Battling The Vril

June 13, 2004

[Ediotr's Note: I sent Don Croft an E-mail yesterday asking him for his new phone number as he had recently moved to another house and the old number didn't work. Along with the new phone number, he included the amazing narrative below which he said was OK to publish. For readers who are new to Don's material, you won't comprehend everything he refers to, but I'll try to insert explanatory brackets or links (as time allows), to explain the more esoteric references such as "Mr. Skull". Old time readers and Adventures fans will have no trouble understanding the details of the narrative. The "Vril" refers to those Nazi inspired humans, semi-humans, and off-worlders who use the front groups of the German Vril Society and the Thule Society to promote their fascist agendas. Of course, anyone who has seriously studied the makeup of the NWO players here in the US, knows well the intimate connection and infiltration of Nazis into controlling positions within the American government beginning with Operation Paperclip during World War II (read Dave Emory's material and listen to his taped archives at and for more info on Nazi infiltration into the American government and it's intelligence/security services).

The battles discussed here are taking taking place on the astral plane, but the effects are felt on the physical plane by the fascist dolts and minions who-up until now- thought they were completely immune and exempt from counter attack and retaliation for their dastardly deeds. Orgone defensive tools such as the Powerwand or McGinty's Canon are used by most Etheric Freedom Fighters (EFF), but Don tells me that after a while, you can do it with your mind alone and you don't even need the tools (Mama mia, what a Brave New World we live in after all!). "DB" refers to cbswork...Ken Adachi]

By Don Croft <>
June 13, 2004

Yesterday, EFF had an international blasting party because the Vril had targetted seven of us for extinction this week. Ryan McGinty was here and Carol ran the show on the chatroom.

Zeke Heng in Singapore had learned in a vision. I think on Friday, that some of us were to be murdered within a week, so Carol took a hard look at that and, sure enough, here's the list the Vril had chosen, in this order:

Don Croft
Mark Davey
Sensei Dennis Griffin
Ryan McGinty
Zeke Heng

She got that Laozu Kelly, who's touring part of Europe with his bride (a honeymoon after 25 yrs of marriage) has an entourage of 3 MI6 and 2 KGB spooks but that he's safe. Since Kelly showed up and put a bunch of Earthpipes on the base at Dulce, New Mexico, in March before even the NSA knew what was happening, the sewer rats get really nervous whenever he takes trips these days.

Crystal Jones was apparently to have been shot by the FBI on June 8 but she'd been warned in a vision to get away from Michigan before then and get to a remote desert area, which she did (she visited us on the way ;-) and she's fine, on her way home if we're not mistaken.

When the blasting started, yesterday, at 2100GMT, the white haired NSA guy who had been responsible for murdering a good friend of ours in 99 showed up in front of Mark Davey's house [England], as did several assassins. We worked pretty hard ruining their fun, then in the heat of it I got a hunch to go after the head Vril creep who lives six miles underground in Neue Schwabenland (the old German base in Antarctica). I put Mr Skull on that one.

Mark was fine after about a half hour and the MI6 wetworkers had left or were carried away (no details yet from him), so more of us focused on the Vril guy, who was absolutely furious because we weren't supposed to be able to get to him. He reminds me of the demonic, murderous, ageless character in the leather SS outfit, mask and dark glasses in HELLBOY, by the way.

It's fun to get control of these predators, I admit.

Last week, as you know, DB's family were almost murdered by the CIA, again, and when Carol and I went after the perpetrators that night, sure enough, she saw the dapper, white haired NSA guy in charge, so we got busy with him and with his CIA crew who installed the water meter that has the depleted uranium plug welded into it. The NSA guy isn't human, of course, so wasting him doesn't do more than slow him down a bit (he's either reassembled or his consciousness is transfered to a 'polaroid' clone). We figure that if we do him enough times he'll end up like another ET, Count Sainte Germaine, whom nobody's heard from since we did him, finally, at Mount Shasta, over a year ago. The Count is still around; just not able to show up in human form any more and, to the chump newagers who buy cheap copies of Benjamin Creme's little icon portait of him, he's quite frightening looking now, so he just
won't show up for them and has also remained silent, even to the channelers. Most folks don't know that his old castle, called 'Ste Germaine,' in France, is on a big rock in a tidal flat. Most chump newagers assume that this very old offworld predator and sometime shapeshifter is a saint ;-) DB met him a couple of times under creepy circumstances, by the way.

