Two Miraculous Remote Healings
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Two Miraculous Remote Healings - Today, 11:13
Carol and I were disabled by etheric assaults, lately.  Stevo and Dooney graciously helped us identify and overcome our assailants in two single, subsequent, chat sessions.  We've similarly helped these two in the past (the four of us have helped countless others) and we intend to get a home near them as soon as possible so that Carol can get regular treatments from Stevo in order to finally heal (he's a phenomenally gifted physician) and we can get together on a moment's notice for emergencies.  Also, it's a gorgeous valley Cool

This is something we've been doing whenever any of the psychics get overwhelmed or when anyone else among the more prolific gifters experiences this level of interference.  Once in awhile we do this in the regular chat sessions for others, such as when Dr Atle in Norway and Dr von Peters in Tennessee were under attack by the global medical mafia recently.

I wish we could do this for everyone but, in fact, very few people are assaulted this intensely any more and these techniques can be learned by absolutely anyone who has a functioning heart chakra, thanks to Dooney and her dolphin friends.

In Carol's case:

 Four years ago, when we gifted the pirated power/ritual spots in the vicinity of Mt Shasta, Carol's health was pretty good but ever since then her health has been declining, despite regular (if not frequent) attention by two very competent doctors/healers.  That attention has probably kept her alive, at least, and functioning.  I don't think I ever mentioned this.  Her main problem has been a lack of vitality, related to diminishing heart function.

Last Thursday, Dooney and Stevo graciously agreed to work with us to get to the source of her health trouble and apparently a lot of dolphins and some whales helped in the etheric realm.

 Dr Stevo mentioned that Carol's apparently harder to kill than a cockroach--she's withstood poisons, radiation, electronic assault, state-of-the-art radionics and ritual magic.  There's no question in my mind that she's the sewer rats' main target in this network because she's been instrumental in its establishment and I wouldn't be much use to anyone with out her.  On the other hand, if they kill or suicide her outright it would draw a lot of Pajama People's attention to what we're doing, despite the pretty effective screen of the CIA's and MI6's hacker-assisted promotion of the fakers, whose purpose is apparently to make the rest of us look ridiculous, irrational and infantile by association.  Thank God enough of  the genuine folks still find us and get started on their own, without fanfare in spite of the intentional infantile cacaphony.

How many of us would be dead by now if the parasitic world odor was getting their wishes granted like before? INtelligently-designed personal orgonite and zappers have kept a lot of us alive and well and I'm sure it's no accident that we all have easy access to this simple, empowering tech.  Also, enough of us can resist the subtle, persistent promptings of our egos so that we can continue to provide usable examples for anyone else who sincerely wants to empower himself this way and to continue to heal our lovely world.

This must be worth writing about because hackers keep trying to shut me down.  I think Iíll finish this on my word processor, then Iíll post it.

Centralization and organization, in general, is deadly and ought to be severely and decisively limited in this world, as it has been successfully with the internet and this gifting movement, among perhaps some other entities that IĎm not aware of.

Weíre in a tricky position at the moment because the bulk of psychic work, which is absolutely vital to the life of this movement, is being done by only three psychics:  Carol, Dooney and Stevo.  Each of them have had to overcome extraordinary resistance and interference in past years just to keep doing this work.  I think the sewer rats understand better than anyone that theyíre more or less keystones, at least for the moment.  

There are many many others who have plenty of psi potential and skill but theyíre either not ready/willing to commit to this level of service, are too egotistical or else they havenít developed enough confidence, yet.   A couple of years ago I was pretty alarmed and tried to Ďrecruití several skilled psychics but that blew up in my face when one of them savagely turned on Carol and most of the rest chose to align themselves with that one, who had also tried to persuade me, then,  to leave my loving wife and go live with her, instead, strange to tell.  The best jokes are sometimes kind of not funny.

That was during the time when Carol was making direct--historic?--3D contact with dolphins in Costa Rica and Hawaii and many of us started tossing orgonite into the sea in large quantities.  A year later, Dooney was getting unique instructions  from dolphins for new boosting techniques and I think that was our reward, from the dolphins,  for staying the course through those very trying times. The incredible, graphic neutralization of last year's HAARPicane season was a direct outgrowth of the new partnership between our species. 

