Let’s Speed up the Destruction of the Fed Now That National Socialism Day Has RolledAround Again!    ~April 15, ‘04

You may have noticed that many of the top (publicly known, at least) sewer rats,
including Greenspan, Bush, Sr, and Rumsfeld, are deathly ill these days.  Also,
Greespan is backpedaling so fast that I’m convinced that he intends to do what he
can to keep from living out his few remaining days on this planet in a federal
prison or even from getting them cut short by a Constitutional noose on account of
his blatant treason.

It’s been said, I think fairly, that Rumsfeld got pancreatitis from wiping his @$$
with the Bill of Rights ;-)  Have you noticed that he looks like the identical twin
of that SS General from the 1930s?  You may realize as I do by now that the truth is
far stranger than science fiction.  By the way, when the SS came to prominence was
also when Franklin Delano Roosevelt wiped his @$$ with the US Constitution by giving
our courts and cops over to the London-based Federal Reserve Corporation and
establishing National Socialism here just like his compadre,  Hitler, was doing in
Germany.   I bet your college history professor never mentioned that obvious truth
when he was extolling the Communist Manifesto and other infantile prattlings to you
well-intentioned,  faux, managed rebels in the sixties   ;-)

If there’s a magic carpet on which all these sewer rats manage to soar above the
law, it’s the Federal Reserve Corporation.  I think that’s obvious by now to anyone
who’s basically acquainted with how the London-based occult world order operates.
This analogy isn’t entirely tongue-in-cheek, of course.  All predatory thoughtforms
(corporations) are generated and maintained by ritual magic and they can be
destroyed the same way, which is why many in our network, here and abroad, have
initiated our own  turbo-radionics efforts, since last July, to destroy this tired
old thoughtform.

The meek have inherited the earth but most of the meek are still not aware of that
simple fact.   The sewer rats who originate and  and enforce the occult world
order’s exploitive, tyrannical and usurious mandates, such as this corporation’s
policies, aren’t meek at all and it’s up to us to jerk that carpet out from under
them now, first by candidly discussing the possibility in email, over the phone
and/or privately and publicly, then just following our instincts to see how we can
expeditiously return political power to its rightful seats: truly and newly
representative local, county and state governments.  

Let the US Military just go ahead and mutiny, arrest the entire three branches of
this usurping corporation that calls itself the US Government, then hand them all
over to their respective county courts for proper Constitutional treason trials. The
various courts martial can easily take care of prosecuting and punishing the few
politicians who are based in DC and the US Territories, of course.  There won’t be
any shortage of evidence, considering the bloody, shameful American horror that is
being called ‘legislation’ and ‘enforcement’ these days.

Watch how fast Americans assume our respective individual  responsibilities for
conducting our municipal,  county and state governments once this fake federal
government and its corporate underpinnings have been removed. We can set up a real,
appropriately smaller gov’t in DC, in due course. The only viable foreign threat
right now is the City of London, where, incidentally, the Federal Reserve
Corporation is based.

There’s no threat of the US Military even trying to declare or enforce martial law
outside of DC and the Territories because the Bushes and Clinton conducted so much
curetage over the past fifteen years that our military is quite small now. Here’s
another instance of ‘the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley,’ because
the military is still plenty big and strong enough to arrest the entire horde of
traitors in DC and deliver them to justice ;-)

As America goes, so will go the rest of the planet, for good or ill, as we’ve seen
over and over since London took over our nation in the mid 1800s..  This is the
nature of our world leadership role, not the fact that London’s ‘City’ elite
(they’re not English, folks!) regularly assigns our military to enforce its
usurioius protocols.   

