations. That's some development, eh? Is that an Orwellian paradigm for progress?

It was right before we went to Lockheed that we saw all the light lenticular clouds, which of course are created by the good guys to hide their craft.

~Don Croft

Episode 57 Putting My Money (Hide) Where My Mouth (Pen) Is

By Don Croft <>

March 19, 2003

I've been telling you that the Powerwand is sufficient for disabling predators and now that Carol's taken the Shiva back to Idaho with her, I'm left here on the other coast with only my Powerwand standing between me and a whole LOT of demonstrated, furious and determined enemies in the employ of this fake US Government.

What better way to demonstrate my claims? I've always had the inclination to 'prove something' so why not just give in to it instead of fight it?

Carol offered to leave the Shiva with me but I'm not one to back down from my own stated goals and heart-held beliefs until they're shown to be non-viable. I'm so determined to show YOU that I'm right that I'm putting my life on the line in the process. I'm not particularly psychic, as probably is your case, nor am I the most clever, resourceful or aware person in any given large crowd.

My point is that if I can do this, so probably can you, so my goal is to empower you to take on these murderers in your own court rather than having to keep looking over your shoulder every time you run out for a loaf of bread.

I just dropped Carol off at the airport in Orlando and am on my way back to Atlanta, where the FBI, CIA, NSA and God-knows-what-other mean and bloody agency is waiting for me. It's been so easy in the past three weeks to say, 'Honey-would you go check in the ether and see if anyone's thinking about killing us, please?' and then just knock them all down like bowling pins but I'm leaving myself open to some developing threats now so I can do it all with the Powerwand as they come up in 3D, confident that I can stop any visiting predatory psychics, all of whom precede the more blatant assaults, we've learned from experience.

The Shiva is the best instrument for disabling these spiritual cretins, but in real terms it will be many months before they're out on the market in sufficient numbers because only Mark knows how to make them and he's absolutely swamped with orders and has no experience with mass production. Meanwhile you can get a Powerwand in a short time if you're not inclined to make one yourself. Andy's got them on and no doubt others will be offering them soon.

Until somebody else in N. America who offers Powerwands shows me some good business practices, I'll be sending inquiries on to Andy, though. Georg Ritschl at is very skilled and reliable, too. I think somebody's making these in Oz for sale, but Carol says the coil's not up to snuff yet. If you think a caduceus or other form of coil will do better or even as well as a mobius for this work, please look more closely and get some comparison feedback from more than one reputable energy sensitive, okay? I won't stop insisting that we get bona fide evidence for any claims made before we accept them as true.

Carol and I are now seeing the Shiva as the culmination of our global, informal effort to disable tyranny and we're seeing the Powerwand as an important intermediary step.

If you think you'll be scooting around the ether like Cbswork or Carol any time soon, please think again. Unless you have an obvious gift to do this telepathic and astral work you will only get a smidgeon of their results and only after many years of hard work. If that principle were not operative, there would have been millions of Beethovens composing symphonies by now.

The nice thing about the Shiva is that one need only think of the target and the energy goes to work on it, apparently guided by the entity who has adopted to that device. In this case we're no more than spiritual doormen. Doormen in New York City get to dress up like Bolivian Admirals, by the way, so maybe we can, too, when we get a Shiva ;-)

Carol and Cbswork will get together with their two Shivas ASAP to compare notes in real time, as the two Shivas seem to be working on slightly different principles and Carol, at least, feels it's important that all the Shivas be made the same way, as she's not entirely confident that Mark has the ability to make determinations about individual requirements yet. Since it will be a long wait until you get one from Mark if you've sent the money, there's plenty of time to sort this out. Since time is VERY short for disabling the genocide agenda of this fake government in the US we probably should all have some faith that cutting corners like this (insufficient testing and parameters) will be okay.

Forgive me, Mark, for speaking so candidly, and I assume you know that I want you to succeed with this venture and that it's very important to us that you do.

The Powerwand, in my experience, needs to be turned on and consciously directed and attended to but if you can imagine a target and focus a little (in a loving way, if that's your style) aggression the energy will go there and disable the target, whether it just seriously disorients the pilot of that black helicopter which is zooming your home in the middle of the night, terrifies a predatory NSA or MI6 psychic into a nervous breakdown or causes the heart of a murderous Man in Black or OTO sorcerer to burst.

When Carol took her Shiva out of the Zapporium it felt to me kind of like it did when my rudder broke out in the ocean during a storm once. In that case, I jury rigged the thing and completed the ocean crossing, even going through a hurricane successfully in the process with that 'field engineered' rudder, which I was even able to lash the sails to for effective self-steering. If you've sailed in a small open boat in the open ocean, you know what I'm talking about, I guess ;-) It was after this realization that I started writing this piece. I'm quite sure the results will speak for themselves because I'll be back in the Lion Den tomorrow afternoon.

It's important to familiarize yourself with the workings of the Succor Punch, we believe, before you can expect to get these results from the newer devices. By the way, for those of you who are inclined to purchase other devices for which the inventor claims equal or superior results to these two, you should expect to see some proof or at least testimonials from some reputable people before you send your money. Caveat emptor, amici.

Did I tell you what happened in Miami two nights ago? If you were watching the weather channel you may have heard of a very localized 80mph wind in the part of Miami we were driving through at the moment. What they didn't mention is that there were some accompanying green atmospheric flashes in the vicinity of some massive HAARP arrays we were driving past on the Turnpike right after we drove onto it. We had just disabled Homestead Underground AFB ;-) and two of its underground nukes and they were getting p---y, so Carol said she stuck a big orgone spike up the HAARP boss's a** and said, 'Come and get us, you son of a bit**!' I'm assuming she said if lovingly, but that assumption may not be accurate ;-)

I already knew that women are a lot more aggressive than men, in spite of all that mental programming to the contrary. The Roman soldiers used to grab their ****'s and head for the hills whenever they saw those Celt, Frank or Hun women in among the men in battles ;-) Of course, those old cultures had never bought into the Babylonian concept of gender prejudice. I have to tell you that Homestead has stuck in my craw for the past two years, since leaving this state. When we left, the big dirt pile had weather balls and buildings on it; now it's posing as a landfill and all that stuff was relocated to just beyond the northern edge of the small artificial mountain. I guess enough people are realizing that there's a base under there that they decided to disguise it rather than move it ;-) Fake-gov't cretins!

I was too busy trying to keep the Zapporium from blowing off the turnpike to think much about helping Carol, and besides she only told me about that a little later. Traffic slowed to almost a halt and there was a lot of damage, I saw on TV later that night in the motel. It only lasted about five minutes.

Carol said the HAARP boss who ordered that attack from his very uncomfortable chair wore a light gray military uniform and is an American and that he hasn't murdered any innocents yet, which is why he didn't just fall out of the chair. Is that Homeland Security? If so, President Cujo hasn't been entirely forthcoming about what they're up to already. If you know about this, please let me know at

By the way, I keep getting letters from my friends with apologies for 'bothering' me, which bothers me. If you feel like writing to me for absolutely any reason, please do so, okay? I love to do email and especially to hear from my friends, of which you are a dear one. I always have time for that, even when I get a little behind for a few days.

Since I'm not the head of this effort, I really don't get swamped with email. If I was a guru wannabee or had some exclusive, proprietary device that I was promoting for personal glory I suspect I'd be swamped in that case because that approach attracts all the wrong folks: the ones who would rather shift their personal-discernment responsibility onto someone else.

