Constantin's Victory is Humanity's Victory and You Can Help

By Don Croft < >
August 9, 2004

As I mentioned, Constantin Ochescu was arrested for driving without licenses or insurance in Las Vegas last Thursday. For a couple of days he wasn't even put in a cell because he wouldn't sign any papers. He simply stayed on a bench in the jail's waiting room and lectured the cops on the law. One of them said, "I hope you're not going to sue me!"

He had beaten this rap in court several times before and the cops in Las Vegas, who have earned a reputation for being among the most vicious in the nation, had left him alone for several years.

Lots of people around America are doing this successfully these days, but you won't hear about it on CNN or in any law schools ;-) One reason I came here is that Constantin offered to teach me how to do this, though the kicker is that he and Lilly have been driving all over Las Vegas (with no license plates ;-) and busting the new death towers for a couple of months.

See how my expression of personal sovereignty naturally led me to someone who demonstrates it on a more fundamental level than I've done?

Are you aware that no government has the right to restrict your travel in a motor vehicle unless you're doing it for commercial reasons or have committed a genuine crime in the course of it? How many people in the American Gulag do you reckon are in there because they've committed genuine crimes? I think 10 percent is a reasonable estimate, but in fact most of the innocents in there believe that they're guilty simply because they're in prison, so many of them turn to crime when they get out. The rest, above the 10%, are incarcerated for non-crimes.

The American Gulag is a more grievous and obvious act of tyranny than the new death towers and the defunct chemtrail program are, folks, and our Gulag is more extensive than has existed in any communist country, including the USSR, Cuba and China. It may be that if more Americans realized that the new concentration camps are designed to hold many, many millions more innocents, they might be more uncomfortable with the status quo, even though they, themselves have white skin and are therefore less likely to be turned into slave labor, Chinese-style, for the corporations which now run the prison system.

Within a few hours of Carol and I arriving, Constantin and I went out to buy some pipe to make EarthPipes and some cops were waiting for him around the corner. Officier Kyprios, a very aggressive and confrontational young female cop, whom Carol says is half reptilian, by the way, was apparently hand picked by the CIA to do this.

Carol, Lilly and I went to the Las Vegas Police Dept's Internal Affairs office the next morning and lodged complaints for her treatment of us after the fact and she was apparently reprimanded by her supervisor that day, at least. It's important to not ever just roll over for tyranny, folks. There are some good cops, judges, even lawyers in the world, by the way, and it's important to know that, I think. Our good friend, Police Chief Billy P, for instance, whom we all helped to beat an FBI sting operation against him after he stood up against the Homeland Security Abomination in February, is someone I'd wish to be in charge of my town's cops. His county's elected Sheriff, by the way, has asked him to train the new deputies for the Sheriff's Department, which is quite and honor and is an open endorsement of his stand for freedom.

The reason I'm asking Ken Adachi to put this up tonight is that Constantin will be in court tomorrow and I want everyone who reads this to send a good, strong energy boost to him, to Officer Kyprios and to Judge Toy Gregori, who will be on the bench. Let's trust The Operators to determine how best to help these three recipients cope with your focused, amplified love energy. That process isn't not up to us, after all. I know Constantin, at least, will appreciate it.

To pique your interest a little further, I'm offering Lilly Ochescu's report just to help introduce you to this extraordinary couple who have apparently come to America to teach us all a thing or two about freedom. Constantin left Romania under a hail of bullets from AK-47s, by the way, and Lilly is one of the bravest women I know. I'm sure Carol feels the same and they've been having a blast together, as you'll see. The nice thing about this informal, global network is that when we genuine warriors meet each other, we seem to know each other almost instantly. I hope you'll experience that, as Carol and I have done with our many friends during our travels.

Constantin has a story or two to tell by now and when he beats the charges this time he'll share it with us. I know they wanted to make him act crazy in there ;-) but he's smarter than all the dirty cops and feds in the city put together, of course.

I'll write Part Two of what I shared a few days ago after we get Constantin out of the slammer, don't worry. If you want to read it sooner, blast the cop and judge harder ;-)

Carol, Lilly and I will be in the court, doing it in real time tomorrow (Tuesday the 10th).

We three busted most of the underground bases in and around Las Vegas today, which is what C and I were going to buy the pipe for in the first place on Thursday. After that half-reptile cop told me, "You're free to go!" after molesting my human rights for a half hour, I walked across the street to Lowe's, got the copper pipe and walked the short distance back with it to Ochescus' home just so the arrogant, gloating CIA peekers in the chopper would see that this unpleasant event didn't even slow down our plans to ruin their underground fun around here ;-)

Today's gifting is another story, of course, but I want you to get busy instead of reading a lot of my prose ;-)

Enjoy Lilly's account!




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