Have you noticed that  most of the really good work in this network is carried out by  people who are kind of shy?  Steve Baron, who has overseen more gifting than anyone alive, for instance, never reports his achievements; Carol will only  post under extraordinary conditions (same with Stevo); entire regions have been gifted by people who donít want their names published,  Dooney started her site and forum because she felt it was necessary to have a clearing house and training site for the new methods she was  taught and is teaching.  Where are all the alpha personalities?

I suggest that  the  paradigm of leadership has evolved beyond  charisma and  cultism by now--example is what leads us--and that the internet and the grassroot gifting movement are vital proof of that.   I spent most of my life (so far) being intentionally ignored by just about everyone I met or worked with, as perhaps have you.  That's why I can't relate to 'leadership' at all. I'll always assume that people don't really want to hear what I have to say because I was thoroughly  conditioned to be that way. It oddly works in my favor, though. 

Thatís the  life of anyone who has a burning desire to unravel lifeís mysteries and comprehend its beauty but who lacks personal charisma.   The odd thing is that most of the people who are intensely uncomfortable with  truth are also happy to pay eight bucks to go see a movie about someone like you or me who has been romanticized on a flat screen.  I think most of my readers, for instance,  wouldnít bother with me if they met me in person but they seem to enjoy reading what I write. I think thatís wonderful because itís good evidence that gifting is not a cult or a personality-driven movement.

I know that the healings Carol and I recently experienced are miracles but if they happened to you  it might be that you wouldnít consider them so, perhaps because there was no gospel choir or Hollywood soundtrack and slick lighting in the background.    To Carol and I, though, these two miracles were a lot more dramatic than  bleeding statues, Cecil B. deMille epics or Jesusí face in a tortilla.

Iím glad I asked Dooney and  Steve to help because after Carol experienced what felt like a knife attack, deep in her back and behind her heart, a few days ago,  she was completely unable to see beyond the assailant himself--an ordinary draconian working through a weak spot in her aura.  Within an hour, with their help, she was able to see, with them, a constantly shifting host of ritualists (including  MIBs, witches, CIA psychics, Chinese military psychics, etc, all overseen and supported by draconian) and from now on it will be easier for her and I to get to the root of the attacks instead of just smacking the very expendable point man (sic).  There was also a massive NSA computer connected to the latest  version of a radionics setup.  They said that the draconian cabal, off world, particularly hates Carol.

Deeply hidden behind the other assailants, the psychics found a very old Chinese wizard (man) and witch (gal) who had managed to reverse the flow of energy along Carolís heart meridian.  Persistence really paid off for us that night!

Until we can move over closer to our psi partners, Carolís  just  begun getting regular acupuncture treatments, locally.  Steve and Dooney  looked at the acupuncturist and saw a disembodied Chinese woman guiding the acupuncturistsí mind and hands in Carolís case. If it's not in the cards to live near Doonehy and STevo we'll be content with that, of course.  We want what The Operators want, after all, and they're a lot smarter than we are, since most of them aren't fatheads.  

Can you imagine how powerful the Chinese people will be, in terms of doing good, after theyíve abandoned that parasitic communist regime? I bet they could get rid of theirs faster than we could get rid of our own neo-genocidal, treasonous government paradigm in America--the Tienanmen Square phenomenon was perhaps a precursor of whatís to come, there and that inspired event was a quantum leap ahead of whatever Americans could have conceived at the time.

The morning after our healing chatroom session, Carol got up at 7:30 in the morning, completely refreshed. Iíve never known her to want to get up that early, before and sheís been getting up early every day since then and seems to have more energy than ever, though the wound behind her heart is still painful as it continues to mend.

We had a house guest from Eastern Europe last month and apparently I was similarly assaulted a week before he arrived.  When the assault occurred we didnít have a clue why it was happening, though.  After the visit it seemed clear to Carol and I that the world odorís parasitic off-world  Ďadvisorsí just donít want us to work with this interesting guy, who has ties in Russia. The CIA and KGB freaks arenít bothering him, though there was a lot of extra (just peeking) surveillance around us when he was here.