I could tell you stories about what I've seen relating to this simple principle ;-), but not now. Suffice to say that people who want a following seem to be completely ignorant of the personal discernment workings of the heart and live in some pretty scary mental delusions. They sincerely believe they're angels in the flesh, but when I'm around them I feel like I'm surrounded by vultures. Good thing nobody in this informal network is like that! If I wanted a following, you and I wouldn't be having this discussion, I absolutely guarantee, and somebody else's name would be associated with orgonite cloudbusters by now.

In any case, I'm enthusiastically putting my life on the line right now so that no superstitions will attach to our collective work and goals. If I leave Atlanta in a pine box, you may assume that I'm mistaken in this approach, though the only thing that might actually prove is that I have a short attention span and let my guard down at the wrong times ;-)

We've been at this juncture a few times since starting this network and the potential is presenting itself again, I think, around the Shiva. It's simply because this powerful and effective instrument represents the next step in our technology and only one man knows how to make them and is not telling anyone else, which is certainly his birthright. I'm not a controlling person at all, but I do want very much to keep this effort within the realm of shared experience and non-exclusive, individual empowerment. I suspect that if Mark doesn't play his cards right, equally effective instruments will pop into the dreams of many people. He's got a marvelous chance to create wealth and independence for himself and to educate millions of eager and talented souls in the short term.

When Carol and I were given the parameters for the basic CB and HHg we immediately broadcast them after having tested them thoroughly. We'll probably get rich from that when the opportunity presents itself, and we've certainly prospered indirectly from it due to our increased notoriety because more people have heard of our zappers in the process.

I know in my bones, though, that if I'd adopted an exclusive or proprietary approach to this I'd either be out of the game by now or somebody else would have invented these or similar devices in the first place.

Cbswork noted that somebody like me had to initiate this effort because it was necessary for someone without guile or an unbalanced ego and with some hard-won maturity to foster and shepherd its rapid dissemination. I wrote and disseminated my first report two years ago just because the feds were snooping up our ***es and we got pretty spooked by that and needed some fast notoriety in order not to wind up as fatality statistics. Fortunately, three people (zapper customers) offered to share it with some extensive e-groups and lists at the time and the Nazis backed off. We were on the road in the first place because these cretins had just shut down all the other American zapper makers on the internet in their ongoing War on Healing and I felt sure that they don't like to go after moving targets, especially guys like me who do their business on the black market, which of course is the only viable market in the world in its present state of anarchy. Yes, government run by murderers is anarchy.

I certainly don't wish on anyone what led me to be who I am, and it pains me to see people going through the same things I did or being on the verge of it with the knowledge that only by experiencing severe adversity will these folks step onto a spiritually productive path. If you've got a naturally pure heart and unpolluted mind, you're way ahead of the game, my friend. Now, get some brass b---s and exercise your native cunning to go along with that and you'll be a bona fide threat to tyranny instead of just a potential, tender entrée on the Illuminati Buffet.

Orgonite devices tend to push us all in a wonderful, productive but tranquil direction, each of us starting from whatever position we were in when we initiated our own efforts. Many folks simply have little capacity for heart energy, and these are the ones who represent the big challenge right now, I think, because in our western cultures the alleged powers that be have spent immeasurable resources over many generations to create a delusional paradigm, centered in the head, and it takes a lot of years for any of us to work our way out of that maze.

What's worse, when people like Mao, Hitler, Tammy Faye or EC Prophet are ascendant millions of folks who never questioned the inadvisability of worshipping charisma are drawn into the fold, which is what empowers these monsters. The strange part is that all these charismatic people had abysmal personal lives, full of abuse, betrayal and manipulation by the programmers, designed to make them distrust all others and believe only what their handlers fed them. Poor Shirley MacLaine is a good example of that.

By the way, I once heard that when Tammy Faye's makeup was removed, it was discovered that she's actually Jimmy Hoffa, but I need some validation before I'll believe that.

Are any of you feeling edgy because of President Cujo's alleged war on Saddam? Read the latest issue of SPECTRUM for some juicy stuff about that adventure which you'll never hear Dan Rather talk about, okay? I want to visit the editors in Tehachapi if possible. I never pitch myself to media people but I'd dearly love to get some of our stuff in there. Ingri and Don Cassel both agreed with me that I'm just too weird to write for their publication, THE IDAHO OBSERVER, so I'm really glad Jerry Morton was picked to do that spread for them. They told me that I'm not too weird to contribute something to SPECTRUM, though and they discussed us with the editors there. Thanks so much, Donna and Roberto Carrillo, for introducing this to Don and Ingri Cassel!

What makes Carol and I extremely happy is that when all the militia folks out there have read about tower busting in that reputable underground publication we may find that all of the towers will soon be disabled across North America. Take that, you fake- government Nazis! Hardy Har Har Har!!! Victory may be close at hand, folks!

There's so much good stuff happening that I'm hearing about in private email that it's no longer possible to even keep track of it all, much less report it, so you'll only be getting the high spots from me for the duration.

Sgt Shultz has BUSTED Ft. Lewis (the perimeter is over ninety miles), for instance, having waited, prudently, for his Succor Punch to arrive from Jesse, whom I'm extremely pleased to learn is still in the game. It took him 35 HHgs and 75 Tower Busters. Marty (the Sarge) is the fellow, you remember, who showed me how to monitor the busting of a tower with a ZapChecker last month.

Georg Ritschl, the German (expatriate living in S. Africa and father of menace to global tyrants, got the upper hand with his Powerwand after some rather intense soul-searching. I've never met anyone who has assimilated so much information in such a short time and began Doing Something about tyranny with such total commitment and gusto. Good thing he's on our side, eh?

Greg Brown, who grows worms in Florida (in the soil, of course) has apparently invented a free energy device that charges batteries an infinitum. I had to visit him in order to get a clear picture of how he did that. I'll repeat his experiment and see if it can be done outside a vortex. He lives in a big one and I've got some very sweet, juicy oranges from the tree beside which is his cloudbuster ;-)

Dominic in Australia gave me the phone number of 'Dave' in Tampa, who makes and sells extremely good Tesla coils for a reasonable price. We spent the morning in Tampa with Dave before going to Greg and Angie Brown's lovely home to the south in Bradenton.

It was only as we were parting that I learned his last name: McKinnon. I used to listen faithfully to his international radio program in the nineties when he was president of the International Tesla Society. I was pleased to be able to connect him with Wilhelm Muller, inventor of the magnet motor/generator. Muller had a demonstrable free energy engine long before that fake, Col Bearden, announced to the planet in 1994 that, after meticulous searching and testing, there were NO viable free energy devices in existence in our 3D realm. What a cruel joke by him and the other CIA liars! Muller had undeniably demonstrated his device to a whole lot of engineers and scientists by then in Germany, North America and even China. I played with that powerful engine in Bill Muller's basement in British Columbia several times five and six years ago.

Dave sent us to see Mike in Sarasota for a generous demonstration of the Tesla Coil for our assessment of its potential for boosting orgonite devices, so we picked Greg up on the way. That deserves another post but suffice to say that a Tesla coil puts out a massively strong orgone field that charges up all orgonite devices exponentially for many, many hours after spending five minutes or so in the presence of a powered-up coil. You can bet I'm getting one as soon as I get home! The bystanders also get charged up, which finally let me understand why some people love fiddling with these things so much ;-)

After spending a night in the Browns' wonderful vortex it required an effort to leave, as these folks are two of the rare individuals with whom Carol and I feel perfectly relaxed and comfortable.

