Overcoming Chemical/Biological/Radiological Weapons Assaults For the Duration

by Don Croft

November 17, ‘05

This is an article I wanted to write last year but in order to get your attention properly I needed to get enough of my ducks lined up for your review.

The last duck, in the form of Carol’s lab results from her more recent hair analysis, came in the mail today from Dr Wm von Peters of uncurable.com, an old friend and associate of mine in the healing trade who is the finest natural old-school naturopath I’ve personally met. He’s the first competent homeopath I’ve known and has taught these time-honored sciences to many over the years, for which he’s experienced some pretty harrowing interference by the medical professions’ saboteurs, as you might imagine.

He’s visited Dr Rushidie Kayiwa in Uganda to discuss setting up a medical school there for teaching a combined discipline of naturopathic and allopathic medicine and the land was purchased for that project recently and the project has the active support of several key people, including the Buganda king.

A large number of reputable, traditional African herbalists will feel genuinely honored and welcome in that institution, by the way, thanks largely to the international efforts of Dr Yahya Sekagye and Dr Kayiwa works closely with one of them, Kizira Ibrahim, in his clinic in Kampala..

Doc K, who had been a successful obstetrician in Michigan for several years, is a presidential candidate in Uganda and is a consummate orgonite maker and gifter—a genuine African renaissance man. His previous experience and honed instincts as a combat officer has kept that Doc safe on a few dicey occasions since he demonstrated an active interest in our form of environmental healing, too.

We mainly contend with psychological warfare over here but in Africa and some other areas it’s a horrendous CIA/British/UN-sponsored shooting war in many cases, still.

Carol sent von Peters her first hair sample in May and took his prescribed remedies during June, July and August. I got started a month later and am about to send in my second hair sample. We both feel (and look, we’re told) terrific these days! For two middle aged folks in Super-Sized (read: bloated; ennervated) America this is a worthy achievement.

A big part of why Dr von Peters’ help is potentially valuable for people in this network and for others who are also under the gun, literally, of the US and other occult/corporate regimes on the planet is that he’s very good at ridding one’s body of toxic metals through a proprietary process of herbal chelation and is particularly talented at coaxing the vital organs back to a functional level as well as balancing nutritional ‘topography' with simple but vital supplements.

Herbal chelation is a gentle, gradual and comfortable way to move toxic stored metals from the deeper tissues and expel them. Buying chelators off the shelf or hiring incompetent naturopaths to prescribe treatments is a little like using a chopsaw for a pedicure and on top of that their results are rarely consistent or thorough.

Carol and I each experienced a mild healing crisis in the first day or two when we started taking the remedies. She was more dragged out in the beginning than I was, so her crisis lasted a little longer but it wasn’t unbearable or particularly comfortable in either case. None of that caused us to miss a day's work or lose our libido and right after that we both began to experience increased energy, less stress and more emotional and mental balance. The improvements continued throughout the course of treatment. This is what can be expected when you hire Dr von Peters to fix you. I bet you’ve never heard about a Doc who could actually promise to make you healthier, have you? :wink:

This one promises and follows through as long as you faithfully consume the easy-to-take, inoffensive remedies he sends you. Twice a day does it and a pill or two with each meal.

The regime’s favored method of neutralizing activists in these days of psychological (as opposed to brute-force) warfare seems to be that of debilitating/neutralizing individuals and families with a devil’s smorgasbord of toxic metals, poison compounds, bioweaponry and radioactive material. When you feel like crap all the time you’re not inclined to oppose tyranny, after all, and when you feel and look sick and tired who’s going to take you seriously?

This solution is more elegant and effective than shooting or suiciding activists, of course, because they’re determined not to martyr anyone who’s at the top of his/her game and just about everyone distrusts the government by now so there will be no scapegoating or book burnings, a al Dr Reich, any more in America.

Martyrdom is just a big faux pas for them and counterproductive. In the days of the Depression Babies there were half a dozen murderous regimes on the planet who used brute force, supported by programmed, paranoid Orwellian herd responses to suppress dissent and that worked for them, then, but won’t work now because humanity is waking up and/or is too lethargic. What a picture, eh?.

In our case, the feds managed to get some beryllium dust into our home and lungs a year ago, on the eve of Carol’s winter trip to Costa Rica to meet the dolphins. In other cases gifters and predator-blasters in this network, along with many thousands of other activists and even just potential activists, have been systematically poisoned by mercury, lead, lithium, uranium and no doubt several other toxic and radioactive materials. These cases are distinct from the overall pandemic sicknesses caused by the chemtrails, we’ve discovered.

