Committee for the Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP)

[A professional debunker for the Elite, a pseudo-skeptic. Elite and Pharma (Homeopathy bashing a favourite) Thought police.  Recently (2008) leading the Elite's attack on anti-vaccinators--the CDC is sending to all schools in USA.  They send it to the district epidemiology office, whose job it is to send it to all schools (see).  A covert arm of the Elite like all Quackbusters.   If Randi is a psychic or has similar power then it would be easy for him to scupper anyone doing a dowsing demonstartion.]

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All seeing eye

Membership of the foundation is interlocked with that of the Committee for the Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP), an organization which debunks the proven free-energy research of such luminaries as Nobel Prize nominee Nikola Tesla. A board member of CSICOP is Professor Paul Kurtz, chairman of Prometheus Books, which publishes books describing pedophile encounters. Its human sexuality editor is CSICOP member Professor Vern Bullough, who is also a board member of Paedika. STOP MISLEADING the CHILDREN, MR. JENNINGS by Brian Desborough

CSICOP, is the original skeptic organisation, from which all other skeptic groups have flowed over the last thirty years. It was founded originally as a Marxist /atheist organisation that poured its academic energy into disputing everything spiritual, religious and other-worldy. For much of its early years, while the CIA searched for psychic weaponry, CSICOP was on hand to publicly dispute the possibility of such Psycho-technology, ensuring that if it was viable it didn’t fall into the wrong hands. However, in the eighties with the cold war coming to an end and the CIA turning its interests to the protection of corporate rather than cold war America, CSICOP became more and more involved in the defence of pharmaceutical company competitiveness.
    The British branch of CSICOP also played a part in setting up the Campaign Against Health Fraud, which later became HealthWatch. The ‘only Professor of alternative medicine in Britain’ (very sic) Edzard Ernst, is a CSICOP fellow traveller and spoke deridingly of all forms of CAM at their 11th International Conference in London. [Jan 2008] Shaking Hands With Monsanto and Big Pharma: The Guardian and Observer’s ongoing war against alternative medicine. A review of Suckers by Rose Shapiro By Martin J Walker

Government Thought-Control of Scientists and Professionals:  This is a two-pronged, "divide-and-conquer" strategy carried out through two teams of covert propaganda agents, which I call the "Pseudo-Skeptics" and the "Pseudo-Paranormalists". The Pseudo-Skeptics pose as members and leaders of the intelligentsia, while the Pseudo-Paranormalists pose as members and leaders of the public's grass-roots "alternative" community. The message of the Pseudo-Skeptics also coincides with the government's "official, public" position on science, while the message of the Pseudo-Paranormalists is intended to represent irrationality, mixed with things like the worst kind of religious superstition and paranoia—to make the government's position seem more rational by comparison—and things the government wishes to discourage though ridicule heaped upon them by the Dupe-Intelligentsia (unwitting or useful educated idiots)
.......What we are presented with as "skeptical opinion", in those magazines on the book stands—such as The Skeptic, The Skeptical Inquirer, or Skeptical Opinion—is more like covert government propaganda than anything remotely resembling true skepticism in the historical tradition, when it comes to the socalled "forbidden topic" of UFOs.
.......What the government's reign of thought-terror has done, is reduce the ranks of true skeptics to a small few, who have little or nothing to do with groups or their magazines. I can be confident that these magazines will not respond directly to my accusations, in obedience to a covert policy to never mention or cite anyone who is not a part of the "official" two-pronged thought-control loop. This avoidance is another badge of their conscious fraud.  [pdf] Occult Science Dictatorship: The Official State Science Religion and How to Get Excommunicated by William Lyne

The so-called "sceptics" of CSICOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, headed by Klass) are not true sceptics, but rather a clandestinely controlled false propaganda operation of the OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence, a branch of the CIA's Science Directorate, under its Clandestine Services, Operations Division). Their operations within the continental U.S. are illegal under the U.S. constitution, but if you read the so-called "national security" laws, you'll see that Congress has betrayed 'We the People' by agreeing to the passage of legislation which permits this betrayal, by allowing pretty much anything the "spooks" want to do. These laws are completely VOID, because Congress has absolutely NO JURISDICTION to pass any law which contravenes constitutional prohibitions against the violation of our INVIOLABLE (human, natural) BILL OF RIGHTS, so they are all liable for prosecution by the PEOPLE for their TREASON.
..... A true "sceptic"---in the original sense, as elucidated by the parallel writings of Valmiki, of ancient India, and Socrates, of ancient Greece---should question everything. CSICOP supports the official government denial of the existence of man-made electro-propulsive flying saucers, and is a covert creation of the government---involving the CIA, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Science Foundation, etc. The only thing they are "skeptical" of are the assertions of the Alien Believers---spawned by the government's own 1947 Roswell press releases---and the assertions of the other paranormalists, also "designed" by covert government operatives. This at best is pseudo-scepticism, at worst, a massive criminal fraud perpetrated by the government upon the people.  A TRUTH SEEKER GOES TO ROSWELL by William Lyne