I think it’s nothing short of heinous that America still enforces racial prejudice
through the largest remaining national gulag archipelago on the planet. but at least
there’s no real class prejudice here and nearly all of us, black and white, are
armed well enough to prevent any semblance of martial law from being enforced by
foreign invaders, so of course this fake regime in the District of Columbia hasn’t
had the temerity to impose martial law with the assistance of Russian and Chinese
‘UN” troops as they obviously intended to do until recently.     These traitors in
Washington are essentially cowards, after all, and neither the Russians nor Chinese
are interested in conducting a military campaign against a couple hundred million
armed and determined guerrilla fighters on our own turf ;-) and, besides, we’ve
pulled another rug out from under this global occult regime by disabling enough of
their Entropy transmitters, which were apparently designed to throw entire populaces
  to the ground at the flick of a switch so that troublemakers like you and I could
be safely zipcuffed and hauled off to the guillotines and re-education centers by

I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that the only way this fake gov’t could enforce
it’s new, obtusely treasonous and draconian legislation would be with the help of
millions of foreign troops and only Russia and China have enormous standing armies.
We don’t any more.  The cops are already watching their backs in fear of being
summarily shot by militia snipers in the event of martial law and our military has
made it abundantly clear that none of them will enforce that travesty.  That leaves
a few thousand of the CIA’s brain-dead, hopped up, MK Ultra-programmed Delta Force
suicide commandos and the entire military of Russia and China, of course.

Eheric Freedom Fighters are an international, informal body of genuine warriors who
work behind the scenes in our respective countries on every continent, in
conjunction with our unique intelligence network, to prevent mayhem and to transmute
the murderous effects of the occult world order’s physical infrastructure, the most
dangerous of which are the chemtrails and the incredibly powerful,  omnipresent new
Entropy and HAARP towers, which are clearly intended to create global
desertification and to debilitate and slowly kill most of the world’s population.  I
think that you know, by now, that these towers have little or nothing to do with
cellphones because your own cellphone actually has worse reception since their
erection, all over the world,  two years ago and whenever you stand close to any of
them you feel rotten and get a headache.

If you want updated instructions for easily disabling these towers and transmuting
their destructive energy to abundant positive life force, feel free to write to me
at terminator3@turbonet.com and I’ll send them to you by return email.  We
constantly find easier ways to get this essential task done and, clearly, anyone can
and does do this important and empowering, eminently affordable healing work where
we live and beyond.  My wife and I have done entire large cities, including Atlanta
and Spokane, and I had the happy bounty of  participating, last winter,  with a few
intrepid local African activists in a successful plan to disable the towers and
distribute cloudbusters in an entire nation, lovely Uganda.

EFF is on boards.ethericfreedomfighters.com/eve (operated from our close partner,
Mark Davey’s, home in England—three of our brave associates are currently busting
all the death transmitters and occult travesties in London, by the way)  but in
order to continue to post on that board one must satisfy the boardops that one’s
intention is to do the work rather than just talk about it or even cheer others on.
If one doesn’t contribute reports of genuine work, one is simply considered
extraneous baggage there and will be expelled at the boardops’ discretion and to the
genuine fighters’ relief.   Good fighters always travel light and move fast.  Anyone
can read the posts, though, and I’m not trying to recruit you; just informing you
and offering an opportunity to assume some enriching individual responsibility in a
very supportive and enabling group setting.

There’s a warrioress’ chatroom there, by the way. We’ve discovered that the sewer
rats of the occult world order, including its numerous dagger beaus like Hillary,
the  Whore of Babylon (QEII) and  Condoleza  ;-) are essentially patriarchal and
terrified of women simply claiming their equal status with men rather than just
whining for it or trying to act like tyrannical men.  Whiners and control freaks are
very easy to manipulate, after all, as these handwringing, dogooder,
Rockefeller-funded faux-activist organizations also exemplify.

We generally pay our own way on EFF, though there are a few quiet philanthropists
there who help the genuinely poor among us get started with their own gifting
efforts.  After all, when we send a few TBs to a fellow in the Congo, for instance,
to bust the six new Entropy towers in his village we’re sticking another little
knife in the stinking but  motile belly of this rotting but still predatory,
receding occult world order and, consequently, liberating more of the collective
human spirit from our oppressive electronic chains.

For the past three years there has been an international cloudbuster network which
effectively neutralized the chemtrail program by the summer of 2002 throughout North
America, in major parts of Europe and beyond with a few thousand well-situated
orgonite cloudbusters.   We sadly discovered about a year ago, though,  that most of
the people who have cloudbusters aren’t even remotely interested in doing the more
important work, which is to disable these new Entropy and HAARP transmitters where
they live.  It may be that they, like most other Pajama People, are content to go
along with the herd as long as their own lives are reasonably comfortable again.
They caused rain to fall on their own lawns and ionized away the smothering
chemtrails right over their own heads, after all, so why in the world would they be
motivated to extend this happy condition beyond their own neighborhood or small town
by disabling the secondary HAARP arrays a hundred miles away to help out the farmers
  even or even transmute, with a dollar’s worth of orgonite,  the deadly Entropy
transmitter array in the earthgrid vortex right outside of their own town?

