Introducing the DOUBLE HELIX energy weapon!

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Posted: Thu Nov 18, 2004 10:39 am    Post subject: Introducing the DOUBLE HELIX energy weapon!
Thanks to the Women Warriors of we've got a brand new technique for neutralizing predators. I think this might be something that anyone can use effectively, similar to DB's 'Yahweh' technique.

Several sessions ago, when we were working at undoing one of the mass murder plots by the White House and related staff we just weren't getting at the two Arabs in the core of a ritual at the United Nations HQ in New York who were doing a ritual to boost the large scale massacre of innocent civilians by American troops in Eastern Iraq, with the ritual help of Putin, HIllary and Bill Clinton, Rumsfeld and Geo Bush, Sr.

A couple of the women put the two Arabs, who were the core of that cabal (the real Saddam and the Saudi Crown Prince), in a sort of tornado of energy but they were so well shielded that I don't think it even made them uncomfortable, probably because a dark master was sort of there with them.

Remember that this is all pretty subjective, even though the psychics in the group were seeing the same things.

Carol suggested that we divide up; half of us sending energy through one blaster in a clockwise direction and half send through another one in a counterclockwise direction. That got some pretty immediate resolution and we went through that entire group of non-humans and partial humans (Bill C, the wimp, was the only full human, according to what our psychics saw).

Cheney used to show up in a lot of these cabals until he started getting worn down. I guess his heart just wasn't up to it or something. These non-humans get a lot of help regenerating but it's apparently not limitless help. Perseverence pays off and these serial killers are fair game for anyone, of course. 'Citizen's arrest' is lawful, after all.

We do our best to keep Bush, Sr., and the rest from assassinating the President, by the way becuase every day that bewildered fool is in the White House further discredits this alleged gov't in the eyes of 'the masses.' Are you enjoying the disarray of the White House staff as much as I am?

We've since used this technique in two other group sessions. By the way, last time we got together for an evening session we discovered that the men, at least those of us who were present in that session, were less able to be the channel for the energy than the women were, and it wasn't for lack of trying.

I did discover, though, that I can send this double tornado at anyone individually and according to what Carol's seeing, it's very effective. I like that it takes less energy than the ways I was sending energy before.

Also, I'm finding that I get a better 'readout' when I use this technique,in terms of how much energy's going out. I get sensations in my own body, especially 'chill's,' when a lot of energy goes out. This seems to indicate that the recipient needs balance in some way; either healing or chastisement.

Try this the next time your browser slows down (hacker) or some predator does something heinous in your own purview. Give me some feedback, okay? I want to know if my hunch is right.

The energy weapons are always going to be useful, of course, but many folks I'm encountering just don't need them. It may be that kids are particularly talented this way and less likely to need boosters like Powerwands or even Succor Punches. Kids can be encouraged to do this as long as it's done in a light spirit--as a game. I don't think it's a good idea to make any child feel responsible for outcomes, of course.

I just visualize the target--can be as crude as seeing an outline of a person--then I imagine my own hands sending energy whirling around and around the target from right and left. I use my heart as the energy sender once I've created this image and my breathing is sort of like a bellows that 'blows' the energy through my heart. It only takes a second or so to get it started.

I'd found early on that the more I can involve my whole body in this, the more powerful the blasts are. Remember that the same procedure is used for healing or chastisement. We don't even need to concern ourselves whether one or the other is appropriate because it's never up to us to judge anyone, nor do we have the capacity or station to make determinations like that.

Sure, I get pretty exercised when I send this at the obvious serial killers in the government and at the governments' leash handlers because I absolutely hate tyranny and exploitation but in fact what I'm doing is no different from what I send to someone who's suffering in order to give him/her a temporary boost.

It would please me no end if a thousand people shortly began doing this simple exercise on known and/or occult/corporate perpetrators whenever they become aware of a grievous injustice. For instance, if you become aware that Child Protective Services in your state has just kidnapped another child you can go through the entire roster: social worker, supervisor, arresting officer, psychiatrist, judge, prosecutor (if you get a notion--go right up the CIA hierarchy who are responsible for overseeing massive-scale child slaughter and exploitation) I bet we could finally bring down this behemoth and get on with peace, freedom, unity and prosperity in the world. Maybe, then, all these free energy inventors could openly market their affordable wares, for instance, without fear of immediate reprisal.

In short, since the media is already set up to throw every injustice in our faces, they're giving us a blueprint for undoing the entire criminal regime from the ground up. I suppose you've put two and two together already and understand that a criminal regime in Washington, DC, is intimately dependent on the criminal regime in your own town or city. Start where you live. We pretty much neutralized the satanic activity in and around our own town and you can do it, too.

The combination of gifting and heart-sent blasting may be the foundation of what will replace this blood-stained horror which people are still calling 'government.'

"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich