Gregory Damato, PhD

Dr. Gregory Damato enjoys a vegan lifestyle and runs a Quantum Biofeedback clinic treating various clients ranging from autism to cancer. He is currently authoring a book for parents educating on the many hidden dangers of vaccines, chemical toxicity in toys, GM foods, the effects of EMFs and EMRs and ways to combat rising childhood illness and neurological disease by naturally building immunity, detoxification and nutrition. His goal is to increase global awareness of the myriad of health issue facing us today and the fact that 100% of them are preventable and completely reversible.


[2008] Combating the Codex Alimentarius by Gregory Damato, PhD Billions of people will suffer from degenerative diseases due to poor nutrition and limited access to health supplements if the powerful global corporations behind the new Codex Alimentarius standards are allowed to “harmonise” the world.

The Three Stages of Truth by Dr. Gregory Damato, Ph.D

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