I think we’re all Pajama People in our own relative stage of development but it’s
fair enough to assign that epithet to those who insist on lagging behind the
emerging-paradigm status quo, don’t you agree? ;-)    I won’t use the term,
‘sheeple’ because that’s denigrating to the human spirit but ‘PJ People’ indicates
willful ignorance, which is a fair definition of stupidity.  I hope you’re ready and
willing to take off your PJs, get your street duds on, make twenty-five dollars
worth of orgonite and just go out there and see for yourself whether I’m full of hot

Anyone who will read a few posts on Etheric Freedom Fighters can see that this
grassroots effort is made up of responsible self starters from a cross section of
society and nations, so there must be something to this, after all, ore we’d all
have lost interest in doing this healing work before now. What you’re likely to
discover is that this work empowers you and self-empowerment is one of those
addictions, like satisfying marital sex, which is healthy ;-)

‘Cbswork,’ of www.cbswork.com , and the dozen or so other members of LAARP (the
lively but informal Los Angeles Atmosphere Reclamation Project) have disabled most
of the ten thousand new transmitters, the ‘new forest,’ in the Los Angeles Basin in
the last couple of years and the pristine, chemtrail-free and smog-free atmosphere
and plentiful rain and newly buoyant ambience in LA speaks well for their successful
efforts.  Nobody can recall this happy situation in living memory there by the way.
I’m sure a book will be published about their exploits before long.  

There are around thirty CBs in LA but they weren’t getting rid of the smog or
bringing rain to any impressive degree until after those new towers were busted..
Now those thirty are producing the intended results in spades.  In the absence of
these new, nuke-powered transmitter networks horrid effects a cloudbuster generates
rainfall and stops violent storms and winds, of course.  Carol and I and a very few
others had the opportunity to find this out, firsthand, with our extensive field
experiments in the year before the two tower networks were speedily erected
thoughout the planet.

The same thing that was achieved in LA happened thoroughout the Kalahari and Namib
Deserts last winter, which also host around thirty orgonite cloudbusters.  Just
before that rain started to fall,  Georg of www.orgonise-africa.net  and Trevor
traveled to the eastern coast of South Africa and neighboring Mozambique and
Zimbabwe from Johannesburg and gifted the numerous coastal HAARP arrays, all of
which were set up to create famine in their region by blocking rainfall from the
Indian Ocean,  all across the continent.  The Namib had been the driest desert on
the planet, so their resounding success bodes well for the Sahara, Arabian, Gobi and
other deserts.  

Grass has been growing in Southern Arizona, by the way, for the first time since Dr
Reich did his first climate-changing cloudbuster experiments there in 1953.  Please
note how the jet stream over the American Southwest has lately changed back to its
natural west-to-east orientation from the much drier, HAARP-induced south-to-north
pattern.  Many people have logged a lot of miles and dispatched thousands of
orgonite devices to bust the primary, secondary and local HAARP arrays throughout
that region, including Mexico, in the past couple of years.

Please note how orgonite causes the atmosphere- and population-destroying,
nuke-powered  electronic weaponry of the occult world order to have just the
opposite of their intended effects by transmuting all of the dense, deadly orgone
radiation they were designed to produce into healthy orgone (life force—the matrix
of the universe).  Since the arrival of whites to that region in Africa in the 1600s
it’s never rained as much in those two  deserts as it has in the last three months,
so this wasn’t a fluke or coincidence at all. The South African Government, in fact,
had been warning the population of continuing severe drought, with famine to follow,
perhaps even this year.  They blamed El Nino, which Georg Ritschl has renamed, ‘El
HAARPo.’ ;-)

This has been the consistent result in every region of the world where the new
towers have been gifted and cloudbusters erected.   www.educate-yourself.org has
updated instructions for building your own cloudbuster and ‘gifts,’ by the way, and
I’m always happy to refer people on every continent to appropriate vendors who make
these simple but marvelously effective  devices.