Before I  was taught to self-treat a back condition by a very talented Napropath in Belizeís jungle in late 1994, I was periodically disabled with pain in the sacroiliac, often bedridden for two or three days afterward.  He simply taught  me how to stretch my quadriceps muscles (front of upper legs) when  discomfort started there because those tightened muscles simply tilted my pelvis forward, putting a strain on the joint.  I've only been knocked down, twice, since I learned that, instead of twice a year, as before.  The first time was connected with the bizarre dynamics of my second, short marraige; the second time was last month.  Since Iím tall, any imbalance in that joint is quickly exacerbated.

Jeff McKinley and I were treated to some simultaneous, extraordinary etheric/physical assaults a year or so ago, when we were getting ready to start gifting the waters around South Florida. Carol kept seeing Chinese military psychics doing the jobs and there was once even a detonation of a missileís payload over us one day. The missile was fired from a ship and we were on the beach, having just dropped a lot of Tbs for the dolphins while snorkeling.  We were still waiting for the new boat to be commissioned in those days. By the way, one of the most massive, bright, symmetrical lenticulars we ever saw showed up right after the missile exploded and it stayed there for several hours--sitting on top of a huge, beautiful cumulonimbus cloud.

The Chinese military parasites were bothering us a lot in those days and we had to literally wade through the FBI freaks who somehow managed to be omnipresent around our property in the beginning, posing as plumbers, linesmen, dog-shit scoopers (I kid you not!) city  officials--a SWAT team even surrounded our house, pretending to conduct an exercise Cool.   Twits.  They all went away, some sheepishly and some petulantly, after I protested to the Boss Cop.

FBI felons were telling  people in Idaho that ĎDon Croft is Idahoís Number One Terroristí before we moved to Florida.  Wherever we end up, I would rather be known as Number One Anti-Terrorist, since the only terrorist organization on American soil is the US Government, of course, and I definitely want my country to return to what our forefathers clearly envisioned and intended: a severely limited, almost ad-hoc agency thatĎs set up to simply mediate between the more-sovereign states.  That's an excellent paradigm for a world government, too, by the way.   We donĎt have any more foreign threats, now that the City of London is in disarray, finally, and thereís one global, self-sustaining economy.

ĎThe Russianí can fix nearly all of the etheric assaults by mending the artificiallyexacerbated hole/weakness in one's aura (thatís what we believe is mainly happening) and accelerating healing of the resultant physical wound.  I mean the ProVitalizerPlus, which Doc von Peters picks up in Russia and sells on The two assaults Iím describing in this post, though were not ordinary and The Russian didnít make a dent in  mine, though it helped Carolís  some.

My low back started hurting before I got out of bed one day and I knew, then, that I was being hit so I immediately stretched those tight quadriceps muscles.   Thatís always been enough to prevent being disabled but my back got worse and worse; within a few hours I was unable to stand.

Being a fathead, I delayed complaining to anyone for a couple of days, thinking I could fix it on my own with stretches, The Russian, and boosting my assailants but none of that worked.   Carol was out of town.   On the evening of the second day I asked Dooney and Stevo for help and Carol was back, too. I bet you didnít know that our brains are mostly made of fat and water, by the way. All brains, even The  Operators' (the ones who have physical bodies, at least).

 They identified the assailants and we dodecorated and vordecorated them all--problem solved.  Stevoís whale friend disabled another NSA mainframe that was connected to a radionics setup and  when I got up in the morning the  pain was mostly gone and  the wound entirely healed within a few days. I had a lot more energy than usual, too, which goes along with healings like this.

Before long, there will be dozens, then hundreds and maybe thousands of psychics around the world who can spontaneously do this work singly and in informal groups like ours.  That will signal the end of tyranny, Iím sure, which is probably why  we need to circle our wagons for now.

Thanks Stevo and Dooney!

By the way, separate big-scale CIA radionics setups and groups of nasty ritualists were apparently assigned to ruin all of us in terms of stopping our livlihoods.  Stevoís  healing  clinic is booming now,  Dooney has time and energy to run and to help out in the EW chats and Carol and I are no longer experiencing weird losses of business but  if we hadnít also been  helping each other overcome the sewer ratsí clever, 24/7 aggression this way,  too, weíd  all be hurting.  Results depend on means, of course, and it costs a lot to conduct big-scale gifting campaigns; also, if one is a wage slave rather than self-employed, one is constrained to give his/her first efforts to an employer rather than to him/herself.