I Wish I Knew How This Works

By Don Croft

Here's our take on how the cloudbuster works, and also how the UN chemtrails, HAARP, and electronic mind control are able to function.  It all has to do with non-electromagnetic energy in the form of deadly and/or dead orgone.  I use Dr. Reich's terms for this energy, since he's the only scientist who has done extensive research with it.

I used to make orgone accumulators.  I made them in  many shapes and sizes and recognized the benefits and advantages from the beginning.  The only drawback to these is that they absorb harmful orgone as readily as they do healthy orgone.

Orgone is omnipresent.  It's ether, life force, prana, ch'i, etc., and makes up the energy and matter potential in all of creation.  In its balanced state it promotes life, growth, equilibrium, but in its unbalanced state (deadly orgone is overactive orgone, dead orgone is, well, DEAD) it has exactly the opposite effect.  When you see smog, you're seeing dead orgone in which particulate matter is suspended, sort of like a colloid.  Very strong wind, tornadoes, hurricanes, cloudcover which yields no rain, drought, are all manifestations of harmful orgone.

In order for any parasitic activity to take place, an energy field needs to first be developed.  Parasites do that in the body by excreting acids into their immediate environment.  Infections, chronic pain, and a host of symptoms are manifestations of the activity of these parasites.  Healthy orgone results when the polarity of the parasites' environment is reversed from positive (acidic) to negative (slightly alkaline) by the introduction of weak electric current through the skin.  This is the business we're currently engaged in, so we get plenty of data and confirmation regarding this  process [Don's referring to The Terminator.. Ed.].

In the atmosphere, agents of the presenet day order create massive fields of unbalanced orgone energy by introducing very powerful, specific frequencies of radio waves, spraying large volumes of acidic petrochemicals above the clouds, and by other, less believable means.

Enter the Orgone Generator
My frustration with the orgone accumulator's fickle behavior was answered three years ago, when one of my customers directed my attention to http://www.orgone.net  . He was actually experiencing some frustration, since he paid $500 for $5 worth of epoxy and metal particles, and apparently nothing else.

My daughter, Nora, was living with me then (she sees energy the way my new wife, Carol, does). As soon as I put the two materials together, Nora confirmed that it was, indeed putting out a very strong, constant field of  healthy blue orgone.  Adding crystals and copper pipes made it possible for me to direct the energy and alter the characteristics of the field.

One of my first thoughts was that I could create a cloudbuster that didn't need to be connected to running water, or any water, for that matter, as Dr. Reich's needed to be, and I could set it up to aim at city hall in the town I was living in: Ashland, Oregon.  Theyr'e as crooked as any other local government, so I expected to get some good, observable results.

It was some time before I got around to making a cloudbuster, though.  Nora could see energy, but I needed some input from somebody older than 12.  A little over a year ago, Carol and I started working together.  We began experimenting with small orgone generators, mostly around natural vortices, which Carol is able to see.  Every one we've ever encountered since, except the vortice that the Navajos nurture at Four Corners, has been distorted and misdirected by the present day order.

In each case, putting an orgone generator within the vortex brought it back to vibrant health and balance, sometimes instantaneously, other times, as at the Federal Reserve  Bank of New York, and at the secret facilities under Montauk, NY, over a period of hours and even days, depending on the nature of the activities carried out within the vortices previously. We developed the Holy Handgrenade during this time, which is a cone shaped orgone generator, 5'' or so high, with a verticle crystal  inside near the point and four horizontal crystals arrayed within the bottom surface.

We've put these in vortices along the east coast of the US and across the country to the west coast, in Canada and the Bahamas.  We're just getting started.  Some intrepid Canadians are about to put one each at the Vatican and Assisi.  I'm recommending that people put one at every major masonic temple in the world, since any time you put one in a focal point of error, the whole region gets the benefit and the people of error get deprived of the earth energy they had been abusing.