You may not be aware that a century ago, just before the advent of family vacation
for blue collar workers,  American entrepreneurs were in the habit of putting dead,
beached whales on railroad flatcars and stopping throughout the Midwest farming
regions, charging admission to locals to view an actual whale.  By the time any of
these reached Nebraska the smell was overpowering, as you can imagine, but natural
curiosity worked in favor of the entrepreneurs because, ‘Something that smelled that
bad just had to be phenomenal!’ ;-)  I invite you to consider that viewing the true
nature of the occult world order and it’s many masks, including the Federal Reserve
Corporation, is just like paying two bits to see a dead, rotting whale on a flatcar.

One nice thing about having fairly witnessed the alleged ‘powers that be’ is that
the contrast between their demonstrated agenda of exploitation and ‘democratic’
shell games and what you know instinctively about how proper representative
government must be conducted will incite you to go ahead and start discussing the
real possibility of disposing of this stinking mass of  animated, oppressive garbage
and getting on with the real business of personal responsibility, economic
independence and its logical development: fuly representative political freedom and

Please note that Carol and I won’t file or pay any federal taxes, won’t get any
business licenses or otherwise allow this fake US Government to interfere with our
personal rights and freedoms and you don’t have to be the Federal Reserve
Corporation’s chattel, either. 

In the past three years, since we acquired an international audience, we’ve
consistently encouraged everyone to overthrow tyranny and we haven’t missed a meal
or spent any time in courts, let alone jail, so what’s stopping you from following
our easy example?  We sell healing devices on the world market that really CURE
diseases and we talk freely about that but the sewer rats at the FDA and FCC haven’t
sent us so much as a threatening email, not that it would do anything but encourage
our efforts, of course, if they were stupid enough to move against us.  Meanwhile
they’ve gone after every one of our colleagues and competitors who had made,
instead, the unfortunate decision to fight these gangsters on their own turf and by
their shifting rules.  I think you can see that these sewer rats in Washington, DC,
are afraid of the bright light of public scrutiny, even from our small international

I want you to look objectively , now, at the artful but rotting countenance of Alan
Greenspan and all that he represents, the same way you’d look upon the countenance
of that dead, unfortunate rotting whale. If you’ll kindly do that, you might begin
to experience my present optimism but you should empower yourself now in real terms
by gifting those towers where you live and then moving out in widening circles, as
Carol and I did, to extend this these wonderfully healing effects to more an more of
your fellow citizens.. I honestly don’t know any way that even approximates the
spirit-sustaining and inspiring effects of this liberating work.

You can see that I’m not trying to sell you anything and anyone who knows Carol and
I will agree that we’re not even charismatic, so I’m not even trying to sell myself
to you. 
We exemplify the things we advocate and  sincerely do want you to empower yourself
and I’ll do whatever’s humanly possible to help you, personally.   I’m not sticking
my neck out by making this statement. Even if everyone in America reads this
document only about a thousand will respond because that’s about the ratio of true
activists to resolute (stubborn) PJ folk and their faux-awake associates who are
content to talk about activism or are otherwise chumps in the newage movement,
environmentalist movement, fundamentalism, communism or any number of other CIA
generated cults and go-nowhere, do-gooder institutions funded by the Rockefellers
and their sycophant-enabling, fake-philanthropist colleagues of the occult world
order’s middle management cadre. 

A thousand committed people are more than enough to end tyranny this way in the
United States and there are already a couple hundred of us, so the job’s well under
way.  There are 20,000,000 people in the Los Angeles Basin, for instance, and less
than a dozen or them have succeeded in healing that area and eliminating the energy
underpinnings of tyranny there.  A half dozen people have reversed the drought
throughout Southern Africa and made famine impossible.  See my point?

I can easily handle a thousand people’s emails over a period of months.   I know
that because answering emails is how I’ve spent my first efforts for the past three
years that this network has grown and developed.   To Ken Adachi’s everlasting
credit in our eyes, most of the resolute and dependable workers we associate with,
here and abroad,  have still come to this planetary healing project by emailing
Carol and I after reading some of our material on his site, www.educate-yourself.org

~Don Croft