Spiritual clearing exercise by Carol Croft

This is an exercise I try to do every morning. It helps you to integrate and ground. It also helps you to grow spiritually. I’m posting this as a tool for anyone to use whenever they need it.

It has been a powerful gift for me, I hope it is for you too, as well.

“Pyramid Meditation, Exercise”

I’m calling this a mediation but it is really a clearing exercise.

You visualize a ball of light above your crown chakra/ above the top of your head.

Then you draw energy from that ball of light down and straight out in front of the crown chakra, about a foot out from the body  and then draw it straight into the crown chakra and then straight up to the ball of light above you.

Then draw the light down again, out in front of the Third Eye/sixth chakra., about a foot in front of the body.

Then draw it into the third eye and move it up through the center of the head up to the light above the body.

Then draw the light down again, out in front of the Throat Chakra/Fifth Chakra, about a foot in front of the body. Then draw it straight into the Throat Chakra and then move it up through the center of the head and up to the light above the body.

Then progress with this same technique through the rest of the chakras in the body. The Unconditional Love Chakra (which is about 2 inches above the Heart Chakra), the Heart Chakra, the Solar Plexus, the Second Chakra, the Root or First Chakra. After the root chakra do this same technique between the knees and then again about 6 inches below your feet. And then draw it straight through the center of your body up to the light above your head.

After this you visualize a vortex above your head turning clockwise. See this vortex slowly coming down the center of your body, and as it does see all the debris that is not your own being spun from the body by this spinning vortex. You spin the vortex all the way down to about 6 inches below the bottom of your feet.

Then visualize that you are standing on top of a pool of water and ask the dolphins to help you to clear your energy/DNA channels. You will see/feel  them enter your body and swim up to the top of your head. They will jump out the top of your head and do a somersault above your head and swim back down and out your feet. You can count the dolphins as they come out of your crown chakra to find out how many strands of dna you have active. This will be different for everyone, that is normal. We are all at different levels in our own individual spiritual evolution.

You will want to do this 3 times. The first time I did this I was surprised on the third trip thru the dolphins turned into Christ and the light coming out of my crown was blinding. You may or may not experience this. Either way it will be a wonderful experience for you. And you may want to do it regularly from the first time on. If you do this on a regular basis you will notice a big jump in your intuitive abilities.  I use this technique whenever I feel out of sorts or attacked and it brings me right back into my body and I’m totally centered and grounded and very strong.