I wrote a full account of our activities over several months, which anyone can have if they email me.  It's also being published serial fashion in Open Line, a monthly metaphysical newspaper.  There's no physics like metaphysics, after all.

In late March, this year, we had planned to make a sort of pilgrimage to Orgonon, Wilhelm Reich's home and lab in Maine.

I set it up at our site in the RV campground in Ft Pierce, Florida for several hours while we packed, then took it apart and put it in the car.  I didnt' assemble it again for another week, when we arrived in Maine.  We looked at the weather channel in the motel, and noticed that the whole state of Florida was still experiencing a drought, but there was a circle of heavy rainfall for a twenty mile or so radius arouund Ft. Pierce.

The next morning, on a whim, I assembled the cloudbuster in our motel room.  There had been very heavy overcast for days, and another blizzard was forecast for that day.  We went outside at about 8:30 to get breakfast and saw a neat blue hole right above us, and several people were standing around, staring at it.  It was surrounded by the same, very dark clouds that had been there for days. The hole grew gradually for several hours, even after we left that afternoon. The people at the Reich Museum had made it clear that we were not welcome, sad to say, though I  had emailed them a couple of weeks before to let them know that we'd be in the area.  I think they'll take things like that more seriously in the future ;-)

Here's how we think it works--when metal particles are put in an organic matrix, orgone is apparently generated instead of just accumulated.  I don't know why.  When unbalanced orgone is present, it's drawn into the orgone generating material and transmuted into healthy orgone.  I don't have a clue how this happens, either.

Making an orgone generator in a two gallon bucket and sticking copper pipes straight up out of it draws harmful orgone into the generator from many miles around and it goes out as healthy orgone in all directions, though Carol sees it happening in a sort of lens shape, parallel to the ground more or less, then moving up into the atmosphere.  This gradual effect may explain why it sometimes takes a cloudbuster up to a week to get enough good stuff up to the 20,000' + altitude to disappear the chemtrails.  The average radius for effective chemtrail destruction by a cloudbuster seems to be about thirty miles.  Good weather effects extend a great deal farther.  The rest of the region has had a drought, but the area around Spokane has been getting rain every week or so all summer.  As we drive along I-90 toward Settle, there's a lot of new green growth and flowers all summer long until we reach the Columbia Gorge, 150 miles west.  Anyone who lives here can tell you that this is not characteristic of the semi-desert environment west of Spokane.

We have concluded that it takes three things to make any macroparasitic/predatory activity to succeed:  A field of unbalanced orgone, technology of some sort, and an operator who directs his/her intention through both.  Just as fire requires three things, oxygen, heat and fuel, and removing any one of these stops the fire, removing any of the components of parasitic/predatory activity stops that process cold.  We're focusing on removing the harmful orgone medium, which puts us squarely on the side of universal law.  No need to go into the other-than-human entities' involvment here, though it does add another dimension, so to speak.

Parasites are as parasites do, after all.  Most people are not parasitic or predatory, so by simply neutralizing the effects of those who are by removing their harmful energies, the whole planet will come up a notch or two in awareness, freedom, etc.  Another benefit of a healthy, strong orgone field is that fear and anger become diminished, and whatever diminishes fear increases courage; whatever diminishes anger increases love and acceptance..

There are two cloudbusters in Spokane this summer.  Now that the smog is gone and the orgone level has increased, the whole ambience of the city has improved.  I personally used to dread having to go there, but now, after a whole day in the city (including traffic) I arrive back home feeling refreshed and relaxed.  I had once vowed that I would never again spend the night in any US city because I was so badly affected by the concentration of harmful orgone found in all cities.

This really is what magic is all about.  The possibilities are limitless.

I've been encouraging people to build holy handgrenades for their homes, too.  I've gotten several unsolicited reports from people who did that  which said that they no longer had trouble being in the presence of the overbearing inlaws and others who came to visit them.  This needs to be experienced to be appreciated, I think.