All of us in the developed nations were subjected to a few years of constant exposure to mycoplasma, barium, aluminum and a host of other toxic weaponry in the chemtrails.

Hair samples are an accurate record of what’s in the body, of course, and that’s what Dr von Peters bases much of his diagnosis on. In our case the level of beryllium was off the chart and it’s impossible to get that much into the body except by ingesting it in the form of dust. It’s just not found in the environment, water or food supply, in other words. The same is true of the people we know who showed lead, mercury and lithium poison in their lab results.

The stuff from the chemtrails doesn’t show significantly in hair samples, perhaps because those weapons’ designed intent was to gradually suppress everyone’s immune systems in preparation for ‘phase two,’ which was apparently to have been the kill shot: anthrax, smallpox, ebola, bubonic plague, etc. If everyone’s immune systems had been fairly good during phase two, then exposing us to the deadly pathogens may have only killed a few babies and oldsters and given most of the rest of us a headcold, cough and/or diarrhea for a few days.

You can view a short, informative documentary on chemtrails and the solution to that problem by clicking on the ‘Chemtrails’ button on worldwithoutparasites.com or downloading it from ethericwarriors.com

Fortunately, thousands of orgonite cloudbusters essentially put an end to the chemtrail threat by May of 2002 but millions of people are still not recovering from those assaults and they remain chronically sick and debilitated. After a certain level of degradation’s been reached, the body no longer has the ability to heal itself and has to be re-trained. Every doctor worth his pay understands and acknowledges that the body is the wisest physician when it’s able to do its job.

Dr von Peters developed ChemBuster, an ‘HomeoHerbal’ proprietary remedy, early last year after researching the causes of these new endemics for about six months. The track record for this remedy, which is designed to be taken along with using any zapper, is excellent.

The remedy will remain inexpensive because many of these chronically ill people are also in constant penury due to the incompetent, damaging but costly ministrations of their serial killers. …oops, I mean MDs.

Most naturopaths are just as incompetent (but not as dangerous) as the MDs are. That was a hard lesson for me when I first started sharing my new zapper success stories with every one I met, nine years ago. Enough naturopaths’ doors were slammed in my face that I stopped considering them a viable alternative to the medical/drug cartel and I’d only ever known of two natural physicians who actually cured sicknesses before I came to know Doc von Peters, eight years ago. One is Dr Shirley Snow in New Hampshire and the other was Dr Mary Tomanio in Eliot, Maine, a gifted chiropractor who also developed an active interest in nutrition. She bought enough zappers from me in my first year in the business to pay my rent, bless her soul. Dr Mary passed on a few years ago at around age 90 and I think Dr Snow is still around.

I want to acknowledge another excellent and gifted natural physician who is competent at healing and balancing the body: Dr Steven Smith of bluemarbleimages.com. If you’re constantly sick, in spite of using a zapper, and can go to Missoula, Montana for one or two of his treatments you’ll come away from there looking and feeling very much better and with a small assortment of high grade, specific supplements that your body will thank you for. He helped Carol and I a lot when we lived in Idaho during the years we were pin cushions for various alphabet soup agencies in the federal gov’t’s and foreign organizations’ attempts to stop us from fostering this grassroot orgonite movement..

Dr von Peters does it all through the mail, which is why I’m mainly sending appropriately ill people to him these days. The simplicity of his prescribed treatments belie the many years he’s spent researching and developing them and in this case, as in our own approach to viable solutions, effective simplicity is a wonderful achievement.

He wants me to let you know that he’s the most credentialed naturopath on the continent due to his having earned several science and academic degrees and also having been named Professor in Russia a few years ago. I’m telling you because he’s clearly earned it and I respect genuine academic and scientific achievement, especially when it’s earned by people who remain independent and can think critically, which describes the Doc pretty well..

The degree of ‘Professor,’ is one stage below the highest Russian degree, which is ‘Academician,’ and one of the Doc’s closer companions is the Russian heart specialist who was the personal doctor for several Russian presidents and now lives and works in the US. The Russians never entirely bought into the global Rockefeller/IGFarben drug/torture paradigm.

Doc von P goes to Russia twice a year to teach seminars in various medical schools throughout the country and he brings back the latest Russian electromedicine devices for sale. The Russians are leagues ahead of Europeans and Americans in that field; curing a wide variety of ailments while the off-target Rifers and Clark devotees in the West are just spinning their wheels. Dr Naessens in Quebec is doing exemplary work on the same scale, perhaps, as Drs Rife and Reich but we his work isn’t discussed much yet, unfortunately. It may be that our French associates will look into this more for us.