Randi has put up a “reward” for many years for “proof” of the paranormal.  It used to be a $10,000 reward.  Apparently, debunking can be a lucrative career, and Randi has raised the reward to $1 million (apparently also with donations from supporters of his cause).  Mr. Skeptic has worked with Randi, and apparently got Randi to extend his reward to Free Energy.  I asked Dennis about it, and he said Randi’s reward was written so that Dennis could never collect it.  Randi apparently wrote his "offer" with the skill of the cleverest lawyer, giving himself an "out."  I would never stoop to going after Randi's money, and I doubt Dennis would have.  His "The money was never safer" (Flim-Flam, p. 252) boast/joke clearly displays his mentality.  Randi's "offer" is not made in the spirit of impartial investigation, but more as an arrogant boast that he is right, and dares the world to prove to him otherwise.  I thought about Dennis' comment on Randi's offer, and wondered if Randi was hedging his bet a little.  I studied Randi’s work over the years and he seemed honest, if perhaps narrow-minded.  Recently I read something that made me wonder about Randi’s integrity.  In Dennis Rawlins' account of a CSICOP scandal (they fudged their numbers, and it would be the last time CSICOP did any original research), he wrote unflattering things about Randi.  Rawlins was and is a firm “skeptic” of paranormal phenomena, but he also professed to believe in doing honest research into the subject.  Rawlins’ experience gave plenty of evidence for the political nature of CSICOP and its mission.  Honest skeptics doing what they think is honest investigation is laudable, if limited by the investigator’s beliefs.  Those who appear to be less than saints run CSICOP, as with virtually every other organization.  Mr. Skeptic's indefensible libel piece on Dennis is one example of many.  The Rawlins scandal evidenced the ugly power politics that plagues nearly every organization.  Phil Klass wrote a rebuttal to Rawlins' account of the scandal.  Rawlins too-cleverly titled his essay "sTARBABY."  Rawlins should not be taken at his word about the scandal.  Klass' rebuttal at least seemed to stick to the facts, but in Klass' inimitable style, he could not refrain from making many observations on Rawlins' character and integrity (none of them flattering), but the title Klass chose for his rebuttal was the typical class CSICOP is known for.  Klass titled his article "Crybaby."  Rawlins had intimate interaction with James Randi while the scandal began unfolding.  Randi was apparently involved in doing damage control on Rawlins.  According to Rawlins, Randi was part of an effort to keep Rawlins quiet and in line with the debunking program.  Rawlins wrote that Randi spent considerable time with Rawlins, and threatened him to keep him silent.  The scandal was brewing in 1978, and Randi apparently did his part in trying to keep the scandal from becoming public.  According to Rawlins, Phil Klass was also one of those trying to keep the scandal quiet.  Rawlins' account confirmed my experiences with the CSICOP crowd, but one thing surprised me.  Back when Rawlins was with CSICOP, Randi’s “challenge” was only $10,000.  During Randi’s long, soulful talks with Rawlins, Rawlins says Randi admitted that he planned on never paying out the $10,000 reward because, “I always have an out.”  See Rawlins, sTARBABY, The Velikovskian, vol. II, no. 1, p. 39.  Rawlins further states that Randi plays policeman, judge and jury for his “challenge” tests, and “thus has never supported my idea of neutral judgment of CSICOP tests.”  Rawlins said that Randi’s motivation, as revealed in a confidential memo Randi wrote, was keeping the issue quiet so the “irrationalists” would have nothing to crow about, because CSICOP could “not afford to wash its dirty linen in public."  If what Rawlins wrote was true, and I have little doubt it is not, and I heard Dennis say almost the same thing, then Randi may have to join company with Carl Sagan.  Randi seemed a true believer in his cause, but having an “out” on his challenge shows that he may not be quite the true disbeliever he presents himself as.  Randi may be one more debunker of questionable integrity, but one with the gall to put up a $1 million challenge he may plan on never paying, because he gives himself an "out."  Dennis Lee, His Critics and the "Skeptics"

Most famous skeptic ever. Luminary of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP), together with Paul Kurz, Ray Hyman (FMSF), Joe Nickell, Philip Klass, and Carl Sagan. CSICOP's magazine is the Skeptical Inquirer. Has been accused of continually manipulating the rules of his $1,000,000 reward for someone who can "prove" to him paranormal abilities exists. In other cases he has been accused of plainly refusing to investigate a case or simply not to accept what he saw as "paranormal", only as "unexplained". Has always been debunking his eternal enemy Uri Geller. February 11, 1996, Toronto Star: "What I had hesitated to mention is that the colorful Randi has been involved in a number of lawsuits. Part of the evidence brought against Randi was a tape of his telephone conversations, of explicit sexual content, with teenage boys. Randi has at different times claimed that the tape was a hoax made by his enemies to blackmail him, that he made the tape himself, and that the police asked him to make it. Whichever version is true, it's amazing indeed that such a person could be taken seriously as a scientific adviser in an organization dedicated to denying claims of child sexual abuse." This tape was played during a trial in which Randi was accused by Eldon Byrd, a good friend of Uri and a former Naval Surface Weapons Center researcher, of defamation by claiming he was known pedophile. True or not, during the trial Byrd and his team played a tape on which Randi was speaking to a small boy about sex and how much it would cost. Randi claimed it was all a setup by Byrd and the boys on the tape were prank callers. The judge wasn't so sure about that, especially because Randi voluntarily called back one of the boys after the latter told him his money was running out. It's a confusing story, but you wonder what he's doing at the FMSF.

William Lyne

William Lyne