Kristina Schepps of has conceived an addition to her devices, which proves to boost them into the stratosphere of potential regarding human development. No doubt she'll share all the details of that when she's ready for production, as she's based a very successful business on the principle that we favor, which is that most people want to know how these things are made but they usually prefer to pay for them ;-) Just to tease you, I'll let out that it's a replica of the King's Chamber in the big pyramid at Giza, designed to hold an enhanced Power Pack a la Eric Nuver in Holland and other synergistic new goodies.

Carol got to play around with the chamber prototype and she's extremely impressed with its apparent potential. Good one, Kristina! It was nice to finally meet her and Hubby, Col. Steve, in Miami right before we busted Homestead. We feel so pleased to be associated with these fine folks. It took me three or four months, a couple of years ago, to persuade Kristina to make her first HHg, by the way, because this petite young accountant had a repugnance for resin. Her new matrix, which she dyes, is virtually non-toxic and makes an interesting texture after casting. I think the thing that kept me persevering with her in the early days was that she often quoted parts of the dialogue in MONTY PYTHON'S HOLY GRAIL in her email to me.

Keep checking her site for the name of that resin, okay? She's like us and enjoys sharing instructions and information.

You can see that we've been having lots of fun meeting our co-conspirators on this trip.

Now it's time to go back to Satanville (Atlanta) to knock out the rest of the towers before the end of the month, with Tim Djembemon's and Steven White's able and resolute collaboration, at least. I'd better pick up my dervish outfit at the cleaners. I hope they got the stain out.

~Don Croft

Episode 58 Private Croft’s March from the Sea

By Don Croft <>

March 24, 2003

Since I’m in Georgia and since I’m sort of doing the opposite of what General Sherman did here in the Civil War, I figure it’s okay to put a rank in front of my name. It was the rank I held at the end of my military career in 1969 and it’s the opposite of General, as it turns out ;-). Also, since I started my coast to coast highway gifting campaign on the beach east of Savannah, this title dawned on me after Ken Adachi suggested using the broad theme of Sherman’s march of mayhem and destruction in the title of one of my posts/articles. Judging by the FBI, NSA, Delta Force, etc. rabid reaction to our activities in Atlanta, I know that we’re committing mayhem to their collective satanic agenda here in the heart of Ole Dixie.

After the FBI fake police intimidated our black Atlanta associates out of participating in our activities, Carol, Tim O’Donnell (“Djembemon” on the forums), and I immediately got to work busting the HAARP, satanic sites, and underground bases within the perimeter of Interstate 275, which circles the city. That was on Tim’s day off and the next day, Carol and I finished off what was left of the HAARP arrays, which resulted in characteristic blue skies and puffy white clouds. The chemtrails over the city were disappearing fast, but outside the perimeter, all around, there were still HAARP sky molestations and lingering chemtrails. Our goal has been to make the city’s ambience feel better than the suburbs. We continued gifting towerbusters all the way to Florida, leaving one near each tower along I-75 and otherwise every three miles along the route. There were towers about every three miles so the TBs got to do double duty.

We saw a big blue hole over the city of Atlanta and the unbusted suburbs maintained the HAARP mess and lingering chemtrails, as we’d hoped would happen. We also saw several white lenticular clouds within the edge of the blue hole, so that was a nice confirmation that the Operators approved and were supporting our efforts.

Busting Sorties & War Protests

We busted the airbase in Marietta with three HHgs as we were leaving and Carol said the Wingmakers were holding down the energy until right before we could leave the area, as the satanic feds were quite incensed that we were gifting that base, which is mostly underground and connected with Lockheed. As always, we drove slowly by the main gate and waved wildly to the feds in there as we left the area. One fedmobile, typically one with a boss agent, drove right by us and obviously didn’t see us after we put down HHg number Two on the far side of the base because he was driving erratically and turning down side roads, searching frantically for us, Carol said. I think the Operators were hiding us because we didn’t take any precautions that time. You can do that, too, of course, and they’ll cover your butt. Just pick a really juicy target and get busy.

Carol and I spent a week in Florida right after that, which I wrote about in the previous article/post and I returned to spend the rest of March busting the deathforce transmitters in Atlanta to ensure that the customary summer smog won’t occur this year and also to ensure that Atlanta will not be successfully subjected to martial law if President Cujo turns out to be even more abysmally stupid than we all thought and declares that state in America at the behest of his disgusting operators.

Tim’s been filming the Atlanta war protests and placing orgonite devices in those locations to ensure that nobody gets hurt by the unlawfully established local police or incited to violence by the feds’ agent provocateurs. Our hope is to do some filming together of his instructional documentary on making cloudbusters, HHgs and towerbusters and busting transmitters, underground nukes/bases and satanic sites. I understand he’s got quite a lot of footage of feds on film ;-) No wonder that NSA killer tried so hard to run him off the highway. Thankfully, Tim experienced the joy of using the Shiva on that guy, so hasn’t seen him since then. The jerk was actually stalking Tim after trying to kill him. I wish they’d grow the ba**s to stalk Carol and I. I could use the psychic exercise.

I’m sure everyone’s noticed by now that these protests are attended by people from across the social, political, gender, age and racial spectrum, rather than just by leftists, as happened predominantly during the Viet Nam War protests. I’m glad to see that some grassroots protests are taking place, since all war is redundant now, as well as inexcusable.

New & Old HAARP Towers

There are a half dozen very large, sort of unique HAARP arrays in Atlanta and a dozen more of the old style weather warfare arrays. I think most of the bad work was being done by the taller, newer ones. Right after we busted one of the big ones we did a little shopping nearby and a half hour after burying the single, small HHg we saw from the parking lot a couple of miles away that three men were riding up one of the guy cables in a cage—a sort of elevator. I looked at them through the binoculars and they all got out when they got to the big platform at the top of the thousand foot tower and wandered around, scratching their heads for a bit, then piled back in the cage and went back down. Carol got into their heads and said they already knew that we’d been there because the thing simply stopped working without any apparent technical cause and that they were just going up there to shut the boss up. They think we’re using magic ;-) and apparently this project we’re all engaged in, is getting quite a reputation among the world regime’s bottom rung flunkies as well as among its middle management and the overlords.

Carol said that two guys on motorcycles who passed Tim and I on the highway in the mountains yesterday were supposed to kill us, but that we’re very well protected. They sort of glared/leered at us as we passed them again at a stop sign and I didn’t think much of it at the time, but Tim picked up on their malintentions and asked me to ask Carol about them. Tim’s a lot more aware of that stuff than I am, also much more sensitive and attuned to frequencies and fields.

Fed Chumming?

This afternoon, as I was wrapping up my email, I stepped out of the Zapporium and encountered two fedmobiles parked right next to me. I can only see out the back when I’m inside the camper. I looked closely at both of them and the nearest one froze in terror and stared at me, like a deer caught in headlights. I bet she was a fed psychic. I went into the store to get something, but they were both gone when I got back, of course. The woman had parked there for over an hour because I saw her driving into the parking spot earlier, studiously avoiding looking into the Zapporium in the process ;-) I was at the far end of the lot where nobody else was parked.

I’ve stopped whacking the psychic and physical visitors in order to bait them into getting a little bolder so I can have better targets in a day or so. I still hammer the fed hackers every time my computer slows down while on the net because I just don’t want to encourage that at all. It only happens once or twice a day now; until I got strict with them, though, it was happening every few minutes, day in and day out. That only stopped when I started going after middle and upper management each time I got molested electronically by one of their stooges. They’ve got some high level hackers, too, so when you get hits from them it means the flunkies have probably refused to mess with you any more. The big timers have more finesse, but are still easy meat for the Powerwand and/or Shiva.