Dr Rife was on track, of course, but his frequency tables became obsolete in the mid 1980s when all living organisms (including us, I presume) began to show rising resonant frequency rates. He also broadcast EMR in a proper wave form via a plasma tube. Dr Clark’s unfortunate plagiarism, a digital frequency generator with electrodes, is just an expensive zapper and she’s lately confused frequency medicine with simple electrocution. The fact that confusion, especially when it’s spread by lettered people, tends to be contagious is why I’m mentioning this here. A lot of my time in the healing trade is spent encouraging people to apply a little bit of critical thinking to unfounded claims. The centuries-old Western myth that scientific training automatically causes one to have intellectual integrity finally seems to be toppling, at least.

The only Rife generator operators who get consistent results are the ones who can dowse appropriate frequencies. The rest are making pretty purple light shows but not healing anyone. The Russian tech is obviously the next level beyond Rife’s and perhaps Lahkovsky’s electromedicine but nobody’s replicated Dr Rife’s peerless microscope, yet, and nobody can take away from his pioneering achievements, even through the misfortunes of name association or crass plagiarism.

Carol and I bought one of the doc’s RussTech DT devices, which some competitors in the West are calling ‘skenar tech.’ The documentation in English represents some new concepts to us so we’ll gradually absorb that, as we’ve had to do with Dr Reich’s material over the years, by experimenting for awhile, then reading it all again.

The devices are costly but effective and will be the subject of another article when we’ve done enough of our own research with it. It seems to be an orgone device as much as an electronic one, much like a Tesla coil is. It also seems to have the ability to patch dents and holes in one’s etheric field, which is an orgone (subtle energy) function more than an electrical one.

Meanwhile, you can (most likely) easily regain your health by zapping, using ChemBuster along with the zapper if that fails and, if you’re one of the growing number of people on the ‘cutting fringe’ of this movement or are otherwise persona non grata to the Homeland Security Abomination or its equivalents who gets assaulted by quasi-government saboteurs regularly--a too-common occurrence for now--Dr von Peters will help you get your health back within a short time, as he’s done for many of us lately. You can get it done, in most cases, for under a thousand bucks, too.

What will spending a thousand dollars on a serial killer achieve for you? :wink: You’ll probably just get sicker while helping that MD buy more recreational drugs or an hour with a hooker. At least she provides what she advertises :wink:

As one pioneer nutritionist advises, just ignore the diploma’s on your MD’s wall and look at his fractured pupils.

If you’ve got an illness that just won’t respond to any intelligent treatment, you may be happy to know that the Doc prefers these challenges to all the rest. He spends an awful lot of time on diagnosis, by the way.

Dr Rudi Verspoor in Ottawa is said to be the top homeopath in North America. Dr von Peters, a reputable homeopath and pioneer in the field, is the one who said that to me, actually. I met Dr Rudi when he hosted a lecture to his students by Steeve DeBellefuille of http://www.quebecorgone.com   in June, 2004, in Ottawa, Ontario. At dinner, later on, he kindly explained his understanding of the dynamics of curing and healing to me. He recently offered similar written comments in response to a discussion about healing that’s been taking place on ethericwarriors.com and here’s they are:

Dynamic Remediation: Cure and Healing

The human life force is a polarity, reflecting the nature of the universe, and our connection both to God and Earth. On the one side, we have an innate healing power, which the ancients called the "vis medicatrix naturae", and which is effectively the sustaining power that keeps us in harmonious balance.

It can repair a wound, ease a burn, restore balance from a poisoning, digest our lunch, adjust our body temperature to changing weather.

However, it cannot remove disease. Disease is a dynamic impingement of our creative, spiritual power that allows us to think creative thoughts, and to generate new life (sexual procreation).

Disease is akin to a pregnancy: no amount of good food, exercise or supplements will change that fact. However, they can all make us feel better, reduce symptoms and ease discomfort.

Some diseases are due to traumas (emotional or physical), infections (microbes as carriers for the disease energy wave form), others to drugs, and many others to belief systems. All can distort reality and natural function.

These diseases can only be removed or cured by the application of a medicine on the ancient law of similars. While removing parasites and microbes directly can ease the burden on the life force, it will not necessarily remove the actual disease impingement, unless a wave frequency that is similar to the disease wave frequency is provided (sometimes this is, though not always, consciously).

Healing involves trying to rebalance by strengthening the sustaining side of the Life Force. Cure involves removing the impingement of the generative side of the Life Force.