By the way, his reference to 'doggie' is about a ground squirrel who lives in the family's backyard and has gotten familiar with them. The CIA no doubt poisoned the little animals just to make DB's children unhappy. What patriots, eh? ;-)

After the MI6 wetworkers and that Vril creep were 'done,' we got busy with the ancient Draconian who was in charge of this operation. Fortunately for us, that old fart had been tormenting Ryan all night, and now that there's so much orgonite out in the world, the offworld and underworld creeps are having a harder and harder time doing harm in our dimension, so the old sorcerer/priest, who was apparently running this Vril operation from his home planet, was pretty worn out already. I didn't even get a chance to join that fun because the guy collapsed under Ryan's directed wrath too fast for me to join the fun. I'd assumed that the Draconian would be the toughest nut to crack. Go figure.

The Sylphs have come back to our dimension in force due to all the gifting that's been done. It's sort of like 'Public' broadcasting, Ken, but please bear with me because those two things represent diametrically opposed institutions ;-)

In the case of 'public' broadcasting, you're aware that for two weeks out of the year anyone who's accustomed to listening to a public radio station or watching a PBS station endures the most intense, degraded form of on-air begging. They're begging for 5% or so of the stations' operating expenses, which are considerable due, partly, to the dizzyingly high salaries of the top bureaucrats. Most of the rest of the annual budget is paid for by the Rockefeller, MacArthur, Carnegie and Mellon foundations--Illuminati money--and a little bit is paid for by the feds. Just how public do you consider these foundations?

In the case of The Operators, among whom are the Sylphs, Lemurians, Andromedans, local etheric entities, spirits of departed Good People, even some good reptiles, insectoids, Pleiadians, etc., our 5% or so is plenty sufficient to indicate that humanity is, indeed, worth saving from our own predatory world order, hence the obvious displays in the sky, just about everywhere now, of Sylph cloud sculptures, white lenticulars that hide the Good Guys' spacecraft, the occasional mystical clouds ringed with magenta and chartreuse borders, and those gorgeous cerulean skies and white, puffy cumuli that so many of us are now seeing, here and abroad (but only when an area has been gifted, of course), after having witnessed the horror of HAARPed, spew laden skies and dense smog, day in and day out since early 1999.

The best part of this all, for me, though, is that some of us, including DB, used to be box- surveilled and intimidated by a parade of lower level CIA and even FBI thugs, psychic predators and sorcerers and now that those payrolled sewer rats no longer have the temerity to show their faces around us, the occult world order only assigns their top people in plans to erase us. That's real progress! This plot was apparently hatched after another chat/blasting effort busted up the three Illuminati meetings in Geneva, London and New York, a month ago. By the way, on Tuesday, the Women Warriors got together to ruin another couple of World Order Elite (sic) gatherings and they found that these top rats are now so scattered and disorganized that they've got more mayhem plots running than every before but that they lack enough focus to pull any of them off, thanks to the squeeze they're now under, hyperdimensionally. Note, too, that the reptilians and other predatory non-humans are finding it harder and harder to cloak in our dimension, and to stay focused.

Sun Tsu knew that war is all about energy dynmics and consciousness, rather than bloodshed and force of arms, and that force is best used 'surgically.' This is especially true when one belongs to the side that is grossly outnumbered and mostly made up of people who are a paycheck or two away from the poorhouse ;-)

I think the Operators like to pick people like us, who are pretty ordinary in popular terms, because when victory comes it will be seen that extraordinary people didn't achieve it. That's going to be a pretty empowering realization, don't you think?

By the way, if anyone's been gifting the death towers and wants to know his/her status with the sewer rat world order, all one needs to do is notice whether the subsequent. requisite black helicopter visits are directly overhead at a low altitude or skirt around just out of rifle range ;-) The reason I say that is that the occult world order's minions and enforcers are mostly cowards. The chopper pilots all know that when they break the law by flying right over our
houses, the more law-conscious among us know that we can shoot at them and we won't be punished for it ;-)

I had mentioned before that when Carol and I were in Atlanta over a year ago 200 FBI ninja thugs broke down the door of the apartment of a young Saudi student on the campus in our little town, here, and charged him with credit card fraud (no kidding!).