Carol said the feds took a fresh approach for a while and only assigned non-killers in the daisy chain of command above the chump hackers and peekers. That only lasted a few days because she kept putting thoughts into their heads that they’re working for a bloodstained, satanic organization, not a viable or even lawful political one. I don’t think they’ve got many patriots left in their management cadres these days ;-) because they went back to using predators shortly after that exercise. We were wondering why the bosses weren’t grabbing their chests and falling out of their chairs, which is what led to Carol getting into their pointy heads.

Powerwand & Shiva

Some of you guys have been telling me of the marvelous experiences you’re having with your new Powerwands, but you’re not posting them. I don’t know why that is, but I expect that you’ll do so when you feel like it and I’m not too put off by that, since I know how wonderfully empowering these devices are. People give me too much credit for intelligence and sensitivity, still, in spite of evidence to the contrary. I don’t understand all the social dynamics happening in the forums, but I’ll try not to rock the boat any more than necessary.

Now that Mark Hooten has quit his job, I’m backing him a hundred percent. I agree with Carol that ideally, we should each have a Powerwand and a Shiva because they augment each other so well. As I mentioned in the previous episode, when Carol took the Shiva home last week, I felt a distinct drop in my own effectiveness. For creating a shield, though, the PW still seems to be superior and I appreciate this buffer because I don’t have to be on guard so much any more. Several other folks with new PWs have emailed me with similar observations, but I don’t think any of them are posting their experiences.

For what it’s worth, we’re feeling that Mark can simplify his device and make it both easier to make and cheaper to buy. I’m risking putting my foot in my mouth by saying this, of course, but if it leads to more people having Shivas, sooner, I’ll be vindicated. There have been a lot of assertions made about the various coils in the Shiva, for instance, but no evidence has been offered to back those claims up. I know it takes an awful lot of time to wind those things.

What I’d like to see is some sensory research data in support of these coils. Cbswork and I did some informal coil form research in Los Angeles on my last visit and when Carol gets there next month, you can bet we’ll be extending that inquiry. He wants me to illustrate the energy fields he’s seeing around all the devices, but that will have to wait a bit. I got the concepts from him, but it takes me a lot of time to make illustrations. Since he and Carol can see energy forms from coils, we may be getting into some serious confabs shortly, since I’m the one who can get the 3D shapes right.

Since I apply high standards to my own assertions, I’m not shy about insisting that others do the same, especially since I know that this practice is one of the features that attracts balanced, rational people to our project and discourages those who are inclined to blind imitation and dogmatic assertions. The latter are more like baggage than supporters and we need to keep this moving forward, since we’re only scratching the surface of the potential of this material and right now, we’re all the cutting edge in environmental healing and perhaps even tyrant busting.

If you’re doing some experimenting from which you’ve gotten no results yet, please post your work in progress, okay? I think a lot of us have some of that going on and it’s always better when there’s more dialogue, especially since there’s no stigma attached to ‘failure’ here.

I know that some experiments need more work to get them to the stage where data can be retrieved. The mini CB that Tim made and we left with Hugh Lovel in North Georgia has one of the Lemurian seed crystals in it that Marc Melton, Cbswork, Kuwait Diane, Mark Hooten, and several others had incorporated in orgonite devices in an attempt to create an extended field. I hope you guys will keep hammering away with this and look for some data. I got a distinct impression at Hugh’s that something’s happening with that.

If anyone thinks that I’m down on this sort of research, please adjust your attitude, okay? If you think it even matters what I think, do like Stuart Jackson does and ignore me in that mode, okay?

Aborted Calamities

A lot of the stuff I write about can’t be supported with any evidence. For instance, Cbswork, Carol, myself, and others have routinely stopped the fake gov’t from blowing up some US cities in the past nine months. Someone will get a psychic hit that the gov’t is planning to commit mass murder in order to get us closer to martial law, and our astral investigators get the particulars and we simply stop them with our devices. I can tell you it’s gotten a lot easier to do that since we got the Shivas and Powerwands! I still believe that it won’t take very many of us, going after the whole hierarchy each time we experience even the slightest molestations from any of the secret police psychics, hackers, helicopter pilots, street peekers, etc.

By the way, Hugh Lovel told us yesterday that molten steel, formerly the base support girders, was found puddled in the basement of the WTC a week after the collapse of the building and he believes both buildings were brought down with plutonium trombone-case nukes in the basement. Pretty cool assertion, eh? [Ed. Note: Phil Schneider noted the same thing with molten, extruded rebar with the first bombing of the WTC in 1993; a very high yield thermo device must have been used to get that effect]

I’m awfully glad to see that even folks whom I’d thought lacked the chutzpah to stand up to these jerks are doing exactly what we’re doing with the Powerwand. In the short term, others can psychically share the few Shivas that are out and about, with the owners’ permission perhaps.

Donna Carrillo connected with Carol’s Shiva on our visit to her house in late January and has used it several times to help herself and others out of some tight spots that were engineered by the secret police psychic predators. I don’t know what the parameters are for that yet, but I’m hoping it will become common practice until Mark gets more of the devices out on the market. Of course there’s no real substitute for having one.

A New Frontier

Has anyone ever openly and actively opposed secret police agencies before? I know that if we don’t do this now, we won’t be able to do it from our underground cages if we fail to stop them from getting their political wishes. A stitch in time saves nine, and while they are still secret they’re vulnerable to us. Remember that all police are enforcers. Without the secret police agencies such as the FBI and NSA/CIA to murder and bully the populace into docility, this fake federal government wouldn’t last a week. Let’s all see just how much healing we can exert on this ailing body politic in the coming months. We can accurately consider this fake government a cancerous tumor in the body of the nation and the secret police as the poisons produced by the tumor to consolidate and extend its own hegemony.

I first learned, seven years ago, that cheap, simple zappers routinely and painlessly cure cancer by simply reversing its polarity. It was a pretty easy transition to the realization that there must be some way to perform a similar function in order to heal the political situation in my still-potentially-great homeland.

Just as the body has the intelligence and will to heal itself when the cause of illness is removed, the body politic of America has the intelligence and will to create a real government again here in the absence of the foreign overlords who have so thoroughly and parasitically sickened it over the past two hundred years and as America goes, so will soon follow the rest of the world. That works both ways, of course, which is why America is the only developed nation that’s being subjected to the blatant threat of treasonous tyranny, genocide and enslavement at the moment.

I’m finding more and more that all the people with whom I discuss my business here are not dismissing it out of hand and are willing to listen to and consider my basic premise: that these new transmitters are not for cell phones but are, in fact, designed to facilitate martial law. I haven’t yet met anyone who believes that we are justified to invade another country. That’s a giant step forward from ten years ago, when nearly everyone supported this regime’s attack on Iraq and even the mention of ‘conspiracies’ evinced great guffaws from nearly everyone I mentioned them to.

Stuart Jackson noted that he likes my writing because I see things in black and white and am not afraid to express my opinions, though of course he doesn’t agree with all of them. He notes that some folks lack the discernment to distinguish another’s forcefully stated opinion from what their heart may tell them is actually true. Maybe it’s time for me to make another disclaimer so that nobody will foolishly repeat my opinions as The Truth. If anyone feels discouraged from expressing an opposing view on any subject because of the assumption that I’ll get mad or that he/she will be colored as a dissenter, please banish that notion right now and get busy typing! I really do believe that the spark of truth is best revealed by the clash of differing opinions.