Most of the natural health field involves mainly the use of therapies to re-balance. The only approach that I know of that actually targets the disease along the law of similar resonance is that system developed by Dr. Hahnemann, which he called Heilkunst, of which homeopathy is a part, but only a part.


Dr Rudi has also been systematically and insightfully exploring the dynamic relationship between Dr Hahnemann’s and Dr Reich’s approaches to health and healing. ‘Heilkunst’ means, ‘the art of healing,’ if I’m not mistaken.

He didn’t mention individual CBR assaults by the secret police on countless thousands of activists and potential activists, unless that can be categorized as trauma. I don’t fault him for that, even though that’s a big new problem and mainly what this article is about.

People in Canada are generally a lot healthier, I noticed, than in my country & in Europe, Japan and the Antipodes so maybe it’s not as much of an issue where he is. His cloudbuster sure clears the Ottawa sky of chemtrails, at least, and his wife is a diligent and persistent towerbuster in the region.

Carol and I look and feel a whole lot better after Dr von Peters’ ministrations, as I mentioned, than we did since before the feds first started assaulting us, five years ago. Thank God zappers and orgonite can keep all of their insidious weaponry from debilitating us all or many of us in this and other activist networks who stick our necks out a little further than most would have been killed years ago. At times, I”ve felt like a damn pin cushion or voodoo doll :wink:

When we first started we noticed that lots and lots of activists were dying of a fast-spreading form of cancer. It’s a pretty small demographic, though, and most activists in any network now have zappers from us or from other vendors, here and abroad, so even injected cancer is no longer a threat.

DB and Carol were assaulted, apparently with powerful microwave weaponry, from an aerial platform and it instantly killed the grass all around where they were standing but they weren’t stopped by that, thanks to orgonite. We haven’t heard of anyone else getting slammed by the feds that way, thank God.

DB wasn’t wearing orgonite so he got pretty sick for awhile, even though they nailed him in his backyard, which was loaded with orgonite at the time; Carol had her Harmonic Protector on so she wasn’t’ harmed at all, though the bright, silent flash that accompanied it caused a nearby auto accident in that moment. She was taking a leisurely afternoon walk in the local cemetery and the next day she showed me the patch of dead grass where she’d been standing. It was surrounded by green grass and was about five meters in diameter.

A few in our little peer group had developed cancer from radiological poisoning but orgonite quickly neutralizes radioactive material, thankfully, so they were quickly healed when they used their zappers. The first case I encountered of orgonite in a zapper curing radiation sickness was 7 years ago when a guy in Romania, who was on his deathbed with the sickness, years after having worked on a cleanup crew at Chernobyl, completely healed within a few weeks from zapping.

You might assume that my view of the cause of the new chronic sicknesses among activists is a little skewed and that I’m using this article as yet another platform to take a swipe at the BushSr regime and the occult/corporate world order in general. Actually, in my daily email I’ve been hearing from an overwhelming number of people in the past two years whose reported illness symptoms indicate to me that they’ve been poisoned. This is a fairly new phenomenon. Whom do you reckon has the capability and motivation to specifically poison so many threats to global tyranny if my data is correct?

I was lucky to get into the healing trade before the chemtrails got going full bore because in those days it was relatively simple to cure acute and chronic illnesses with simple zappers and the incidence of poisoning was quite small. It was rare enough that I could essentially ignore the number because they were the exception to the rule but if I’d known about Dr von Peters back them I’d certainly have referred them all to him.

Not long after the chemtrail program got going, full bore, in ‘99 I started getting a huge number of complaints in my emailbox from prospective zapper customers of the new chronic illnesses you’ve been hearing about, including chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyaligia, fake MS, fake hepatitis C, etc. and the star of the show: ‘severe candida.’

These new customers mostly didn’t bounce back to health with zapping the way nearly everyone (including me) had been doing before, and incidentally the way most people in third world countries bounce back to health with zapping these days, still. There have been no chemtrails in most of the developing nations.

As I began adding subtle energy components to my zappers I gradually witnessed a higher cure rate and when Carol and I got together in June, 01, we developed our current model, the Terminator, which gives a good account for curing the new illnesses as well as most of the old ones. It was still nip and tuck, though, for four more years until Dr von Peters introduced ChemBuster last year. That seems to be the missing link in successfully treating most of these cases.

The individual Chemical/Biological/Radiation poisonings suddenly began increasing a couple of years ago and has reached endemic proportion by now, unfortunately. I trust that Dr von P can keep up with the demand but, if not, I’m sure he can help us find more who can because this problem is massive now.