The chairwoman of the law school, here, was so incensed by this blatant thuggery that she offered to personally conduct his defense and the Saudi gov't footed the bill. Last week, he was found innocent in Boise. This is a landmark case, though you probably won't ever hear about it from the media news whores. Normally, when the FBI loses one of their railroaded cases in court the trial just stops short and the records are expunged but this time an Idaho judge actually ruled, I'm happy to say. If the sewer rats were still really in charge, that law professor would have been suicided and the Arab would have landed in a federal prison within a couple of weeks.

I only mentioned this to demonstrate the FBI's cowardice and loss of influence. Right now, as you probably know, the FBI is telling some people in our town not to associate with us becuase 'The Croft's are dangerous and are under intense investigation.' You also know that EFFers forced the FBI to leave Police Chief Billie and Lt. Carl, in Tennessee, alone last February when the FBI tried to sting them with fake dope-dealing and rape charges right after these two heroes stood against the (now, nearly defunct) Homeland Security Abomination, publicly.

Two weeks ago, an FBI guy in a new Audi tried to 'take one for the team' on US Highway 95 by abruptly driving into our lane, from the other direction, right in front of our car. Carol's reflexes were good at the moment and she swerved onto the shoulder just in time, our car missing his by inches at about 120 miles per hour. You can always tell the FBI local bosses because they tint their windshields black. How far would you or I get with a black windshield before a cop pulled us over? ;-) Yes, this is exactly how stupid and arrogant the FBI are these days. The five Men in Black whom I met outside of Washington, DC, after I gifted the satanic grid there in November, 02, were all driving their own new, black Lincoln Towncars with big chrome grills. Even they don't tint their windshields, though. These MIB 'morticians with attitude' sure do stand out in a crowd, by the way. I wonder how much more bizarre these world order types are going to get before we arrest them all and get them in front of lawful judges, finally.

We celebrated our victory yesterday at Mikey's and Ryan ordered the 'lizard special' (yes, it was made with chicken but we can imagine that draconian meat tastes like chicken, right?)

Sensei Dennie apparently had a ball in Mark Davey's dooryard in West Yorkshire during the 'chat' yesterday, and he's got a particular talent for showing up, somewhat more than just astrally, in the midst of assembled predators and doing that 'Kill Vril' thing that only a genuine swordmaster can pull off. I can't wait to read his account! Maybe Mark had to hose a lot of blood off his driveway ;-) Dennie is in charge of the martial arts department at The Citadel, which is America's premier military prep school. In January, he had conceived an orgonite weapon after having spent a month learning more stuff from a Chinese swordmaster, including some advanced meditation techniques. Dennie tried the new etheric weapon out at the headwaters of the Nile in February and apparently our witch doctor associate there, Kizira, was so inspired by Sensei's success that by April he, too, was kicking reptile butt in Africa and taking names. I think he's the first African shaman to stand up to these old voodoo predators and it may indicate the start of a trend there.

We all feel like we've moved up a notch in terms of the viability of our modest global network of genuine fighters. The best confirmation, though, came recently with the realization that more and more genuine fighters are joining and posting on EFF. It's been pretty hard to get past the possible stigma of being saddled with too many people who believe that 'fighting' is something other than how the dictcionary defines it ;-) and most of the later arrivals are true exemplars, finally. Most of the gifting is done by people who aren't interested in fighting, and that's rather a confirmation than a liability. We don't consider what we do to be appropriate for everyone, but rather as a sort of janitorial service. I get a lot of blasts from hot-blooded, militant pacifists, and, as you know, a small internet crowd of them pretty much had me on the ropes on another board, last August, when Mark Davey came forward and offerred to set up a board just for fighters. It's been lke pulling teeth to keep these PC mavens from overrunning EFF. Their true natures are apparent when they try repeatedly to log onto EFF under a variety of assumed names and IDs. Strange world, eh? These would-be character assassins remind me of the pitiful, militant vegans who leave the honey barrel's spout open a few minutes before closing time in the local organic food store in order to protest the evil humans' exploitation of bees.

Fighting the top rats of the occult world order feels like a privelage, by the way. Oddly, it's not so much about winning, any more than the destination defines a journey. It rather feels like we're reclaiming our birthright or that we're stopping a schoolyard bullies from stealing lunch money from all the first graders. Your site is a good place to discuss this stuff but the vast, vast majority of white people simply can't conceive most of what we're about, so if we were motivated by a desire to get famous or rich, we'd be very disappointed and even scorned.