Cbswork wanted me to do something about the image I’ve perhaps created of him as some sort of superman. I mentioned that before, but I’m going to report the following in order to demonstrate that I don’t hold his views up as the Word of Hank, nor do I agree with all of his technical assertions, though of course I wouldn’t hesitate to lay my life down for him if the occasion presented itself.

Water Gifts

I did a lot of water gifting on my march from the sea a couple of days ago, but I didn’t go through any of the procedures that Cbswork so strongly recommends because 1) I’m just too lazy, 2) I do a lot of water gifting, and 3) in my view, as one experienced with boat building with fiberglass and also fiddling, in my diving experiences, with ferrous stuff that’s been under salt water for decades, our devices will all last for many, many years before the sea disables them and by that time there will be MILLIONS of people gifting the waters of this planet, most likely with materials that are far superior than what any of us have cobbled together.

When I was last with Cbswork and we were creating our arsenal for the reservoir vortex and San Bernardino, he carefully demonstrated and explained to me each step of the construction of his water gifts. I simply nodded and kept my mouth shut because he’s a Capricorn and a genius and will do things his way, come hell or high water and of course, what he was doing so lovingly was marvelous, anyway.

When I was a teenager on Guam in the middle 1960s, there was still a lot of war materiel left on the island and under the water. It’s a fact that the Japanese tanks and guns that were exposed to air were in much worse shape than the steel artifacts that were submerged in salt water (I often encountered unexploded steel artillery shells in my aquatic wanderings and once found a 1950 Studebaker with a pristine body at the bottom of the harbor. This was explained to me as a function of oxygen and salt. There’s little oxygen underwater, hence much slower deterioration of metal. There’s little salt in the island air but a lot of oxygen and occasional rain, hence the more rapid deterioration.

In my last summer of high school, I earned a hundred bucks as a camp counselor for ten days and quickly bought deck passage on a little freighter and spent the rest of the summer (including two weeks into the school year because I lost track of time ;-) in the Palau Islands, now called the Republic of Belau. One of my pastimes was skin diving there because the water is so clear that you can see almost a hundred meters in some places. There were some air battles over those islands in World War II and some of the planes are on the bottom of the lagoons and easy to reach on a breath of air. I remember sitting in the cockpit of a Japanese Zero fighter and holding the handles of the machine gun. I could barely fit in the cockpit. The metal of the skin of the plane was still shiny and none of the steel parts were corroded at all and this was 22 years after it was shot down.

By the way, I once made myself useful there and earned some fresh fish in the process when some kids, who had paddled their outrigger out into the lagoon where I was diving. They got me to fetch their fishing spears from inside the big coral head whenever they missed their shots (their arms were too short to reach the spears). Later on, I encountered a big moray eel in one of those coral heads, but I guess I was protected in those days, too ;-) Those eels are as fearless, dangerous, and mindless as a typical Man in Black is, so you don’t want to get your hand in range of their strikes. That was a fun time.

But, back to the march:

The first act I committed was to spudgun two tower busters into the Atlantic, beyond the surf, at Tybee Island’s coastal beach. I half expected someone nearby to get mad about the noise and/or ‘littering’, but a woman quickly approached me out of curiosity and when I explained what I was doing she mentioned that she knew something about orgone accumulators and she wished me luck.

I tossed a TB into every creek and inlet on the way back to the city and one time, as I pulled over on a bridge to pitch one over the rail, trusting that it wouldn’t land on a boater, a man in a nondescript white sedan passed slowly by and parked just in front of me. I was thinking that this was a particularly bold fed, but the old guy was just upset that I threw something into the water. When I showed him one of my spiffy BB tower busters and explained briefly what it did for the water, he just turned his face away and drove off. If I’d known he would be so grouchy, I might have said instead, ‘Frankly, my dear, I don’t GIVE a damn!’ since I am, after all, a leading character in a Georgia war scenario.

I had to stop and make a bunch more TBs that morning, so I picked a nice shady spot by a boat ramp and there were four old HAARP transmitters in an array right across the water. Actually, I only noticed one tower until after I spudgunned a TB into the inlet just for fun. I did another when I saw the other towers, then another when I figured this would be an opportunity to see if the heavier TB I’d just made with BBs would go farther. It did go about ten percent farther and had a more satisfying kick and BOOM when it went off.

30-Year-Old HAARP Arrays

You can spot the old weather warfare (waged on the population, of course, from Day One) transmitter arrays by looking at the faded red paint. As a sign painter I know that it takes about 30 years for red paint to fade that thoroughly and all of the old towers were painted red and white. Though HAARP was never mentioned before ten years ago, in fact that crap has been going on since the early seventies on a widespread basis. I think all the focus on the Alaskan, Russian and Australian big arrays was simply a distraction.

I expect CBswork to post a complete rebuttal to my claims about water gifting and I’m going to let him have the last word because I learned a long, long time ago that one simply shouldn’t argue with anyone born between December 21 and January 21. Right, Melody? Right, Mom?


Episode 59 Our Visit with Hugh Lovel

By Don Croft <>

March 23, 2003

Tim O’Donnell and I drove up to the mountains yesterday to visit with Hugh Lovel at his Union Agricultural Institute, on Greg Brown’s suggestion because Greg told me that Hugh was very interested in our work and is a reputable pioneer in Biodynamic Agriculture, which is closely related to the healing work we’re all doing with the orgonite devices. I had read the chapter about Hugh in SECRETS OF THE SOIL and was eager to meet him, so I emailed him a meeting request, to which he responded immediately and warmly.

I’m awfully glad that Tim came along, for the pleasant company and because he generously donated his fine mini-CB to Hugh, but also for another reason that I’ll get into in a bit. Tim figured that the mini would be sufficient, since he’d made several full-size ones, some of which are distributed around the area. On the way back to Atlanta, we could see by the parting cloud cover toward the south that the mini had already apparently connected to Steven White’s CB field, centered in Cumming, Georgia, which is 30 miles north of Atlanta.

Truthfully, just to meet a fellow pioneer who shares our passion for disseminating information and energy was refreshing in itself, especially since he is ready and able to express this in a format that’s easily understood, in spite of his extensive education and technical ability. All the rest of that enriching afternoon was icing on the cake.

Speaking of food, Hugh makes the best sushi I’ve ever eaten. He marinates shrimp (he’s from South Louisiana) in a special hot sauce before he sautés it, chops it up and adds his own fresh vegetables and even flax seed. He noted that since shrimp are so low on the food chain they have relatively little toxic material in them, even though they’re the ones who eat the organisms off the bottom. The bigger and bigger fish are progressively more toxic because of the quantities of shrimp and shrimp eaters that they consume. I had always just accepted the notion that shrimp are more toxic because they’re bottom feeders. Independent thinking is one of the aspects of a pioneer ;-)

His attitude is that he’s happy to be hired by farmers to set up and oversee the application of his techniques on their farms, but he’s happier when he can teach them to do that themselves. I didn’t get the sense that he has any proprietary or self-aggrandizing motives at all.

I mention something now about Hugh that he shared with us in parting, which is that he, like Reich, came to the physical sciences from a career in psychology. He said that his original motive was to figure out a way to get some good vegetables for his table, as none were available in the markets in those days.