It’s likely that only arresting, trying and lawfully punishing the quasi-governmental offenders will end the problem. The millions of shadowy but intrusive NSA, CIA, FBI, MI5/6, Mossad, et al, mavens aren’t quite ready to hand over their sabers and stop waging war on humanity on behalf of their masters, after all. Did you ever consider that America could sink so low that the number of secret police would exceed the number of armed forces personel? All of us get a shock when we recognize that obvious fact and if you’re even reading this you’ll likely have the opportunity to watch whomever is watching you if you’ve got some streetsmarts or are willing to get some. You’re most likely under active surveillance—have been since long before you decided to read my articles.

An affordable Succor Punch from http://www.ctbusters.com   (Los Angeles), http://www.quebecorgone.com , http://www.orgonise-africa.net , http://www.lifeforcegenerators.com   (UK), http://www.orgoneaustralia.com.au     or organizer@goalternatif.com   (Switzerland) will block all the electronic surveillance devices in your car, home and workplace and that will flush the sewer rats out and make them use their eyeballs instead of monitors to tag you 24/7. You may be in for a distinct surprise, then, but please recognize that if we were losing this psychological war they wouldn’t have to spend so much time, money and energy hiding from you.

The next step is to learn to throw energy at the Homeland Security Abominations who are in your face and outside of the law. If you want some good, affordable lessons, contact dooney@bluemarbleimages.com. That’s Dr Steve’s wife, by the way, who is developing her own home business at the expense of the very agencies that used to turn their lives into a nightmare until they learned to fight back intelligently and effectively, as you can, too.

That’s the most fun that some of us have with our clothes on because the sewer rats provide a good show when they run from us. The problem for them is that we’re the first group of people they’ve ever had to defend themselves against and the worst part of their problem is that there just isn’t any defense against our tactics.

Some might want me to be more circumspect about this nagging political/social problem in order not to challenge the tender sensibilities of the Pajama People but, on the other hand, the Pajama People aren’t considered threats to this disgusting, parasitic but disintegrating world order, so they’re not getting hit the way you and I are and not many of them are likely to read my articles, anyway, except as titillating science fiction.

The zapper industry will be a trillion dollar one before long, when robot-produced, $5 Chinese zappers are promoted by entrepreneurs and are available to the global market. When that happens, you’ll see most hospitals closing their doors for lack of business and thousands of serial killers and cynical European druglords will wend their way from their BMWs, Mercs and Rolls Royces into prison cells and potters’ fields. You might personally know one whom you’d justifiably like to see as somebody’s prison bitch :wink: I’ve always fancied a suitable punishment for the old and infirm among them to live out their lives as unpaid orderlies in charity hospitals in the heart of Africa, surrounded by swamps and crocodiles. If you can imagine it, you can engineer it!:wink:

Doc von Peters and the handful of other reputable physicians in the West will still be making an honest living then and the trauma surgeons and silicone jugglers will always earn a paycheck, of course.

Our upcoming sea-borne cetacean/orgonite enquiry and the related teaching work requires Carol and I to be in much better shape than ‘walking wounded,’ and we’re approaching optimal health now, thanks to the Doc. Carol’s starting another course of von Peters’ treatment and I’ll start my second one, shortly.

If you’re still sick after doing all the right stuff, spend some money on a cure that will actually work for you, okay? If your health is just okay, optimize it and have more energy and focus--you can afford it!

Then, tell me what metal or compound you got poisoned with so I can update my tally, okay?

Exposing and terrorizing the two-legged political parasites like these spies, psychics and would-be assassins in the alphabet soup agencies is the first effective step to bringing down tyranny. Without this hidden army assaulting the innocent populace how could the top sewer rats consolidate and extend their power these days? Their high-profile airport Gestapo and all that What To Think Network mumbojumbo about imaginary swarthy terrorists are a complete failure, after all, because they’re just annoying the Pajama People and threatening to wake them up.

In the best of all possible worlds, I think the Pajama People will go on earning a paycheck, swilling beer, smoking pot, cuckolding their neighbors’ mates and falling asleep every night in front of the sparkle box without ever having known or cared that the current, dynamic revolution has succeeded. :wink: Gotta love ’em, though.

Just power through the new paranoia, strap on a bucketful of orgonite devices, then go make the world a better place, partner! We can’t do it justice unless we’ve got our health, though.

Dr von Peters lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His two websites are http://www.uncurable.com  and http://www.lifequestforumlas.com.