He’s one of the very few people I’ve met who seems to have a good understanding of who Wilhelm Reich really was, though Hugh’s work is more in line with Rudolf Steiner’s offerings. I asked him if he thought the two Great Ones would have collaborated well and Hugh feels that Steiner’s esoteric approach may have stuck badly in Reich’s craw, but I’m betting that Steiner’s demonstrable results would have earned Reich’s respect, in spite of the latter’s expressed disdain for mystics (new age nazis?). Maybe we can settle this question when we’ve all passed on ;-)

I had sent this piece to Hugh for his review and his only caveat was the following observation, which is in quotes:

“There is a good chance that Steiner and Reich would have hit it off very well indeed. They both had the highest regard for the path of knowledge of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who was both the Great Poet and dramatist of the German Culture, but also one of its greatest, most original scientists. Steiner, Reich, Schauberger--there must have been many others--all had the highest regard for Goethe. It was Goethe who maintained the observer and object were essentially one, no matter the prevailing belief in dualism-- the separation of subject and object.

We didn't see vindication of that one in physics until Heisenberg's Theory of Indeterminacy, which was a major milestone in the development of Quantum Mechanics. Essentially Heisenberg found that the very presence of the observer and his or her measuring instruments was a determining factor in the field of investigation. In other words the observer was not aloof and isolated from the phenomena observed but was intimately linked, and that's why double blind studies are the gold standard in medical research.

But more than that, Goethe believed the human organism and its senses (which we have more than 5) are the highest and best instrument for observation, and that observation is an on-going process if we are to understand the dynamic nature of the universe. The world around us is not fixed like a snapshot in a picture book or a specimen pinned to a board. There is an élan vital at work in the universe and to appreciate its nature and chart its weaving, dancing path in the world we must sustain our powers of observation so that we see anew in every moment even while we recapitulate what we know of the past. Certainly both Steiner and Reich took these principles of Goethean observation to heart, though most around them did not.”

Steiner was certainly not inclined to parrot any of the mind control phrases or blind dogmas that characterize the pseudomystics whom Reich probably encountered, since the Alice Bailey/Aleister Crowley consortium had gained an obnoxious, omnipresent ascendancy over most of the other representatives of esoterica by the time Reich had become established in his first career in the early 1930s. Steiner died in 1925.

Hugh Lovel’s own demonstrable results are on his experimental farm for anyone to see. Spring hasn’t started quite yet in the Southern Appalachians but all the plants there are already straining to express their full potential and the leafy greens, first to volunteer, are very tasty and succulent, even the ones you’d normally have to cook to eat. I was surprised to find myself enjoying raw kale, for instance.

He never irrigates because one of the fortuitous effects of his work is that it rains abundantly. When we first set up the 2/3 scale CB I was a little chagrinned because it already looked so healthy and vibrant there, but thankfully before we left we were seeing some unique effects, and all of us saw some DOR ‘draining’ into the tips of the pipes right away. Since the CB works more on the upper atmosphere and Hugh’s technology works more in the lower atmosphere there may a very good symbiosis in the making.

By the way, I prefer Hugh’s term, ‘disorganizing energy’ to ‘deadly orgone radiation’ and he uses the term ‘ether’ rather than ‘orgone,’ which certainly works at least as well to describe the matrix of the universe.

He was rather adamant that we find another term to use rather than ‘cloudbuster’ because the traditional cloudbusters are quite dangerous to use and normally cause bad effects along with benefits. I told him that I’m certainly not stuck on the name and that I’m willing to let the market decide what to call this device. Maybe I’d better look at my Monte Python movies again for some inspiration for a possible new name for our improved cloudbuster.

His edge in agricultural research is his discovery that the plant roots, themselves, are what enrich the soil, and his extensive proof that fertilizers are completely un-necessary as well as harmful to the soil and costly to the farmer has the full potential to completely disable and dismantle the global, chemical-based agricultural cartel. That makes him my soul brother, since I know that the humble zapper has the full potential to disable and dismantle the global, chemical-based medical/drug cartel. That’s why I use pennies for electrodes, as a political statement about the true cost of profound healing, on our zapper model.

He’s discovered a way to encourage the food-producing plants to take carbon from the air (there’s way too much of that in our atmosphere right now) and put it into the soil. The use of an uncomplicated radionics broadcaster and along with the systematic application (simple spraying) of homeopathic solutions over the farm causes the plants to become their own fertilizers.

Hugh chose a piece of severely eroded, devastated ground on which to conduct his research so that it can’t be said that any ambient life-enhancing soil properties could account for his success.

What apparently caused Hugh to investigate what we’re doing with orgonite was Dr. James DeMeo’s uncharitable assessments of our work. The latter’s open admission that he had not personally investigated our work caused a red flag to go up for Hugh, and he went to after that and liked what he saw, so he was happy for the opportunity to meet me and discuss this.

I told him that DeMeo’s claim that he hadn’t investigated our work was not entirely forthcoming because in December, 2001, he bought a cloudbuster kit from Michelle Ridgley at and I noticed a short time later, while watching the weather channel in a motel during one of our trips, that there was a heavy concentration of rain around Green Springs, Oregon (DeMeo’s home near Ashland) but nowhere else in the region, and that the storm had the characteristic orgonite-cloudbuster round shape that so many of us have come to love lately. My wife, Carol, who is telepathic and habitually and effortlessly astral travels, told me, soon after, that he had dismantled the ‘Croft cloudbuster,’ and we noticed that he didn’t change his stand.

Tim brought along his ZapChecker and we had saved a few Towerbusters and an HHg from our highway gifting exercise on the way north from Atlanta along Hwy 400.

Hugh had us set the cloudbuster next to his radionics broadcaster, which is made in a vertical, 3” diameter PVC pipe and is in a spot where two leylines cross. Tim was hearing/feeling a frequency from a direction where Hugh said there was a tower. I pointed the CB in that direction and the noise in Tim’s head stopped. I set it back upright and the noise started again ;-)

Tim, in the presence of Ben, who is Hugh’s current intern, dropped the HHG in the institute’s slightly stagnant pond so that they can watch the effects on the water during the coming days, then we went tower busting to show Hugh some instrumental proof of a busted tower.

We busted a couple of the closer towers, then saved a third one for the demonstration. We got a high reading on the meter, then I tossed a TB in the brush. We sat in the car, watching the needle start to drop, then it moved up again instead of continuing to drop. Eventually, we took the meter outside and saw that strong readings were coming from several directions.

When we arrived, Tim, who is sensitive to many of the frequencies that are broadcast by these new transmitters, had got a strong signal in his head from the tower, then after I tossed the TB out, he said the field became diffuse, sort of donut-shaped instead of directional. It occurred to me that the feds were playing with us by turning off that tower but directing energy at us in a scalar fashion from several of the un-busted towers, of which there were a LOT around that little Appalachian town. The other two towers showed no strong readings even before we busted them, nor did a fourth transmitter.

It felt likely to me that they realized the potential that Hugh represents for spreading this information to a new group of people with integrity and a strong sense of commitment and personal responsibility. Remembering the rather massive, blatant response of the NSA pavement artists to my initial meeting in Los Angeles with Cbswork last May I had to consider this seriously.

The idea that the secret police would do that seemed unlikely, though, even to me, so I just shrugged and chalked it up to the fact that Hugh Lovel was going to have to find his own proof for the validity of this stuff, like all the rest of us have done.

Tim provided some vindication, though, that we were being played by the NSA. On the way out, only the towers we’d busted (four) produced no signal in the ZapChecker and all the others produced characteristically strong signals as we drove by them.

Another vindication was the appearance, as we were returning to the Institute after our local gifting expedition of the new, amorphous clouds that are characteristically present right after one has busted a series of deathforce transmitters. It has always taken a lot more towerbusting for me to get that local effect, but the already- vibrant energy field that Hugh and developed at the institute, plus the new presence of the mini-cloudbuster apparently boosted the effects of disabling only four consecutive transmitters. Of course we should factor in the presence of many natural vortices, since all mountaintops create them.

I think some are mistaking this new cloud form for chemtrail effects, and I may be a voice in the wilderness at this point, but I have to say that there were no spewplanes in the skies over North Georgia that day and every time I go out on gifting expeditions I see these clouds after I’m done, every single time. These amorphous clouds usually turn into thunderheads if I’ve busted a lot of contiguous towers in a drought area, but I don’t think there are any more droughts left in North America by now, thanks apparently to the thousand or two orgonite CBs out there, so the clouds remain in that amorphous state, appearing and disappearing without any perceptible pattern.

When we discussed, with Hugh and Ben, the obvious notion that these towers have little or nothing to do with cell phones they recognized that we were probably right, which made me feel pretty good, because I had to adjust my paradigm in relation to eating shrimp when Hugh explained that simple truth to me ;-)

Union Agricultural Institute’s website is

Hugh’s subsequent report:

Dear Readers,

A week or so ago on this list there was some discussion about the "cloudbusters" being made willy-nilly, pointed at the sky and left there. I indicated I wanted to see the design and how it was built, because if these were cloudbusters as designed by Wilhelm Reich they were almost certainly very dangerous. In fact, if such things were left in operation continuously we should have heard about the disastrous results on the news. (and we haven't)

First I got an e-mail with a web address and downloaded the plans. Clearly it was NOT a cloudbuster, though it appeared to work in a somewhat similar, though far safer, manner with the ether--the living organizational energies in the environment.

Then yesterday along with Tim O'Donnell, Don Croft, the guru of these new developments visited me on his way back to Idaho from Florida. It turns out he lives in Moscow, Idaho where I have my closest relatives outside of my immediate family. It was an interesting visit.

The device he left with me amounted to a two gallon plastic paint bucket with an array of pipes with crystals mounted at their bases and the bucket filled with metal shavings and polyester resin, such as you might find sold to boat makers. This model, which he called a mini-cloudbuster, was only about 5 feet tall and would fit in the trunk of a car.

I talked with Don about calling this a cloudbuster when it was so different from the Reich type cloudbuster and really deserved a different name so people wouldn't be confused. I got the impression he really listened to me, usually a good sign of being in a healthy emotional state. I suggested we call these things chembusters, and he allowed as how he would look for some term that would evoke consensus.

Certainly he and Tim appeared to be healthy and energetic. I shared some sushi I was making--the usual nori and sticky rice with flax seeds, shredded rape greens and Chinese radish slivers (from my garden) carrot slivers, dulse, marinated lightly sautéed shrimp and avocado--great stuff. It was a heavily overcast day, and as Don predicted it started clearing. It was clear all night and today is the clearest and prettiest I've seen it in several months. Seems like we've been needing this. Random happenstance?

However, something else came to light as well. Back in early April '74 I was painting the ceiling in a beauty parlor in downtown Toronto on Bloor Street. As it approached midnight I went down the street to a KFC chicken place that closed at the stroke of 12 and ordered the smallest possible box of chicken. I knew they had to keep a stock of chicken up to closing time, and if they had any left over, what could they do with it? So I told the guy I had very little money, but if he had left over chicken I'd appreciate some. He gave me about 7 or 8 pieces.

I looked behind me and there was another American who was doing the same thing, so I talked to him. He looked like he might be living on the street, so I invited him to come inside where it was warm and help me paint.

He was telling me that he used to be a janitor for Bell Laboratories, and there were two scientists there who had a theory that the human nervous system acted as an antenna. They calculated the number of miles of nerve fiber in the human body according to measurements of the cranium and spinal column, and they came out with a (very long) wavelength of between 7.8 and 8 Hertz.

After building a transmitter (in the late sixties this meant so many miles of coils the transmitter filled a space the size of a small house) they got a volunteer off the street. They put him in a room full of junk where they had placed two pennies under a couch cushion, photographed them and replaced the cushion, and they put him in the room in a chair with the instruction not to get out of the chair under any circumstances. Then they beamed him with the picture and a verbal instruction to go pick up the pennies. After 30 minutes or so of increasing agitation, he jumped up, went over, flipped up the cushion and picked up the pennies. The scientists rushed in and asked what was he doing. "I don't know.” said the volunteer, "I just HAD to do it!"

The guy telling me the story then said the scientists dismantled their transmitter and wrote up their experiment as a failure.

"Why'd they do that?" I asked.

"Because they realized they had found the basis for mind control." said my informant. "I guess they didn't want the government getting a hold of it."

Over the years since then, however, I have thought about this discovery and about the government getting a hold of it. And I've thought how common it is for a discovery to be made in two or more places with near simultaneity. So I've watched for signs that the government is doing just the kind of thing these two scientists feared.

Do you remember how John Lennon's assassin allowed he didn't have anything against Lennon. He only did it because he had a voice in his head that told him to do it and wouldn't go away until he did? And do you remember the Hinckley boy that made that crazy shoot out attempt at Ronald Reagan early in his presidency? I always thought that was a warning to Ronnie, and that he heeded it, but I suppose such thinking could be called speculation.

These are pretty tenuous evidences, but they are enough to make one think. They were peculiar incidents that I thought were more easily explained by technological mind control than by anything else I could think of.

One thing I think is not speculation. The government is not our friend.

It is the nature of governments that they seek to control their citizens. Not only that, but it has been my observation that in our times in America the emotional tone that overwhelmingly predominates within our government and elsewhere that I have been is Covert Hostility. So there is always the pretense of "We're here to help you." while the reality is otherwise.

There is a spectrum of emotional tone from apathy and grief all the way up to enthusiasm and serenity, ranging from complete disempowerment down at apathy, all the way to infinite empowerment at serenity. Those in covert hostility are just empowered enough to want to blindside others and disempower them. They are not the kind of folks that want to see you accomplish great things. Usually they will find reasons to handicap you all they can as long as you don't have any hold over them. In their lexicon control means limit.

Again it is the nature of governments that whenever a thing can be abused it ends up being. These things get rationalized in a wide variety of ways. Things are set up supposedly for public benefit, to help people in spite of themselves. And it goes from there. So I've been watching now for nearly three decades for signs of government sponsored mind control. You know, to stop riots, panics, and insurgencies? It is the government's job to do these things and to use whatever means are necessary.

Don pointed out that the proliferation of cell phone towers was greater than it seemed could be explained by cell phone service. I thought about it and something like 5 or 6 new cell towers have gone up in my county and I can't say cell phone service has improved much, if any. I've also driven down an awfully lot of highway and I've seen many cases when I would be in sight of, even right next to what apparently are cell phone towers and not gotten any cell phone reception, despite the fact I have free roaming. In a couple cases I've parked nearby and tried and tried.

Don seemed to think that many of these towers haven't anything to do with cell phones, but are simply mind control towers. But, according to him, ALL the cell phone towers are fitted out with mind control technology as well.

That's a comforting thought. I suppose there won't be any riots in MY county. If it looks like insurgency they can just broadcast for everyone to report to the courthouse to be fitted with a collar. There will be some isolated folks in secluded valleys, but as soon as they come out on the highway they will be caught up in the broadcasts.

On the other hand this sort of thing could be dangerous, and is a far cry from the self- empowering ideals that the USA was founded on and that made it such a hotbed of capability. Sure the government must keep the populace under control and safe. Trouble is the most under control and the safest is dead.

Don seemed to think he might have the answer to this. He makes a plug about the size of a hockey puck but thicker with his resin/metal organite around a crystal and a bit of hematite and calls it a "terminator." He claims if he chunks this within a quarter mile or so of one of these mind control towers that it feeds back into the tower and shuts it down. He had a meter that measured electromagnetic pulses and we went out to visit towers. Sure enough they pulse pretty strongly. However, though we terminated a few towers I couldn't seem to get conclusive evidence with the meter that we had shut them down. The first one may have been shut off as soon as any evidence appeared on the instruments wherever these things are monitored. Don seemed sure the towers were monitored and that seems plausible enough.

The next one gave off a good signal, but after we chunked the terminator out the signal faded from the tower and yet we started to pick up strong pulses from several different directions. Some kind of a back-up system we didn't know about? The third tower never gave off much of any signal from the start. Did they shut it down ahead of us? I want to see more evidence along these lines.

In any event it seems clear that if these towers are mind control towers or double as mind control towers, they are not ready to send out the signal for all persons to report for collars or implants yet. Were Don and Tim suffering from hyperactive imaginations? They seemed to have a variety of stories to tell about their encounters with "maintenance" personnel, whom they believed were actually government agents--the kind of thing one might expect as shared paranoid fantasies. Though these two seemed otherwise healthy and emotionally quite upbeat.

It would be easy to dismiss this as paranoia, and it is inviting to do so from the viewpoint one wouldn't have to think any further about it. Nonetheless this could be more than mere paranoia, and I invite people to THINK for themselves. I also caution the naive that just because they don't know anyone who would set up a mind control system and use it to round up dissidents for execution along with controlling the population does NOT mean such people do not exist. It does not take many giving the orders. A few will do, and a few such folks among us is NOT so hard to imagine.

I will say this about the chembuster that Don and Tim brought me. Not only was today the clearest in recent memory although the forecast was partly cloudy, but at 6 p.m. I happened to notice 7 jets overhead spewing out contrails in various directions. None of the contrails survived more than a few minutes after their emission. Was this thing working? Perhaps so. The phenomena were what I was told to expect and that is what occurred though it was very definitely not in the forecast.

Normally when a clearing of the ether occurs like this rain is only a few days away. Rain is forecast here in two more days. We'll see.



PS: I find talking to another friend out near St. Louis that he makes a pocket sized circuit instrument that he says will neutralize the mind control broadcast system for individuals. Do these guys sound like they are around the bend or on top of it? From what I know of them in other respects I tend to think they are the latter.


Episode 60 Our Meeting with Karl Hans Welz

By Don Croft <>

April 3, 2003

It so happened that the man who introduced orgonite to the market lives near Atlanta and he invited Tim O’Donnell and I over to get acquainted. It was pretty late on Saturday night by the time we got there because I’d taken some wrong turns, having still failed to get used to Atlanta’s unique street and highway layout after disabling all the new military transmitters in the city during the previous month. Karl came into a scientific approach to radionics and remote energy work from a background of Runic Magic. He wasn’t forthcoming about how he started working with orgonite but that didn’t surprise me, since most European pioneers play their cards pretty close to the chest and I didn’t mention it beyond a casual inquiry. I did let him know that we’re all deeply indebted to him for introducing this discovery, though.

I’d known from my first visit to his web site in 1998 that he’d found a way to generate orgone, which is the next logical step beyond accumulating it. Karl would say that orgonite is an accumulator, and that’s technically correct, but in effect, according to the research that Carol and I have done with it one can say that it also generates orgone, since it converts ambient deadly orgone, or ‘disorganizing energy,’ as Hugh Lovel calls it, into healthy orgone. One might argue that something can’t be gotten from nothing, unless one acknowledges the Taoist notion that nothing is really something ;-) since the universe is arguably a sea of potential from which energy and matter manifest, it may just be another way of saying the universe is a sea of ether/orgone/chi/life-force, etc.

Whenever someone asks me to explain how orgonite work I have to laugh a little bit, since answering that is like explaining the Tao. It just works and no amount of intellectual calisthenics will bring an understanding of the fundamentals, which need to be felt, to be understood.

I’d say that Karl Welz pushes the envelope more than anyone else in terms of defining what one might do to influence one’s own life and environment through the intelligent application of the combination of orgonite and simple electronics. His attitude is that a principle must be reduced to its simplest conceivable form before it can be considered useful. The domain of magic was exclusive until the old paradigm began fading into obscurity. Now it’s available to anyone who has the inclination to explore its uses.

In his own words: Sometimes, in the course of your work, you will be introduced to words and techniques that may or may not cause subconscious fears and doubts. One of these words is “magick”. Actually, what most people call “magick” is nothing but action at a distance that you can achieve with the help of structural links and life force, i.e., it is functionally identical with radionics. You will learn more about structural links later! It is a well-known fact that the same people who used such methods extensively towards their own selfish ends originally implanted these fears and doubts. Ignorance was always the safest method to dominate large parts of the population! So we decided to use the word “magick” and other similar words whenever they are the best choice to accurately describe what’s happening when you work to achieve positive permanent solutions.

We had a peek at his top of the line device, the ATGS 3000, which can be adjusted to apply twelve different frequencies through the twelve arcs that correspond to the zodiac, all arranged around and through a ring of orgonite, the witness material being placed in the center section.

Coincidentally (!) I just got an email message from a fellow who is interested in applying the Jyotish configuration of the birthday of the Hindu prophet, Ram, to Karl’s device in an effort to make some things happen regarding the destruction of tyranny in the world. The fellow was a little scared to try it, but I encouraged him because I feel sure that nothing bad can happen through the application of an orgonite-based device, including Karl’s AGTS 3000.

As anyone knows, some things can be confirmed by scientific research; some things simply can’t be. Karl focuses on proving his devices using blind studies and repetition and if anyone’s interested in learning magic, I recommend his courses simply because I have deep respect for his methods, integrity and genius.

Karl and Tim are night owls but I’m in the habit of going to bed by ten and it was that late when we arrived. Fortunately, Karl made us some very fine Viennese coffee and we had a great time until well past midnight. The sad part for me is that I missed meeting his lovely wife. Carol and I will return in the fall to see what we can all do to promote our common interests and I plan to show up at an earlier hour then.

We were treated to a sort of tour of the etiology of his work, which centers on ways to cause energy to manifest in remote locations. I’ve promised not to directly divulge the proprietary things he demonstrated but I can tell you that this man has far exceeded our efforts in investigating and harnessing orgonite’s potential and he’s been known to give his time and expertise freely to those in need of his unique help who can’t afford his rates.

I must say that if anyone were interested in pursuing this study beyond our own very general accomplishments the next logical step would be to subscribe to Karl’s courses and purchase his devices from

One item that many of our fellow cloudbusters may find useful is a very small digital frequency generator. I know that applying different frequencies to orgonite and or crystal devices can have quite a strong, specific effect if it’s intelligently done.

We’ll be getting one of his wheels and working on some pet projects that we started in February, namely the destruction by orgonite-boosted radionics of the Federal Reserve Corporation, which is a thoughtforum created by parasitic/predatory ritual magic and is certainly not a lawful entity.

Don Croft